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  • 07/15/12--12:57: The Trip: Part 1
  • I am not happy.

    “I’m tired of looking at you pouting,” Mom says.

    “Stop looking at me then,” I snap back.

    “Oh, the joys of a teenage daughter,” she scowls, turning back in her seat.

    “I don’t know why I had to come on this stupid trip anyway,” I snort, crossing my arms over my chest, “Why couldn’t I just stay at home?”

    “Because you’re too young to stay at home by yourself,” she says.

    “I’m fourteen,” I remind her for the hundredth time.

    “And fourteen is too young to be home alone,” she answers for the hundredth time.

    “I wouldn’t be alone,” I say, “Kari’s there.”

    “And she doesn’t want to baby sit you,” Mom says with a sickening grin stretching across her face.

    “I don’t need babysitting!” I snarl, my face flushing crimson.

    “Kelsey, that’s enough,” Dad says, eyeing me in the rearview mirror. I can argue with Mom but I can’t stare down Dad. I clamp my mouth shut before I say something that will get me in real trouble.

    “Read one of your books,” Mom says.

    “I don’t want to read,” I huff, arms clamped tight over my breasts.

    “You can play Angry Birds with me,” Katie, my little sister says, offering me a controller.

    “I don’t want to play your stupid game,” I spit back at her. She’s stung by my angry response, but I don’t care. I’m angry.

    “Why does Kari get to stay home if I can’t?” I ask for the hundred-and-first time.

    “Because Kari is seventeen and has a summer job,” Mom answers for the hundred-and-first time.

    “She’s going to throw a party at the house, you know?” I say, hoping to make them worry.

    “Then it’s a good thing you’re hear with us,” Mom says, turning in her seat and smiling viciously at me.

    “Kelsey,” Dad warns again before I can get a word out. His eyes burn into mine through the rearview mirror and my mouth, half open and ready to spew some angry comeback, snaps shut.

    “I hate this family,” I mutter to myself, plopping back in my seat and ramming my ear-buds into my ears. I drown out the world around me and stew in my teen angst.

    I don’t really hate my family, of course. In fact, I was really excited about this trip until about a month ago when I started dating Adam. Actually, that’s not true. I was still excited about the trip when I was dating Adam. It was after I fucked his brother that I decided family vacations were for kids.

    Jared is Adam’s big brother. He’s twenty-three but still lives at home with his parents. He’s supposed to be training to be a tattoo artist and body piercer but he got fired and so he’s training to fight MMA instead. He always hangs around the house without a shirt and his jeans unbuttoned. He’s covered in tattoos and has his ears, eyebrow, lip, tongue, and nipples pierced. I can’t take my eyes off him whenever I go to see Adam and he’s there.

    It’s not that I don’t like Adam. He’s super cute, but he’s also super shy. We were going out for two-weeks before he even tried to hold my hand, and I was the one who had to kiss him first. He’s still a virgin, so I know he’s nervous. I was a virgin too, but I was ready to do a lot more than kiss. That’s why I went over to Adam’s house when I knew he had a soccer game.

    “Adam’s not here,” Jared said, leaning against the doorframe and scratching his bare chest, “I think he’s got a soccer game or something.”

    “Oh,” was all I said. Jared is really tall, like six-two, and I’m pretty petite, only five-foot-two, so I always feel tiny next to him. Plus, he has a tattoo of a snake with his head draped over his shoulder. The body of the snake slithers down his spine, wraps around his waist, and disappears down the front of his pants. I always wonder how far down it reaches when I see it.

    “You want to hang out and wait for him?” Jared asked, and I blushed looking up from his crotch. I was wearing my shortest short skirt and a tank top that was too small for me a year ago when I was still wearing a B cup. I wasn’t wearing any cup that day and I could feel Jared’s eyes on my tits.

    “Sure,” I said, trying to sound more mature than I felt.

    “Come on,” he said, holding the door open for me, “We can chill in my room. My Mom’s upstairs.” I could hear her moving around in the kitchen when I stepped inside, but my attention was on Jared and the heady smell the clung to his body.

    “Are you smoking weed?” I asked when we got to the bottom of the stairs.

    “Can you smell it on me?” he said, lifting his tattooed arm and giving a sniff.

    “Ya, can I have some?” I asked boldly.

    “You smoke?” he said, looking doubtful. I said I did and he led the way to his room. “Come on,” he said, leaving the door open for me. I went in and closed it behind us.

    The walls of his room were covered with posters of bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot, except for a space right above the headboard where he tacked up drawings of snakes, skulls, and naked women that looked a lot like the tattoos covering his body. There were clothes strewn about the room and empty pizza boxes on the floor. He stepped on one, crushing it on his way to his dresser where a collection of Maddog 20/20 bottles and a small wooden box waited for him.

    “Have a seat,” he said, and motioned to the bed. He grabbed the clothes and rumpled sheets piled in a heap and simply pushed them to the floor. I sat on the edge of the mattress while he lifted a glass pipe from the wooden box and stuffed it with herb. When I glanced upward I found myself staring into the eyes of a pretty blonde whose face was dripping with cum. The cock responsible for the mess was still in her hand, and all around her, images cut from porn magazines were stapled to the ceiling directly over the bed.

    “Here,” Jared said, pulling up a chair in front of me. He sat in it backwards with his legs spread and his arms draped over the back. He handed me the pipe and held a lighter over the bowl. I took a good long hit and I could tell he was impressed. “You really do smoke,” he grinned, taking the pipe while I held in the magic, “I figured you’d be virgin lungs for sure.”

    “My sister taught me to inhale,” I wheezed on the exhale.

    “How old’s your sister?” he asked, striking the lighter again and taking his turn.

    “Seventeen,” I answered, and I could feel the string holding my head to my body loosen a bit.

    “Is she hot?” he squeaked, holding the smoke in his lungs.

    “Ya, she’s hot,” I said with sisterly pride.

    “You’re pretty hot yourself,” he grinned, pushing the smoke to the porn stars on the ceiling.

    “Thanks,” I smiled, trying not to blush too hard. He handed me the pipe again, and his arm dropped over the back of the chair so that his knuckles grazed the side of my knee. “You’re not so bad either,” I said quickly and put the pipe to my lips.

    “Ya?” he said. I shrugged my shoulders while the smoke filled my lungs. “How old are you again?” he asked, taking the pipe from me.

    “Fourteen,” I answered through the smoke, “Why?”

    “Just curious,” he said, and burned the bowl down to ashes before sitting it aside. He leaned back over the chair and his hand brushed against my knee again. I didn’t pull away.

    “So how do you like my little brother?” he asked, giving my knee a little nudge.

    “He’s cool,” I said, nudging back.

    “He says you give a great blowjob,” he said casually, managing to completely shock me.

    “Shut up!” I cried, slapping his bare shoulder, “He did not!” He just laughed.

    “No, he didn’t,” he grinned, “I’m just teasing.”

    “You jerk,” I giggled, nudging his hand away with my knee.

    “Ya, he actually said you gave pretty lousy head.”

    “Oh my God! Shut up!” I cried, punching him this time so he pulled back, “You’re such a liar!”

    “I’m kidding,” he laughed, catching my wrist in his hand before I could hit him again, “He didn’t say anything like that.” He pushed my hand down into my lap and held it there until I stopped resisting.

    “You’re such a jerk,” I laughed, pulling my hand free when his grip loosened and smacking his arm lightly. His hand stayed in my lap though and rested on my knee. I didn’t try to push it away.

    “No, seriously,” he said, and tried his best to look serious, “He says he’s not getting any action at all. What’s up with that?” He squeezed my knee and gave it a playful shake.

    “It’s not my fault,” I practically squealed, “He’s so shy he never tires anything.”

    “Ya?” he said.

    “Ya,” I confirmed.

    “He says he’s nervous because you’re still a virgin,” he said, his hand slipping down between my knees, “Is that true?” I couldn’t stop my self from blushing, and I couldn’t look him in the eye. I stared down at his hand between my legs for a long time.

    “He’s a virgin, too,” I finally stated in my own defense.

    “Ya, that’s the problem,” he laughed, “It’s like the blind leading the blind.”

    “It’s not my fault,” I muttered again.

    “So you’re good to go, huh?” he grinned, his hand stroking the inside of my knee, “You just need a guy to make the first move?”

    “That’s supposed to be how it works, isn’t it?” I said, trying not to sound too whiney.

    “Like this, you mean?” he asked, and suddenly he rocked the chair onto it’s back legs and he was leaning forwards and kissing me while his hand slid up my thigh.

    “Ngh,” I sighed, feeling the metal of his studded tongue slide past my lips. His fingers found my pussy and I leaned back and spread my thighs for him.

    “Mmm, you are good to go, aren’t you?” he said, pressing his fingers into my drenched panties. I just nodded. There was no air in my lungs for speech. I lifted my hips when he reached under my skirt, and I watched him pull my panties down my thighs. My skirt rode up when he lifted my legs over his shoulders, and just like that, a boy was licking my pussy.

    “Oh my God,” I finally cried, finding air to breath before I passed out. I dropped back onto my elbows but kept my eyes glued to the top of his head. The odd sensation of soft, hot flesh and cold, hard steel prying apart my virgin pussy lips was like nothing I’d ever felt before. My entire body was trembling and he had to hold my hips down with his large hands to keep me still.

    “Fuck, your pussy tastes good,” he said, coming up for air and kissing me. He pushed me back onto the bed and I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him to me and running my hands up and down his bare back.

    “Fuck me,” I pleaded, surprising myself with the naughty words, but his body felt so good on top of mine, and I had been so ready for so long. I just wanted it to happen.

    “Suck me first,” was his response though, and he pried himself from my embrace and stood between my legs. I sat up and the first thing I saw was the tip of his dick poking its head out from the gap in his unbuttoned jeans.

    “Oh my God, what is that?” I gasped, my eyes popping wide. I had never seen a pierced penis before.

    “Open it up and find out,” he grinned, pushing his hips forward. I reached up with shaking hands and pulled open his fly. The zipper made a sweet grinding sound and his entire dick popped into view.

    “It’s a snake,” I giggled, seeing that the tail of the tattooed snake actually turned into his dick. The scales reached halfway up the shaft and I reached forward with a timid finger to see if they felt real.

    “He won’t bite,” Jared grinned, and I blushed an explored with the tips of my fingers.

    “Did that hurt?” I ask, moving along the scales then up to the silver ring embedded in the head of his penis.

    “Which one?” he said, “The tattoo or the piercing.”

    “Both?” I said with wide eyes.

    “The snake hurt worse than the ring,” he said, sounding tough, “But it was worth it.”

    “How come?” I asked, tracing the scales of his snake.

    “You’ll see,” he grinned, and then he took my hand and curled it around his dick. My first dick. I liked it immediately, lifting it and getting a feel for its weight and size.

     “You shave it?” I asked. A dumb question as there’s not a hair on it, but I had to ask. My friends and I shaved our pussies, but that was girl stuff. I didn’t know guys shaved their junk, too.

    “Ya, you like it?” he asked, looking down at me while I studied him.

    “Ya,” I muttered, running my fingers over the silky flesh where I know there should be hair, “It’s so smooth.”

    “Here,” he said, and with one hand he pressed his hard-on flat against his stomach. He slipped his other hand behind my neck and pulled me to him until his balls where pressing against my face. “Lick em,” he said, and I opened my mouth and felt his silky sack slip between my lips. “Ya, that’s it,” he sighed as my tongue pressed into his hot flesh. The sensation was strange and wonderful and I relaxed my jaw and gently sucked each ball into my warm mouth, twirling them with my tongue.

    “Oh fuck, that feels good,” he moaned, and I felt a rush of pride surge right down to my wet pussy. “Keep licking my balls,” he said, bending over me and pushing his hand under my top. “Fuck, you’ve got nice tits for a fourteen-year-old,” he declared, squeezing my breast. I didn’t much care for the “for a fourteen-year-old” crack, but his hand felt amazing on my tit and I had both his balls in my mouth, so cracking back wasn’t a real priority for me.

    “Here,” he said, and he pushed my mouth away from his nut suck. He tugged my top up over my head, messing my dark hair. I shook it out and he stepped all the way out of his jeans so he was completely naked. I reached behind me and unzipped my skirt. My flip-flops had fallen from my feet so he simply tugged the skirt down my legs and tossed it aside.

    “Lay back,” he said, pushing me down onto the mattress. Then he climbed up and straddled my chest, pushing his dick into my face. “Not yet,’ he said when I opened my mouth and tried to catch him. I closed it again and he simply rubbed his cock all over my face. “You like that?” he sighed.

    “Uh-huh,” I nodded, and when the silver ring slid over my lips I made my move, poking my tongue through the hole. “That’s it,” he grinned, and I pulled him into my mouth by the ring. My first blowjob. He hunched over me and I let him slowly fuck my face. “Get it good and wet,” he said, and I did my best, licking and bathing him with spit. When he sat back his dick was dripping and he pushed it between my tits, cupping my cleavage around him with his hands.

    “Goddamn,” he moaned, fucking my tits. I kissed the tip when it got close and every few thrusts he leaned forward and dipped his dick into my mouth getting it wet. “I’m gonna cum on your face, Baby” he hissed, his breath high and fast. I barely had time to react when he hunched forward and I saw his dick swell and watched the first shot burst from the tip. It landed on my cheek, and the next one on my mouth. A third shot hit my forehead, and the rest oozed out over my nose and lips.

    “Aaaaaagh!” he cried, gripping his dick and squeezing the lost drops onto my face. “Don’t move,” he said, after catching his breath. He climbed off of me and I closed my eyes to keep the cum running down from my forehead from blinding me. “Oh ya,” he said, and I felt the bed shift as he climbed back over me. I felt the cool ring and then his hot dick press against my chin, and then I heard the click. I opened one eye and I was staring into the lens of his phone camera.

    “Are you taking my picture?” I said, slightly astounded.

    “Keep your eyes closed,” he said, and the camera clicked and clicked while I lay there under him. “Don’t move,” he said again, and again I felt him climb off of me and the bed. I didn’t move. My left eye socket was filled with cum and he had used his dick to coat my lips in jam. I gave them a lick, liking his flavor.

    “What are you doing?” I finally asked when I heard some machine whirling across the room.

    “Hang on,” he said, and then the bed shifted and I could feel his feet on either side of me. His dick wasn’t there though. He was doing something above me. I waited for the click of the camera again, but it never came.

    “What are you doing?” I squeaked, feeling a little too vulnerable.

    “There,” he said, then his naked body was pressing against mine and he was kissing me. His tongue moved over my face, and he devoured his own seed, licking me clean so I could open my eyes again. “Did you like that,” he asked, his nose rubbing against mine.

    “Ya, I guess,” I said shyly, “It was kind of weird.”

    “You looked fucking hot,” he said, and kissed me again. Then, with his cum flavored tongue dancing around inside my mouth, he reached down between us and I felt the cold steel of his ring press against my virgin lips.

    “Ungh,” I cried, but he kept his mouth over mine. I spread my legs wider and arched my back. “Ungh,” I cried again, feeling his hot flesh prying me open. I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his broad back. “Ungh,” I cried into his mouth, and he pushed deeper and deeper inside me.

    “Ungh,” he grunted, and his smooth balls rested against my ass while my deflowered pussy gripped the length of his cock.

    “Yes,” I sighed, tearing my lips from his and hugging him tight to me. My virginity was gone. I had a cock inside me. The pain was less than I expected, and I guessed maybe the pot helped. I held him a moment, letting my body adjust to its first penetration, but then I was ready. “Fuck me,” I purred.

    And he did…

    “Ungh,” I moaned, feeling his cock thrust in and out of my tight cunt. His body pressed me deep into the mattress and his hips whipped and cracked between my thighs. “I’m fucking,” I thought to myself, and my body and mind were on fire. “Don’t stop,” I heard myself beg, suddenly understanding why the expression was so popular with women who fucked in videos on the Internet. I never wanted it to stop.

    “What do you want for lunch?”

    My eyes popped open and my body tensed under my boyfriend’s brother as his Mom knocked on his door.

    “Mac-n-Cheese,” he hollered with his mouth next to my ear. He didn’t skip a beat though, he just kept on fucking me. I could hear his Mom loitering on the other side of the door. I knew she could hear us.

    “Oh my God,” I whispered, but he was too far gone to care.

    “Aaaaagh!” he growled, his back hunching up and his hips slamming into me.

    “Oh my God,” I gasped, feeling his hot cum fill my pussy. “He’s cumming inside you,” a voice cried out in my head. I could see the shadow of his mother’s feet under the door. She was standing there listening. And if that wasn’t enough of a distraction, I looked up to see my own cum-spattered face staring down at me. I was pinned to the ceiling next to the blonde girl getting a facial from the cock in her hand. That was what the whirling sound was. He had taken my picture, downloaded it and printed it, and then tacked it to the ceiling above his bed with all the other porn stars.

    “Oh fuck,” he gasped, collapsing against me. His Mom was still listening outside the door and she didn’t leave until he climbed off of me and tripped over a pizza box, hitting his dresser and sending a few Maddog bottles to the floor.

    “Shit.” he grinned, and he had his camera again, “Here…” He took my knee and spread my legs apart. I looked down and saw the blood spread around my thighs. It wasn’t a lot, but he enjoyed the sight and snapped lots of pics. I watched him print a few out this time and we looked at them together while I slowly stroked his cock.

    “Fuck, you’ve got a hot little body,” he said, eyeing the picture instead of my naked body next to him. “You want to fuck some more?” he asked, pinning my photo above his headboard.

    “Sure,” I said, giving his cock a playful squeeze, “Can I be on top this time?” He liked that idea and stretched out on the bed while I straddled his hips. I was a little sore, but it felt good pushing myself down onto his hard flesh.

    “Your turn,” I grinned, and I took his camera and snapped several shots of him, getting a good one of his cock sliding into me. With the tattoo scales it looked like I was fucking a snake.

    “Do you like my pierced cock,” he asked, squeezing my tits while I gyrated around on his cock.

    “Ya,” I grinned, finally putting the camera aside. I could feel the piece of metal slip around inside me. I was much more aware of it this time, being able to move my hips so it touched all the right places inside of me. It surprised my how fast I came with the ring tickling some magic spot on the roof of my pussy while I ground my clit into his hard pelvic bone. I liked being on top.

    “Here,” he said, lifting my limp body off his chest. He wasn’t done with me yet. I felt cheap and slutty on all fours and I loved it even more than riding him. I stretched my body out, pressing my tits into the mattress and gripping the sheets in front of me while he fucked me hard from behind.

    “Fuck me!” I cried, not bothering to keep my voice down. I could see the shadows of feet outside the door again and I knew his mother was there listening. Either Jared didn’t know, or he didn’t care. “Fuck ya,” I moaned, “Fuck me!” And he battered my ass, ramming his cock deep inside me until we were both cumming again. “Aaaaaagh!”

    Through the fog of sex and pot my senses slowly came back to me. Something wasn’t right. There were no shadows under the door but there were plenty of footsteps thumping through the floor overhead. I lifted my ear from the sweaty mattress and listened.

    “Shit,” I cried, recognizing Adam’s voice. He was home from his soccer game and I recognized the sound of Matt and Dave with him. They were his best friends. “I have to get out of here!”

    “Chill,” Jared said, pulling his cock from my pussy. He had cum inside of me again and I made a mental note to ask my Mom to put me on birth control. She would be pissed, I knew, to find out I’m having sex, but I was too busy searching Jared’s pigsty of a room for my clothes to worry about that.

    “Help me up,” I said, having found my skirt, top, and flip flops, but no underwear. Jared had slid open his window but it was a good four feet of the ground and I’m only five-two. He stood behind me and lifted me by my hips. I ducked my head through the window and found myself on the lawn on the side of the house. There was a man standing on the other side of a fence twenty feet away with a rake. He was the next door neighbor. I had seen him several times before when I came over to hang out with Adam. He just stared at me with a bewildered look on his face.

    “Lift,” I hissed over my shoulder at Jared while I smiled awkwardly at the neighbor, trying to act like this was nothing unusual, like I always left the house this way. But Jared wasn’t lifting and I was stuck there with the upper half of my body hanging out the window. “I’m stuck,” I hissed again, between smiles at the curious neighbor, “Lift me.” Then he lifted, but not me, my skirt, and I quickly realized I wasn’t so much stuck, as I was trapped. There was nothing I could do as Jared pressed his face between the cheeks of my ass.

    “Oh my God, your neighbor is standing right here,” I hissed, but Jared only pushed his tongue deeper into my pussy and as much as I wanted him to stop, I couldn’t keep my body from reacting. “Jared,” I pleaded, biting down on my lip to keep from crying out. I tried desperately to keep a straight face but lost it when he wedged his thumb into my asshole.

    “Oh my God,” I gasped, dropping my hands to the cool grass below me. The man looked for a moment like he might try to come over and help me, but it was obvious something funny was going on, and he stopped short and just looked around anxiously, not sure what to do with himself. I lifted my head and the look on my face must have said everything. Our eyes met and his mouth fell open. Jared was pumping his thumb in and out of my ass and his tongue in and out of my pussy. He was going to make me cum in front of his neighbor.

    “Jared,” I begged, and I made one final attempt to lift myself through the window. That was a mistake. My top was too small and too tight as it was, but hanging halfway out the window, it was trapped underneath me and stretched beyond its limits. When I lurched forward, both my tits popped out. The man dropped his rake.

    “Oh my God,” I cried again, and I was cumming. I didn’t know how much the neighbor could see through the window, or how much was left to his imagination, but there were no doubts about what he was witnessing. My head rose and fell, and through the dark trellis of my hair, I saw him wet his lips as he stared.

    “Jared, Mom says lunch is ready!”

    I recognized Adam’s voice on the other side of the bedroom door, and with my orgasm fading, I managed to heave myself up through the window. It was a lot easier without Jared holding me down. I scrambled to my feet, pushing my skirt down first, and then tucking my tits back into my top as ran for it, never once looking back.

    I guess I should have been pissed at Jared, and at first I was. But when he texted me the next day and told me Adam had a dentist appointment and I should come over, I was ready to go. The only problem was…

    “Did you pack any of your Twilight books,” Mom asks, “I haven’t read the fourth one yet.”

    “No,” I scowl in my snottiest tone, tucking my ear-buds further into my ears. I’m trying to text Jared but we’re going through a mountain pass and I can’t get a signal.

    “Should we turn off the AC?” Mom asks when I grab my jacket from my bag and pull it up over my legs.

    “I’m fine,” I tell her, wishing she would leave me alone. I’m not cold at all. In fact thinking about Jared has gotten me extremely hot. I cover myself with the jacket, curl up in a ball in the corner, and pretend to sleep. My shorts are short enough that I can get my fingers in through the leg hole. It’s a little awkward, but I find my clit and slowly rub.

    My eyes are closed and I can see Jared’s cock, wrapped in snakeskin with its silver ring shining. I can feel it against my face, in my mouth, and more than anything, I want it in my pussy. I want to fuck again.

    Mom is laughing about something and I turn up the volume on my iPod to drown her out. I should be with Jared right now. I should be on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, getting fucked hard. He should be taking photos of me and pinning them to his bedroom walls with my face and tits covered in cum.

    I shift and fidget under my jacket. My finger is not a cock, and despite all my years of masturbating, it suddenly feels inadequate to my needs. If I had some privacy, I could at least peel off my shorts, spread my legs, and really fuck myself, but there is no privacy in the car and my anger and frustration rise knowing there will be no privacy on this entire trip. This trip that I never wanted to go on. This trip that is the reason I’m not fucking Jared right now.

    The car slows down and we turn hard. I open my eyes and see we’ve pulled in for gas. I slip my fingers from under my shorts, wiping them on my jacket. I pull my ear-buds from my ears as Mom says something about a pee break.

    Dad pulls up next to a pump and we all pile out of the car. There is another family at the next pump in a similar car to ours, a big SUV, and the family seems like another version of us, except that they are black. The Dad stands next to the gas tank watching the numbers on the pump roll by. he gives my Dad a weary traveler’s nod.

    “How you doing?” Dad says, and they strike up a conversation about the joys of traveling with kids. I can see his wife inside the store with their two daughters. They look like twins and they’re about Katie’s age. We head into the store while Dad fills the tank, and Katie makes a bee-line for the girls, saying hello and asking where they are from. Mom stops at a rack filled with paperback novels, but I head straight for the restroom.

    It’s a typical gas station bathroom, tucked away in the back of the store, almost like they forgot they needed one and just made room in the storage closet. I push open the girls’ door. It’s not too gross. There is a light above the mirror over the sink, but the main light in the ceiling, a long fluorescent tube, just flickers and makes the place look dark and creepy. There are two stalls side by side and I see a pair of black feet in pink flip-flops under the first one. I take the second stall.

    The girl in the next stall flushes just as I start to pee. By the time I finish, she’s washed her hands and heads out the door. I am alone. The stall I’m in is clean, or at least it looks clean under the dark flickering light. I push my shorts a little further down my thighs and spread my knees apart. I lean back slightly and I press my finger into my pussy.

    “Mmm,” I sigh, feeling some relief, but it’s short lived as the door to the bathroom pops open.

    “Kelsey?” my little sister calls, slipping into the stall next to mine.

    “What?” I say through gritted teeth. She plops down on the toilet and I hear her pee while she rattles off what she’s learned about her knew convenience store friends. She knows where they are from and where they are going. She knows how old they are and their names and what grade they’ll be in when they start school in the fall.

    “Uh-huh,” I say repeatedly, not taking in any of it. I’m still rubbing my clit with a finger inside my pussy, and although she’s distracting, my body is starting to melt from the inside.

    “You okay in there?” Mom asks, closing the bathroom door behind her.

    “Go away!” I want to scream, but I restrain my self and tell her I’m fine. “Just a little car sick,” I add as an excuse to stay in my stall.

    “Wash your hands,” Mom says to Katie, and I let out a sigh of exasperation wishing they’d go away, but Mom still needs her turn in the next stall. I grit my teeth and massage my clit, trying to focus on my pleasure when another sound distracts me. This one isn’t from Mom and Katie though. It’s coming through the wall next to me. I look, and in the flickering light I notice for the first time a strange little door like the one that covers our electrical panel in the kitchen at home. It’s almost even with my face and out of simple curiosity I grab the little knob and open it.

    “Oh my God!” I gasp, slamming the little door shut.

    “What’s that?” Mom asks, slipping into the next stall.

    “I’m going to get a soda,” Katie repeats, pausing halfway through the open door.

    “Not you, your sister,” Mom says, “Close the door.”

    “Sorry,” Katie whines, and closes the door behind her.

    “Did you say something, Kelsey?” Mom asks.

    “No,” I blurt out, and slowly I pull the little door open again. There’s no electrical panel on the other side. I’m looking into a bathroom stall just like mine, except that instead of another teenage girl squatting on the toilette, there’s a man standing there peeing. All I can see of him is his hand on his hip and his long black dick dangling from his open fly. It’s the Dad from the black family my sister knows all about, and as he shakes the last drops of piss from his dick, he turns toward the little door and I push it shut again.

    “You want me to get you some Pepto?” Mom asks, her pee echoing in the porcelain bowl.

    “I’m fine,” I say, barely registering her. She goes on talking about something, trying to make me feel better about the trip maybe, but I’m focused on the little door. There’s a sound behind it, a scratching sound and then a tiny knock. “Uh-huh,” I say to whatever my Mom is talking about, and slowly, with trembling fingers, I pull the little door open a crack, craning my neck to peak inside.

    A large black hand pulls away from the opening and I see him standing there. I see his dick anyway. It’s long and thick and silky black, and I open the door all the way. It’s framed perfectly in my little window and I simply stare. His hand cups and massages his balls and then slides to the base of his dick giving it a shake. He doesn’t say a word and neither do I. Mom is still talking and peeing in the stall next to me.

    “Uh-huh,” I say to Mom without a clue of what she’s saying. He reaches slowly forward and pokes his finger through our window, hooking it on my side of the wall. I’m not sure what is happening, but after a long moment I simply lift my trembling hand and touch his finger with mine. He pulls his hand back and then I watch with eyes wide as he steps to the wall and pushes his dick through the opening.

    “What’s that?” Mom asks, hearing my gasp.

    “Nothing, I’m fine,” I answer, trying to sound like there’s not a huge black dick poking through the wall next to me. She’s talking again, but I have that black dick in my hand and it’s swelling and growing, and my pussy is dripping.

    I can’t believe this is happening, but the evidence is right here in my hand. I pump and stroke him until he’s stiff as iron. Oh my God, does he have a beautiful cock. It’s so beautiful I wish that I could show it off to my Mom.

    “We’ll be at the hotel by dinner time,” she saying, and I offer another, uh-huh, but I’m rubbing his dick against my face. I lick and kiss the tip, and I hear him exhale on the other side of the wall. I slide my tongue down the long vein of his shaft, and then I nuzzle my lips into his squishy balls.

    “Fuck,” his muffled voice gasps.

    “Are you sure your okay?” Mom asks, finally flushing.

    “I’m fine, Mom,” I say, and I lick my way back to the tip and take him into my mouth. She pulls up her shorts and I dig my fingers into my wet pussy while I bob my head up and down his fat dick. It’s too big for me to get more than halfway down its length, but I love the feeling of it throbbing between my lips. I grip the base and pump it, and I can hear her washing her hands.

    “Text me if you need anything,” she says at the door with real concern in her voice.

    “I’ll be fine,” I say, my voice a little breathy as I lift my mouth from his cock.

    “I’ll be right outside,” she says, and pulls open the bathroom door.

    “Thanks, Mom,” I call after her, and as the door closes, I slide off the toilette seat onto my knees. The floor is hard but I’m kneeling on my shorts, so it helps. I don’t really care though because all my attention is now on the cock in my mouth and I don’t have to be careful anymore. I work my hungry lips up and down his ebony shaft with loud slurping and sucking noises. My own spit dribbles onto my hand and I use it as lube for the base of his cock, pumping him into my mouth.   

    I can hear him gasping and grunting through the wall and I feel my own juices running down my thighs knowing how good I can make a man feel with my mouth. He’s thrusting his hips forward, fucking my face, when I hear him rap quickly on the wall above me. I gently squeeze his heavy balls and I feel his cock swell between my lips.

    “Fuck,” I hear him groan, and his salty load squirts into my mouth, scalding the back of my throat and covering my tongue.

    “Mmm,” I hum around his spitting tool, milking him with my lips. I savor his cum in my mouth before letting it slip into my stomach. Then I slowly pull my lips back. He disappears through the little door, but before I can stand his hand is back. He reaches though and it’s obvious he’s groping for my tits.

    “Hang on,” I say to the wall, and I lift my shirt over my tits and unhook my bra in the front. “Here,” I say, guiding his hand to my breast. He squeezes and explores and I dip my fingers back into my pussy. I am so desperate to cum, so when he points up with his finger I think I know what he wants.

    “Yes,” I sigh, feeling his hand on my pussy. I’m standing here in a gas station bathroom with my shorts and panties around my ankles, my shirt pulled up over my tits, and my pussy inches form a hole in the wall with a stranger’s fingers inside me. “Yes…”

    He’s fucking me with his finger, but stops when he hears the sound. I hear it too, though it’s muffled from my side of the wall. Someone else has come into the men’s room. I hear him speak. I can’t make out exactly what he says, but I recognize my Dad’s voice. My body tenses. The man with his finger in my pussy answers but I can’t make any of it out. He slips his finger from inside me, and I almost want to cry.

    I start to pull my shirt down over my tits, but his hand catches me. He makes a circular motion and I decide he wants me to turn around. I do this and his hand is at my ass, digging into my pussy from behind. I bend forward to give him better access even though I know my father is on the other side of the wall. I am too fucking horny to stop now.

    I look back over my shoulder, annoyed when he pulls his hand away, but then instantly terrified and elated when he pushes his dick back through the hole. “Oh my God,” I gasp, am I really about to do this. His thick black cock brushes against my ass and I immediately decide, yes, I am going to do this.

    With one hand I balance myself against the stall, with the other I reach between my legs. I’m trembling and I can hear my Dad carrying on a conversation with the man who’s about to fuck his fourteen-year-old daughter, but I catch hold of his cock and guide it to my pussy anyway.

    “Oh my God,” I hiss, biting my lower lip. His cock feels huge just pressing against my dripping gash. When I start to push myself back onto his hard dick, I think some of Jared’s pot might help. It’s like I’m a virgin all over again. I put both hands on the side of the stall and I push my tiny body back onto his massive tool until I feel the tip wedged against my cervix and I can’t take another inch. “Oh my God,” I gasp.

    I can hear my Dad’s voice again coming through the wall and I try to block it out as I fuck the stranger’s cock poking through the wall. I’m on the balls of my feet sliding my cunt up and down his thick shaft. He’s stretching me out like I never imagined, his hot flesh searing every nerve lining my pink walls. I’m cumming.

    “Mom wants to know if you’re okay?” Katie calls, propping open the bathroom door. I have to bite down on my lip to keep from crying out. My body is like a live wire, every inch electrified.

    “I’m fine,” I manage to bark at her. My own cum is dripping down the insides of my thighs.

    “She says she’s fine,” I hear my sister say before the door swings shut. I pray to God Mom doesn’t come in to check on me, because I can’t stop and she’ll find me impaled on a black cock sticking through a hole in the wall.

    “Fuck,” I cry, grinding my cunt down on his dick. He’s thrusting now, wanting more, and I want to give him more. I press my hands into the stall and rock back hard, fucking his dick the way I want to be fucked, hard and fast. I can’t hear my Dad anymore and my stranger is rapping on the wall again.

    “Fuck,” we swear together, and I’m cumming again as he unloads inside my pussy. I push myself down the length of his cock and use my muscles to massage him, coaxing every last ounce of cum from his balls.

    I’m sitting in the back seat of our SUV again. I used my mouth to clean his cock before he pulled back through the wall and the taste of his cum mixed with mine is still strong on my breath. I pop a stick of gum in and chew. I can feel his cum melting inside my pussy, and once again I remind myself that I need Mom to get me on birth control.

    He finally comes out of the store and for the first time I get a good look at the man who just fucked me. He’s tall and muscular with skin like dark chocolate and I wish that I could climb in his car with him. I look away guiltily though when his wife appears. She’s beautiful, and so is the girl next to her in pink flip-flops. Katie says she’s the twins’ big sister and that she’s fourteen, like me.

    She catches my eye and smiles at me as her Dad slides his arm around her waist. They walk to their SUV and they look like a happy family. He avoids looking at me but gives Dad a wave as we pull away.


    0 0
  • 07/19/12--07:24: I Am Imobile
  • I am immobile. With my hands tied behind my back. My red hair is falling in curls around my face. My blue eyes look up at you adoringly. My big 40DD tits thrust out proudly I am wearing an opaque black bra and panties, waiting for you to use me.


    Yes I kneel in front of you to worship your massive cock. I am breathing hard. I know in a few moments I will be having my throat stuffed full of your dick. I will not be able to push you away. It may be hard to breath.


    You feel my breath on your dick. I can see the veins running along your hard cock. Your dick head is swollen and red. Your balls hang below that mighty cock. I hope those balls are full of cum. I need your cum in me. I want you to drown me with your orgasm. Only that will satisfy me.


    You take your hard dick and slap my face with it.


    I ask you, “Yes my love. Slap me again, please.”


    You raise your right hand. My face feels the sharp pain as your open palm hits my face. I can feel my cheek turning red. Will I have a hand print on my face from this slap? I do not care. I love you so much that I will allow you any liberty with my body. You see that love and desire as I look at you with my blue eyes.


    You press the head to my lips. I open my mouth wide. You thrust as hard as you can between my waiting red lips. You thrust roughly into my mouth so that your balls are resting against my chin and hold it deep in my mouth.


    My blue eyes look up at you with desire. I feel the weight of your cock on my tongue. I feel my throat constricting around your dick head. My mouth pumps salvia as I react to the invasion of your dick into my mouth and throat.


    I get so excited. My nipples swell and extend from my massive tits. I feel my labia get puffy. My tiny clit grow erect. My cunt sends a flood of wet pussy juice down my thigh. Wish my hand were free to fondle my on big tits and plug my needy cunt. But no, you desired my tied and kneeling before you. And I will allow you to use me any way you desire.


    You grab my red hair and hold my face pressed against you. I move my tongue along the base of your cock. You moan and pull your cock out until just the head is between my red lips. I lick the head. You groan as you ram that fat dick back into my throat.


    I wish I could reach my tits to twist and pinch my nipples. I wish I could Use my fingers to plunge in and out of my sopping wet cunt. I wish I could rub my engorged clit. No, I will be satisfied with making you cum. I will be satisfied with the taste of your cock. I will be satisfied with the taste of your cum.


    You start to piston in and out of my wet mouth. I can not believe how hard you are fucking my face. My eyes see the savage desire in your face.  My mouth feels each brutal thrust. My tongue runs from the head to the base with every thrust. My lips are red a swollen from the beating they are taking. I feel your balls slap against my chin. I fight for every chance to breath. Each thrust goes deeper into my throat. I am making copious amounts of spit to lubricate each thrust. Some is leaking out of the corners of my mouth. I am also getting very wet.


    I feel your balls tighten in their sack as they make the cum I need so much. I can feel each vein on your cock as your cock swells. I feel your dick begin to pulse in my mouth. Your cock head swells so large I fear it will not enter my throat. Suddenly you yell out. I feel the first blast of cum as it erupts into my mouth. Your cum is hot, molten, sticky and salty. My taste but delight in the taste. I swallow and swallow. You keep shoving your dick into my mouth and I keep swallowing. It feels like a flood of cum.


    Finally your dick starts to get smaller. You whimper. The flood of cum subsides. You pull out of my mouth leaving a pearl of cum on my red lips. My tongue snakes out to lick it up. I am so happy.

    0 0

          It was a typical ride home, on the train, doing a few things on my laptop, that I didn't have time for during the day. I wasn't aware of how atypical it was about to become. I was trying to ignore the two chattering young ladies across from me. That wasn't easy because it was hot out and they weren't wearing very much clothing. Tank tops, very short shorts and flip-flops. They were old enough to have very shapely and sexy legs, but way too young for me. I have a daughter that was very likely older than they were.

          I glanced at their legs a few times; they were seated right in front of me so it was easy to do without being obvious, and being tagged a 'creepy old guy'. It was when the conductor announce "...This is the last stop, your stop..." that was when the blonde said, "Excuse me..." I looked up into those baby blue eyes and asked, "Yes?" she asked, "Is the last stop, the train station by the Meyer's?" I replied, "Uhm, that was the previous stop." They both gasped and said, "I didn't see it, she said it was practically in the parking lot." She turned to the brunette next to her and asked, "Did you see it?" She replied, "No!" I told them, "Well, for one thing, you're facing the wrong way. Meyer's would have been behind you, and 'practically in the parking lot' is NOT 'actually in the parking lot'." They looked at me, confused. I explained, "It's near the Route 59 station, and if you were looking in the other direction as we passed over Route 59, you would have seem the sign. It's across the Route 59 train station parking lot, but there are some two story apartment buildings in the way. You can't actually see Meyer's from where the train stops, aside from glimpses between the apartment buildings." They slumped their shoulders and said, "Crap." in unison. The brunette said, "But the train is going back to Chicago right? We can ride it back to that stop, right?" I replied, "Actually, I believe this train is going into the yards after this." I pointed out the window at a couple of parked trains, as we were passing through the train yards at that moment. But I added, "However, there will be another train along shortly that will be going back that way soon. You can just hop on that one." The brunette said, "Except we don't have a ticket and don't have any money left to buy another one." The blonde asked, "Is it a long walk, back to the other station?" I replied, "You're on a train going 60 miles and hour for just over twenty minutes. If you do the math, that comes out to about twenty miles." The both repeated, "Crap." in unison. The brunette started to asked, "Do they have buses...?" The blonde reminded her, "Do you have money?" They both looked at each other for a moment, then they looked at me with a sweet smile on both their faces. The brunette asked, in the sweetest voice, "Do you have a car?" The blonde sounded just as sweet as she asked, "Could you give us a ride?" The brunette added, "It's only twenty miles." The blonde started to say, "We could pay...uhm...sorry." I nodded, "Yes, my car is at the train station, and yes, I can give you a ride." They both gushed with thanks, I was just hoping one of those lovely young ladies would sit shotgun, so I could look at her hot, tanned legs during the drive.

          As we pulled in the conductor confirmed, over the intercom, that this train was indeed, going into the yards, and finished with "...Ya don't have to go home, but ya can't stay here." The girls allowed me to go past them and lead the way. We disembarked the train, and I headed for the tunnel. The two girls hurried to catch up, and the blonde asked, "Aren't the cars this way?" I told her, "There's another lot on the other side, I park over there." They smiled and tagged along. They were whispering and giggling behind me. I couldn't hear much, but I did here something about "his butt". I do work out and ride my bike at least 10 miles a day, my stationary cycle if it's raining. But I hardly think two lovely young girls like that could be interested in an old guy like me. I turned and asked, "So what were you two ladies doing in Chicago?" They came up on either side of me and replied, "We helped a friend move into her dorm, she is starting at UIC this year." I nodded, "So you drove into the city." They nodded, "Which is why we didn't know where we were suppose to get off the train." I told them, "The actual name of the stop would have been helpful." They sighed, "We didn't know the name, we were just told it was right by Meyer's. We figured we could see the Meyer's and know when to get off. We didn't realize we were facing the wrong way." I laughed, "Easy mistake, you can get all turned around in unfamiliar situations." I asked, "Where are you two ladies going to college?" The replied, "We haven't decided, we sill have another year to think about it. Marcy is a year older than us, she just graduated. We still have another year of High School." I nodded and changed the subject, "You two look enough alike to be sisters." They laughed, and replied in unison, "We are!" The blonde explained, "We're twins." The brunette clarified, "Paternal, not identical, twins." I smiled, and said, Got that, unless one of you dyes your hair." The brunette just nodded and, and looked straight over at the blonde, who gave her the evil eye in return. I could not resist. I asked her, "So the carpet doesn't match the drapes?" She paused, but only for a second before she smiled back at me and announced, "No carpet, smooth, clean, hardwood floor." That made me blush as I said, "TMI." I certainly didn't expect that answer. I quickly said, "Well you look very lovely wih blonde hair." She replied, "Thank you." as she smirked at her sister. I asked, "If you don't mind me asking... What's your natural color?" She sighed, "Boring brown..." I asked "Why didn't you go for redhead?" She started to talk but the brunette chimed in, "That's mine, I'm going to do redhead." The blonde shot back, "Not if you keep chickening out!" The brunette cried, "I DO NOT!" The blonde, "YOU DO SO!" and so on, back and forth. I put my hands up in between them and said, "Ladies, ladies, I like cat fights just as much as the next guy, but lets not have one here." They begrudgingly stopped.

          As we came out the other side of the tunnel our scenery changed, so I took the opportunity to changed the subject, "My name is Jim. What are your names?" The blonde replied, "Tonya." The brunette, "Tiffany." I smiled "Tiffany and Tonya, two lovely names, for two lovely ladies." Tiffany remarked, "One lady and one bleached blonde." Tonya started it up again, "YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I stopped her and told Tiffany, "Tonya's hair looks lovely, why would you say something like that?" She replied, "It's not real." I said, "Some men appreciate women who go the extra mile and make their beauty stand out a little more." Tonya smiled at Tiffany and said, "See." Tiffany replied, "He said some men, not all men." To which Tonya replied, "I only like men who appreciate me." I patted her bare, tanned, shoulder and said, "Good girl, I appreciate you taking the time to dye your hair. It looks lovely." Tiffany looked pissed off, but out of nowhere she looked at me and asked, "Do you think I'd look good as a redhead?" I smiled and looked at her trying to imagine her, with red hair. I nodded and said, "You'd look gorgeous." She asked "You think men would appreciate that?" I told her, "Any man who doesn't appreciate that, is not worth your time." She smiled and said, "I'm doing it this weekend, before school starts." Tonya scoffed, "I'll believe it when I see it."

          We got to the car and I pushed the button to open the doors. I hopped in, the girls were in a heated discussion on the other side. I unrolled a window and said, "You ladies still want that ride? You'll have to actually get in the car for me to drive you there." Tiffany stepped, around Tonya and pulled the door open. Tonya slipped inside, and sat down as she told Tiffany, "Thank you." Tiffany cried "Hey!" then proceeded to slammed the door and reluctantly got into the back seat. As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, Tiffany started leaning forward, smacking Tonya on the side of the head. I said, "Hey, what's that all about?" Tiffany said, "She's suppose to be paying you back." I said, "You told me on the train you didn't have any money." The center console flipped and a split second later Tonya's petite hand was rubbing my crotch. I gasped, "We can't do this, you girls are like 16 years old." Tiffany replied, "We're seventeen." Tonya tried a seductive voice as she reminded me, "That's the legal age of consent in Illinois." as she rubbed my growing erection. I asked, "Well then, if your legal, I certainly hope rubbing is not the only thing your gonna do?" Tiffany informed me, "If that's all she's gonna do, pull over and let me get in the front seat. I can do better than that!" I looked back at her as she licked her lips. I was distracted by Tonya's other hand coming over to help with the zipper. I adjusted my hips then glanced over at Tonya. She was licking her sweet young lips too! Her hand went in and searched around, but not for long! She found it and wrapped her petite little fingers around it. It was kind of painful, the way it got bent when she pulled it out, but I didn't really mind. Not if she was gonna do what I think she was gonna do!

          She glanced back at Tiffany and said, "Kinda big." Tiffany replied, "Kinda? Let me up there I can handle it." Tonya quickly replied, "I got it!" as her head dropped into my lap. I was paying attention to my driving, as much as possible, as those soft young lips slid down my rigid shaft. I sighed as she took more of me, in her mouth than I would have imagined for someone so young. I wanted to close my eyes, let my head roll back and enjoy it, but I remembered I was driving. I decided it would be wise to take the side streets and avoid as much traffic as possible. Of course it would take longer that way, but I wasn't really in a hurry. At least not right now. She was sliding up and down, which felt nice, but something was missing. I softly told her, "A little more suction sweetheart." She added some suction, Tiffany commented, "I'd suck your testicles out through your dick." I was about to repay to that when Tonya's cheeks puckered in, like she turned on the power-vac! I gasped, "Wow!" She resumed sliding up and down, but was going a little too fast. This would get me off very quickly, and I wanted to enjoy this a little bit. I've been married almost 30 years, and my wife stopped doing fellatio, around the five year mark, so it's been over two decades since the last time I had one. I definitely wanted to make it last. Especially since this young lady was doing such a fine job.

          I took one hand off the wheel an place it on her head and slowed her down a bit. Tiffany asked, "I thought guys liked it fast?" I explained, "This feels really good. So you start out slow and work your way up to fast. It feels even better that way." Tiffany nodded and said, "Oh, okay." Tiffany asked, "Are you gonna do it?" I looked back, the question was directed to Tonya, who nodded her head. I felt her lips slide down further, and the head of my penis pressed against the back of her throat. She gagged and backed off. Tiffany cried, "Ha, you say it's easy when we're practicing, but you can't do it when it counts!" I replied, "What was wrong with that? That felt awesome." Tonya did it again gagging and backing off, I didn't mind at all. After the third one she paused for a moment, tears were stroking the mascara on her face. Tiffany cried, "Ha, I told you! Pull over and let ME into the front seat." Tonya cried, "Fuck you! He's bigger than that dildo!" Then her head went back down and took me in her mouth again. I gasped and applauded my decision to take the back streets, as I swerved the car around a bit, when her lips were down around the base of my penis with the head down her throat! That little girl deep throated me! I gasped, "Holy shit!" as I straightened out the car. Tiffany sighed, "Damn, she did it..." She only held it for a few seconds, but it was an amazing few seconds. I fought to maintain control of the vehicle. She backed off and did it again. This felt too good! It was a good thing I was on a fairly wide, residential street. The only other cars on the road were parked on the sides.

          After a few more times I heard a noise from behind me. Tiffany had a hand down her shorts, and she watched her sister deep throat me. I enjoyed that for as long as I could, but that kind of sensations are more than most full grown woman can provide. That little girl was driving me up the wall! I had to pull over. The only parking place was on the left, but I didn't care. I pulled into it just seconds before I blasted off. I warned her, but she just kept on sucking as I blew my wad down her throat. She coughed and gagged a little but managed to swallow my load. I heard the car door, it was Tiffany, she opened the front door and grabbed Tonya by the arm and pulled her out as the cried, "MY TURN!" She jumped in taking Tonya's place, leaving Tonya standing in the street sill swallowing my come, with streaked mascara down her cheeks as Tiffany slammed the door on her.

          Tiffany grabbed it and I gasped, she cried, "Why is it so small?" I stopped her hand from moving and said, "It's also very sensitive." The back door slammed as Tonya got in wiping her cheeks. Tiffany asked "What in the hell happened to it." I looked at her in disbelief. Tonya looked over the seat and asked, "Did I break it?" I looked at the two young ladies and asked Tonya. "Who taught you to perform fellatio like that?" She replied, "We watched it, we got a couple of DVD's..." Tiffany added, "We have a plastic dildo that looks like a real penis. We practice on that." Tonya added, "But it' not as big as THAT was," I replied, "Well, in real life it gets small and very sensitive, after a very satisfying fellatio." That made Tonya smile. I continued, "In those movies they just cut out the time that they have wait for the guy to recover. It will take me about 15 - 20 minutes." Tiffany slumped back and sighed, "We'll be to the train station by then." I replied, "Sometimes, reality sucks." as I stuffed my sensitive penis back in my pants. It wasn't that I didn't want that lovely little brunette to give me a blow job, I just couldn't get it back up in time. Sometimes reality does suck. Tonya sat back and said, "Sorry Tiff." I told her, "You have nothing to be sorry for, that was awesome. You did a wonderful job." She smiled at me and said, "Thanks."

          The two girls were fairly quiet for the rest of the drive. As I pulled in to the parking lot for the station, I asked, "Is somebody here to picking you up?" Tiffany asked, "Where are the busses?" I asked, "I thought you were out of money?" Tonya replied, "We have a Local Pass." I told her, "They leave right after the train unloads." I didn't bother to mention that they'd soon be back for the next train. I asked, "Can you call your parents?" Tonya grumbled, "Mom's in jail for possession." I asked, "And your Dad?" Tiffany replied, "Don't got one." I asked, "Who do you live with? Who takes care of you?" Tiffany replied, "Jeremy, he's our brother." Tonya interjected, "Half brother." Tiffany said, "Don't matter, he's the only family we've got." She looked at me and said, "Since, Mom and the two of us were already living in his house. They just gave him custody." Tonya told her, "Doesn't matter, in another year, we'll be out on our own." I asked, "Can you ladies call your brother to pick you up?" Tiffany replied, "He works until 8:00." Tonya clarified, "He closes the place at 8:00, then he has to do a bunch of crap he has to do before he can leave. He's never home until after 9:00." I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, "Well I can't just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours." I sighed and asked, "Okay, where do you live?" Tiffany replied, "125C Mudhank Road." Tonya replied, "The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so." I replied, "You must take that walk quite often?" Tonya glared at me and asked, "What difference does it make to you?" I explained, "You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking." She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, "It's nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?" Tiffany replied, "It's not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long." I told them, "Not to mention those awesome tans. You two look perfectly gorgeous." Tonya smiled and replied, "Okay so the walking is good for two things." I said, "Well, no walking this evening. I'll take you all the way home." As I pulled back out of the parking lot.

          Tiffany reached over and said, "We've got time now." I asked her, "Is anyone home right now?" Tonya replied, "No." I asked, "Does anybody get home before your brother at 9:00?" Tiffany replied, "No, why?" I told her, "Well when your sister deep throated my I almost crashed the car." She laughed, "Yea, you did." I replied, "Can you do that?" She smiled, "Watch me!" I told her, "If we wait until we are at your house, I could relax and enjoy that without having to worry about crashing the car." She thought about it as asked Tonya, "Does that mean you're gonna fuck us?" I shrugged and said, "That could be arranged, if you'd like." She smiled and replied, "Oh, I like, I like." Tiffany cried, "Could you butt fuck us?" I laughed, "Sure, if you..." She interrupted, "I like I like." Tonya sighed, "How do you know? You'd never even had it in the front, how do you know you'll like it in the butt." Tiffany shot back, "So! All you've ever fucked is that plastic dildo, he's at least twice as big as that." Tonya shot back, "More like three times the size of that plastic dildo, and  it's the only thing you've ever fucked, but you've never even tried it up the ass." Tiffany replied, That doesn't mean I haven't though about it." Tonya scoffed, "You mean you haven't had the guts to try it." I could sense another fight brewing so I just smiled and very loudly announced, "I think both of you ladies are in for a pleasant surprise." They both smiled and Tonya replied, "Looking forward to it." She lifted her legs and pulled aside her shorts and panties, giving me a beaver shot. It looked simply adorable.

          I sighed, "I'm hungry." Tiffany looked worried, "We don't have that much." I replied, "Whatever? What do your want?" Tiffany asked, "What do I want?" Tonya got it and leaned forward with a smile, "Yea, what do you want? He's buying." I told her, "On the way to Route 30, we've got, Wendy's, White Castle and KFC/Taco Bell. Then on Route 30 You've got either Arby's or BK, depending on which way your going." Tonya replied, "BK and you forgot McDonald' on the corner." I replied, "No I didn't. If you want McDonald's you can buy it yourself, I'm not paying for that crap." She said, "Okay, so you don't like McDonald's." Tiffany asked, "Can we go to KFC and get one of those Family Meals? We can save some for Jeremy." Tonya asked, "And how do you suppose we explain that to Jeremy?" I replied, The girl you helped to move, Monica bought it, she didn't have anywhere to store the leftovers, so you brought them home for him." Tiffany said, "That would work." Tonya nodded, "Sounds plausible."


          I pulled into the KFC and parked, "Hold on, I have to send a text." The two girls waited asking, "Who are you texting?" I replied, "The Mrs."  Tiffany asked, "You're married?" I nodded, "Yup." Tonya asked, "What're you gonna tell her?" I replied, "Working late." She laughed, "Not very original." I replied, "No, but it happens often enough that it won't raise any suspicions." Tiffany asked, "What if she finds out?" I replied, "Won't matter. I caught her cheating a couple years back. I forgave her and gave her a second chance. She owes me." Tonya asked, "Why did she cheat on you? She must've had a good excuse." I shook my head and said, "She just said she didn't plan on it, it just happened." Tiffany chimed in, "And you didn't plan on us." Tonya agreed, "We just happened to miss our stop, and you happened to help us." I nodded, "That's right." I I fired of the text, briefly explaining the phony 'problem at work'. My work phone automatically forwards to my Mobile line at 4:00 every afternoon, so even if she called, I'd answer it. The girls got out of the car and Tiffany giggled, "Let's pretend he's our Dad." Tonya nodded, "Okay." We walked in and went to the KFC end of the counter. We were looking up at the menu board, Tiffany said, "Hey Daddy, how about the 15 piece?" I replied, "Sounds good princess." She replied, "It does?" I replied, "Sure, you girls pick the sides." They did and as it was being prepared Tonya asked, "Daddy? Can we get a two liter Pepsi?" I replied, "Sure, baby girl." She smiled and said, "Cool." I paid with my credit card, and as we crossed the parking lot Tonya asked, "What if your wife sees this on your bill?" I said, "I'm paperless, and she doesn't know the password for the account." Tiffany smiled and said, "You called me princess." I asked, "What else would I call my daughter?" Tonya replied, "Baby girl." Tiffany told me, "That's okay, I liked it. You can keep calling me that if you want." I told her, "As long as you keep calling me Daddy." She giggled, "It's a deal." I asked Tonya, "You like 'baby girl'?" she laughed, "Sure, Daddy." as she kissed my cheek before getting into the car.

          We headed out Route 30, past all the fields of corn, soy beans, and navy beans. If they hadn't warned me that Mudhank Road was coming up, I'd have blew right past it. It was only paved for the first quarter mile or so, all gravel after that. As we bounced along the gravel road, Tonya explained that the farmer who owned the land, had sub-divided the plot before he sold it. Her brother got the house, the barn, and one acre. The rest, belonged to Monsanto. But their brother didn't care, he wasn't a farmer, he just wanted a house he could afford. He fixed it up really nice in the inside, next he was gonna do the outside, then the barn that he was using as a garage. It was just what I expected. I quaint little farm house, badly in need of a paint job. We all carried in the KFC bags. Tonya was right, her brother did fix up the inside. This was nice. As soon as we set down the bags I said, "What's the matter with you two girls? We've been here for at least 30 seconds and you still have your clothes on." Thy looked at me blankly. I put my hand over the food and said, "Nobody is eating until they are naked." Tiffany gasped, "What?" I replied, "You heard your father, now take off your clothes." Tiffany asked, "What about you?" I replied, "Don't you worry about me." I glanced over at Tonya, who was pulling her top off over her head, and told Tiffany, "Be a good little girl, like your sister." She pouted, but complied.

          I watched the twins strip off their clothes. Firm tight teen bodies! There breasts were probably a B-cup but they were perky. Those awesome legs ran right up, and made a perfect ass of themselves. Nice, round and firm. They looked like two perfect angels. I was has hard as a rock! Tiffany said, "Well?" I replied, "Well, princess, now it's time for you and baby girl to undress Daddy." She replied, "Huh?" But baby girl was already working on my belt, telling princess, "You get his shirt." Tiffany took off my shirt and tee shirt all at once, then helped Tonya with my shoes and pants. Those two girls had 'Daddy' naked in about 90 seconds, my erection bobbed in front of me. Tonya grabbed it and stroked it a few times, I said, "Now, now baby girl, it's princess's turn." Tiffany said, "Yea!" and grabbed it. Tonya asked, "So what do I do?" Tiffany replied, "Sit and watch, like I did." I told her, "Or you could set the dinner table... If it's not too much trouble." She replied, "I guess I could do that..." She grabbed a chair and slip it in my direction, and asked, "Can I start eating without you?" I replied, "If your sister is half a good as you are, this won't take long." Tiffany replied, "I'm twice as good!" as she dropped to her knees. I pulled the chair closer and sat down.

          Tiffany positioned herself between my legs and smiled up at me with those baby blue eyes, just like her sisters. They were stunning. I caressed the sides of her head as her cheeks puckered in and she sucked. Wow this girl had some suction! It wasn't twice as good as her sister, but it was significantly better. I sighed and told her, "That's nice, now take it slow." She allowed me to guide her head back and forth, until Tonya remarked, "Thought you were gonna take him all the way down, since your so good at it. The 'Expert'." Tiffany got a fire in her eyes and tried to rammed my engorged cock down her throat. Of course she gagged, she gagged and coughed my dick right out of her mouth. Tonya started laughing, "You're the 'Expert' all right." Tiffany said, "He's a lot bigger than the plastic one." Tonya was still laughing as she replied, "That's what I tried to tell you!" I cradled her head and said, "Okay princess, lets try that again, but slower this time." She smiled up at me an nodded. She put her hands over mine and whispered, "I'm glad your not driving." She took me back in her mouth and started stroking it with her lucius lips again, and that awesome suction." I slowly guided her down, she shifted her neck and shoulders, then I slipped right down her throat! As her sweet lips were wrapped around the base of my erection I gasped, "Wow, second try!" Those baby blue eyes were beaming with pride and delight, as she looked back up at me. Tonya stopped and looked over, and acknowledged it with a curt, "Cool..."

          I laid my head back and closed my eyes as I let her 'drive'. She turn on that fantastic suction, and take me all the way down her throat. She'd hold me there for a 10-15 lovely seconds then slowly slid them back up to where the shaft bulged into the head. I enjoy it for as long as I could, but when you have a naked, sexy, teenager, deep throating you, you don't last very long. I groaned, "I'm gonna come." Tonya reminded her, "Stay with him!" She nodded and sucked even harder, I blasted off in her mouth and she sucked out every last drop. I sighed, "That, princess, was wonderful, just wonderful!" She swallowed my come and smiled up at me. Tonya told us, "If your done, dinner is ready." I looked over and saw she'd already helped herself. Tiffany hopped up an bounced over, I brought my chair and joined them.

          Tonya recommended to Tiffany, "Eat slow, it takes him twenty minutes to recover." I told her, "You forget, I'm in the same room with two incredibly gorgeous, and very sexy ladies, who just happen to be naked. I doubt I'll need twenty minutes." We all ate very quickly....

          After dinner I made the girls put the leftovers in the fridge, which looked pretty empty. Then I had then clear the table. I called then over, on on either side of me. I hugged then close and gave those firm naked buns a squeeze. I told Tonya, "Well, baby girl, I never did thank you properly for that awesome fellatio you gave me in the car." I kissed her tongue and all, she wrapped her arms around my neck and responded in kind. I was already semi-erect from watching those naked girls clean-up, that kiss got me to full mast in seconds. Tiffany whined, "What about me and the one I just gave you?" I broke off the kiss with Tonya and explained, "Patience princess, I didn't forget you, and I could never forget what you did for me a few minutes ago. I kissed her and she happily kissed me back, in fact she initiated the tongue before I got a chance, Her tongue was in my mouth before our lips made contact. It was strange; Tonya seemed to be building a sexual bond with me, while Tiffany was building up and emotional bond. Of course this was a one-time thing, so it really didn't matter, I just found it interesting.

          After the kiss, I stood them side by side against the table. Tiffany looked into my eyes and smiled, Tonya looked down at my erection and smiled. They both looked so gorgeous, all tanned and firm. There were no hard tan lines, different shorts and tops over the summer had turned them into a gradual fade from tan to white, and it looked unbelievably sexy. I lifted each girl and sat her on the table. Then I pushed their shoulders back until they were lying on their backs, side by side. I lifted the two legs that were touching, and raised then straight up. I caressed them and kissed those fine legs as I said, "So tan, so firm, so gorgeous. Perfectly gorgeous." I crossed those legs and bent them at the knee, and ordered the girls, "Hold these right here." Each girl held her sisters leg. I raised the other leg and they got the idea and held onto it without and instruction from me. The two girls smiled at each other, then looked down at me. I informed them, "It's time for my dessert." as I sat back down and looked at those two lovely little vagina's. Both girls had shaved their pubic hair smooth and clean. I caressed them both with my hands, enjoying the smooth feeling, and noticing that they were both getting a little wet, Tonya was more than just a little wet. I moved over to Tonya, kissing her adorable little vagina, then licking up some of that moisture. I looked up at her and her head was back, but Tiffany was looking at me and asked, "How come she gets to go first all the time?" I paused and said, "Patience princess..." She replied, "Why do I have to be patient all the time?" Tonya sighed, "Get her off, I can wait a few minutes." Tiffany smiled and looked down at me as I moved over between her lovely legs.

          She sighed and let her head roll back as I kissed and massaged her little pussy. She grew more vocal when my tongue came out and began stroking her, gently at first, but getting firmer as we went along. She seemed to enjoy that. She cried out when I pressed my tongue inside that tight little pussy. Wow, was she tight! It was really gonna feel nice slipping my dick inside her. I moved up and teased her clit, and that drove her passion higher as she pulled my head into her, like she was trying to pull my head inside her. I figured the wanted it a little bit harder, so I obliged, sucking on her pussy as I tongue fucked her. She was bucking her hips into my face. I moved up and sucked on her clit, she screamed, and when I ran my tongue across the tip of the tiny nub, she cried out in an ear splitting scream as she blasted off in an orgasm.

          I lapped up her juices as she came down. Tonya said, "Wow, you never scream like that when you do it yourself." She was panting as she replied, "It never felt that good when I did it to myself!" I smiled and asked, "Is it okay if I show Tonya what it fel like?" She smiled down at me and sweetly replied, "Okay." I moved over to her blonde sister. Tonya smiled down and asked, "Are you gonna make me scream?" I replied, "Just lie back and relax, do whatever you feel like doing." She nodded, and laid her head back. As I kissed that sweet little pussy, which was soaking wet again, probably in anticipation while watching her sister getting off. I tasted her musty sweetness again. She wasn't holding back as she sighed, "Uhhhhh!" I massaged her pussy with my lips as I ran my tongue up and down the length. I inhaled an she gasped. I started sliding my tongue into her, she was as tight as her sister! I was really going to enjoy fucking these two ladies. I slipped up to her clit and the screaming started. She was really enjoying my tongue lashing and I swear she was trying to pull me inside of her like her sister did. I went back to sucking on her pussy and tongue fucking her and got the same hip bucking into my face. She was slightly more vigorous as she humped furiously. I slipped back up to her clit and sucked on it hard, She cried out like her sister, and when I ran my tongue across the tip of that sweet little nub her voice cracked in mid-scream. I lapped up her sweetness then looked up an asked, "Okay, who's ready for some dick?"

          Tonya was panting as she looked at Tiffany, and suggested. "I need a few to recover... You wanna take him first?" I stood up and moved over to Tiffany and asked, "How about it princess, you ready for Daddy's big dick?" She swallowed hard an said, "Be gentle Daddy. I've never had anything as big as you inside me." She was wet, probably from watching her sister get off. I rubbed the head of my erection against her tight pussy getting it nice and wet with her own moisture, I assured her, "Daddy will take really good care of his little princess..." She softly sighed, until I pushed firmly and forced the head of my engorged penis into that tiny little pussy. She cried out, "Oh Daddy, it hurts!" I paused to let her get used to my size as she gasped and panted. I told her, "It will get easier as we go along princess." she sighed and nodded, "Okay Daddy, I trust you." I pushed again, gently, but firmly, she whimpered, "Daddy it hurts!" I didn't know if this was for real or if she just doing this to turn me on. If it was the latter, it was working! I had to push pretty hard to get a few inches of workable length in that tiny little hole to start stroking. She cried, "Daddy it's too big, your gonna break me!" I pulled back and started stroking as I assured her, "I won't break you princess. Daddy will take care of you. Just let him work it in, it will only hurt for a little while. Then it will start to feel good, really good." She gave me a weak smile and said, "I don't know how this could ever feel good, but I trust you Daddy." As I continued stroking into her I told her, "Princess, your sweet tiny pussy is so tight, you make Daddy feel so good." She sighed, "Really Daddy?" I assured her, "Really princess." She sighed, "You're right. It does feel good, just knowing that I make you feel good." I was almost all the way in and I think she was getting numb to the pain, I assured her, "You're tight little pussy is making Daddy feel wonderful." I forced in the last inch or so. I was in as far as I could go. She felt my hips against her and sighed, "Oh Daddy! You're so big, you fill me up. I feel like my pussy is gonna explode!" She put her hands out and I took them. She pulled herself up and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips, I returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck like she wasn't ever going to let go.

          I took that as a perfect opportunity. I got a firm grip on that fine ass and backed off the table. She was as light as a feather, but she was startled and wrapped her arms tighter around my neck. I told her, "Princess, wrap your legs around me, and loosen up on the neck." She replied, "But Daddy, I slipped off the table!" I assured her, "No princess, you didn't slip off, Daddy took you off the table." She asked, "Why Daddy?" I told her, "Daddy's got you in his arms princess..." I lifted her up a little to punctuate that statement. "I'm not gonna let my little princess fall. I just want to hold her in my arms while we make love." She sighed, "Oh Daddy, I want that too!" I told her, "Then trust Daddy, and wrap your legs around my waist, and loosen up on the neck a little bit." She sighed, "I trust you Daddy, and I trust your big strong arms too."  Her leg wrapped around me, and al that walking had made them deceptively powerful. Those gorgeous, tanned legs had some power as she squeezed me between those beautiful legs. She loosened up her grip, but just enough to kiss me and she did. I wasn't passionate, it was more warm and tender, her crush on me was obvious. She let the kiss linger, then paused long enough to whisper, "Please Daddy, make sweet love to me while we kiss..." I had no objections as I resumed kissing her soft sweet lips. I lifted her slightly and she softly whimpered into my mouth as I lowered her back down. I did that a few more times then started adding a little hip action. I started rolling my hips, getting a good stroking motion going. The problem was that she wa so tight, I had to really push to her down to get it back in. If we were to both let go, I'm sure the fantastic grip of that tight little pussy, would keep her right where she was, no problem. However, I wasn't going to waste time on any experiments. Her kissing was getting more urgent an passionate. Even her body felt warmer, she felt as hot as she looked. She was moaning and sighing right through the kissing, as I pounded her tiny little pussy with my engorged penis, as hard as I could. I coul feel her climax as she hugged me tight and went rigid, screaming right into that endless kiss. I groaned and blasted off myself, thrusting into her as hard as her sweet tight pussy would allow.

          I moved back to the table and set her down. She released her legs an her arms, but held the kiss for a few seconds longer before she closed her eyes and laid back with a contented sigh. I looked over at Tonya and told her, "You're gonna have to suck my come out of your sister's pussy so she doesn't get pregnant." First, I got snipped after my wife and I had our second child, so I was shooting blanks. Second, I don't know how I knew, but I just knew she'd do it. She just needed a reason, and I just gave it to her. She scrambled off the table and looked at the come dripping out of her sister's pussy. Tiffany asked, "Will that work?" she didn't seem all that concerned. I replied, "If she hurries." As I nudged her towards her sister's waiting pussy. She nodded, "Well... Okay..." and dove in, licking all around it, lapping up the come dripping down then latching her lips to Tiffany's pussy! Even though I couldn't see what was going on, Tiffany's reactions told me there was plenty happening under those sweet lips.

          There was only one reason I wanted Tonya to eat my come out of her sister. This was so fucking hot! Watching a young tanned blonde eating out another smoking hot brunette. I was getting hard again and it was no accident! That was so fucking hot, watching Tiffany squirm and moan as her sister's tongue wormed around up inside, licking out my come. I think the fact that they WERE SISTERS made it even hotter! SMOKING HOT! Tonya paused and slipped a finger into her sister pussy, Tiffany gasped, as Tonya explained, "My tongue isn't long enough to get it all..." as she bent her head down and licked at Tiffany's pussy while she dug around with her finger getting out more and more of my come. Tonya paused again and asked, "How will I know when I got it all." I asked her, "You know what I taste like?" She nodded so I asked, "You know what your sister tastes like?" She replied, "I do now." I told her, "When you can't taste me anymore and all you can taste is your sister, then you've got it all." I winked at her. Tonya smiled and said, "Right!" and latched those sweet lips into her sister's pussy again. She had Tiffany was writhing and moaning in seconds. Tonya had a pussy of her own so she knew what it felt like and knew how to push the right buttons, and soon had Tiffany screaming out in ecstasy as she orgasmed under her sister's talented tongue.

          Of course Tonya had to lap up her come to make sure. She turned to me and nodded, "It's all her now, you want to check?" I smiled and said, "I trust you. Can you clean this off for me?" as I waved my almost fully erect penis in her face. She smiled and asked, "Did watching me go down on my sister get you hard again?" I asked her, "What do you think?" as soon as she opened her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth. She quickly recovered and started sucking, as hard as she could. That was good enough to get me ready to go for a round in Tonya's tight little pussy, but I let her suck on it for a minute or two, just because it felt so good. I stood her up and sat her on the table next to Tiffany, who was still recovering from the two consecutive orgasms she'd just experienced. I laid Tonya back and asked her, "Is my baby girl ready for Daddy to shove his big thick dick in her sweet little pussy?" She sighed, "Oh yes Daddy! Give it to me. Ram your big, hard dick in my tiny little pussy. Let me have it Daddy, I want it so bad!" I rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy, she was soaking wet. It was all over the place. I don't know if it was from watching her sister get fucked, going down on her sister, or a combination of both, but even her thighs were a sticky. She cried, "Oh Daddy, please don't tease me! Give it to me! Give your baby girl that big thick dick! I want you all the way inside me, fill me up Daddy! Make me a woman!" I smiled and pushed with all my might, forcing my turgid penis into that tiny little pussy. But she was just as tight as Tiffany, and although there was more lubrication available, I got little more than the head inside. She cried out, "Oh gawd it hurts! It's so big!" I paused but she cried out, "More give me more! I want it all!" I asked, "You don't want me to be gentle?" She opened her eye and said, "Fuck gentle! I want it hard! Hurt me! Slam it into me! Make it hurt! Tear up my little pussy! Fuck your baby girl like there's no tomorrow!" Without question, I leaned forward and gave her another hard thrust. She cried out, "Oh yes Daddy! Hurt me with your big thick dick!" I pulled back a bit to spread the lubrication, she clamped her legs around my waist and cried, "Don't stop Daddy!" She grabbed my arms and pulled me back in and then some. I lifted her off the table and she reached up for my neck, but she just held onto my neck and shoulders with her hands as she laid back using her full weight to force my cock onside her pulsing vagina. I pulled on her waist as she squeezed with her legs, and pulled me in deeper. I sighed, "Baby girl, this would go in faster if we pumped it a bit." She cried, "Then pump it! I want it all!" She didn't loosen up her legs or shift her weight off my penis. I couldn't lift her, her legs were clamped too tight, so I just pumped my hips as best as I could.

          It was working, I was going in faster this way. She cried, "Oh Daddy! It feel like you're splitting me in two with that big dick! It's so huge, your filling me up. It hurts so much, but it feels so good!" I pumped a few more times and she asked, "Does your baby girl's pussy feel good to you Daddy? Is your baby girl's pussy tight? Do you like it Daddy? Does it feel good?" I told her "Oh yes baby girl, your tiny little pussy is so tight! It feel so good. Daddy loves his baby girl's tight little pussy!" just as the last thrust allowed our hips to come together. I thrust a few more times, just to make sure I was all the way in and she screamed and flooded my penis with more of her nectar. I was no where near ready to come. I paused for a second until her legs started loosen up and some of her feather light weight was in my hands, then I used that and my hips to get a good stroking motion going. I was pounding into her as hard as that tight little pussy would allow. These girl were identical twins as far as pussies were concerned. This was like a dream come true for me. Not one, but TWO tight little teenaged girls. Tonya was more vocal than Tiffany and liked to talk dirty, I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I guess I liked them both! Tonya continued to cry out obscenities like, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck my little pussy!" and "Oh Daddy, your big dick is gonna split me in two!" or "Hurt me Daddy, fuck me HARD with that big dick!" Which only served to drive my passion higher, which was probably the point. As I hammered her I noticed those half round globes gently bouncing on her chest. They looked like someone took a Sunkist Orange, sliced it in half, and placed each half on her chest. They were round and firm, as they softly bounced up and down. I'm a die-hard leg man, so I never really looked at Tiffany's breast. I was too busy looking at those gorgeous legs, then she hugged me so tight I couldn't see them. I was getting closer and closer to my climax, but I wanted to hold on and give her a second one. I'm not sure why? It was a challenge and I like challenges. I would push her up with my hips then back off, and pull partway out. Then I'd allow her to swing down, as I forced my dick back up into that tight little pussy. I could feel the strength returning to her legs as her grip tightened up around my waist. It shortened the amount I could get on each stroke. I said, "Baby girl, you need to loosen up your legs a little bit. She cried, "No, STOP!" I stopped as I'd just got my full length into her an was pushing her back up. She sigh, "YES! Just like that!" I relaxed and realized this felt pretty good. She sighed, "You're so big, I feel so full. I love this feeling! I wish I could stay like this forever..." I sighed, "That would be wonderful, However, people at work would complain, if I was walking around with a naked woman on my hip." She laughed, and I could feel a twitching and squeezing in her vagina as she laughed. That felt awesome! I took one hand off her ass an ran it lightly up her side. She giggled and said, "I'm ticklish..." I replied, "I know, and your pussy feel even more wonderful when you laugh." I started ticking her and she started laughing more and more. The twitching and squeezing increased! I soon had her laughing hysterically as she squirmed around on my erection. I felt her legs tighten up around my waist, she let go of her hands as she went rigid and screamed. I had to stop tickling her to hold her up, but it didn't matter she was in the throws of another orgasm. All the twitching and squeezing had gotten me pretty close, I use her rigid body to stroke my cock a few times and blew my load up into her.

          She collapsed and I gently laid her down on the hardwood floor. She let out her own contented sigh, "I've been thoroughly fucked!" I smiled as Tiffany asked, "Did you come inside her?" I replied, "Yes I did." She asked, "I suppose you want me to go down there and lick it all out." I asked, "Don't you like my come?" She replied, "Yea... but...." I told her, "Go down there and get it, and hurry up." She got down on her knees then paused and said, "Next time, just pull out and come in my mouth." I replied, "I'll think about it." as I watched her go down on her lovely blonde sister. She must've been paying attention to Tonya as she duplicated her moves, starting with the licking around the sides and the little bit dripping out. Then she glued her lips to Tonya's pussy and went to town, I could see her lips puckered in, so she was sucking and she must've been using her tongue the way her sister was thrashing about. This was hot, and getting me hard again. Having already noticed Tonya's teenage tits I went down to my knees and started sucking on one, as I massaged the other with my hand. Those firm little mounds were perfect, just a little bit more than a mouthful. Tiffany paused and asked, "How come you didn't play with my titties?" I paused and said, "Let Tonya sit on your face, and I'll take care of that right now." she paused, but returned to licking her sister's pussy. She maintained eye contact as I licked her nipple and teased it with my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth tugging on it with the suction. I gently bit it and rolled it between my teeth, then I started playfully tugging on it. Then I moved over and started duplicating the same things on her other perfect mound.

          Tiffany's head popped up, as she slapped Tonya on the hip, and told her, "Get up and sit on my face!" Tonya cried, "What?" Tiffany told her a little louder, "GET UP, OFF THE FLOOR, AND SIT ON MY FACE!" I told her, "Say please." She sarcastically remarked, "Sit on my face, PLEASE!" Tonya was about to say something, I shook her calf, to get her attention, she paused and looked at me. I winked at her, and she told Tiffany, "Okay! Fine!" She stood up as Tiffany scrambled to lie down on the floor, with her head near Tonya's feet. Tonya straddled her head and looked down. I tapped her on the back of the calf, she looked back and I motioned for her to turn around. She turned around and immediately sat on Tiffany's face before she could say a word. She told her, "Now lick all that come out of me, before I get pregnant!" I smiled and pinched one of Tonya's cute little nipples as I lowered my mouth down to Tiffany's twin globes. Their pussies weren't the only thing on these girls that was identical. Tiffany's titties were identical to her sisters. Two perfect orange halves sitting on her chest. I could nearly get the entire thing into my mouth. Tiffany moaned, and Tonya sighed, "She's not licking!" I paused and said, "I'm not going to play with your titties if your not going to eat the come out o your sister's pussy. She's counting on you! Tonya did it for you, she needs you to do the same for her." She mumbled, "Okay." It was slightly muffled by the pussy in her face. I resumed sucking on her titties, and it was only a few seconds before I heard a muffled moan and Tonya complained, "She is NOT licking!" Tiffany voiced her muffled complaint, "But it feels so good!" I told her, "Okay princess, I'm gonna hold off until you finish licking my come out of your sister. Do a good job, and I do you really good." Tonya chimed in, "Make me come and I'll help!" Tiffany asked, "What?" Tonya told her, "If you give me an orgasm, I'll help him play with your titties." Tiffany started to say something, but Tonya shifted her hips and cut her off saying, "Now start licking!" I leaned forward and kissed Tonya on the lips as I grabbed both of her breasts and began squeezing. She sighed, but I got the feeling it was more what Tiffany was doing than what I was doing. After the kiss I moved down to those adorable globes and started teasing them with my tongue and tugging on them with me teeth, she appeared to enjoy that.

          It wasn't long before I heard a muffled complaint, "I can't get mu finger in there!" I paused and backed off. Tonya knew just what to do as she rolled forward, lying down on top of her sister in a 69. The only difference was she didn't go down on Tiffany. Tiffany wasn't muffled anymore as she told Tonya, "Thanks." I went over to watch Tiffany do her work. She slipped her finger in, and with a little practice got it working pretty well and appeared to be licking more come from Tonya's pussy, and Tonya seemed to be enjoying her sister's finger, wiggling around inside her tight pussy. Yes, I was getting pretty hard again. Tiffany soon removed he finger and attached her lips to Tonya's sweet little pussy. Tonya lifted herself up a bit to help Tiffany, but didn't actually sit on her face. She was getting more and more vocal, and it wasn't long before Tonya let loose with a loud scream announcing to the world that she was having and orgasm under her sister's talented tongue.

          Tonya allowed her sister to lick her pussy until Tiffany announced, "I don't taste you anymore, just Tonya." Tonya lifted one of those lovely legs and moved off to the side. I smiled down at Tiffany, with her face glistening with her sister's dew. She looked so cute I leaned over and kissed her, tasting Tonya's nectar on her sweet soft lips. I felt a little hair tickle my side as Tiffany inhaled sharply. I broke off the kiss, and looked down. Tonya had already started on Tiffany's breasts without me. I told her, "Hey wait for me!" She paused and protectively covered the breast she'd been playing with as she informed me, "This one is mine, you take that one." I smiled and said, "I didn't realize there was a difference." As I gently massaged the breast that was 'mine'. Tonya looked very serious as she replied, "Oh yes, there's a difference... Big difference." I bent down and gave that cite little nipple a lick as she did the same and I asked, "So what makes that one better?" she replied, "I didn't say better, just different." I nodded and asked, "Okay, what's the difference...?" She smiled and said, "This one is closer to me..." as she dove in and sucked that entire breast into her mouth. I smiled and shook my head as I followed suit. We had my little princess moaning and sighing as we each came up inventive ways to tease and torture her adorable titties. It was quite stimulating, and doing it so close to her sister, who was doing the same thing... Very Hot. After a while Tonya's head came up, I paused and raised my head, and Tiffany started to sit up. Tonya asked, "What are you planning on doing with that thing." Tiffany cried, "Oh I have to clean that off!" As she dove down there and applied her awesome suction with her sweet lips. I was probably 80% there already, her sweet mouth quickly got it to about 95%. I told Tonya, "I want some real teen age ass. I'm gonna butt fuck you two ladies." Tonya gave me one of those, 'like-hell-you-are' looks, Tiffany turned her head so fast my dick popped out of her mouth with an audible "POP". Quite stimulating, enough for that last 5%... Tiffany cried, "I'm wanna be butt fucked! I'm first, I wanna be first!" Tonya replied, "You can be first and last, I'm NOT letting him put that big thing up MY tush." Tiffany asked, "Are you crazy? Why not?" Tonya told her, "I think you're the crazy one." She looked up at me and asked, "Is that okay..." then she brightened up and added, "You can butt fuck me twice, if you want!" I smiled and said, "I might take you up on that offer, princess. Let's see how the first one goes."

          She was smiling from ear to ear as we got up off the floor. She backed up to the table and was going to sit on it, I shook my head and told her. "Wait... Turn around." She complied and showed me that incredibly amazing posterior. I gasped, "Wow! What an awesome butt! It looks beautiful, gorgeous, just perfection in it's most lovely form." She smiled back at me and I told her "A butt THAT sweet, deserves to be fucked twice. Maybe three or four times." She giggled. I told her, "Bend over the table." She replied, "I can't, I'm too short." I told her. "Stand on your toes." She replied, "Oh yea..." with a chuckle as she stood on her toes. That modest move had a dramatic effect! It enhanced the curve of her legs and the roundness of her derriere, that got me to about 110%. Definitely ready to butt fuck somebody! On her toes, she was just barely able to bend over the table. I came forward and Tonya stopped me, "You're gonna need some lubrication or you're gonna tear her heinie to shreds!" I though, "You have any baby oil, or anything like that?" She sarcastically replied, "Got motor oil out in the barn?" I asked, "How about in the kitchen?" She laughed, "You want me to slather some Crisco on your cock?" I replied, "Olive oil, Vegetable oil, Corn oil?" She went to a cupboard, opened it up and asked, "Canola Oil?" I replied, "That'll do." She came back with a quart bottle and asked, "You can used this stuff back there?" I replied, "You can drink this stuff, if you want. Hell, you cook food in it. It's perfectly safe, or I wouldn't use it with your sister." She smiled and said, "I guess it okay." I warned her, "Her poop might slide out easier for a couple days, but there won't be any lasting effects." Both girls laughed and Tiffany assure Tonya, "It'll be okay." Tonya helped me lubricate my rock hard erection with Canola Oil. Then I had her hold open her sisters cheeks as i drizzled a little oil down there. She complained it felt cold. I warmed it up by using my finger to guide it to the right places. I slipped my finger in to the first knuckle, Tiffany gasped, then asked, "Is that it?" Tonya laughed, "That's just a finger! His dick is ten times that!" I asked Tonya to keep holding those firm cheeks apart, as I lined up the real thing. Tiffany flinched a little, " told her "This will be a little bit of discomfort, but if you relax it will go a lot easier." Tonya laughed, "Discomfort? This is gonna hurt like hell..." I gave her the evil eye and she added, "...Unless you relax..." I pressed the head against her lubricated anus, it opened, maybe and inch, but that wasn't nearly enough. I pushed harder and she winced and lifted one leg. To my surprise Tonya soothingly assured her, "Relax princess, it will hurt a little bit at first, but you'll like it." I wasn't going in and had to apply more pressure. I lifted her other leg off the floor as I straightened out my knees. I could feel her anus twitching so I told her, "Try to relax princess..." She whimpered, "I'm trying to, but it's so big..." Tonya took one of her hands off spreading her sisters ass cheeks and gently rubbed the small of her back as she assured her, "Try not to think about how big it is, try an think about how good it's gonna feel then it filling you up inside." Tiffany nodded, "Yes! That's what I want, I want him to fill me up. That does feel good. I want to feel that back there!" Her anus stopped twitching and felt very soft. I gently applied more pressure and she screamed in pain as the head popped into her ass. I paused as I felt her anus twitching again, threatening to squeeze off the head of my dick. Tonya told her, "Relax princess, the worst is over. The biggest part is in." Tiffany was panting as she took a few deep breaths and the twitching stopped. Tonya was still caressing the small of her back a I slowly pushed again, she whimpered and the twitching was stop and go as I forced in the first inch after the head. Now I had a little bit of working room and I started a slow and easy stroking. Tiffany sighed, "Yes, that's better." I slowly an easily worked it in deeper, The problem was her anus was so tight, it was squeezing off the Canola Oil, like a squeegee. It was difficult getting anything lubrication inside. I momentarily contemplated pulling out, she was probably gaped enough to where I could pour half of that quart inside her. I decided that probably wouldn't help much in the long run and I didn't want her to go through the pain of the initial entry again. Besides this felt really good. I decided to let her know how good it felt. I sighed, "Oh princess, this felt so good... It's so tight, so very tight! It's amazing!" She asked, "My butt feels good?" I replied, "Oh yes princess, your butt feels wonderful." She sighed, "I want you all the way inside me Daddy, fill me up with your wonderful dick!" She started pushing back with her arms on the in stroke. That was more of an encouragement to me than any real help. I pushed a little harder, being careful to feel for that twitching anus indicating she was tensing up.

          I still had her feet dangling off the floor, as this lovely young lady was lying across the table. Tonya now was back to spreading her ass cheeks with both hands I was just a couple inches from full penetration. I stroked it in bit by bit. Tiffany sighed, "Oh Daddy, I'm so full!" I told her, "We still have a little bit let. Do you want it?" She sighed, "Yes Daddy yes! Give it all to me." I replied, "You got it princess." I took three good hard thrusts and rammed in the remaining inches of my turgid dick! She screamed, and I felt her anus clamp around the base of my cock. I thought for a minute it was gonna rip it right off. Tonya softly remarked, "I didn't know you could have an orgasm from anal sex." I told her, "Feels like a big one!" She just nodded, I noticed she wasn't holding Tiffany's ass anymore and one of her hands was between her legs. As soon as Tiffany started coming down, her anus started to loosen up. Tiffany sighed, "Oh thank you Daddy! That was wonderful!" I replied, "We are just getting started princess." She sighed, "Oh wow!" as I resumed stroking her ass.

          Tonya for no apparent reason, jumped up and ran out of the room. I only paused for a second, and quickly resumed what I was doing. That tight little ass felt awesome. It was different from her pussy, not better or worse, just different, and I liked the difference. Tonya came back and climbed onto the table spreading her tanned and sexy legs wide. She had a small plastic penis in her mouth, obviously getting it wet. It was about an inch in diameter and maybe 6 inches long. I asked her, "Is that gonna work, after you've tried me?" She replied, "Even a small orgasm, is better than no orgasm at all." I laughed and she sighed as she slipped that mini-penis into her pretty little vagina. I watched her work that around for a few seconds, but watching my own dick disappear up Tiffany's tight little ass was a more arousing sight, so I quickly resumed watching that. Tiffany, was oblivious to anything but the big dick that was filling her ass. I wondered if there was any room in the front entrance, and An idea popped into my head.

          Tiffany's lovely legs were just dangling off the table as I stroked my dick up her ass. I reached down, grabbed one of those legs, hooked it over my elbow, then flipped her completely over on her back. The twisting sensations on my cock were incredible, I wish there was an easier way to do that. She gasped as she found herself completely flipped over. I grabbed both legs and pushed them up high, to keep my dick from slipping any further out of her gorgeous derriere. I had her folded in half and even Tonya had to stop and take a look at this new development. I took that opportunity to snatch the mini-penis from her, she gasped then said, "Hey!" I put it in my mouth for a minute to taste Tonya's sweet nectar. She watched me with a smile. There wasn't much flavor to be had so I quickly switched it around, and placed it at the entrance to Tiffany's sweet little pussy. Tonya whispered, "No way." I pushed. Tiffany's eyes flew wide open as she gasped and looked down. She gasped . "Wha... Uh... Oh..." I pushed it deeper it was pretty tight even with this smaller penis in there. Tonya came over and said, "Let me do that!" I let it go and she started stroking the small dildo into her sister's pussy. I concentrated on stroking Tiffany's tight little ass. Tiffany threw her head back and cried out, the scream got louder and longer as I felt her ass clenching up and I knew it was orgasm time again.

          I wasn't ready to come yet so I kept on going. Tonya remarked, "You know, I think i changed my mind, I' like to try this." I told her "Sorry, your gonna have to wait. I promised this beautiful young girl I was going to do her twice, You'll have to wait." She sighed, "Crap." Tiffany sighed, "I'm gonna need a rest after this, you can have him next. Maybe I can do the second one later. Tonya and I DP'ed that little lady to two more orgasms before I lost my load deep inside her ass. Tonya said, "I ain't licking it out of THERE!" I replied, "No problem, she can't get pregnant back there." She nodded and I slowly pulled my softening pens from that tight hole. About halfway out the tightness of her ass, just squeezed the rest out by itself.

          I'm not sure why, but for some reason I looked at my watch, it was just past 8:45. I asked, "When does your brother get home?" Tonya glanced at the clock on the wall and cried, "Crap, no butt fucking for me!" Tiffany looked at the clock and said, "Crap, he'll be home soon." She was having trouble standing up straight. Tonya was helping her. They headed down the hall. I told her, "Just tell him your tired from helping your friend move." They nodded I started getting dressed and asked, "How are you gonna explain getting naked in the kitchen?" They looked back at me I pointed to one of the piles of their clothing. Tonya let Tiffany hobble on her own as she said, "You go change, I'll get that..." She picked up the clothes and gave me a quick kiss. I finished dressing, and slipped out the back door. As I drove down the paved section of Mudhank Road I passed and smaller, older car with a younger man driving. That was too close!

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  • 07/09/12--11:09: blackmailed mom for sex
  • Hii everyone my name is gaurav.Today i want to share my story with you all.My mom's name is shobha.I am 20 and she is 46.My mom has an amazing body,big boobs and fair skin.I had sexual feelings towards my mother from when i was 14.I wanted to fuck her but i couldnt.Once she caught me peeking in her room and she punished me very badly for that.This had made me angry.Now i wished to fuck her very hard.My dad lives in dubai and he comes in 3 months or so.My mom is a teacher and her colleagues used to come to my house some times.     One day i came home early from school.When i reached home i saw a car standing outside my house.I went inside my house,i didnt knock the door i had keys so i used my keys to open the door.I went towards my mom room and as i reached her room i was shocked.I saw one of my moms colleagues was putting his one hand inside her blouse and one inside her saree.And he was kissing her too.When they saw me my  mom freaked out and her colleague just ran away.I was shocked to see that my mom was having her affair.My mom adjusted her clothes and came towards me and started apologising to me and told me not to say anything to my father.  When the guy was passionately kissing my mom i got turned on.I thought that i had a chance to make my dream come true by blackmailing her.So i told my mom that either she allow me to fuck her or i would tell dad that she cheated on her.My mom was shocked to hear this.She slapped me and said how dare could i say this to her.She wasnt getting ready so i took up the phone and tried calling my dad.At last my mom agreed for it.She had no other choice.She said to me"do whatever you want to do with me".I was overjoyed listening to this.   I went towards her and first started kissing her hardly.I was pressing my moms boobs at the same time.I teared her clothes off and her blouse,sucked her big boobs.Pressed them really hard.Pressed her white ass.I threw her in the bed.I opened her saree and her peticoat too.I saw my mom naked for the first time and she was looking hot.Her big boobs,white plumpy thighs was awesome.I rubbed my hand in her pussy and started fingering it.I licked her pussy,it smelled awesome.I fingered her pussy wih two fingers and sucked her other boobs.I licked my moms sweet vagina for more than half an hour.I opened my clothes.My dick was solid hard.i put it in her mouth.She dint even say anything.She gave me a good blow job.And now it was the turn to fuck her hard and so i did.I put my dick inside her pussy and stroked it at once.She screamed,and i slowly started fucking her,it felt amazing and then i increased my pace and started fucking her hardly.I sucked her boobs too.After some time i decided to change the position.I spanked her in the ass too.Put my finger in her ass hole.  I carried her to the other room,i put her in top and started fucking her.It continued for 10 min or so.I was horny like hell at that time.I took out my dick and asked mom for a blowjob.She didnt wanted to do so but she had no other choice.I was watching her ass and suddenly i came with an idea.  I told my mom to bring oil and rub in my dick.She did that for me.After that i made her lie down,i went over her and said to  her"i want your ass mom" she freaked and said no dont do that,but i was too horny,i didnt listen and i try to put my dick inside her ass slowly and then i put it inside.It was very tight."aaahhhh" came out from her mouth.I started fucking her hardly in the ass.It was awesome too.After a while i was about to cum,so i took my dick out and put it in her pussy again and then cummed inside.  It was the best sex in my life.I made my dream come true.Even now i have sex with her whenever i want.  I thank my mom's colleague who i saw with my mom,without him i could have never enjoyed this..

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     I have cross dressed on and off for many years and I have enjoyed it very much. When I confessed to my first wife some years ago, she only lasted three years and we divorced. She did not really mind my cross dressing but she found a more manly man. Our divorce was not a good one and we do not talk hardly at all. I have had a few girl friends that helped me dress as a sissy over these thirty some years but they never lasted.

    Now I have been married for six years to wife number two. She knows nothing about my past however due to some complicated things going on in my family, my now wife has been in contact regularly with my (ex-wife). They have even come so close that not only do they talk almost daily to each other they even go out for drinks on weekends. I am wondering if my ex-wife has told my wife of six years anything about my past cross dressing.

    My wife has made a few comments to me that I have noticed were kind of out of the ordinary when we have conversations about different things, one was " Should I buy you a bra? Would that make you happy "? One other was " Do you want to wear my clothes"? Another one yesterday was " I wish your hair was long so you could keep it in a pony tail". Now maybe I am just being paranoid over it all but don't know for sure. Do any of you think my ex-wife may have told my now wife about my past?

    Curious Cross Dresser.

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  • 07/10/12--23:57: The Unfaithful Girlfriend
  • BSS-620 The Unfaithful Girlfriend.
    Chapter 1
    Though it was scarcely thirty minutes into twilight, darkness was  
    beginning to settle thickly over the city of New York, and night's  
    sudden approach was nowhere more apparent than by the fountain in  
    Central Park. But the sudden encroachment of darkness was halted this  
    particular evening, and the well-manicured lawns of the Park, still  
    bearing the traces of summer green well into September, were brightly  
    lighted with a half dozen carbon arcs, their bluish smoke-streams  
    faintly trailing out behind them as they cast a daylight-bright glow  
    onto the trio of fashion models being led through their practiced  
    motions by one of the city's leading ad agency creative directors,  
    Marty Felder. And mingled in with the crowd of curious passers-by and  
    agency hangers on were two young people who viewed the fascinating  
    scenario of television color commercials being created with particular  
    interest, Jessica Richards and her boyfriend, Phillip Wright, had not  
    chanced on this happening-in-the-Park; their presence had been  
    carefully calculated, right down to the cost of the subway that brought  
    them here from Jessica's aunt's brownstone house down near the Village.  
    Actually, the scheming was more of Jessica's doing than of Phillip's,  
    for she alone had a real and clearly defined reason for being present  
    when Marty Felder put his models through their paces. Jessica, too, was  
    a model; at least, she'd studied successfully with one of the east's  
    top modeling schools and had been through the necessary requisites of  
    fifteen dollar modeling assignments and posing for the mandatory badge  
    of the modeling profession, the portfolio of stills every girl lugged  
    from agency to agency until she found just that right break that tossed  
    her into the hundred dollar an hour league and splashed her features  
    across the country's biggest magazines. But Jessica Richards had not  
    yet discovered that break, though she'd tried as diligently and  
    determinedly as any girl in New York, and Marty Felder offered her the  
    one shortcut available. But it was a painful shortcut she dreaded to  
    take, one that would destroy everything between her and Phillips if he  
    were to find out.
    It was a week ago today, almost exactly to the minute, when she'd  
    finally managed an interview with the heavy, beady eyed Felder in his  
    plush paneled offices on the thirteenth floor of a Madison Avenue  
    skyscraper. Phillip, true to their long-standing rules of job-hunting,  
    had waited outside on the Avenue; he'd finished his own round of agency  
    visits before noon, unsuccessful for the third week running in his hunt  
    for an art opening where he could use his New York School of Fine Arts  
    training better than at the bargain-basement department store  
    advertising department he'd just quit. Most of the agency people had  
    already cleared their desks and gone back to Connecticut and Long  
    Island when Felder remembered his four-thirty appointment still sitting  
    in his reception office, and with a flourish of obviously contrived  
    courtesy, ushered her in for a quick cursory glance at her well-
    traveled portfolio, now slightly the worse for wear from being dragged  
    from one agency to another, from modeling house to advertising agency  
    to television package producers to network casting offices.
    Marty Felder proved to be a man incapable of beating around the bush;  
    but neither did he fail to choose his words oh-so-carefully, with the  
    polished subtlety of a man long accustomed to propositioning eager  
    young girls who searched him out in their quest for modeling success.  
    He was just obvious enough to make his point, even with the paddle-
    headed adolescent he mistakenly thought she was; subtle enough to avoid  
    being hauled into court by some sly, recorder-carrying golddigger, in  
    case his long-perfect appraisal of his young job-seeker proved grossly  
    "It's easy to go a long way in this business, Miss Richards," he had  
    smoothly purred that late afternoon, "It just depends on your looks,  
    which you've obviously got, and your, uh ..."--he paused here  
    dramatically for a long, slow exploratory assessment of every rich full  
    swell and hollow of her five-and-three-quarters feet, obviously  
    impressed with the fullness and maturity nineteen years had brought to  
    his blonde guest--"... cooperation," he continued finally, after  
    satisfying himself, apparently, that the ripely blossoming teenager  
    sitting before him was worth a few minutes of his busy day. She sat  
    uncomfortably in silence for a few moments, while Felder retraced with  
    his eyes his hungry path over her bulging knit sweater and matching  
    belted hot pants, coursing down over her young body, following the  
    rippling wave of her luxuriant, rich blonde hair as it spilled over the  
    ripe swells of her breasts like sparkling water over polished stone.  
    She had managed a feeble, stammering reply to his unveiled proposition,  
    a proposition of her own that she'd have to think about his terms.  
    Jessica had surprised even herself with her unabashed frankness that  
    day, for she had never had to face such an enigmatic obstacle before.  
    Until then, it was always a no, yes or nothing for her career as far as  
    he was concerned ...
    *  *  *
    Marty Felder glanced up from his crouching position, where he was  
    squinting into a Minolta spot-type lightmeter the photographer was  
    holding toward the carefully-poised form of Gloria Annenburg, an  
    Austrian import who was one of Felder's discoveries and who, Madison  
    Avenue legend has it, occupies a bedroom suite of her own in his mid-
    town penthouse, available at any hour to satisfy the terms of her  
    meteoric success in a most unique manner. He spotted Jessica, smiled  
    openly, then visibly cooled as he checked out the dimensions of her  
    escort. For though only twenty one, Phillip Wright was excellently  
    built, broad through the shoulders and chest, but with a slim tapered  
    waist that evidenced his morning three-mile runs and high-protein diet.  
    Phillip determined long ago that, while he was definitely an artist, it  
    wasn't necessary to effect that gaunt, teetering-at-starvation's-door  
    appearance so many of his contemporaries seemed to carry like an  
    identification card of their trade.
    Jessica excused herself by telling Phillip, quite truthfully, that she  
    had to deliver a message to Mr. Felder.
    She moved forward through the curiously-staring crowd, elbowing past a  
    couple of elderly ladies in true New Yorker fashion, a tactic she'd  
    managed to learn, though California was her real home. At the crowd's  
    edge was a taut, heavy rope, carefully placed just far enough back to  
    keep prying hands from the thousands of dollars worth of expensive  
    equipment. As Jessica started to lift the restraining rope, one of the  
    agency's hired private police hurried to intercept her; he was a  
    frightfully old, rather rheumatic gentleman, unusually absurd in the  
    blue uniform of the law. He looked as though he could possibly, and  
    only possibly, be a marshal in a retirement home.
    "Sorry, Miss. This is as far as you can go. These people have city  
    permission," he said as if he expected her to question their legality.  
    "You'll have to stay behind the line with all the others."
    Jessica smiled brightly, unruffled, "I'm a friend of Mr. Felder." The  
    geriatric officer looked puzzled, "You know, the man over there ... the  
    one who hired you.
    The uniformed guard looked in the direction of the cameras and  
    operating lights, remembering finally that there was, indeed, a Mr.  
    Felder running the show. Marty caught his eye and signaled an okay.
    "Thank you ever so much," said Jessica cheerily as me old man held the  
    rope high enough for her to walk through without bending.
    The heavily perspiring Felder nodded and smiled thinly at her approach,  
    sending one of his mini-clad secretaries off to get some coffee as  
    Jessica carne closer. "Well, fancy meeting you out here in Central  
    Park," he smiled slightly arrogantly.
    Jessica decided to waste no time; his tone was beginning already to  
    bear some traces of hostility. She had a task to do ... and there was  
    no logic in waiting a second longer than necessary.
    "I ... I ... uh, wanted to tell you I've made up my mind on your ...  
    your offer," she said, a bit embarrassed that someone might be  
    listening. She thought she heard a muffled chuckle behind her, but  
    decided not to turn around. Her head was lowered just a bit, her eyes  
    darting around at the impressive array of network-owned television  
    equipment, her gaze averted from Felder's.
    "Right, baby!" he nearly shouted. He started to put his hands on her  
    shoulders, but remembered the healthy-looking friend still out there in  
    the crowd. "How about tomorrow night? You can meet me at the office  
    around seven thirty. I'll tell the night security man your name and you  
    can come right up."
    Jessica regained her courage and looked him in the eye again, "Okay.  
    I'll be there."
    "Marvelous, sweetie," he leered, "Dinner first, then ... Well, we'll  
    have to see what happens."
    *  *  *
    Phillip had that questioning look about him when she managed to squeeze  
    her way back to him, but he chose not to ask any questions. They  
    watched a little longer, then, like most of the others, began to leave  
    when real darkness set in. New Yorkers would rather be in the relative  
    safety of their own apartments when nighttime arrives, and Jessica and  
    Phillip were no exceptions. Only tonight, Jessica had invited Phillip  
    to spend the night at her aunt's. He'd have to use the living room  
    sofa, of course, but this way they'd be up early and off for their  
    picnic out at the beach.
    "Let's forget a cab tonight," suggested Jessica, her arm around his  
    hips as they walked slowly toward the subway stairs. There were still  
    plenty of people about, and even here on the edge of Central Park, they  
    felt safe and comfortable.
    "I'd hoped you wouldn't mind," confessed Phillip. "Actually, I was  
    worried I wouldn't have enough to get us out to Coney Island. I'm  
    sorry, Jessica, I just don't know where the money went. I guess ..."
    "Quiet, darling," she said, squeezing him tightly, "I don't care about  
    the money. You'll have tons of it one day. I just know you will. With  
    your talent, it's only a matter of time before you're the hottest art  
    talent in the business. You'll see, Phillip."  
    Phillip didn't reply; he had heard Jessica's optimistic praise before,  
    and though he hoped her enthusiasm was warranted, he was fast getting  
    tired. Tired of being turned down, tired of hunting for that big break  
    that might not even be there. He held Jessica's slender young body  
    close to his, reassuringly. Nighttime settled quickly in the canyons of  
    the city, and her radiant warmth felt good in the evening chill. His  
    right hand was in his trousers pocket, and with his fingers, Phillip  
    could feel the paper-thin fold of one-dollar bills. And that was all he  
    had left from his final paycheck at the store, all until the elusive  
    opening came his way.
    And he couldn't help wondering if it would ever come at all.
    Chapter 2
    Jessica's aunt, Mildred Whithers, was asleep when they arrived, a small  
    blessing she was indeed grateful for, as Aunt Mildred had a tendency to  
    ramble on for hours, particularly when she had me rare privilege of  
    meeting new people. Jessica helped her boyfriend make up his bed on the  
    sofa and tip-toed upstairs to her bedroom, kissing him affectionately  
    before her departure.
    She unfastened the clip at the back of her head and brushed the day's  
    knots and tangles from her thick blonde hair, sitting before the  
    antique vanity mirror on a padded stool. Her thoughts went back to the  
    last time she and Phillip had been together, other than their daytime  
    meetings for job-hunting. They had borrowed a car from a friend of his  
    from school and driven up into the New York upstate hillsides. Her  
    heart nearly missed a beat even now, thinking about me beauty and  
    romance of it all. They had found a gorgeously secluded place for  
    sharing their picnic lunch, and before either of them realized it,  
    their warm kisses had become flaming hot caresses. She remembered  
    Phillip's hand on her breasts; the way she'd offered no resistance as  
    he unfastened her bra, thinking that nothing would be wrong with it,  
    the tender tingle of his fingers on her young nipples, the way he made  
    her gasp for breath and squeal as he played with her breasts there on  
    me grassy hillside beneath a sheltering elm tree. And she recalled also  
    how she'd been so dreamily unconcerned with the reality of it all,  
    blinded by the rapturous music of romance, that she hadn't stopped his  
    hand as it slid up her leg with one smooth, unhesitating movement and  
    went straight under the thin sheerness of her panties to the pink moist  
    lips of her vagina. Even now her mouth went dry at the memory of that  
    moment, at the frightening closeness she had experienced that  
    afternoon, a closeness to losing her virginity she had failed so  
    blindly to see coming. She had been nearly crazy with love for Phillip  
    that day when his fingertips played tenderly with me ragged pink  
    flanges of her pussy, tweaked playfully the tender nerve-filled bud of  
    her clitoris. His fingers had probed deeply into the hot thin vaginal  
    passage up between her slightly parted legs as he had tried to tug her  
    panties down. It seemed now that perhaps it was the chill of the air on  
    her unaccustomedly naked thighs that triggered her response, returned  
    her to normalcy. Phillip had first pleaded, then argued, and finally,  
    demanded that she cooperate, but she had resolutely stood her ground,  
    and in me end, she emerged the winner. He had pouted for awhile,  
    looking for all the world like a five year old who'd been deprived of a  
    toy. Then, he'd finally begun to speak to her again, offering to do  
    anything she liked to make it safe. Use rubbers, pull it out in time,  
    anything ... and the rest of their day was far from the spring-like  
    romance it had been before. They had driven back to the city in near  
    silence, speaking only as necessary, and then only in monosyllabic  
    mutterances, her with an uncomfortable wetness between her legs that  
    soaked her panties and threatened to stain through her dress. And  
    Phillip with that bulging hardness under his trousers mat she could see  
    so clearly in the light from the automobile dash gauges.
    And now this! How could she reconcile all that with what had just this  
    evening happened? She couldn't pretend she didn't know what Marty  
    Felder wanted of her, that she didn't know the full lurid extent of his  
    proposition. How could she leave her own real love alone on the sofa  
    when tomorrow she would be called on to ... Oh God, she just couldn't  
    bear to think about it! It was just more than she could handle tonight  
    ... tomorrow would have to take care of itself.
    Jessica undressed and slipped between the cool crisp sheets and soon  
    sank into a tossing, fitful sleep.
    Jessica's restlessness had kicked the covers off her naked young body  
    as she dreamed a tormented dream of lovemaking, of Phillip's nakedness  
    against hers. And of Marty Felder.
    Her door opened gently and squeaked a shrill alarm that seemed a dozen  
    times louder in the quiet of the night. Jessica opened her eyes as  
    Phillip stepped into the room, wearing nothing but his white  
    "Phillip! Have you lost your mind?!" she tried to whisper and shout at  
    the same time.
    He came over toward her in the pale moonlight from the open second  
    story window; she could see the bulging mound concealed inside his  
    shorts and knew instantly what was on his mind.
    "Phillip," she repeated, "you must be crazy. Aunt Mildred will hear you  
    and throw us both out! You have to leave ... now!"
    But he came at her and pulled her up into his arms, yanking her  
    nakedness up against his strong body and kissing her furiously, his  
    tongue snaking between her lips hungrily. She felt frightened and  
    strangely excited at the same time, and a kind of emptiness ached in  
    her belly. He pushed forward and she yielded to the powerful pressure,  
    falling back onto the bed beneath his crushing weight. His hand began  
    to rake her body, smoothing over the ripe swell of her bare breasts;  
    his lips found her pink crinkly nipple and he bit into it painfully.  
    She covered her mouth hurriedly to stifle the cry that nearly escaped.
    "No, Phillip, no!" she whispered angrily, aware now of the dangerous  
    position she was in.
    But his hand roamed caressingly over her body, gently over ribs and  
    belly, stroking the fragrant, sparse fleece of her pubis so that she  
    itched between her legs and squirmed to escape his teasing touch. But  
    his hand soon found her treasures again and pushed aside the soft pink  
    lips of her pussy as his tongue had pushed aside hers. She gasped,  
    nearly choking from the surprised entry, squirming still, but now  
    against his fingers rather than away.
    "Oh, Phillip, please," she murmured, breathlessly now, "We can't ... we  
    In an instant, he was out of his shorts and Jessica could feel the  
    huge, hot throbbing of his penis against her hip in the darkness. His  
    ravishing fingers probed deeper and deeper in her tender virginal  
    passage. Her neck arched off the mattress, her teeth gritted, as she  
    managed a weak, rasping, "N-No, Phillip ... p-please ..."
    Phillip took her hand and placed it on his prick; she recoiled at the  
    initial touch. God, it was enormous ... she'd never realized they were  
    so huge! His own fingers over hers began a slow massaging motion and  
    when he pulled away, her fingertips continued the gentle caressing  
    movement on their own. As much from curiosity as from passion, Jessica  
    allowed her fingers to drop down to the hairy swollen firmness of his  
    balls, and she stroked them gently, holding their heavy weight in her  
    open palm. Phillip was grinding his teeth noisily and grunting between  
    breaths. She felt the first oozing drop of semen on her thigh as his  
    immense cock rested there; for a moment, she wondered if that might be  
    his ejaculation, but his prick was still as hard and rigid as a young  
    "Jessica, darling, please ... we've got to, honey, or I'll go crazy!"
    "Phillip, we've been through this before. I told you ... no, no!"
    And even as she mouthed her words, refused him, Jessica knew it wasn't  
    right. Dear God, how can I refuse him? How can I refuse myself?!
    She knew she couldn't stop him if he really wanted to; only yelling to  
    Aunt Mildred for help could stop him, and she'd never do that. After  
    all, this wasn't any villainous intruder. This was Phillip!
    "Jesus, I've got to have you," he moaned and rolled onto her. She  
    squirmed to get from beneath him, but was not strong enough to lift his  
    "No, please, no!"
    She clenched her thighs tight together snub felt the immensity of his  
    throbbing, lust-inflated cock between them, long and hard in the vise-
    like grip of her bare legs. In one last effort to ward off his  
    frightening advance, Jessica squeezed her legs even tighter together.  
    at can 't be like this! I've got to have time to think!
    There was a gasp ... Phillip moaned, holding his breath interminably,  
    and suddenly Jessica felt his prick expand and shudder as if alive. He  
    gasped a quick breath, then gasped again and again as Jessica felt the  
    hot sticky flood of his climax splatter over her thighs and drip down  
    between them.
    His weight was like a dead man on her as he lay there very still his  
    breath erratic and panting. She stroked his head tenderly, afraid now  
    that his cries might have awakened Aunt Mildred. But there was no sound  
    from down the hall if, indeed, she was awake.
    He lay there a very long time, then climbed wearily to his feet,  
    searching for his undershorts in the darkness. She grabbed his arm and  
    Sculled him to her face, kissing him warmly. There were no words ...  
    and there seethed no need for any.
    Jessica closed her eyes as she heard the bedroom dour softly shut. And  
    in a few minutes, she was asleep again, as though he'd never been there  
    nakedly beside her ...
    Chapter 3
    Jessica identified herself to the uniformed night guard at Marty  
    Felder's Madison Avenue agency address; the old man said nothing, but  
    gave her a knowing wink as he motioned toward the elevators. Obviously,  
    after-hours visitors were not out of the ordinary for Felder, something  
    she could have guessed quite easily without the old man's help.
    The agency door was open when she stepped from the elevator car at the  
    thirteenth floor; down the long open central room she could see a  
    couple of young men, most likely copywriters, at work at a large desk  
    in the back. Behind them was a cork storyboard, with paste-up drawings  
    of the television commercial frames yet to be filmed. They were using a  
    small Sony tape recorder, and the peppy jingle sounded odd and out-of-
    place, somehow out of context. Marty's door was open, too-that was  
    something she'd noticed about advertising agencies, people seldom  
    worked behind closed doors. She didn't know whether to attribute that  
    to a convivial sense of sharing, or if the well-known agency "pirating"  
    was more likely the reason for giving no one cause to be suspicious.
    Felder was up and out of his chair before Jessica reached the doorway.  
    "Hello, luv'," he greeted her, "I was just finishing up. Let's go out  
    through the parking garage and I'll get out of these work clothes."  
    Jessica thought his outfit was more than adequate for anything going at  
    this hour in New York, but she didn't question him.
    "Sure. Anything you say." The two young men in the back of the main  
    work room, their slightly-long hair over their expensive collars,  
    glanced up, frozen in mid-stride, for a moment. The raucous, tiny  
    jingle blared on; then after smiling knowingly they went back to their  
    Felder led the way down the darkened corridor, past the brightly-
    decorated offices of the creative staff of Hartfield and Marsh. Jessica  
    tried to steal a quick glance into the empty offices as they hurried  
    past; many of the walls were covered with color eight by ten's of  
    models for the agencies various accounts-models like herself. Or like  
    she wanted to be.
    "My car's in the basement," said Felder, "Why don't you go on down.  
    It's a Cadillac ... Eldorado. It's safe down there, lots of lights, and  
    a night attendant. Just tell him you're looking for my car. I've got to  
    stop by the sixteenth floor and use the telex line. But only for a  
    minute, okay? Be right there." And with that, he left the elevator and  
    she was alone again. When the car reached its destination and the doors  
    opened again, she discovered she was in a cavernous, neon-lit basement  
    garage, all purple and humming from the thin tubes that lined the  
    ceiling. Another guard, almost identical to the one she'd first  
    encountered on coming in from Madison Avenue, stirred from his folding  
    aluminum chair when the metal doors whirred open.
    "Yes, Ma'am, can I help you," he offered politely, smiling rather  
    "Mr. Felder told me to wait for him here ... in his car."
    "Yes, Ma'am," said the guard, "it's over there. The dark green one."
    Jessica thanked him and followed his directions to a Forest Green  
    Eldorado and climbed in. She nestled down in the luxurious interior,  
    surrounded by yards of natural leather; even the smell of the car was  
    rich. It felt oddly homey and familiar, as if a car like this was where  
    she had belonged all along. She had turned the collar of her coat up  
    and was sitting with her eyes closed when Felder arrived.
    "Like it. baby?" he asked, standing in the splash of multi-colored  
    lights that lit-up instantly when he opened the door.
    "Yes, it's beautiful. But it must have cost a lot of money," she said  
    rather innocently.
    "Yeah, but it's worth it. When you've got a job like mine, first  
    impressions mean a lot. You'd be surprised how many people judge a man  
    by the car he drives."  
    "Yes ... I suppose so."
    After crossing town, knifing through the early evening traffic like an  
    expensive cruiser cuts through water, they entered another underground  
    garage, waiting for the gates to electrically open after Marty had  
    pressed the button installed under the left side of the Cadillac's  
    "Radio-controlled," he said by way of explanation.
    Jessica only nodded, looked up with her neck craned for a better look  
    at this frightfully expensive looking apartment building near the south  
    end of Central Park. She wasn't certain exactly where, for she had  
    become lost in the quick series of corners they'd taken from Madison  
    The elevator door was open for them, and in a few quick moments, they  
    were on the twenty-third floor. When they were in the entry hallway,  
    Jessica glanced around, wondering which of the four doorways was  
    Felder's. She eyed the nameplates of each, but none gave her a clue ...  
    Robbins, Saperstein, Alexander, and Van Root.
    "No, not here. We've got one more elevator to take," said Felder. It  
    was only then that Jessica noticed the steel-blue doors of the second  
    elevator; but this one had no call buttons to push, only a keyed plate  
    midway up the wall beside the doors. Marty inserted a key from his key-
    ring and turned it halfway. The doors opened with an electronic noise  
    like something out of a spy-thriller movie; bright light spilled out  
    into the corridor.
    "Hop aboard. It's the Felder Express," he laughed.
    Jessica stepped inside and watched curiously as he pressed the sole  
    button, marked "P." Only then did she realize Marty Felder owned the  
    His condominium apartment was immense, even for this plush section of  
    New York, and from any of his four terraces, there was a spectacular  
    view of the world's number one city by night. Looking out over the  
    sparkling lights, you could almost forget about the crime and abuse,  
    the filth and pollution that had scarred New York like the ravages of  
    leprosy. Jessica stood by the railing, breathing in the cool night air  
    mat seemed somehow less dirty now that night had hidden the belching  
    Con Edison smokestacks and the millions of reeking exhaust pipes in a  
    mantle of darkness.
    "Gee, Mr. Felder, it must be exciting living here like this. I mean,  
    you've got a view of the whole city. There must be something going on  
    all the time down there. And you can see all of it any time you like!"  
    Jessica was busily taking it all in, following the sweep of the streets  
    and avenues she was able to identify, including the dazzling streak of  
    incandescent splendor that marked the course of Broadway cutting  
    diagonally across the crowded Manhattan Island.
    When she didn't get an answer, she turned to see where her host--and  
    hopefully, her employer--had taken himself. She spotted him at the  
    opposite end of the long richly-carpeted living room, busily fiddling  
    with a thermos-sealed canister and a tiny colored pipe that appeared to  
    be made of stone or clay. "In here, honey!" he shouted, and Jessica  
    went back inside from the glorious night to join him. She could feel  
    her pulse racing much quicker than usual and she knew it was from the  
    boost of adrenaline she'd just received from the excitement of being in  
    this movie-set world, an exclusive tiny portion of the city that was  
    usually reserved for the very rich or the very famous. And she was  
    here, she was a part of it! This was the storybook fantasy world she  
    had dreamed of for so many years ... and now there was a chance for it  
    to all become real!
    "Have a little of this, it'll take the day's tensions away in a hurry,"  
    offered Felder, extending his hand with the tiny reddish-colored pipe  
    between his thumb and first finger.
    Jessica took the proffered calmative cautiously, eyeing the smoldering  
    Middle-Eastern-looking device with growing suspicion. One sharp inhale  
    of the curling bluish smoke confirmed her fears ... it was hashish!  
    "First time?"
    "Uh, no ... I just didn't recognize it at first," lied Jessica.  
    Actually, she had been around it often enough; she'd watched her  
    friends get stoned out of their minds plenty of times. But she'd never  
    gathered the courage to try it herself. Oh hell, it can't be all that  
    bad ... didn't the government admit that millions of Americans have  
    tried marijuana or hashish at least once.?
    "Well, anyway, here, give it a try."
    "Oh, I don't know ... maybe a glass of wine or something might be  
    better," she said.
    But Felder was insistent, "Go ahead. It won't hurt you. And it won't  
    pickle your liver like wine will. Come on, live a little."
    Those words were familiar ... when she'd come here from Ohio, that had  
    been her exact plan--to live a little. She took the pipe from him and  
    took a light cautious puff, more like a sip than a swallow.
    "No, no," corrected Felder, "You've got to hold it all down. Take a  
    really deep drag and keep it in your lungs as long as you can."
    Jessica followed his instructions and nearly choked on the sweet-
    smelling smoke as it filled her lungs until she thought they'd burst or  
    catch fire. But she managed to hold it down a few seconds.
    "That's better," said Felder. "Take a look at me doing it once and  
    you'll be smoking it like a pro." He held the clay pipe's tip between  
    his slightly-parted lips, not touching it, and inhaled a thick acrid  
    cloud of the smoke. Jessica imitated his technique, and this time she  
    felt the powerful fumes trigger a hidden alarm somewhere in the  
    recesses of her brain. When he passed it back to her once again, she  
    pushed it away, "I think that's enough for me, Mr. Felder. It sort of  
    makes me dizzy, you know?" She realized she was grinning when she  
    spoke, and she felt suddenly very foolish and silly, like she wanted to  
    "You've hardly started, baby," he insisted, and handed the warm pipe  
    back to her.
    "Well, maybe, just once more. And I'd like to hear more about what kind  
    of job you have for me ... you did say there was something available,  
    didn't you?"
    "Sure, baby, sure. Only let's not talk business right now. I've been  
    doing that all day. Here, have another drag on the ol' pipe."
    Somewhat reassured now, Jessica took another drag from the glowing  
    pipe-bowl, watching it intently as it flared into a red hot ball of  
    sticky hashish coals from her sharp intake of breath.
    "Now, see what I mean," said Felder, his hand on her shoulder lightly,  
    "it's damn good hash, right?"
    Jessica opened her mouth to speak, but there was nothing there. Her  
    head suddenly began to spin like a carrousel, and when she looked out  
    the huge expanse of plate glass that lined the living room, she saw  
    only a whirling kaleidoscope of jewel-like pinpoints of color and light  
    racing by. Suddenly she was very frightened ... she'd never been  
    totally out of control of her own body. But now she was; her muscles  
    and limbs refused to be commanded by her brain.
    Jessica closed her eyes for a moment. It wasn't really a voluntary act,  
    more the forced surrender of her heavy eyelids to me powerful drug. And  
    when she opened them again, reluctantly, she gasped for breath, nearly  
    crying out at the unexpected surprise that greeted her.
    Marty Felder was naked!
    Chapter 4
    It took nearly a full minute for the horrible realization to sink in,  
    to etch its rabid truth in the cells of her drugged brain. Again she  
    tried to speak, to scream, anything, but it was useless. She looked at  
    him dumbly, her eyes now glazed with the grayish translucence familiar  
    to chronic hashish smokers. He was fatter than she would have imagined  
    ... his flesh sagged and was smeared with the wetness of his  
    perspiration. Under the drooping sag of his belly, his penis jutted out  
    like a small cannon, surrounded by a jet black fuzz of hair. She  
    giggled hysterically, unable to help herself, then shivered violently.  
    The dawning awareness of what he had in store for her revolted her. The  
    very thought of his middle-aged paunch sprawled over her naked body was  
    too much. Just the very thought was enough to turn her stomach ... she  
    couldn't believe that she would ever have agreed to even come here. And  
    certainly not ... this!
    Felder came toward her, his eyes bugged with delight as he mentally  
    undressed his prize young catch, pausing to savor me choicer parts of  
    her ripening anatomy. "Take your dress off," he ordered roughly, a  
    changed, more menacing person now under me effects of the powerful  
    African hallucinogenic.
    Jessica shook her head firmly, "N-No, no ... I can't. I-I can't do it."
    "Take it off, you Goddamn bitch, or I'll take it off for you!" he  
    Jessica looked around vainly for a way out, but remembered the locked  
    elevator and the intricate winding route back to the outside; she'd  
    never escape him by running, that was certain.
    "Well, what're you waiting for, cunt? Take that damn dress off ...  
    right now!"
    Jessica knew she had to do something to buy some time, even if it meant  
    stripping her clothes off in front of this horrid man. She slipped the  
    short dress over her head with trembling fingers, standing before him  
    now in bra and panties and panty hose, still wearing her leader boots  
    that stopped just below the knee. He gazed wildly at her long legs, so  
    pertly trim and smooth, her firm breasts which made little white mounds  
    over the cups of her bra, her snow-white bare midriff, the gentle swell  
    of her roundly curved young hips. His penetrating look frightened her  
    even more, and she gasped, tearfully, "I can't ... Please don't make me  
    do it. I can't!"
    He came toward her. His eyes showed no chance of escape for her-they  
    were lustful, cruel and unyielding. Suddenly his strong arms enveloped  
    her and his lips engulfed hers voraciously, sucking them into his wet,  
    drooling mouth. She began to struggle, but she was so dizzy from the  
    hashish she could scarcely stand. She knew any minute she would buckle  
    and collapse in a heap on the floor. She fought to retain  
    consciousness, her one chance to prevent this awful nightmare from  
    happening to her. His tongue seemed to fill her mouth, brushing wetly  
    around inside, and blocking the much-needed air necessary for the young  
    blonde to remain conscious. His flesh smelled sweaty, strongly so in  
    his lustful straining fury, and seemed to surround her, trapping her  
    like a tiny flower in one huge meaty palm.
    "No, no, I won't," she insisted, regaining a measure of her courage,  
    "let me go this minute, you hear!"
    She struggled furiously but he moved her with him across the luxurious  
    room as if they were one body, seeming to flow like liquid, heedless of  
    her feeble resistance. She felt a great, frenzied fear knotted in her  
    belly and her body and limbs began to tremble uncontrollably. The  
    dizziness was growing worse, the whole room spinning crazily around her  
    in a topsy-turvy kaleidoscope of colors and light.
    She found the ceiling was straight ahead. It couldn't be true! She was  
    flat on her back, pinned like some small helpless captive prey before  
    this beast. There was a crushing weight on her that emptied her lungs  
    ... a strong hand snatched the sheer fabric of her bra away. The air  
    was suddenly chill and menacing on her naked young breasts. Felder's  
    probing fingers found the taut band of her panties and pulled, yanking  
    them, along with her pantyhose down to her knees.  
    "Kick off those boots ... right now!"
    She obeyed, and in another instant, she was naked, her body uncovered  
    now and vulnerable to this sadistic animal's hungry touch. His body  
    seemed to flow over her in a crushing tide, like molten lava. His hands  
    were everywhere, on her face, sliding down over the quivering pink buds  
    of her nipples, down between the sides of her whitely trembling young  
    thighs. She blacked out for a moment, then regained her senses ...  
    there was a sudden deep, thrusting entry as if a thick pole had been  
    rammed into her body. She gasped and jerked away, terrified, but the  
    ravaging member followed her splitting into the softness of her pubic  
    hair and the wet mouth came back onto her, nibbling at her lips and her  
    tongue ...
    "Aaaaaggggghhhhh!" The red-hot poker was suddenly in her, pistoning  
    between her thighs and on up into her open cunt so that the smooth  
    moist walls inside seemed to be burning in raging flames and her whole  
    lower body felt about to split apart. Tears gushed down her cheeks and  
    she began to sob hysterically. The room began again to spin and tumble  
    and, mercifully, she lost consciousness.
    *  *  *
    It seemed hours later when Jessica came to. She wasn't sure how long it  
    had been, but the night was still outside at least. She was aware that  
    her breasts were being stroked and that there was a great hot weight of  
    flesh along her back. She discovered that she was lying on her side on  
    a leather sofa, completely naked. The surroundings seemed unfamiliar,  
    she had forgotten her own entry a short while ago. Her head ached and,  
    more noticeably, her vagina throbbed with a painfulness that seemed to  
    radiate throughout her whole torso. It felt as if a solid wedge of  
    something was inside her, but there was nothing. Gradually her memory  
    returned; without moving she lowered her eyes to the alien hand that  
    openly caressed her breasts. It had actually happened ... she wasn't a  
    virgin any longer. She'd lost it, and quite completely, judging from  
    the aching between her legs. It didn't seem to matter now. All that  
    fear she had had was just in her mind. Except that it would have been  
    much better with Phillip; she regretted now having rebuffed him. She  
    spoke, not particularly to anyone, as if Marty Felder didn't exist.
    "How about something to drink?"
    The hot hand slipped down over her belly and the fingers traced a line  
    over the curve of her girlish hip to rest on the smooth naked flesh of  
    her buttocks. There was a grunting heaving movement accompanied by  
    pressure on her firm buttocks-cheek. Felder lifted himself from behind  
    "Sure, baby. You deserve a drink after the performance you gave."
    He came into view between her feet. She watched with revulsion as his  
    thick flaccid cock dangled from the clump of hair beneath his paunchy  
    belly. It was wet and sticky, and a thin trail of semen broke away as  
    he moved from her. It seemed impossible now, but it was true enough ...  
    this man had just fucked her ... yes, that was the word ... fucked her,  
    used her like some common whore. God, it was too much to believe.
    "How about a beer? I've got some cold ones here in the cooler."
    "Anything. Just make it quick."
    He handed her a glass mug of chilled beer and she quickly gulped it  
    down. He climbed over her and she lay perfectly still, offering no  
    resistance. He lay down behind her again, his body tight against her  
    backside. She tried to ignore him, as if somehow by not having to face  
    his hot presence, he would vanish. She'd never felt lower in her life;  
    it was as if she had sunk into some bottomless pool of depravation and  
    shame. She finished the last of the beer; it offered some little solace  
    as the alcohol seemed to clear the cobwebs left from the hashish from  
    her brain. She felt his body snuggle closer; he had a big, hard  
    erection. She could feel it poking into the cleavage of her naked  
    buttocks from behind, its bulbous head prodded between the firm, softly  
    yielding cheeks of her youthful ass.
    "I've never had a virgin before. Didn't know how much I was missing,"  
    he said slyly, a sinister grinning smirk on his sweaty face.
    "And what makes you think you've had one now."
    "Wow, baby, you've got to be kidding! Right up till you went under, you  
    were like a wild woman." He spat out the words with gleeful enjoyment,  
    obviously relishing the memory of his vicious sadistic assault.
    She didn't say anything. She simply lay there, her mind almost blank,  
    broken only once in awhile by the flickering memories of her nights  
    with Phillip, the times they had come so close. She had refused her  
    lover so many times ... and now this!  
    "I think I'd better go, Mr. Felder."
    She felt his answer, his pulsing rod of flesh pressing harder against  
    her buttocks as he slipped his fingers around her waist and tightened  
    her against him, pressing his loins hard against the fleshy globes of  
    her well ripened young ass cheeks. "You don't have to leave yet, honey.  
    There's lots of night left."
    His body pressed very close to her and his lips took a gentle nibble  
    from the warm nape of her neck to the curve of her shoulder. She lay  
    still, uncooperative, but with no strength or will left to resist. She  
    felt his hand ooze between her thighs where her buttocks joined them;  
    it no longer shocked her or revolted her to have him exploring her  
    nakedness this way; there was simply no feeling at all.
    His fingers caressed the lips of her fragrant young pussy and finally  
    entered and stroked the moist tender walls of the gently throbbing  
    passage, now ravaged of its innocence. Her insides contracted  
    involuntarily; she supposed you couldn't help getting some enjoyment  
    out of it even if the man was as repugnant to her as this one. His  
    rigid penis oozed between her thighs after his fingers and poked and  
    prodded for the opening in her ravished pelvis.
    "Not again, no ... I'm sore there. Please, let me go home now!"
    "Now, now, baby you wouldn't want me to have to get rough, now would  
    you?" He smiled as he spoke, but his evil smirk belied his feeble  
    attempt at pretending a trace of warmth in his cold being.
    Her mind froze and she gritted her teeth in a spasm of anger and fear.  
    She knew she'd be no match for his strength and weight, and she doubted  
    anyone would hear her way up here on top of this building. And in New  
    York, no one would come to her aid even if they did hear.
    Now the thick knob of his cock had found the moist little slit of  
    vaginal flesh again. She groaned painfully as it pressed the soft,  
    hair-fringed lips apart and moved between the bruised tender walls of  
    her cunt. He ignored her discomfort and pushed harder into her, sinking  
    the whole thick, turgid length of his prick once more in her tight,  
    already once ravaged young pussy.
    "Oooooh God, please, you're hurting me!"
    But Felder seemed to lose himself in a frenzy of wanton passion as the  
    tight moist walls of her vaginal sheath closed like a soft wet hand  
    around the heavily pulsating shaft of his aching cock. Suddenly his  
    breath came up from his belly in raking gasps and he skewered her  
    furiously with his hardening prick, burrowing completely into her so  
    that she cried out in agony. But he held her securely, with one hand  
    curving around each hip so that his strong fingers bit into the firm,  
    elastic flesh of her abdomen. He moved into her like a series of  
    crashing waves, each larger and harder. She gasped and squirmed, caught  
    like a stuck pig on the end of a lance. His thighs were hairy and  
    bristly along the sensitive under sides of her naked behind. He  
    pummeled into her with great force, seeming to fill the whole of her  
    knotted belly, all the way up to her heavily quaking breasts. Sometimes  
    he hurt her even more with a sudden sharp point of excruciating pain as  
    he jerked his heavy loins more powerfully upwards and battered her  
    tender inner cunt walls with the swollen, throbbing head of his immense  
    cock. At other moments it seemed as if he was exploding like gunpowder  
    deep inside her, spreading wide and vulnerable parts of her anatomy  
    that had always been hidden before.
    Behind her on the leather sofa he was grunting like a raving madman,  
    tossing and twisting and moaning as he battered his heavy, lust-
    hardened cock up deeper into her tiny cringing pussy, grinding his  
    hair-covered pelvis hard against the firm adolescent-like cheeks of her  
    softly giving ass cheeks.
    "Goddamn!" she heard him gasp, and his fingers dug deeper into her  
    belly, making her squeal with fresh pain. She felt an extra pressure  
    against her hips and his fingers began to pull and guide her until she  
    was moving onto her knees, his swollen prick still firmly imbedded in  
    the moist tightness of her cunt. He tugged and yanked until she  
    reluctantly moved with his guiding effort, although this degrading  
    position made her feel horribly debased and subjugated, like some lowly  
    servant girl stripped and bent over for her master's amusement. She  
    suddenly knew what a prostitute must feel, just another piece of flesh  
    at some man's twisted whim, nothing more than a lewd receptacle for his  
    passion driven sperm.
    Now he slithered up closer behind her and between her wide-spread  
    thighs, pushing them apart even more with his knees as he squirmed his  
    prick right up, deeper, up to the very hilt in her wetly constrictive  
    young cunt. Now that she was spread out so helpless and defenseless  
    this way, he seemed to invade her even deeper with his cock, splitting  
    her tortured body in half, forcing agonizing gasp after gasp from her  
    futilely pleading lips.
    "Oooohhhh, please ... please, you're hurting me!" she cried.
    Her back began to ache from the constant pressure of his hands around  
    her waist, bending her down humiliatingly so mat her naked young  
    buttocks soared upward toward his face. She felt totally naked and  
    abused, a filthy, wanton slut good only for this horrid animal's  
    pleasures. Her loins tingled and contracted, a thousand red-hot points  
    brushing against one another, sending out millions of shivering chills  
    through her body from the quivering nucleus of her cock-filled young  
    His flesh buffeted her ass with steady bruising force; every pounding  
    thrust was punctuated with a gasping whine from the man's throat. Beads  
    of sweat slung from his naked torso and splattered on me young blonde's  
    bare flesh, soaking her with his perspiration as he fucked viciously  
    into her again and again, each and every vicious grind burrowing his  
    cock deep in her ravaged young belly. She suddenly thought, God, what  
    if he gets me pregnant! But now she was unable to voice any protest,  
    her feeble powers of resistance drowned by the rising tide of wicked  
    passion that his deep, skewering thrusts were building in her now  
    almost traitorously accepting loins. His rhythmic thrusting continued,  
    bringing a low muffled cry from her parched throat with every painful  
    inward thrust. He seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, probing  
    deeper and deeper up into her body toward her very throat. Her breasts  
    heaved and swayed beneath her as she suddenly discovered her naked body  
    involuntarily writhing and twisting on the end of his heavily impaling  
    prick, swaying in time with his deep, punishing thrusts, grinding me  
    thin, hair-lined lips of her now wetly clasping young vagina back  
    against his pelvis as she felt the lust-distended head of his cock far  
    up in her wide-stretched insides.
    She was incredibly sore but afire with a great building pressure, a  
    liquid screaming pressure deep in her loins that ached to be set free.  
    She couldn't think of anything but the agonizingly sweet buildup inside  
    her; as much as she hated the thought of what this man was doing to  
    her, of the way he was using her like some kind of lewd, unthinking  
    sexual toy, it was happening. Somehow she'd never thought it would  
    really happen this way to her. The buildup grew into a great, ever  
    expanding bubble which was swelling to enormous size inside her. She  
    screamed loudly, and screamed again, loud and shrill, and the stretched  
    bubble burst and it seemed like hot blood rushing from her loins in a  
    wild liquid torrent, hot and fluid and gushing, and she screamed again  
    with the tears of fright and ecstasy and shuddering relief running in  
    streams down her cheeks.
    " Ooooohhhhh ... yes, yes ... oooohhhhh," she whined.
    She began to calm a little, though she was still trembling all over and  
    her stomach was quaking as if she'd just been beaten within an inch of  
    her life ... and still he was stuffing his thick penis up into her wet  
    sperm-inundated cunt with unrelenting fury, wheezing between his teeth  
    and practically hurling her onto the floor with every powerful forward  
    thrust. Now the pain was returning, the pain this monster had  
    successfully masked with a flood of wantonness as he skillfully  
    manipulated her, wringing a torrent of orgasmic ecstasy from her young,  
    inexperienced body. It only hurt now, and even worse than before. Her  
    vagina felt as if it had been sliced with a knife in a dozen places.  
    She gritted her teeth, wondering how long she could stand it, and then  
    she heard him muttering, cursing under his quickening breath.
    "Jesus, baby, your cunt's so tight! So Goddamn hot and tight!" And his  
    muttering grew into a steady babble of moaning, groaning agony, rose to  
    a gasping howl and exploded into an agonized cry. She felt nothing in  
    her tautly stretched vagina except that his thrust slowed to a great  
    solid, grinding heave ... and then it happened. She jerked reflexively  
    as she felt the naked, heaving man empty his hotly, seething load deep  
    up inside her helplessly contracting belly, filling her whole insides  
    with his dangerous life-giving sperm. Quick flashes of what might be  
    happening raced through her numbed brain; of how she might be pregnant  
    what it would be like to carry this monster's child. And then he fell  
    forward on her with a tortured groan and his body was such a hulking  
    mountain of weight that she collapsed under him, pinned flat against  
    the sofa cushion, her firmly rounded young breasts smashed into the  
    leather. He lay there on her a long times heaving and gasping.
    "W-What if I g-get pregnant?" she asked finally in a near whisper.
    "That's the least of your worries, honey," he laughed, his breathing  
    back to normal now. "I've had a vasectomy ... years ago. So don't go  
    getting any ideas. I've got a letter from the Doc to prove I'm as  
    sterile as a surgeon's glove."
    A few minutes passed, then she complained of the crushing bulk on top  
    of her tiny young form, and he rolled off and walked to the door of the  
    terrace. She wiped the sticky trail of his lewdly shining semen from  
    her thighs with the sleeve of his crumpled shirt when he wasn't  
    She began to pick up her scattered clothes, searching here and there  
    under the furniture. He sat back down on the edge of the sofa, looking  
    even paunchier and flabbier than before now somehow, his limp penis  
    dangling in a flaccid knob from beneath the fleshy roll of his belly.
    "I'd like to go home now," Jessica said quietly. She didn't even want  
    to talk of the job he had for her now; all she wanted was the quiet  
    sanctuary of her own room. Away from people, away from this man.
    "You'll go when I say so," he said nastily. "And not a minute before."
    Jessica stood there gaping at him, making no attempt now to hide her  
    youthful nakedness, her hands casually on her hips. Her firm ripe  
    breasts stood out defiantly, the tiny pink nipples still hard and  
    crinkly from his vicious ravishment. Surely he couldn't mean it! What  
    was there left for him to do to her? There was nothing left!
    Ignoring his threat, she stepped into her panties, gingerly lifting her  
    legs as bolts of pain rippled through her thighs.
    "Put those panties back where you found them!" he barked. "I'm not  
    ready to go yet."
    "I'll take a cab. You needn't bother, Mr. Felder," she said bitterly.
    "Take off those Goddamn panties!"
    She couldn't believe it! She had been stripped like a servant girl in  
    the market place, screwed half to death like a whore by this fat, vile  
    man, paraded naked before his lustful eyes, fucked and filled almost to  
    bursting with his horrible sperm until her whole body ached. And he  
    still wanted more of her!
    Chapter 5
    Phillip glanced around furtively as he stepped from the cab at Valerie  
    Dodge's riverside address, then laughed at his needless cautiousness.  
    Hell, there was no sense acting like some super-spy outrunning the KGB;  
    after all, there wasn't a chance in the world of Jessica being within  
    miles of this place. He had not seen her now for several days,  
    something of a rarity in itself, but the odds were rather slim she'd be  
    strolling about in this neighborhood at ten o'clock in the evening. Or  
    in any neighborhood in New York, if she had any brains at all.
    He showed the smartly-uniformed doorman his invitation, with his name  
    neatly inked across it in flowing blue-black script, and was directed,  
    with a courteous little bow, to the second battery of elevators, the  
    ones marked "17-30," and told he was okayed for admittance to the  
    twenty-fourth floor condominium the William Brantley Dodge's called  
    home. He chuckled to himself as he checked his tie and collar in the  
    elevator mirror-Christ, a two-bit artist like himself invited to a  
    party at W. B. Dodge's apartment! Hobnobbing with the joint rulers of  
    the country's biggest and most successful model and network packaging  
    outfit, both of them millionaires a few times over. And the incredible  
    way it all came about-hell, that was a story in itself!
    *  *  *
    It was only last week, though now it seemed months ago as Phillip  
    recalled me events that led up to this invitation. Jessica had been in  
    another of her moods, he remembered; and like always, she chose not to  
    explain, just to keep it all bottled up in her lovely little self. It  
    was the day after she was supposed to meet some agency creative  
    director for an after-hours interview. She hadn't said much about it,  
    just that it was less than successful, and, knowing Jessica's temper,  
    Phillip had simply left it at that, though he was far from happy about  
    these unusual job interviews she seemed to be constantly drawn into.  
    Not that he would ever have suspected Jessica of any wrong- doing-
    Christ, she just wasn't the type for that. But those ad agency  
    smoothies could be pretty persuasive, just the same.
    Anyway, they'd argued about it for a few minutes, tossed the usual  
    harsh words back and forth, then, like always, kissed and forgot the  
    whole thing and headed through the evening chill for the subway ride to  
    the W. B. Dodge Company, the source of most of network television's  
    commercials and the "think-tank" for more award-winning television  
    specials than anyone could count.
    There wasn't any particular reason for doing it, but this days just  
    this once, they varied their usual job-hunting procedure and Phillip  
    accompanied his girlfriend inside for the interview, waiting as  
    unobtrusively as possible in a lobby filled with eager young models and  
    would-be actresses, all toting their shop-worn portfolio cases loaded  
    with stills and press-releases and anything else they could pile  
    together in hopes of impressing Bill or Valerie Dodge, the king and  
    queen, without dispute, of the W. B. Dodge empire, a sprawling kingdom  
    that covered five floors here in their mid-town location, and another  
    couple of thousand square feet of studio space down near the Village.
    Phillip had made no effort to make his presence known; on the contrary,  
    he'd attempted most diligently to stay out of sight, even to the point  
    of taking a seat opposite Jessica when they entered, knowing only too  
    well how agency receptionists felt about friends accompanying the girls  
    when the agency announced its infrequent hiring sessions, or 'cattle  
    calls" as they were known in the trade. But anonymity was just not to  
    be his this afternoon.
    Valerie Dodge nodded ever-so-slightly when she passed through the  
    reception area the first time. Phillip had not the faintest notion who  
    she was, though he suspected she was indeed the empress herself when  
    the room suddenly quieted and a couple of dozen skirts were quickly  
    adjusted, some going up and others going down. And when the former  
    television actress turned model-agency executive had made her exit, one  
    of the young hopefuls nearest Phillip made the identification certain.
    "That was her! Valerie Dodge! Isn't she gorgeous, just like in all her  
    films!" the young girl had shrieked, and Phillip had agreed, indeed,  
    Valerie Dodge was a beautiful woman, blessed with genetic good looks  
    and enough money to sustain them with daily trips to the plushest of  
    Manhattan's glittering salons. She was tall, he guessed about five-nine  
    that afternoon, and her Paris-styled auburn hair accented the jet-set  
    beauties of her elegantly beautiful face. And that body of hers was in  
    a category by itself! Her breasts were huge and full, but deliciously  
    proud and firm, without a trace of sag to detract from her glamorous  
    profile. He wondered even then, from that fleeting glimpse, how this  
    magnificent celebrity would look without those Saks originals ... in  
    fact, without anything at all, just her fabled body stretched nude  
    across a king-sized bed. Phillip remembered now that he'd quickly  
    crossed that silly daydream from his thoughts. If only he had known  
    what the future held for him!
    He had been reading a terribly outdated copy of Women's Wear Daily,  
    just to have something to occupy his mind, when he suddenly realized  
    that the displaced voice he'd heard was talking to him. "You must be  
    Phillip Wright?" it said.
    He looked up, startled, from his paper. It was Valerie Dodge, standing  
    right by his shoulder. He'd failed to notice her reenter the reception  
    room. "Right ... but how did you know that?" he asked, manfully aware  
    that the swarm of delicious young lovelies had hushed their nervous  
    buzzing and was intently focused on him as he courteously rose quickly  
    to his feet.
    "It's not magic, really, love," she purred, Jessica was just mentioning  
    you to my husband when I went in for a file." She paused and glanced  
    him over, a quick cursory appraisal, but one obvious enough to gain the  
    young man's attention. "Would you like to come in to my office a  
    Phillip hesitated ... not from disinterest, but disbelief. Valerie  
    Dodge requesting him to enter her office! "Of course! I mean ... yes,  
    certainly." He tried to conceal his surprise and excitement, leaving  
    the roomful of whispering girls to guess his true identity, to  
    determine among themselves if he was, yes indeed, Phillip Wright,  
    world-famous movie producer, or Phillip Wright, noted actor, or ...  
    "Have a seat, Phillip," offered Valerie Dodge when they'd both entered  
    her private office suite and she had closed the heavy door behind them.  
    Phillip waited graciously until his hostess had seated herself behind  
    the single inch-thick glass pane that served her as a desk. He sank  
    comfortably into a thickly padded leather armchair that seemed to  
    envelop him in a womb of softness and aromatic cowhide.
    "I suppose you're wondering why I wanted to see you?"
    He nodded, "That's for sure. I usually have to try a dozen times just  
    to see one of the paid flunkies. It comes as a bit of a shock to be  
    personally invited into a place like this." He made a sweep of his  
    hand, indicating the expansive layout of the older woman's office and  
    separate sitting-room all furnished with the h and-picked choicest of  
    the Manhattan decorators' offering, the walls adorned with stills and  
    promotional posters from some of her earlier television and motion  
    picture successes.
    "Don't let it threaten you," she laughed, a real smile on her lips now  
    for the first time since she'd first spoken. It was truly becoming on  
    her, adding an even greater depth to the already-fathomless beauty and  
    glamour this woman possessed. "It's my real home. This is where I  
    really live," she confessed. "The apartment is just for changing  
    clothes and entertaining. I feel much more at ease here than anywhere  
    "Uh, yes ... it is really nice. And I see you have gardens outside,  
    too," Phillip said somewhat nervously, grasping awkwardly for something  
    meaningful to say, but not really succeeding.
    "Yes, it's another little private hideaway of mine. I guess I am  
    somewhat of a nut about privacy, but those years in front of the camera  
    had to have some effect on me, I suppose." She stopped talking, staring  
    straight at her handsome young visitor as if waiting for him to speak,  
    but the growing lump in his throat blocked whatever words he might have  
    managed. "Oh, how thoughtless of me," she suddenly gushed, "let me fix  
    you a drink. You must be absolutely dying of thirst after sitting out  
    there in that office so long." She Jumped up from her swivel chair and  
    hurriedly crossed the room. Phillip was suddenly reminded of a  
    television show from his early youth, and the graceful entrances  
    another famous star made at the opening of each show, her gowns always  
    trailing regally as she swept into the room and onto the screens of  
    those pioneering days of television.
    "What will it be? Scotch okay?"
    "Sure, that's fine," he answered. And for the moment, he couldn't for  
    the life of him remember if he drank scotch or not.
    Valerie vanished through the open doorway into the adjoining suite;  
    from across the second room Philip heard the tinkling of glasses and  
    the bubbling of fine liquor being poured.
    "You take water, Phillip?" came the shouted voice. He replied  
    negatively, reasoning, quite prophetically, it turned out, that he  
    could use a stiff drink about right now. For a few moments, there was  
    no sound at all, then the soft closing of a door, perhaps a cupboard or  
    closet, a rustle of something he couldn't put his finger on, then the  
    sound of softly padding steps as Valerie Dodge, adored and coveted by  
    countless thousands of dissatisfied married men, returned to her young  
    visitor. Only the statuesque redhead did not actually return; Phillip  
    sensed, rather than saw, her standing in the doorway ... he looked up.
    "Mrs. Dodge!" he gasped, bolting to his feet and jarring the cocktail  
    table before him so hard that it tumbled onto the carpet, dumping an  
    empty ashtray and a few magazines onto the floor.
    "Like my outfit, love?" she purred, holding her arms away from her  
    body, a drink in each hand. She was wearing a light, baby-blue gown  
    that could have been made of Saran-wrap, and it was more man obvious  
    she had removed her bra and panties while out of the room fixing the  
    drinks. Her shoes were still on, along with her white garter belt and  
    dark stockings. His eyes instantly locked on the deep, inviting cleft  
    between her enormous, bulging breasts. Her nipples, crinkly and  
    brownish, poked against the sheer line of gauze-like fabric that  
    offered no more concealment than a sheet of clear glass, little peaks  
    of tingling flesh already aroused and hardened as he looked upon them.
    Phillip glanced nervously around, checking the door instinctively.
    'Oh, you needn't worry about anyone coming in. My penchant for privacy  
    is a legend around here. Nobody would dare enter this office without  
    calling first ... and besides," she added with a twinkling grin, "it  
    locks automatically when you shut it."
    "Jesus, you're beautiful!" Phillip said, without a trace of nervousness  
    or awkwardness now. Somehow it all seemed right ... her being there  
    nearly naked, his being alone with her. It was as if at that very  
    instant in time, something snapped within him, some little switch  
    somewhere deep in his brain suddenly closed. And he was suddenly  
    feeling the beginning of a glowing power and self-confidence he'd never  
    even hoped for before. Even at that moment, he knew what was expected  
    of him, knew that making love to this fantastically desirable woman was  
    going to change him and that perhaps nothing less than a real woman  
    like this would ever satisfy him again.
    Valerie lowered her eyes for a moment to the bulge in his trousers; his  
    cock was out of position in his shorts, and that made the obvious  
    swelling even more apparent. His erection stood out like a tree limb,  
    so tight against the fabric of his pants that he was afraid it might  
    just rip through and come bursting out like an animal's penis might  
    when confronted with a female so obviously in heat and eager for  
    excitement. She grinned at the sight of it. "You seem to like me,  
    lover," she said softly, a glistening sparkle in her eyes. "It's pretty  
    "That's pretty observant of you," he laughed, even surer of himself  
    now. "Not everyone would have noticed."
    "How could I help it, darling. Now it's getting even more obvious ..."  
    She paused dramatically and stared for a full beat at the still growing  
    bulge in his crotch. "... You're quite a big man."
    "C'mon ... the weather's nicer in here, stud," she said seductively.
    Phillip followed her without an instant's hesitation, feeling more and  
    more confident of his masculinity with every step toward this  
    voluptuous woman's lair. She was well ahead of him, and when he entered  
    the inner room, she was already sitting on the edge of her bed. And  
    what a bed! It was round, at least seven feet across, and covered with  
    a blaze-red silk cover with the name Valerie spelled out in huge script  
    letters that ran from one side to the other. He glanced down at the  
    thin hair-lined lips of her vagina clearly visible now between her  
    slightly parted legs. He didn't blush at the sight of her womanly  
    treasures like he might have in the past; her pleased smile was  
    invitation enough, but she opened her legs a bit more, a teasing grin  
    on her lips as he caught a glimpse of the faintest dewdrop of her own  
    excitement just beginning to glisten on the soft pink furrows of her  
    narrow cuntal slit. She handed him his drink and it seemed to go down  
    in one swallow, warming his body along its path, adding to the growing  
    intense heat he was already feeling for this beautiful woman far down  
    in his loins.
    He stood over her silently, reverently, like a pilgrim come to do  
    homage to a saint, as she loosed the clasp that held the robe together  
    just above the swelling mounds of her luscious breasts. She pulled the  
    two halves of the flimsy garment apart, exposing the large full mounds,  
    the ripe dark nipples staring at him wetly. She had moistened them with  
    saliva from her tongue before he entered, adding magically to the  
    already maddening allure of this gorgeous female.
    "I can't believe how beautiful you are," he muttered innocently, "I  
    knew movie stars were nice looking, but I never expected anything like  
    ... like this!" He stared mutely at her nakedness, still holding the  
    empty glass in his hand. He could see the tell-tale glint of growing  
    passion in her eyes and it was all he could do to hold back the urge to  
    drop to his knees at her feet and bury his face and lips in the warm  
    moist delicacy of that incredibly tantalizing furrow between her smooth  
    supple thighs that seemed to beckon him, call to him with a siren's  
    song all its own. But he managed to contain himself, somehow aware now  
    that this was no "quickie," one just didn't jump on the famous Valerie  
    Dodge and pump it to her like a common whore. She wanted a lover, not  
    an over-eager punk kid who'd leave her hot and horny and unsatisfied.  
    He could tell already that the agonizing wait would bring its own  
    "You've got a lot to offer yourself," she smiled up at him, "enough to  
    get me interested, and I'm not that excitable."
    'I've never had any complaints," he said with a boyish grin.
    Valerie parted her thighs a little more, flexing the sinewy lengths of  
    her ripely formed legs like a lioness might before a kill. "I'll bet  
    you don't, young man," she purred. And with that, she leaned back  
    seductively onto her elbows, arching herself backward invitingly with a  
    tempting smile that made her offering undeniable.
    Phillip leaned over and kissed her, lightly at first, on the lips,  
    pretending that this sort of chance encounter with a glamorous screen  
    star and celebrity was just run-of-the-mill with him.
    She held him off for a moment, teasingly, then reached up, curled her  
    arms around and pulled him down onto her naked warmth. One of his legs  
    was between her opened thighs; he shivered at the feel of her  
    incredible supple softness as her body seemed glued against his. She  
    moved her thigh up against his crotch as he ground his lips harshly  
    into her, bringing his cock into painfully erect hardness. He could  
    feel the wetness of his seminal fluid seeping from the gland on me  
    rapidly hardening tip. It smeared against his leg inside his pants  
    until he was certain Valerie could feel the sticky wetness through the  
    fabric. She continued her practiced massaging with a skillful  
    thoroughness that brought his aching lustfulness to a crescendo pitch;  
    he was certain the head of his throbbing prick would explode at any  
    second. It was jerking now as though he would cum at the least extra  
    pressure; it was definite now, he could feel the pressure building deep  
    in his balls below. He thrust his tongue deep in her mouth as she  
    sucked gently tenderly, on it, nibbling with tiny sharp nips of her  
    teeth that sent chills racing the length of his spine. He pulled his  
    head away to escape the warm teasing sensation and placed his cheeks  
    against her hair, pausing to think guiltily of how horrified and  
    shocked Jessica would be if she knew what was happening right here in  
    the same office.
    And then he thought, "Valerie, what about my girl? What if she can't  
    find me and starts asking questions?"
    Valerie Dodge's hand was on the handsome young man's inner thigh,  
    brushing lightly, appraisingly, over the hardened bulge along the  
    inside of his leg, admiring the long, thick ridge that poked eagerly  
    against the material. "You can stop worrying. The girl on the desk will  
    just tell her you are with Mrs. Dodge for an interview. You are an  
    artist, aren't you?"
    "Yes, but ..."
    "But nothing. Anyway, when we're ... uh, finished, shall we say, with  
    pleasure, we'll find time to talk business. Dodge always needs new  
    artists. Especially those so ..." her hand stroked the throbbing rigid  
    length of his cock still growing harder inside his pants, "... well  
    They seemed frozen there for a long moment, Phillip half-leaning, half-
    crouching over the voluptuously naked wife of William B. Dodge, while  
    the poor bastard was only an office or two away!
    "Get your clothes off, honey," she whispered hoarsely, visibly excited  
    now as she quivered beneath him, "I'll teach you some tricks that  
    little teeny-bopper girlfriend of yours never dreamed of." Her thighs  
    were grinding against his loins heatedly.
    "You do want to fuck me, don't you Phillip?" Her voice was strained and  
    husky now.
    "Jesus Christ, yes!" he nearly shouted.
    "Then let's hear you say it, baby," she cooed.
    "Yes ... I want to fuck you!"
    "Is that all? Just fuck me ... just an ordinary ol' fuck?"
    "No, better man any you've ever had! Harder and deeper than you've ever  
    had it!" Phillip was worked up to me bursting point, whipped into a  
    panting, lusting rage by the naked woman's lewd urgings.
    "God, baby, get naked and get in me! Hurry, I'm dying!" she moaned,  
    pushing him away in her haste.
    He jumped from the bed and began desperately stripping himself to join  
    the already nakedly writhing woman so anxiously waiting for him on the  
    silk covers, her smooth, milk-white curves laid bare before him like a  
    feast. He felt a twinge of self-consciousness as he dropped his pants  
    and undershorts together and stood over her still lying on the round  
    bed with his cock jutting out in full naked erection from his hard  
    muscular pelvis, a long, thick length of throbbing flesh and blood  
    dangling before the unclothed married woman below. She lifted her body  
    slightly and pulled off the last of the sheer robe that lay uselessly  
    at her sides, leaving just her white garter belt and dark stockings, an  
    incredible frame for the tantalizing temptation of her warm, moist  
    furrow, her pussy-lips palpitating now with unbridled lust and wanton  
    excitement. She lay back on the enormous bed and looked up at him  
    standing stark nude over her; her eyes glued to the throbbing, blood-
    filled head of his young, eager cock standing out in the air. She  
    watched the pulsing, lust-distended head a moment, then managed a  
    hoarse, anguished plea, "Oh, get that marvelous hunk of meat in me,  
    lover! I'm dying, baby, dying! Goddamn, get it deep inside me and screw  
    me good, please! Jesus, get it in my cunt and fuck me before I burn  
    He lay down on the bed beside her, dragging her over to him with the  
    youthful strength of his muscular arms. He moved one hand down to the  
    smoothness of her buttocks and cupped them. They were beautifully  
    shaped and sinewy as he had expected them to be. Her body was warm and  
    soft against him and she raised her face to his, locking her lips  
    tightly to his as her hand searched down between them for the hardness  
    of his penis. He gasped aloud this time at the coolness of her fingers  
    around his throbbing rigidity. He pressed his head forward and kissed  
    her back, hot and moist kisses that smothered her with his intense  
    youthful passion. Her odor was maddening, a rich, exotic perfume that  
    he'd never smelled before; the scent was appropriate for His  
    fantastically passionate woman, a kind of tantalizing muskiness that  
    reeked of erotic abandonment and perversions. Her lips were soft and  
    gave before the harsh pressure of his with a warm yielding rubberiness  
    that sent electric chills racing throughout his naked sinewy body. She  
    crushed the full length of her body against his and ground her pelvis  
    tightly into him before suddenly twisting her body in a frenzied burst  
    of lustful passion, and pulling his body onto her full nakedness,  
    opening her legs wide to take him between them; his cock probed up  
    between her silken thighs, pressed eagerly against the puffed fleshy  
    lips of her moist, warm pussy.
    "Oh, please, fuck me, darting ... I can't stand it! Please!"
    *  *  *
    William Dodge, having glanced twice at his platinum Rolex watch,  
    excused himself from his lovely young office visitor, and stepped from  
    the room through a door marked Private. Jessica Richards, cut off  
    somewhat abruptly, though politely, in mid-sentence, just as she was  
    describing the most recent modeling assignment she had worked on, sat  
    rather puzzled, though not really very concerned. She knew that big  
    corporate heads like William Dodge were constantly being interrupted  
    and called away to meetings and such, and that abrupt disappearances  
    like this were probably routine for a man like him. He'd been looking  
    at his watch ever since his wife, Valerie, came in for a hurried,  
    whispered chat a while before; whatever she had to tell him seemed to  
    interest him greatly. She could actually see a rush of color and  
    excitement come to his face as his attractive wife whispered her news  
    in her husband's ear. Mrs. Dodge apologized profusely for the rude  
    interruption and excused herself.
    Jessica folded her hands and waited patiently, being careful not to  
    become overly anxious, lest a tiny mist of perspiration add that glossy  
    cheapness to her spotless complexion. No, she wanted everything right  
    this time, no matter how long it took. Of course, she did worry about  
    poor Phillip, waiting alone in that reception room, with nothing to  
    read but fashion magazines. Oh well, it was his idea to come along ...
    Bill Dodge stepped into the darkened ex-storage room adjoining his  
    office and the homier half of Valerie's little hideaway. He flicked on  
    the master wall switch at his left, after first being certain that the  
    door was closed and locked behind him. An impressive array of lights  
    came up immediately, rather like the control panel of a 707. But there  
    was a lot more excitement to be gained right here than in the captain's  
    seat of a big jetliner.
    He checked that all the line voltages were in order, then switched on  
    camera "A." Suddenly an enormous tape reel on the room's counter  
    surface began to turn, taking up the slack and then, unreeling inch  
    after inch of wide videotape from the opposite fully-loaded reel.  
    Satisfied that everything was working properly, Bill Dodge flicked on  
    two images came into focus on the tiny screen. First, a confused  
    kaleidoscope of run-on colors and fuzzy lines; then, the distinct forms  
    of a man and woman writhing together like a couple of spawning salmon  
    in the next room. The camera was positioned perfectly, no accident it  
    was though. But rather, the result of careful planning and lighting  
    design by one of the Dodge Agency's top electronics men, and a trusted  
    one to boot. Every light in Valerie's room, every piece of furniture,  
    was carefully laid-out to facilitate these tapings. All he ever needed  
    was the eager nod from his over-sexed wife, indicating she'd found  
    another hopeful for her boudoir workouts.
    Goddamn it, that Valerie really knows what she's doing in bed!
    Bill noticed a slight gnawing knot of jealousy as he watched his wife's  
    passion contorted face and realized only too well that this was no act  
    she was putting on. She just loved to be fucked, and made no attempt to  
    cover it up. He leaned over and adjusted the color blend on the monitor  
    set and settled back to watch this little episode; he wanted badly to  
    open the office door and invite the young man's girlfriend in to watch  
    her faithful lover in action with a real woman. But he thought better  
    of it ... there was always time for that later. Right now was the time  
    for his favorite avocation, watching his wife get it hard and fast from  
    another man. Damn, how that bitch could lock her legs around a man's  
    ass and fuck!
    *  *  *
    Valerie Dodge, even more excited by knowing her husband was watching  
    this virile young man fuck her like a whore, crushed Phillip tight to  
    her and ran her hands searchingly over his body, exploring eagerly the  
    secret hollows of him. His cock was resting along the inside of her  
    thigh, hard against the narrow hair-lined slit of her cunt. She arched  
    up for a moment, levering them both off the bed with the strength of  
    her back and, reaching under her buttocks with both hands, spread her  
    soft, fleece lined vaginal lips slowly apart, giving his throbbing  
    penis greater contact with the wet sensitive flesh as it lay the full  
    length of the moist gently pulsing furrow. She relaxed, dropping her  
    body back to the bed, his rigid member trapped between her hungrily  
    clasping thighs.
    He forced his hands between her shoulders and the mattress and ran them  
    down the soft curves of her back and hips. He could feel the raised  
    edges of her spine moving almost imperceptibly as she undulated her  
    body up against him in a slow, teasing rhythm. The sinews of her  
    muscles rippled lightly just under the tanned skin, giving away me  
    powerful reserve of animal strength in her naked body. The tenseness of  
    the cords in her thighs pressed against me outside of his hips. He  
    wondered how they would grip around him later when he had sunk his  
    aching hardness deep up inside her warm, yielding pussy.
    "Oh, Philip, darling, you feel so good," she moaned, smashing her lips  
    against him again and writhing the flatness of her belly close up to  
    him. Her nails trailed across his back, leaving small reddish welts in  
    their path. He pushed his hands farther down beneath her, cupping the  
    fullness of her ass in the palms of his hands and pulled her wetly,  
    open loins up tighter against him. He moved up and down slowly,  
    insinuating the hardness of his full length up and down the widespread  
    slit, sensing it grow wider and wetter with every lewd, grinding probe  
    of his massive cock. Her ass began a more desperate motion, rotating up  
    against his loins until her legs, without warning, flared out wide on  
    either side of his young virile body, her calves locking against the  
    back of his thighs. Dulling him tighter into her.
    "Yes, yes ... oh, fuck me now, now!" she hoarsely cried into his ear,  
    her eyes clenched tightly shut, her pelvis grinding in a frantic wanton  
    rhythm now.
    He started to move but she beat him to it. Her hands came down between  
    them and circled around his hot throbbing cock, parting the softness of  
    her pubic hair with the tip and guiding it between the lips of her  
    eagerly palpitating cunt. Phillip groaned above her as he felt her move  
    it up and down between her legs, parting the silken curling fleece of  
    her vaginal hair with the pulsating blood-engorged head of his prick.  
    They grazed teasingly against the super-sensitive flesh, forcing it  
    into even greater hardness until it ached excruciatingly from the  
    agonizing pressure.
    Phillip couldn't hold back another second and flicked his hips forward  
    with a sudden cruel thrust mat drove his cock with a flesh-splitting  
    crash into the hotly gaping mouth of her pussy. She gasped aloud at me  
    impact of his virile, ravishing entry.
    "Ooooohhhhh," she moaned beneath him as she could feel the warm elastic  
    sheath of her own pussy close wetly over the young man's long, hard  
    penis. It entered with a slight popping sound, almost as though she was  
    a virgin being taken for the first time, except that with her it was  
    easier and infinitely more enjoyable, because she could control the  
    deliciously educated muscles of her vagina that way every time. And  
    Phillip was no fool; already he was thinking of those other times,  
    those times in the future when he'd get together again with this  
    marvelous woman.
    His long thick penis raced up into her warmly sucking cunt to the full  
    depths of her eagerly quivering belly, warm and tight at first, aching  
    the fun length of his rigid member and then easier as the wetness of  
    the passage surrounded him, lubricating the way. Then suddenly, he hit  
    bottom ...
    "Aaaaggghhhh," the painfully writhing woman cried, as his balls slapped  
    hard against the rounded cheeks of her ass. William Dodge's voluptuous  
    wife screamed a low, animal-like scream beneath him, twisting  
    momentarily to escape the sudden unexpected pain. But he thrust harder,  
    screwing his pelvis tighter into her loins so there was no escape for  
    her. She was skewered good and he lay for a moment to allow the pain of  
    his sudden ravishing entry to subside, proud to be able to hurt her  
    this way. Christ, he'd show her what a real fucking was like, hurt her  
    like nobody ever had ... and she'd be powerless to hurt him in return.  
    It was the same old story retold, woman helpless and subjugated in sex,  
    helpless to hurt back, only able to be hurt. And to suffer through it  
    all, possessed by the power of man.
    *  *  *
    Shit, he's better than I'd have guessed, Bill Dodge observed from the  
    sanctuary of his hidden control room, watching the increasingly frantic  
    action on his color television monitor. Yes, Valerie will get a kick  
    out of this tape, that's for sure. And so will some of her friends,  
    unless I've misjudged that sex-crazy bunch. Christ, I'll have to really  
    throw the ol' meat to her tonight to keep up with this young fucker!
    He kept thinking about that sweet little thing sitting so innocently  
    and demurely in his office, just a few feet away ... thinking about how  
    she'd look out there on that big bed. But not with this young stud ...  
    with William Dodge, of course! But that was in the future, if at all.  
    Time now to switch the tape unit to automatic and return to my lovely  
    young guest. Mustn't keep her waiting too long.
    *  *  *
    Phillip ground his pelvis into the squirming flaccid flesh of the older  
    woman beneath him as she strained back under him, arching her loins up  
    at him, lifting them both a few inches off the silken coverlets from  
    the furious strength of her upward thrusts. She moaned ceaselessly  
    beneath his pounding body, opening and closing her legs around his hips  
    as she worked up and down in a chanting rhythm of intercourse as old as  
    the universe itself. Her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailing from  
    side to side on the mattress again and again in wild ecstasy.
    "It feels good, good, baby, so fucking good! Stick your finger in my  
    asshole! Hurt me, lover, hurt me! Make me scream!"
    He reached under her between her buttocks as he drove his cock  
    rhythmically into the wetness of her cunt. He stretched the smoothly  
    curved crevice of her ass wide, searching with the tip of his stiffened  
    middle finger for the tight little hole of her anus.
    And then he found it ... a small trickle of her own juices was running  
    down the widespread crevice from where he could feel his hardened rod  
    of lust-distended flesh slithering hotly into her. It moistened the  
    tight puckered little hole, lubricating it slightly and he probed  
    experimentally for a moment with the tip of his finger. He pushed hard,  
    feeling the knotted little band of muscle give a little, and then  
    suddenly the tight elastic nether ring gave way completely and his  
    finger slid in up to the first knuckle. She jumped forward, almost  
    crawling on her back to escape the sudden unexpected pain that seared  
    through her rectum.
    "Aaaaggghhhhh, yes, it hurts! It hurts!"
    Phillip answered her cries with a deeper stab of his upraised finger,  
    sinking it to the second joint.
    "Yes, yes ... Ooooohhhhh, yes, hurt me! Hurt me!" she screamed,  
    writhing ecstatically, impaled between me two ravishing fleshy spears  
    of his cock and middle finger.
    Seemingly oblivious to the anguished pain, he felt her suddenly begin  
    screwing her buttocks back on his finger until it was sunk to me palm  
    of his hand. He jiggled it inside, rotating it around in the fleshy  
    depths of her tender rectum. He could feel through the thin wall of  
    flesh separating her two passages me underside of his cock sliding in  
    and out of her, and he began skewering her between them, maintaining  
    the same rhythm for both as she groaned on under him. His nail caught  
    the flesh momentarily in her asshole, scraping her painfully, and she  
    jerked, but then caught up me rhythm again, opening her legs wide out  
    over me bed to give him even greater freedom of entry to her ravished  
    Phillip could feel his cock growing and expanding inside her until it  
    felt as though it were going to burst from the exquisite pleasure and  
    sperm building in his testicles as they slapped heavily against her  
    buttocks below. It wouldn't be long, he hoped, he knew he couldn't hold  
    it back forever. She had to cum soon.
    He could tell she was near completion as she gripped him tight between  
    her thighs, opening and closing them around his driving hips in time to  
    his long, hard thrusts into her. She gurgled beneath him, the sound  
    coming from somewhere deep within her throat as though she had no  
    control over it. He knew she was near and he continued his merciless  
    thrusting with all me strength in his well-toned youthful body.
    "Ooooohhhhh, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, baby! Hard! HARD!!" She  
    punctuated her wanton plea with the pounding of her heels high up on  
    his naked back. She had jackknifed her legs up tight, pressing her  
    knees back hard into her breasts and offering him me full opening of  
    her upraised crotch. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably in her head, her  
    face contorted and straining for the final explosion so near.
    "I'm cumming ..." Her mouth gaped wide in ecstatic abandon, almost  
    disbelief. "Oh God, I'm cumming!"
    She mumbled on incoherently until the sounds coming from her throat  
    were a mass of jumbled, unintelligible syllables. She pulled back her  
    Highs tighter until the whole of her wide-stretched vaginal slit was  
    presented up to him to abuse and ravage as he willed. Her ankles locked  
    high up over his shoulders, her crotch squirming beneath him in a wild  
    uninhibited dance of abandoned ecstasy. Her mouth hung open wide,  
    unseeing eyes glazed as they aimed blankly toward the ceiling.
    And then ... "Aaaaaggghhhhh!" A banshee scream burst from her lips and  
    filled the room with her ecstatic fulfillment, their two sweat-soaked,  
    panting bodies slapping brutally together. Dodge's naked wife's  
    nostrils flared wildly and she screwed herself up onto his thrusting  
    cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of her thighs  
    while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly.
    She held her breath for an interminable long time, then expelled it as  
    though she'd been kicked in the stomach, collapsing limply down into  
    the soft, yielding mattress. She lay still, except for the  
    uncontrollable quivering of her pussy as her vaginal walls shivered out  
    the last of her bone-wrenching orgasm, still locked wetly around  
    Phillip's tortured prick, swollen now to an incredible hardness. He  
    pushed deep into her and lay still. Inside her, it felt as big around  
    as a man's forearm, shoved deliciously up into her very insides.
    Only the last traces of anguished self-control kept him from continuing  
    to screw into her. Christ, he'd never in his short life seen anything  
    like this. Or felt anything like this, either! He throbbed the muscles  
    of his cock deep in her belly, hoping to urge her back for more.
    "Oh, honey, that was really nice," she purred, "I haven't been screwed  
    like that in a helluva long time."
    "Don't put it in the past tense," Phillip said proudly, "we're not  
    finished yet."
    "Jesus, you've really been holding back, haven't you?"
    "Yeah, but I can't hold it much longer," he gasped. "My balls are about  
    to blow up."
    "Pull it out and roll over, sweetie," she smiled, "Mommy's gonna' give  
    you a special treat for being such a good boy."
    He pulled back, sliding his hardness out of the soft warmth of her  
    pussy. It killed him to pull it out, he was so near to shooting out his  
    painfully waiting cum in her belly that he didn't want to stop but he  
    had to let her have her way. It would be best this time until he knew  
    more about her, about what she wanted in her lovemaking. He had to  
    admit that, while he'd had a fair share of women, his sexual  
    experiences were pretty much the straight missionary-position stuff.  
    Maybe he'd learn some things that would help with Jessica ... that is,  
    if she ever stopped hanging on to that precious virginity of hers.
    He reluctantly rolled from the softness of her body over onto his back,  
    thin sticky trails of her orgasm following his cock across her lower  
    thigh. He lay tense, with his cock pointed straight at the ceiling.  
    Glancing, he looked to see it she was making any moves in that  
    She turned on her side toward him and, reaching out with her hand,  
    began stroking him, sliding the loose flesh up and down in a slow,  
    magical rhythm that caused his ache to increase almost beyond  
    endurance. Then she rose to her knees and hovered over him on all  
    fours, her face a scant few inches from the throbbing moist head of his  
    penis. She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between the  
    flat of her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his loins  
    to undulate in time to her maddening pace.
    Her head dropped slowly toward the hardness of him and suddenly her  
    tongue flicked forward, me tip boring teasingly into the wetness of the  
    tiny gland on the end. He sucked his breath in from the sudden  
    unexpected contact. Chills rippled along his back, bonging a groan from  
    his parched lips. She brought her mouth down all the way and enclosed  
    the whole of the sensitive, lust-engorged knob in a moist, warm  
    pressure. Her lips tightened like an elastic band around it just below  
    the head, trapping it completely inside the warm wet cavern of her  
    mouth as her tongue tormentingly flicked at the super-sensitive tip.
    "God!" he groaned, lifting his head from the bed and staring down at  
    her contorted face. The sight of his hard shaft of flesh sunk halfway  
    between her pink, widely ovaled lips increased the sensation a thousand  
    fold. It was still wet from the juices of her orgasm and glistened like  
    the stump of a wet tree along the part she had not yet sucked up  
    between her soft moist lips. She massaged the soft resilient skin of  
    his sperm-laden testicles gently with one hand and stroked the base of  
    his cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she began to  
    suck rhythmically up and down. He could feel the softness of her tongue  
    twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the withdrawal, the tip  
    flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland on the end. He  
    flexed his buttocks, his head still raised, watching the top of her  
    head bobbing up and down below. The sight of her labors made it all the  
    more exciting for him.
    Valerie Dodge could feel his throbbing reaction and began to suck his  
    long hard prick more voraciously, the tips of her teeth digging gently  
    into the hard resisting flesh, leaving small white trails where they  
    had scraped the blood from beneath the surface of the loose skin. She  
    shifted her position over his thigh without disengaging her mouth from  
    his prick and kneeled on all fours between his open legs. She reached  
    under his buttocks and cupped them in her palms, pulling his loins up  
    tighter to her face. Her tongue swiped around and around the heavily  
    throbbing head furiously until Phillip felt it nearing the bursting  
    point as she took almost all of the rigid shaft deep into her throat.  
    He was certain she would choke, but somehow she managed to relax the  
    muscles in her tender throat passage, and his thickly-swollen prick  
    eased down the soft channel easily as she continued the maddening  
    sucking on and on.
    Great swirls of heat were building deep in his balls as he watched her  
    face working above his sweating loins. He could see tiny rivulets of  
    sweat rolling in thin droplets from the side of her body as she bucked  
    over him like a demon gone mad. The muscles of his stomach tightened  
    until he thought they would snap from the pressure as he arched his  
    back up completely off the bed, pushing his cock even deeper between  
    the moistly ovaled ridges of her softly working lips.
    He groaned over and over again, his lips working frantically and wild  
    unintelligible garbled mumblings spitting from his painfully clenched  
    teeth. Suddenly, he gasped. The moment was here and a low, gutteral  
    sound started from somewhere deep in his chest as he felt the hot  
    sticky sperm begin its mad headlong dash from the shelter of his balls  
    and begin spewing in hot thin streams into her ravenously sucking  
    mouth. Her cheeks expanded and hollowed fish-like as she greedily  
    swallowed the warm flooding gushes to keep from choking. She went on  
    sucking wildly as he emptied his white-hot sperm into the wetness of  
    her mouth. His hands tangled cruelly in her hair, holding her head to  
    the throbbing of his loins as he pushed his squirting prick all the way  
    down to her tonsils. She coughed sporadically as she swallowed and  
    gulped desperately to regain her breath. He moaned his last and grunted  
    heavily in final and complete fulfillment. Slowly, his cock deflated in  
    her mouth but she continued sucking, nibbling softly and carefully,  
    drawing every last drop of the warm sticky sperm from his bruised and  
    battered cock. And it was over ...
    *  *  *
    Silently, the steel doors of the elevator opened and Phillip Wright  
    stepped out into the marble-clad corridor. His heels clicked loudly on  
    the stone floor as he walked toward the Dodge apartment, one of only  
    two on the entire huge floor.
    Yes, it was a strange series of circumstances allright ... Valerie,  
    poised as usual, had dressed and hurried out into the reception room  
    that day ahead of him, apologizing to Jessica profusely for keeping  
    "your handsome man," explaining that she had some work in mind for him.  
    Jessica, naturally, was overjoyed, so much so, in fact, that she never  
    noticed the somewhat sheepish Cheshire-cat grin on his face when he  
    returned a few minutes later. And apparently Valerie Dodge was serious  
    about the work, for a day later she called with an offer of a short-
    term assignment, sort of a trial run, you might say. And with an  
    invitation to this party.
    He'd thought of telling Jessica, but then, since he hadn't actually  
    seen her in a few days, it hardly seemed worth the bother. She'd  
    understand, probably, knowing it was only for business, even though it  
    wasn't the sort of thing she'd ever dream of. Phillip half-laughed to  
    himself as he thought of what Jessica's reaction would be to the mere  
    mention of what had happened the other day in Valerie's office. Jesus,  
    she'd go out of her mind!
    "Phillip, darling! Come in, come in!" Valerie swished from the suddenly  
    open door and hustled him into the immense living room ... and into the  
    most important night of his life.
    Chapter 6
    Jessica Wright waited nervously for the doorman to open her door as she  
    sat, somewhat afraid, in the enormous Mercedes-Benz limousine that had  
    brought her to this fashionable riverside high-rise. The uniformed  
    employee was fast on his feet for an old man, or at least he was when  
    he recognized the car. She politely thanked the driver, a middle-aged  
    black who only nodded in reply, and lifted the hem of her silvery gown,  
    her arm firmly but gently held by the doorman, as she made her way to  
    the building entrance.
    William Dodge had sent the car for her, just as he had promised on the  
    telephone when he called day before yesterday. She had nearly refused  
    his invitation at first, feeling it only fair to talk this over with  
    Phillip first. But her aunt's phone had been out of order for almost a  
    week now, and still no sign of a repairman from that marvelously  
    efficient New York telephone company. She couldn't call him for an  
    okay. And after all, didn't Mr. Dodge take special care to emphasize  
    that Mrs. Dodge would be at the party too? What could be wrong with  
    accepting his kind invitation? Surely, the contacts she could make at a  
    party like this would be a great help in her modeling career, maybe  
    even in Phillip's art practice.
    Jessica was reluctant for another reason, too ... it was only a few  
    short days since that horrible night at Marty Felder's. That nightmare  
    was still indelibly etched in her mind, and there still remained the  
    awful task of telling Phillip the truth about what went on in the  
    Felder penthouse. She knew she had to tell him eventually--it wouldn't  
    be fair to even think about marriage until she'd leveled with him.  
    Maybe he wouldn't want her after he learned the truth ... some men  
    couldn't live with the knowledge that their wives had done something as  
    unspeakable as what she had been dragged into at Marty Felder's. But  
    that was the gamble she'd have to take. If Phillip was indeed half the  
    man she knew he was, he'd understand He'd forgive her and go on loving  
    her just as though nothing had ever happened.
    And for her part, Jessica knew now never to let herself be suckered  
    into anything again, no matter what the odds. There could never be  
    another Marty Felder in her life, for Jessica Richards the kid grew up  
    that night. And no man would ever pull the wool over her eyes again.  
    Not that she had to worry with Phillip--he wasn't the sort. Wild  
    perhaps, like all artists are, in some way or another, but sweet and  
    warm and gentle. Not like so many men she'd met since embarking on this  
    career. Not like the Marty Felder's of this world.
    Of course, there hadn't been any job offer forthcoming from that  
    horrible Felder. All she could thank that filthy pervert for was the  
    chance at an interview with William Dodge. That much he owed her, he  
    reluctantly admitted, after a quarter-hour of non-stop tears when the  
    heartless monster finally admitted that he really didn't have anything  
    open for her at the moment. And it was that interview that led her to  
    this party.
    Jessica's heart quickened as she entered the plushly decorated lobby;  
    she paused in front of one of the ceiling-high mirrors to check her  
    hair. One of her classmates from modeling school had styled it for her,  
    and the effect, she'd have to admit, was stunning. It was high in back,  
    and trailed down over the sides of her head in a half-dozen little  
    ringlets, each of them lightly frosted to add contrast to her honey-
    blonde luxuriant hair. The dress was a real extravagance, but one she  
    hoped would be worth the investment. Her Aunt had lent her the money,  
    but only after she heard where the party was being held. When the Dodge  
    name and address was mentioned, she couldn't dig up the money fast  
    enough. No niece of hers was going to William Dodge's home without a  
    new dress, she had insisted, and Jessica, admittedly, had offered only  
    the least of token resistance.
    "Miss Richards?"
    She turned, surprised at the sound of her name, It was Bill Dodge,  
    elegant in an Italian jumpsuit creation that made him look like  
    Mastroianni in an imported movie. "Oh, hello. I didn't expect to find  
    you in the lobby," she said.
    He laughed, and when he did the soft skin around his eyes furrowed into  
    a hundred tiny wrinkles, like the eyes of a cowboy after years of  
    squinting into the southwestern sun. He looked his age, fifty-three  
    according to the magazines, but he was an elegantly-preserved fifty-
    three, to be sure. She liked that about him--he didn't try to look and  
    act twenty-five, like so many men in the television and advertising  
    "Actually, I was just coming down to ask Anderson here if there had  
    been any sign of you." He paused to look her over, appraising me young  
    blonde's delightfully trim figure, barely concealed beneath the skin-
    tight second skin of her silver gown. "You're quite lovely, you know  
    Jessica felt the color fill her face and she turned away; she was a  
    model now, after all, and she should certainly be acclimated to  
    comments on her looks by now. But still, coming from a man as well-
    known and important as William Dodge, it was quite a compliment indeed.  
    "Thank you, Mr. Dodge," she replied demurely, averting her eyes from  
    his openly appraising stare.
    "Well, now that you're here, let's go back upstairs and join the  
    others. There's quite a crowd up there, and I'm afraid the party's gone  
    on without us."
    "Oh, I'm terribly sorry we were late. But it wasn't your driver's  
    fault," she explained as they entered the elevator. "You see, we were  
    caught in this immense traffic jam on Riverside Drive. There was a big  
    wreck right in that sharpest curve and we couldn't do anything but wait  
    it out."
    "Now, now, don't be concerned," he said with a paternal air, "No harm  
    done. I do hope you enjoy the party. Oh, by the way, you did know that  
    Wright gentleman was here, didn't you?"
    "Wright? You mean Phillip Wright?" she asked, trying to mask her utter  
    and total amazement and surprise.
    "Yes, that young man you were with in my office the other day. The one  
    my wife Valerie invited in for an interview. Commercial artist, I  
    Jessica struggled hard and fast to compose herself before she spoke ...  
    Phillip, what can I say to him! He all never understand!
    "Uh, actually, I didn't know he was coming," she managed to mutter  
    after a long few seconds, "but I haven't seen him lately anyway. Does  
    he know I'm to be here?"
    "No, I don't think so. Valerie just happened to mention it to me. I  
    haven't even been introduced myself yet. Would you prefer not to see  
    "Oh, no, nothing like that! It's just ... I'd like to talk to him  
    alone, you understand?"
    "Of course, of course," the older man smiled, "Don't let it worry that  
    pretty little head of yours. Besides, it's so dark, I doubt he'd  
    recognize you."
    Jessica shrugged off that last remark; there was enough rolling around  
    in her mind already to keep her confused for a lifetime. She took a  
    deep breath and counted slowly backwards from ten, an old trick they'd  
    taught her in modeling classes to help you compose yourself. And then  
    they reached the Dodge's floor; she could hear the sounds of the party  
    when the doors silently opened. Oh well, she thought, here goes!
    Chapter 7
    Bill Dodge placed his hand very properly in the small of the beautiful  
    young blonde's back, just lightly enough to guide her through the  
    double doorway and into the tiled entrance foyer. He took her light  
    wrap and hung it in the formal-sized coat closet, along with what  
    looked like a million expensive furs and cashmeres. She turned to look  
    down the corridor toward the living room doorway, and Dodge was able to  
    get a few seconds of uninterrupted, unabashed staring in before it was  
    necessary to put back on his Mr. Nice Guy-smile. Christ, what a body!  
    The ass on this lovely young chick he just couldn't believe! Two nice  
    ripe handfuls, just aching to be squeezed like a couple of juicy  
    melons, nearly bursting from her skin-tight dress. He could even see  
    the lovely dimpled little crevice where the fabric dipped as it  
    lovingly stretched across the glorious swell of her buttocks. Damn, his  
    wife, Valerie, had certainly made the right move this time. Sometimes  
    her choices were a bit strange, like that actor from California and his  
    heroin-shooting wife, but not this time! This little honey was all  
    Of course, William Dodge hadn't always been quite so free-swinging and  
    hip in his extra-marital sex life; he had Valerie to thank for the  
    sudden new world she had introduced him to a few years back. There were  
    two broken marriages behind each of them when they met in 1961 at the  
    New York Art Director's Show, an annual exhibition of some of the best  
    in advertising commercial art. Bill was there that year with several of  
    his creative staff, riding high on the crest of agency popularity,  
    having been just selected as the firm to package three network specials  
    for NBC for the upcoming fall season, and Valerie Madison, after giving  
    up her acting career, was then at the peak of her fame as the world's  
    top model-agency chief, or procurer, as she liked to call herself for  
    shock-value. Both of them at their zenith seemingly, career-wise, yet  
    both were searching for something to fill the undeniable void in their  
    respective lives. And after a few months of occasional dating and being  
    buzzed about in all the society page columns, they decided to get  
    It had been, at first, as much of a merger as a marriage, the two  
    corporate heads bringing their resources and assets together in a  
    pooling that formed the W. B. Dodge Company as it existed today,  
    Valerie magnanimously offering her new husband the right to sole use of  
    the bannerhead. Not that there hadn't been another side to their  
    marriage--Valerie certainly saw to that. Until she came along, Bill  
    Dodge had never known what really total sexual excitement was all  
    about. Sure, he'd had his share of would-be starlets and agency  
    hangers-on, and they were all satisfying in their own sort of way, but  
    nothing like this. Valerie was a veritable chasm of sexual delights,  
    seemingly never tiring of incessant romps beneath the covers,  
    continually frequent couplings that he knew he could only hope to  
    provide her for just so long.
    Extramarital sex wasn't even a topic they discussed; possibly if they  
    had tried to agree on a plan of action, their life together would have  
    been doomed to failure. But Valerie came through again, introducing him  
    to a circle of friends she had apparently kept well obscured during the  
    early months of their marriage, explaining much later that she wasn't  
    lying, just waiting until he was ready for such far-out hobbies as  
    wife-swapping and all-night orgies with a dozen or more couples.
    But Dodge had taken to this new life like a duck to water, only in the  
    very beginning feeling those omnipresent pangs of gnawing jealousy as  
    he saw his lovely wife naked, being screwed until she screamed in  
    ecstasy, sometimes by as many as five or six men in the course of one  
    evening's get-together. Not now, though, now he enjoyed her little  
    dalliances as much as his own, and fortunately, his new-found  
    voyeuristic proclivities were well complemented by Valerie's obsessive  
    Yes, their sex lives were most compatible. And they never forgot their  
    allegiance to each other. Valerie, by turning the best of her current  
    ripening young models over to her husband, satisfying his frequent  
    cravings for just the right girlish, slim-hipped teeny-bopper to answer  
    the burning desires his lechery fanned in his balls; and Dodge himself,  
    never tiring in his quest for tireless young studs to toss to his  
    insatiable auburn-haired wife like raw meat to a lioness. In fact, it  
    had been he who first pointed out this newest passion to Valerie,  
    directing her to "take a look at that artist kid waiting for his girl  
    in our reception room." Valerie, of course, had taken it from there.  
    And quite well, too, judging from the video tapes he'd previewed only  
    last night.
    His eyes caught a glimpse of Jessica's trim lovely legs, framed in the  
    slit of her dress that went nearly up to the top of her thigh. She  
    caught him staring at her when she turned, and quickly looked away,  
    trying hard not to blush this time.
    "Well, let's get a couple of drinks first and then join the fun," he  
    said cheerily.
    Jessica peered around the doorway into the immense living room; it was  
    actually two rooms, L-shaped, and probably close to sixty feet at its  
    longest point. The room was quite dark, most of the illumination coming  
    from a good-sized projection screen at the end of the longest leg. A  
    film was running; Jessica recognized it immediately as one of Valerie  
    Madison's earlier television shows, a situation comedy that was quite  
    successful in the fifties and now well into its thousandth rerun on  
    afternoon TV. The long room, really more like a hall, was crowded with  
    people, some sitting, some standing, quite a few even sprawled on the  
    shag-carpeted floor. It was impossible to recognize anyone in the dim  
    light, and for this she was grateful. It meant she didn't have to come  
    to grips with the problem of what to tell Phillip right away; maybe  
    with some time to think, it would be easier.
    Dodge handed her a tall drink, served in a thick frosted glass, which  
    he obtained from the light-skinned Negro busily mixing cocktails behind  
    a richly-padded leather bar hidden away in one corner.
    "What is it?" she asked, rather surprised that her host had not first  
    asked her her preference.
    There was a sudden burst of laughter as the slapstick action on the  
    screen grew increasingly frantic, and the crowded smoky room came alive  
    with screams of amusement. "It's a special drink that Valerie  
    discovered. She serves it at all her parties ..." He was nearly  
    shouting in her ear to be heard over the noise. "... Won't tell me the  
    secret ingredients. Nobody knows but her. She mixes it up ahead of time  
    and Randolph, the barman, just gets another pitcher from the kitchen  
    maid when he runs low. I do know the base is absinthe Pernod, the real  
    stuff from Spain."
    "Pernod! Isn't that supposed to be poison, or something?" asked Jessica  
    cautiously. She suddenly remembered a few half-whispered tales about  
    the milky drink, rumors about its potent powers. Some even claimed it  
    to be an aphrodisiac, though this had been disputed.
    "It's like a lot of things, poisonous if you drink too much of it.  
    Hell, you can die from drinking Scotch, if you decide to empty a barrel  
    instead of a bottle. Don't worry about it," he assured her, "we've all  
    been drinking it for years, and nothing's gone wrong yet." And at that,  
    he made a melodramatic grab for his throat, clutching his windpipe as  
    if dying, his eyeballs suddenly puffed out like a frog's.
    Jessica laughed aloud at his obvious kidding, then suddenly felt quite  
    better, more relaxed about being here, about having to eventually face  
    Phillip. William Dodge seemed quite human to her now, no longer the  
    distant, marble-cut corporate captain she'd known him to be from afar.
    She felt a slight light headedness from the strong drink, though the  
    potent blend was, indeed, very tasty, more like a tangy milkshake than  
    the harsh gagging concoction she had expected. There was a glow there,  
    but otherwise it didn't seem to dull her thinking like alcohol usually  
    did. She liked it and sipped heavily again as William Dodge passed her  
    another drink. A strange giddiness seemed to pervade throughout her  
    whole body as she turned from the bar and looked around the darkened  
    room. She had to squint her eyes to even see the opposite end because  
    of the dimness, but still, she could make out the silhouettes of little  
    clusters of people scattered about the enormous apartment. She strained  
    to see if she could spot Phillip, half-hoping Dodge had been wrong and  
    her boyfriend wasn't here. She wondered if he'd tried to reach her,  
    explain that he was invited to this get-together. But she knew he had,  
    it wouldn't be like sweet Phillip to do otherwise.
    And then she saw him, outlined quite clearly as he passed in front of  
    the doorway to the apartment's other rooms. Her whole body tensed, and  
    she could see out of the corner of her eye that Dodge had noticed her  
    sudden reaction. He came directly toward them, and she thought for a  
    moment he had spotted her. But no, he stopped at a thickly upholstered  
    loveseat sofa just a few feet away from where she stood near the bar.
    "What's wrong, dear," Dodge whispered in her ear.
    "Shhhhh," she managed, afraid that Phillip would hear her voice. She  
    stood immobile for what seemed hours, not resisting as William Dodge  
    slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her tight against him. She  
    felt the softness of her breasts crushed against his chest, though she  
    didn't move as she watched, unbelieving, as Phillip's arms went  
    familiarly around the body of the attractive woman she now recognized  
    as Valerie Dodge.
    "It's Phillip ... and your wife!" she whispered loudly, safer now from  
    discovery that her boyfriend's back was turned. She watched with tears  
    filling her eyes as Phillip's hands were seemingly at once everywhere  
    on the voluptuous celebrity's receptive body. She saw now for the first  
    time the horrible truth ... the man she held up as an example to strive  
    for, the wonderful friend and lover she idolized ... no better than any  
    cheating husband or boyfriend anywhere.
    "Don't cry, luv, you'll smear your make-up."
    "I don't care anymore," she replied bitterly, dabbing her eyes gingerly  
    with his handkerchief. "I'd like another drink, please. It looks like  
    I'11 need one."
    "Now you're talking," smiled Bill Dodge, "that's just what I hoped  
    you'd say."
    Dodge's arm curled around her waist as she pulled heavily on her new  
    drink; she leaned limply against him, all will to fight kicked out of  
    her like a lungful of air with the revelation of Phillip's obvious  
    infidelity. It hurt her, hurt her badly. And ironically, it hurt even  
    worse because of her own horrible failure, that nightmarish encounter  
    with Marty Felder. All the hours, All the nights of worrying, crying  
    ... and all along, her precious boyfriend, the man she was going to  
    marry, was no better. Even worse, he had a choice; no one forced him  
    into anything. A man couldn't be forced to do the things she was seeing  
    him do with her own eyes. God, how it ached to see him like this, like  
    a fallen angel kicked from his place on high, now just another mortal,  
    wallowing in the dust and dirt of earthly sin.
    Only the knowledge that her wonderful Phillip would someday understand,  
    that she could come to him, humbly and without conditions, to ask for  
    his forgiveness ... only that knowledge had kept her alive these few  
    days, had given her the strength to go on despite the ravishment she  
    had endured at the hands of Marty Felder. Just thinking of Phillip, her  
    knight in shining armor, had given her the will to live, the desire to  
    keep on striving for what she had set as her goal in life. She had  
    drawn from him a feeling of security, of strength, much like another  
    might have drawn from her rosary or her Bible. And now, now that was  
    all gone ... she felt more alone, more deserted and helpless, than  
    she'd ever felt in her whole life. More than when she left home to come  
    to New York, even more than last week when she left Felder's penthouse,  
    bruised and ravaged, raped of her virginity.
    Damn him, she thought, damn, damn, damn! He's not the only one who can  
    have a good time! If he can do it, so can I! She could hurt him just as  
    much as he could hurt her and if she had to do it, she would, without a  
    second's hesitation. She sipped again on the strong greenish drink; the  
    liquid seemed to wash away her tears, leaving in their place a kind of  
    seething anger that grew by the moment.
    She tried not to look, to keep her eyes away from the spectacle her  
    boyfriend and this man's wife were making of themselves, but she  
    couldn't, and when she looked again, to her horrified amazement, he had  
    his hand inside the woman's dress as she lay back, her eyes closed,  
    savoring his lascivious massaging, a rapturous expression on her face.
    "The kid seems to know what he's doing," whispered Bill in her ear  
    "Oh, how could he. I mean, how could they!" she said, clenching her  
    teeth, her voice rising in anger.
    "Quiet, they'll hear you," he said in her hair, "and we don't want a  
    scene. Remember, she's my wife."
    Jessica knew he was right, as much as she would have liked to scream a  
    few things into Phillip Wright's face and storm out. She gulped down  
    the rest of her cocktail and asked for another, not taking her eyes for  
    a moment off the lovemaking couple only a dozen feet away. Valerie's  
    dress was unbuttoned now, and Phillip had lowered his face to her  
    breasts. Even in the dim light, Jessica could see that his lips were  
    fastened to the redhaired woman's nipple, she squirmed from side to  
    side in the narrow confines of the loveseat.
    She hardly dared to breathe. The strong drink had turned her body into  
    a loose bundle of nerve ends that her mind could no longer control. She  
    could not believe what she was seeing with her own two eyes ... nor  
    could she believe the feelings that were suddenly stirring in her own  
    flesh in tiny licking flames of desire. Was it the absinthe? Or was it  
    the wanton forbidden wickedness of watching the man she loved making  
    love to another woman? She didn't know, but whatever it was, it was  
    steadily growing within her.
    Bill Dodge's hands were around her waist, tenderly massaging her around  
    the middle, and she didn't protest as his hands moved upward, slowly at  
    first, until his palms cupped around the firm, lusciously formed mounds  
    of her well-ripened young titties. She could feel the heat of his  
    breath as he nibbled at the side of her neck. Paralyzed, she watched  
    mutely as Phillip's hands searched under Dodge's wife's dress, found  
    their mark as she arched suddenly, a silent scream on her lips, her  
    eyes rolling in her head.
    Suddenly Phillip glanced their way; she snapped her head away in time,  
    but her lips were quickly met by Bill's insistent mouth. She let him  
    kiss her; in fact, she kissed him back, hard ... he almost hoped  
    Phillip had spotted her, hoped he could see her in the arms of Bill  
    Dodge, watch helplessly as she allowed another man to hold her, to  
    caress her, to fondle her like his own ... like he was doing with  
    Valerie Dodge!
    Bill's hands snaked over the supple curves of her young perfectly  
    formed model's body, explored the curves and soft female recesses of  
    her trim figure. And she didn't try to stop him. Twice she almost  
    pulled away, almost ran from the room, from this whole building ... but  
    she glanced at Phillip and Bill's wife. And that was enough to make her  
    stay, to make her fight. Damn Phillip Wright! I'll show him! I'll show  
    "Looks like they're moving to someplace quieter ... with a little more  
    privacy," whispered Bill. Jessica jerked her head around; in her  
    growing passion, she had almost forgotten for a moment about her  
    boyfriend and this man's wife.
    Then she saw them moving through the crowd of buzzing people, past a  
    couple or two already embraced on the carpet or on the sofas. He was  
    right! They were going toward the bedrooms!
    She turned away from the lurid scene, back to her drink and to Bill.  
    She finished it hurriedly, then another, fighting once again to hold  
    back the stinging tears that filled her eyes.
    Later, after he had pressed more drinks than she could count in her  
    hands and she had gratefully downed them, he pulled her to her feet  
    from the couch. "Come on," he whispered quietly. "Let's just see what  
    that young boyfriend of yours is doing to my wife. We might even try to  
    even things up with them."
    She followed him blindly, not caring where he was taking her or how  
    long it took to get there.
    "They've had long enough. We'll probably catch 'em right in the middle  
    of it," Bill Dodge said. Jessica had lost count of the passion-inciting  
    absinthe cocktails and she followed him wearily, like a lost child,  
    toward the bedroom where Valerie and Phillip had disappeared a half-
    hour or so ago.
    They reached the end of the corridor. "In here," he said, holding a  
    finger to his lips. "And be quiet. They're in the same room."
    He opened the door just enough for them to squeeze through without  
    letting in too much light, though there was scarcely more light in the  
    hallway than in the darkened bedroom. The room was large, even for Bill  
    Dodge's apartment. It would have made an enormous dining room in any  
    lesser man's apartment, here it was only the master bedroom.
    She expected him to take her hand and lead her through the darkness,  
    but instead, his arms pulled her to him and his lips came wetly into  
    her mouth. She sucked on it gently, letting her body melt into his in  
    the darkness. She could feel herself begin to tremble from the wicked  
    excitement of another man's kiss long and hard and she could suddenly  
    feel a slight jerk where his loins pressed into the softness of her  
    stomach. He was getting hard and she sensed a sudden tensing in her own  
    breasts as the tips were smashed hard against his chest.
    Christ, I want to fuck you," he breathed into her ear.
    Just the words strangely excited her as never before; but not a fearful  
    excitement, it was one she welcomed. She reached down between their  
    bodies and boldly stroked his penis, feeling more wicked than she ever  
    had before. The tingling in her breasts dropped to her thighs and  
    danced there magically for a moment as he sucked in his breath from her  
    "Take off your dress," he whispered hoarsely, unable to stand it any  
    longer. He guided her backwards to a chair that she could barely make  
    out in the dimness of a tiny night-light from the bathroom. Her eyes  
    had adjusted to the darkness now and she could distinguish the forms of  
    the furniture easier now.
    Jessica's hands trembled as she reached behind her and slid the zipper  
    silently down from her neck to the cleft of her buttocks. She lifted  
    the dress over her head and dropped it softly back across the chair.  
    She gasped unintentionally as the cool air rushed over her nipples; she  
    hadn't worn a bra with the modish outfit, and she shivered now as the  
    coolness teased the sensitive buds of her pink, already slightly  
    pulsating nipples. She had her panties only remaining, not even  
    stockings, as the dress was so long they weren't needed. Her almost-
    nakedness sent chills through her flesh, exciting her as she had never  
    been excited before. The thought that she would soon be writhing in  
    passion with another man with Phillip in the same room only added to  
    the forbidden joy. She would never have believed it possible for her to  
    do this, never in a million years. But here she was, nearly stripped,  
    in a near-stranger's bedroom ... and about to be fucked. Phillip  
    Wright, you've got nobody to blame but yourself, she told herself,  
    tempted to cry out in the darkness and let him try to figure it out.  
    She could hear Bill Dodge struggling to get rid of his clothing and she  
    smiled at his obvious impatience to get at her. Yes, she felt suddenly  
    a different person, changed, changed drastically. And she was sure  
    she'd like the new Jessica Richards far better than the old!
    He reached for her in the darkness, his hands coming into contact with  
    the nakedness of her shoulder first, the coolness of his hands causing  
    her to jump.
    "Oh, you frightened me. Where are they? Are you certain they are in  
    this room?" she whispered.
    "Oh, yes, they're on the other bed. There are two kingsized ones in  
    here. Now get out of your panties," he said, his fingers brushing  
    lightly over her to "see" what she had left.
    She stripped the whiteness of her soft silken panties down over the  
    fullness of her hips and thighs and stepped from them, dropping them  
    with her dress on the adjacent chair. Now she was naked, totally, stark  
    naked! And somehow she wasn't afraid! She felt no guilt about this, not  
    this time ... he asked for it, and she aimed to give Phillip Wright  
    just what he deserved.
    Bill's hands reached out in the darkness and began running over her  
    naked flesh. She stood still, her arms at her sides, trembling from the  
    wicked sensations running through her. He dropped his head to her  
    breast, cupping it in his hand, and sucked the tiny throbbing nipple  
    deep into his warm wet mouth. Jessica groaned and swayed in the  
    darkness, almost falling.
    "Don't ... not here," she said courageously. "I want to do it where  
    Phillip and your wife can hear us."
    Without speaking, he took her hand quickly and led her to the bed  
    closest them. It was even darker here, with not even the grayish  
    nightlight glow to illuminate this side of the room. He stopped in the  
    pitch darkness to get his bearings and Jessica held her breath ... then  
    ... she could hear them! Yes, small sounds, lewd wet sounds she'd never  
    heard before seemed to emanate from the other side of the coal-black  
    room. She had no difficulty imagining what was going on, the wetness of  
    the lewdly rising sucking sounds was a dead giveaway. Oh god, was Bill  
    going to expect the same things from her! She wished she were drunker,  
    blinded to what little sense of decency she had left within her. She  
    knew she couldn't refuse him now; she had to show Phillip!
    They reached the empty bed and he guided her down gently onto the  
    silken coverlet spread over it. She had never felt anything quite like  
    the sensation the first touch of it across her back gave her. It was  
    warm from the first contact when she had expected it to be cold. She  
    wriggled her back against it cat-like as she felt the sag of his weight  
    on the bed as he lay down next to her. He made no attempts to keep his  
    movements quiet and she was certain Phillip and Valerie could hear them  
    but it only added to the excitement that she was going to get herself  
    screwed silly while he lay listening to all the sounds she made. She  
    waited quietly for a moment as Bill pressed his nakedness to hers for  
    some sounds that would indicate that they had disturbed the other two  
    nakedly writhing people, but there were none. The soft wet sucking  
    noises continued unabated as though they were unaware of anyone else's  
    "Ooohhhh, God," she suddenly groaned, forgetting entirely that Phillip  
    was just across the room. Bill Dodge's warm wet lips had begun a gentle  
    nibbling along her shoulder, sending goose-bumps racing over her flesh.  
    She quivered uncontrollably from the sudden unexpected sensation and  
    dropped her hand between them, involuntarily grasping his hard erected  
    cock in her hands. She heard him groan in return as she pushed against  
    it with her fingers, sliding the foreskin back over the round rubbery  
    "I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk straight, baby," he gasped  
    hoarsely between panting breaths. "God, you've got one incredible  
    Jessica smiled to herself through the sensations of desire building  
    deep in her belly. She was indeed a woman after all, and for a man like  
    Bill Dodge to be excited about you, well, that really meant something!
    'Yes, Bill, darling, I want you to ... I want you to fuck me. Fuck me  
    good, please," she moaned with false passion, hearing with quiet  
    satisfaction the sudden stillness of the other couple. And then, a  
    feminine voice.
    "Keep sucking me, Phillip, lover! Lick it good, baby! Don't stop for  
    anything!" came the loud whisper through the room in desperation and  
    then she heard the sounds of movement as though someone were struggling  
    to pull someone back to them, then ... the wet, lewd sucking noises  
    again, only quieter this time.
    Jessica didn't dare breathe. Phillip was doing it to her! Her  
    boyfriend, the man in her life ... sucking that tramp! His tongue  
    probably swirling shamelessly around in her vagina!
    It was the last controlled thought she had. Bill's hot moist mouth  
    fastened tightly to an excitedly erected nipple and began a gentle  
    sucking pressure against it. His hands coursed lightly at the same time  
    over the soft firmness of her belly and thighs. His mouth played for a  
    long delicious moment around me throbbing tits, moving from one to the  
    other, his tongue trailing wetly down through the narrow fleshy valley  
    between them as he alternated his attention to each.
    And then, his mouth slid down over her now hotly quivering belly, his  
    penis sliding from her hand as his body moved away. He ground his  
    tongue for a moment into her navel, bringing small mewls and gasps of  
    pleasure from her open mouth. He moved lower, maddening patterns of  
    indecent sensation trailing after his gently nibbling teeth. She felt  
    her thighs being pressed gently open and she made no resistance as he  
    haunched down between them. She sucked in her breath with a gasp as she  
    felt his fingers spreading the soft hair covered lips of her vagina and  
    the coolness of the air touched her there. His tongue flicked forward,  
    the tip teasing moistly against the tiny bud of her clitoris, causing  
    it to throb into a shocked, eagerly quivering hardness. He lowered his  
    fingers and spread the opening of her cunt wide apart and then  
    suddenly, dropping his tongue from her clitoris, thrust it deep into  
    the pink, moist flesh of her open pussy mouth.
    Jessica jerked spasmodically from the sudden wet searing contact and,  
    reaching down, tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his face hard  
    into her loins. His tongue circled around maddeningly inside her, the  
    tip flicking teasingly against the wet sensitive walls of her pussy  
    like the warning tongue of a vicious snake about to strike.
    "Mmmmmm." A deep-throated sigh of pleasure escaped from deep in her  
    throat. "It's good, darling. Do it more, Bill, lick it more!" she cried  
    loudly enough for Phillip to hear.
    She chanted the words now without thought, her breasts heaving against  
    her chest. Her legs splayed out wide and she jackknifed her knees up  
    hard against her swaying breasts to open her cunt wide, as wide as she  
    could, to offer him the whole fleshy pink expanse. He spread the smooth  
    upturned crevice of her buttocks wide apart with the palms of his  
    hands, stretching them cruelly as he heard her begging for more, and  
    dropping his tongue to the small tightly puckered anus, thrust the tip  
    hard against it until he felt it finally give slightly and the tip  
    enter just a little. She fairly shrieked her joy now as he teased it  
    wetly against the sensitive tightness of her rectal lips.  
    "Oh, Bill! Bill! God, it's so good!"
    He moistened the tip of his middle finger in her cunt and pressed it  
    against the tight little hole, his mouth returning to her clitoris, and  
    as he nibbled against it he thrust forward with his finger, sinking it  
    to the knuckle in her asshole. A groan burst from her lips, and then he  
    sank the upraised digit a knuckle further.
    "Aaaawwww, God ...! God ...! It hurts! It hurts!!"
    He held it still and thrust his tongue deep up her vagina again until  
    she became accustomed to the strange stretching presence in her  
    She lay still, holding her breath with her mouth wide open, her lips  
    drawn back tight over her teeth and her breasts quivering sensuously on  
    her chest. Then, after an eternity, she began to breathe again. He  
    began to lick and suck in earnest now, twisting his finger around and  
    around in her rectum, stretching it wider with each brutal circle until  
    the pain in her rear passage merged with the powerful pleasure-pain  
    coursing through her pussy and she began thrusting her white rounded  
    buttocks back up on his finger, skewering it into herself in rhythm  
    with the lashing of his tongue. He slid his free hand up under her  
    upraised buttocks and pressed them tight up against his face, locking  
    him to her in a lascivious wet connection of tongue and pussy. The soft  
    curly hair grazed tantalizingly against his cheeks.
    A strange masochistic wildness had somehow taken control of her body as  
    she lay impaled between his tongue and finger and she ground her ass in  
    wild abandoned ecstasy hard up against the maddening probings of her  
    hot steaming loins. Nothing mattered now but the agony of the lovely  
    swirling sensations rippling over every inch of her naked flesh. There  
    was nothing else in the world and she writhed and twisted beneath his  
    impalement, gasping and screaming all the lewd words that came into her  
    tortured and anguished mind.
    "Yes, yes, Bill! Suck me, lick my pussy! Ram your finger harder in my  
    ass! Oh harder, yes, harder! Aaawww!!"
    Dodge worked like an avenging devil below, hearing her cries as she  
    approached a quick climax. Jesus, he certainly hadn't misjudged this  
    one. Scratch the surface, and ... voila! A screaming she-goddess of  
    passion. She was a hot enough little bitch, all right, he thought  
    through the blind ecstasy of bringing a tender young beauty like this  
    to orgasm, playing her like he'd play a musical instrument. He flicked  
    his tongue faster and ground his finger with greater severity into the  
    ever-expanding hole of her anus.
    Her body worked beneath him, her thighs spasmodically opening and  
    closing on the sides of his head. He could feel their warm resilience  
    press tightly against his ears as she would jerk involuntarily from an  
    extra deep flick of his tongue in her cunt.
    Bill Dodge felt her belly begin to rise and fall more quickly, her head  
    flailing out of control from side to side on the mattress, her long  
    blonde hair, undone now from its careful styling, lashing about the bed  
    like a whip. He thrust his tongue deeper ...
    Her thighs pressed tighter into the sides of his head, tightening and  
    softening in a lewd rhythm to the thrusting of his punishing tongue. He  
    knew she was on the brink of orgasm. Not quite there, but hanging on  
    the very edge. Her breasts heaved and danced on her chest wildly, her  
    fingers twisted crazily in his hair. Her head stopped its flailing and  
    tensed as she arched her back, the cords in her neck standing out like  
    steel tendons. Her face contorted and a low guttural scream rumbled  
    deep in her throat, choked off at the last moment by a long soulful  
    gasp that reminded him of a piteously dying young doe.
    Aaaaahhhhhh ...
    Jessica felt as though she were losing her insides as the fluid of her  
    orgasm started deep in her belly and gushed out with a roar around his  
    still thrashing tongue and out onto his face. She could feel it running  
    wetly down the crevice of her buttocks, around the finger still worming  
    hotly around in her anus, and down to the covers below. She gave one  
    last great gasp and collapsed down into the mattress, dropping her legs  
    like heavy weights of lead to each side of his body. She could not  
    move, the world and everything around her was a big glowing ember, the  
    charred fragments of the nerve-shattering explosion that had been her  
    orgasm. She lay absolutely immobile, her arms and legs splayed out  
    uselessly like a rag-doll on either side. Bill Dodge lay still also,  
    with his head pillowed in the wet softness of the sparsely curling  
    blonde pubic hair between her legs. They panted out their exhaustion  
    together for a long moment and Bill crawled up over her and pressed his  
    open mouth over hers. She could feel and taste the wetness and  
    intensity of her orgasm on his cheeks and lips and thrust her tongue  
    deep in his mouth in a wordless gesture of thanks for the incredible  
    gift he had just given her.
    "You rest for a minute, honey," he whispered in her ear. "Then it's  
    your turn to suck me!"
    She nodded her head gently in agreement with his mouth locked tightly  
    to hers. She knew this was the moment she should have dreaded, but now  
    it seemed like such a small thing to do for this man who had brought  
    such a wild, deliciously wicked response from her. She had done it  
    solely for revenge against Phillip, but instead, Bill Dodge had shown  
    her what one person could really give to another. She wanted to repay  
    him, to do anything he wanted of her ... and not for revenge this time,  
    but to pay him back for what he had so wonderfully done.
    Through the darkness, she could hear the soft mewling pleadings of  
    Dodge's wife Valerie. She laughed softly to herself. Phillip had a long  
    way to go and a lot to learn if he were ever going to compete with this  
    man. God, even Marty Felder had succeeded in bringing some kind of  
    response from her, crude and brutal though he was.
    Bill lay with his leg thrown over her, his chin nestled against her  
    shoulder as their breathing subsided. The wet sucking noises of  
    Phillip's lovemaking to Bill's wife filtered through the room in a low  
    continuous rhythm. They were punctuated by the soft moaning noises of  
    her passion. Periodically, as he thrust his tongue forward extra  
    vigorously, a slight whimper of surprised delight would erupt from her  
    lips. Jessica could feel Bill's already hardened prick lying across her  
    thigh, throbbing almost in unison to the sound of his wife's salacious  
    "Ready, darling," he whispered, and moved temporarily away from her.
    "Yes, roll onto your back," Jessica murmured surprising even herself at  
    her own boldness, but she could think of no greater punishment for  
    Phillip than to be present while another man shot his sperm deep up  
    into the girl he was going to marry's throat and he was powerless to do  
    anything about it. The thought of doing that to a man no longer  
    repelled her as her loins were still moist and warm from the pleasures  
    he had just conferred upon her and anything that made a person feel  
    that good could not possibly be as degrading as it once seemed to her.
    She began slowly, following his example in lieu of experience, running  
    her tongue down the hollows of his neck to his chest. She found the  
    small male nipples and nipped gently at them, sure they would offer no  
    response. But to her pleasant surprise, they did, and she could feel  
    him twist slightly from the strange sensation. She didn't know much yet  
    about the naked male body and worked slowly to learn. With one hand she  
    reached down and grasped his hardened penis between her fingers as she  
    worked lower and lower with her tongue licking wildly at his flesh. She  
    remembered the wild sensations that had run through her own body when  
    he had licked at her navel and conferred the same on him, running her  
    tongue around hotly inside it until she felt his stomach begin to heave  
    beneath her. He was hairy and she could feel the soft wiriness of it  
    against her lips and face as she moved. She dropped one hand down lower  
    and grasped his hardened penis tightly between her fingers, drawing  
    back the foreskin in a slow teasing motion that brought louder groans  
    from his lips.
    The position was growing more uncomfortable as she worked lower, so she  
    crawled over him, pushed his legs apart, and kneeled on all fours  
    between his thighs, her own feet hanging over the end of the bed.
    Her face was over his loins now and she continued the gentle skinning  
    back and forth of his ever hardening cock. Her lips were a bare inch  
    away from the tip and she opened her mouth and breathed softly against  
    it, allowing her hot breath to flow over the cool tip with a maddening  
    "Ooohh, God, suck it! Now, baby!" she heard him groan above her. His  
    words excited her as she knew her boyfriend next to them would hear and  
    she found herself sadistically wishing she could see his face when he  
    finally realized it was she, Jessica, doing this obscene thing,  
    willingly, to another man. She'd show him! She was no little girl, she  
    could be as much of a woman as that cheap hussy Valerie!
    Her tongue flicked out, the tip coming into warm wet contact with the  
    head of his cock. She circled it about the smooth, rubbery flesh as he  
    groaned and twisted above from the cruel teasing she was subjecting him  
    to. The tip of her slowly searching tongue found the tiny opening of  
    the gland at the end and darted wetly into it. It was already moist  
    from the tiny droplets of seminal fluid seeping from his rising  
    excitement. The sharp pungent taste and odor caused her mouth to  
    salivate and her nostrils to flare slightly. Her hands dropped to the  
    base of the huge erected prick and she cupped his soft, smooth  
    testicles gently with one of them, grazing her nails tantalizingly over  
    the hairy flaccid flesh. The other hand she placed at the thick base of  
    his cock where it soared from the curly black pubic hair covering his  
    lower stomach. She pinched it between her thumb and forefinger and  
    pulled down hard, skinning back the foreskin until the large red  
    throbbing head stood alone and naked against the softness of her lips.  
    She began planting moist warm kisses around it, beginning at the tip  
    and tracing a path down the full length of it to the base and then  
    wetly back up to the tip again. She played longer than she knew she  
    should, not being able, just yet, to bring herself to take it wholly in  
    her mouth.
    But Bill could stand no more. With a gurgle deep in his throat, he  
    reached down with his hands, tangled them in her hair and thrust his  
    loins up with the strength of an enraged bull. Jessica resisted for a  
    moment, doubts running wildly through her mind, but it was too late.  
    The thick spongy head rammed inside, crushing through her soft moist  
    lips, between the whiteness of her teeth and into the spongy softness  
    of her tongue. She could feel the hardness of it as it rubbed against  
    the full length of her mouth, almost imbedding itself deep in her  
    She closed her eyes to keep from choking at the sight of it. Saliva  
    seemed to fill her mouth, all of it, except that filled by Bill's great  
    fleshy cock, now protruding banana-like from her ovaled shaped lips.
    "Oooh, honey, your mouth feels so nice," she heard him murmur as he  
    began a slow rhythmic undulation of his hips up into her face.
    "Tighten you lips, baby, and suck harder," he hissed from above,  
    through clenched teeth, his voice thick and coarse from his passion.
    Jessica did as she was told, feeling at the same time the excitement  
    growing again in her own body from the mean, debasing thought of her  
    mouth being used this way by a man as wealthy and famous as Bill Dodge,  
    just as Marty Felder had used her cunt, like a receptacle for his spent  
    lust. She sucked demon-like, swishing her tongue with vengeance around  
    and around the throbbing head sliding it teasingly and hotly in and out  
    of her widely ovaled lips. She sucked voraciously, her head bobbing  
    like a cork over his lewdly pumping loins. The masochistic joy of being  
    used, used like a dirty whore while Phillips damn him, was only a few  
    feet away, permeated her body in tingling surges of wanton ecstasy,  
    submissive mewling sounds coming from her lips locked tightly around  
    his thrusting cock. She was going to let him pump his lewd white sperm  
    into it until it exploded out and ran from the edges of her lips in  
    sticky white trails of blissful sensation that could be matched by  
    nothing else in the world.
    And if Phillip didn't know how, he would know soon enough ... he'd know  
    Chapter 8
    A little over a half hour before, Phillip had obediently followed Bill  
    Dodge's wife into the same darkened room. He had wanted immediately to  
    turn on the light so that he could again see her nakedness, to marvel  
    at that wondrous body of hers, but she talked him out of it. He wasn't  
    aware that her bringing him here was no accident, and that Valerie and  
    Bill Dodge had planned all along to get him into this room with Jessica  
    here at the same time. He had stripped his clothing from his body  
    quickly in the darkness as she had waited on the bed urging him to  
    hurry. His head whirled slightly from too much drink and he had not  
    protested when the moment he stretched beside her she opened her legs  
    wide and guided his head down between them.
    He had never made love to a woman this way before, though he had often  
    thought of it wistfully. He parted the softness of Valerie Dodge's soft  
    curl-fringed vaginal lips with his thumbs and found his nostrils  
    suddenly flaring from the sweet, soft odor of feminine arousal that  
    arose from her body.
    "Kiss it, darling, kiss my pussy," she had purred from above him, her  
    fingers stroking softly through his longish hair.
    He had flicked out his tongue experimentally and felt her jerk and  
    quiver slightly as it came into contact with the smooth moist flesh  
    exposed between the narrow pink ridges of her vaginal lips. He licked  
    gently at the hardening little clitoris snuggled just above the wide-
    stretched entrance to her cunt where it gave him a sudden sense of  
    power as it brought further jerks from her body and greater moans  
    sifting through her lips.
    He pressed his thumbs farther apart, pulling the ragged moist edges of  
    the open slit even further apart. His tongue traced a path up and down  
    the full length searching out the wet hidden crevices between her legs.  
    He gradually warmed to the task as he became more and more familiar  
    with the tiny erogenous zones of her loins and felt her breathing  
    increasing in intensity. His sense of power grew with the familiarity  
    and he found himself teasing for a moment at a particularly sensitive  
    area, listening to her impatient mewlings above him, then flicked his  
    tongue forward at the last minute when he sensed she could wait no  
    The groans and twisting increased until he pressed his head forward and  
    thrust his tongue out lizard-like sinking it deep into the wet, moistly  
    pulsating opening of her pussy. There was a weird soulful cry from her  
    lips and then a slow, grinding of her loins up against his face began.  
    Her hands tangles tight in his hair, kept his face imprisoned between  
    her hungrily rotating thighs as though held by steel bands.
    His cock hardened on the bed covers below and his own loins began a  
    slow thrusting against the spread, rubbing the full tortured length of  
    his rising penis against the softness of the mattress. The tingling  
    sensation rising in his own belly from the pressure against his cock  
    and the sweet soft odor of Valerie's warm fleshy cunt grinding on his  
    face blotted out the thought of anything but this moment. Only for an  
    instant did he think of Jessica, sweet innocent Jessica ... how she  
    would react if she could see him now!
    "Ooooh, fuck your tongue in and out a little faster, darling," she  
    purred again, bringing his mind back to the task at present. He  
    quickened his thrusts, feeling her buttocks increasing their speed  
    "Cup your hands under my ass and pull my cunt a little closer to your  
    face, lover," she sighed heavily.
    Phillip slid his hands down from between her thighs and cupped them  
    under the smooth rounded globes of her ass, pulling the wetness of her  
    loins up tighter against his face. He could feel tiny dewdrops of  
    moisture forming against his cheeks on the edges of the soft pubic hair  
    surrounding his lips. He nipped gently with his teeth into soft fleshy  
    folds surrounding the widening hole and reveled in the tiny squeal it  
    brought from her throat. He was enjoying this power he possessed over  
    her and worked to show his complete domination on her every breath. His  
    tongue slavered on and on in the moistness of her loins, increasing  
    little by little in speed and depth until he had brought her to the  
    point of absolute subjugation to the whims of his teasingly flicking  
    Then, as he licked and sucked between her widely yawning thighs like a  
    hungry, mewling animal, he heard a sudden noise behind him in the  
    darkness of the room. His first impulse was to raise his head and see  
    what it was, but the strength of her hands holding his face tight to  
    her loins prevented him.
    He heard the noise again, closer this time as though someone were  
    struggling quietly on the bed across from them. The smoothness of naked  
    skin rustled against the bed cover punctuated by low, excited whispers.  
    He closed his eyes and continued thrusting his tongue into Dodge's  
    wife's cunt and then opened them again and tried to see Trough the  
    darkness to the next bed. It was too dark, though the rear door to the  
    bedroom, opening onto a lighted bath, was ajar. He was thinking why  
    bother, it was probably some other couple trying to find a quiet  
    secluded place of their own. He hurried his sucking of her cunt, hoping  
    to satisfy her quickly as a thought of the others possibly sharing  
    their hideaway began to nag him. And besides, he sort of wanted to get  
    back to the party, for there was a girl out there that he had glimpsed  
    only for an instant at the bar that he was dying to see closer. She  
    looked strongly like Jessica, though a bit more sophisticated, and the  
    curiosity of seeing her in better light was intriguing him.
    His thoughts were interrupted by series of soulful gasps coming from  
    closeby. It sounded like a woman in pain. He stopped for a moment,  
    holding his breath. He wondered if he should continue but the question  
    was answered by a tightening of Valerie's fingers in his hair. His  
    tongue snaked forward again into her soft, warm, liquid depths as he  
    heard a distinct female murmur followed by the sound of heavy male  
    breathing. God, it was another couple and they were going to fuck right  
    next to them. They must have either drunk a lot, or been so fired up  
    with each other that they couldn't hear not to have noticed him and  
    Valerie in the same room.
    "Ooooo, God," he heard in a heavy throated female whisper, barely  
    audible even in the almost total silence of the darkened chambers.
    "I'm gonna' fuck you until you can't walk straight, baby ..." Bill's  
    voice followed in an equally soft murmur.
    "Yes, Bill, darling, I want you to ... I want you to fuck me. Fuck me  
    good, please!"
    Phillip's tongue came to a sudden halt in Valerie's cunt as he heard  
    the familiar pleading voice. He couldn't believe his ears at first ...  
    but he heard it again ... it was Jessica! That girl downstairs hadn't  
    just looked like Jessica, it was Jessica! He was dumb-struck by the  
    sound of her voice, the startling revelation that she was there, naked!  
    And with another man! It had to be Bill Dodge ... Bill Dodge with his  
    girl, and him with Valerie Dodge! Christ, it was too much to even  
    He was shocked back into reality by Valerie's pleading shriek above  
    him, "... Keep sucking, Phillip darling ... don't stop!"
    Her legs jerked out and over his shoulders and her thighs wrapped  
    around his head, pulling his face back into her crotch wet and hard.  
    His face flushed as he realized she had screamed out his name and now  
    Jessica would know. He sucked to keep her from screaming again and  
    listened for some sign that she knew he was there and had pushed the  
    man away. But there was none ... just the continued rustling of naked  
    bodies against the mattress and the wet moist sounds of lips slavering  
    out of control across soft bare flesh. Oh God, he hoped she wasn't  
    sucking him, but he didn't dare raise his head from Valerie's wildly  
    grinding buttocks to find out. She would shriek again and if Jessica  
    hadn't heard it last time, she would the next. But anyway, she must  
    know that someone was here now. Jesus, how could she do whatever it was  
    she was doing, knowing someone else was in the same room and listening?  
    And what was she doing here, with a married man old enough to be her  
    father? It was different for a girl, girls just don't do things like  
    that. At least not girls like Jessica ... or maybe like Jessica used to  
    be, he thought sadly, painfully.
    He wished he could see them. Was she lying on top of him, straddling  
    him with her legs open? Was she completely naked or had she just lifted  
    her dress up over her hips, taken in by the liquor and Bill Dodge's  
    smooth, honey-dripping line of bull? His tortured mind formed a  
    thousand lewd obscene pictures of his darling Jessica lying in the  
    darkness across the room, her dress pulled up over her hips and lying  
    back on the mattress with her legs spread obscenely open while this  
    woman he was sucking's husband plundered her soft, defenseless cunt  
    with his hands and mouth, that sweet innocent little pubic cleft he had  
    treasured so much. Or was she haunched over him, her head bobbing up  
    and down with his thick hard cock shoved into her clean soft mouth. He  
    groaned and pushed his face as tight as he could into the warm  
    moistness of Dodge's wife's pussy, trying to drive from his mind the  
    anguished thoughts.
    He had known Bill was here, at least Valerie had said mat he was  
    coming, but she hadn't said anything about this! His own sweet Jessica  
    being lured into this swingers' set!
    God, he was getting turned on beyond belief! Excited from the wet  
    sucking noises coming from Bill's hotly licking tongue as he plundered  
    me very depths of Jessica's hot steaming pussy. And suddenly, without  
    knowing, he forgot it was his own girlfriend there, he forgot it was  
    another man bringing cries of pain and pleasure from her lust contorted  
    lips. It was just another woman, a hot passion-crazed naked woman  
    writhing and twisting in the throes of an act as old as the ages. He  
    felt his cock throbbing and aching against the covers below, his  
    testicles felt swollen and angry at their neglect and he could feel  
    small droplets of cum begin oozing from the tip of his penis wetting  
    the mattress beneath where it had rubbed. It jerked when suddenly he  
    heard her cries and pleadings for further and further indignities to be  
    heaped upon her. He moaned in piteous masochistic torture as Bill Dodge  
    followed her screams and rammed his small finger deep into her  
    virginally unplundered little asshole.
    And she was begging for more! He was sucking her harder and harder!
    He heard her murmuring obscene words, words he didn't know she even  
    knew, broken and slurred, mixed with the animal mutterings of passion  
    from deep in her lungs. She groaned incessantly and he could hear the  
    rustling of her naked skin against the bed as it twisted and turned  
    beneath Dodge's relentlessly licking tongue. He could picture her with  
    her face wildly contorted in abandoned ecstasy, her body bent double  
    with the toes of her feet touching the bed up over her shoulders, her  
    loins presented up in defenseless virginal surrender to his voraciously  
    sucking mouth.
    And then, then she loosed an unearthly squeal that was low and sharp  
    and sounded as though he were killing her except that Phillip knew only  
    too well that wasn't the case. She was at the point of orgasm, brought  
    there by another man, and the wet sucking noises coming from Jessica's  
    widespread and nakedly open young pussy filled the room as Bill Dodge  
    licked and sucked between her thighs faster and faster with his  
    tireless lizard-like tongue. God, it was something only he should be  
    doing, yet somehow it didn't anger him, it excited him!
    He heard her voice gasping, "Aaaaahhhhh ..." trailing off to a small  
    almost helpless cry of piteous whimpering as she moaned out her  
    completion through desire tortured lips.
    Phillip's body was tense, and he sucked harder against Bill's wife's  
    open loins trying to no avail to kill the furious aching desire  
    building in his cock below as he heard his own nakedly spread  
    girlfriend being debauched as she had never been before.
    He heard her breathe deeply, a sigh escaping from far down inside her  
    still heaving chest. She gave small occasional cries of further  
    sensation as her teasing lover nipped for a moment longer at the still  
    throbbing bud of her tiny erect clitoris.
    There was silence for a moment, broken only by the heavy spent  
    breathing coming from the other side.
    He listened intently to see if Whey would stop or go on to something  
    else as equally perverted and dirty as the act they had just finished.  
    His own sucking was forgotten now; his only desire the need to contain  
    this restless urge in his loins to leap the distance that separated  
    them and rape his girlfriend where she lay. God, he wanted more than  
    anything to fuck her now. He wanted to bring the same responses from  
    her lips that the older man had, he wanted, needed to show her he could  
    do it just as well, maybe better.
    There was a rustle of the bedspread and the soft sound of a naked body  
    twisting around on it. Soft whispers that he could not make out drifted  
    across in the silence. They were moving about for some reason, and  
    there was the audible sound of heavy, coarse male breathing becoming  
    more and more excited by the second. He was whispering things that  
    Phillip could not make out clearly but from their tone alone sounded  
    lewd and forbidden. Then suddenly, there was a gasp from Valerie  
    Dodge's husband's lips as though he were in sudden pain, his voice  
    broke through the stillness like a knife, loud and clear so that  
    Phillip could not mistake Heir cruel sadistic significance:
    "Ooooh, your mouth is so nice, baby."
    Phillip groaned into Valerie's wetly gyrating cunt and clenched his  
    eyes tightly shut, wishing to blot out the horrible picture forming in  
    his mind of the sweet young Jessica's virginal lips ovaled wide and  
    slipping obscenely down over the man's thick, excitedly glistening  
    cock. This was the ultimate humiliation, lying here with his face  
    pressed tightly between another woman's thighs as his own beautiful  
    young innocent girlfriend sucked another, at least Dirty years older  
    than she, man right on the next bed.
    "Tighten your lips and suck harder," he heard Bill hiss through  
    passion-clenched teeth. He jerked his head up, forcing it from  
    Valerie's desperately clinging hands and tried to peer through the  
    darkness. He could see nothing but his imagination went wild, the low  
    dim form of Jessica, probably nude, haunched on all fours over Bill  
    Dodge's heavily grinding loins with his cock buried deep in her mouth,  
    emerged in his jealousy-crazed mind. She was not fighting it and low  
    soft muffled mewls of pleasure drifted across the room from her cock-
    stuffed Croat.
    "Don't leave me, don't, please, darling!" Valerie shouted, fighting  
    desperately with her hands to draw his head back down between her wide-
    spread, unsatisfied thighs.
    But Phillip twisted away, ignoring her pleas, the wet sucking noises  
    Jessica was making with her ovaled lips and the grunts of pleasure  
    coming from Bill Dodge's mouth as she labored lewdly over him were too  
    much. Forgotten was his anger, his jealousy, his confusion ... he was a  
    wild uncontrolled animal now that wanted nothing more than to ram his  
    aching tortured cock into that gorgeous long-haired blonde, no matter  
    what the cost to both their promising careers. He wanted to punish her  
    as she had been punishing him by her obscene submission to the man on  
    me next bed.
    He rose from the end of me mattress where his legs were hanging over  
    the edge and half-stumbled toward the obscene wet sucking noises in me  
    darkness. He banged his shin painfully against me corner of the bed but  
    ignored it in his frenzy. He Crust his hands out in front of him,  
    feeling the air toward the sounds and where he knew me end of the bed  
    should be.
    There was an abrupt inhale of breath and me sucking noises stopped as  
    his hands came into electrifying contact with the softly swaying flesh.  
    It stilled for a moment, and then, with what he was sure was a soft  
    muffled laugh of triumph, began again. He probed experimentally with  
    his fingers, digging them harshly into the smoothly naked skin. He  
    found her back bone, the tiny ridges standing out from the humped-over  
    position she was kneeling in. He followed it slowly down toward her  
    buttocks until he came into warm contact with the crevice of her ass.  
    It was hanging right over the end of me bed and swaying high in the  
    air, her knees wide apart on the edge of the mattress. He moved around  
    directly behind her, running his hands over the smooth white cheeks of  
    her softly rippling buttocks. He could feel them quivering under his  
    touch from the movement of her head below as she bobbed and twisted her  
    face, her lips still locked obscenely around Bill's ever-growing prick.
    Phillip gritted his teeth, tiny droplets of sweat beginning to roll  
    from his forehead and with his thumbs, he drew the soft flexing crevice  
    of her ass wide apart. He ran the middle finger of one hand down the  
    entire length of it, feeling it still wet and open from Bill's saliva  
    and her own orgasmic fluids that had gushed so wildly from it moments  
    before. He thrust his finger into her cunt, feeling her jerk slightly  
    forward from the sudden invasion. A deeper mewl came from her throat  
    but she didn't let up with her sucking of the older man's cock for an  
    Damn, she's burning up, Phillip thought, amazed at her newly-found  
    passion, his already aching penis throbbing again in anticipation of  
    ramming it between those beautifully shaped mounds of her ass. Again,  
    the lewd thought of fucking her this way, from behind while another man  
    fucked into her mouth, overcame all his shame and humiliation from her  
    wanton submission to Valerie's husband. Pushed aside for now were his  
    fears his puzzled anguished thoughts about her virginity ... had she  
    been lying to him all along? Was it all some cruel joke, and she was  
    letting other men fuck her the whole time?
    He slipped his hand from her cunt and with an outward pressure of his  
    thumbs spread me full rounded moons wide apart as he leaned forward.  
    His prick made a sharp, electrical-like contact with the soft sparse  
    pubic hair covering the slim folds of tender young flesh which enfolded  
    her vagina. He gasped aloud as he felt her hand reach back! Reach back  
    under her body, her fingers fondly grasping his desire-thickened shaft.  
    She moved it up and down for a moment, parting me softness of her  
    sparse blonde pubic hair and men guided it gently forward. He let his  
    hips move to the slight tug until, with a sudden groan that began deep  
    in his chest, the warm moist flesh of her vagina popped teasingly over  
    the head of his cock like a tight fitting glove. He could feel the  
    softness of the curly soft lining of pubic hair brushing teasingly  
    around where it entered her.
    Phillip could hold back no longer ... he threw back his head and rammed  
    forward, not knowing what to expect from Jessica not knowing or caring  
    any longer whether he would meet a virginal wall of flesh, or the  
    hungrily sucking cavern of a dirty little street whore. His great cock  
    flooded into his kneeling sweetheart like a tide, tearing and bursting  
    everything in its path, deeper and deeper until his loins smacked hard  
    against her upturned ass. He could feel the white soft cheeks flattened  
    outward from the wide-split anal crevice towards her hips from the  
    pressure he was exerting on her backside. He convulsively reached  
    forward, clasping his hands tightly around her narrow waist where it  
    flared into her trim girlish hips and held her tight so that she could  
    not escape his ravishing thrusts. His fears were fulfilled soon enough  
    as his long thick cock slithered easily into the tight confines of her  
    well-lubricated pussy sheath, but there was no time for thinking of  
    that now ... her virginity was not in question, only her ability to  
    satisfy two men fucking her at the same time, to fulfill her role in  
    the universe by answering their needs, emptying their loins of the  
    painfully building sperm and giving them the pleasure that followed.
    A low muffled moan came from her lips, distorted in sound by the huge  
    thick cock throbbing deep in her throat and she tried to squirm forward  
    to escape me deep and sudden impalement of her widely spread young  
    pussy. But there was no escape, she held like in the jaws of a vise,  
    skewered helplessly between Bill Dodge's cock buried deep in her throat  
    and that of her boyfriend grinding deep into her upraised vagina from  
    the rear.
    Valerie's husband lying beneath her, held her head trapped tightly  
    between his hands, his legs splayed out wide on either side of her  
    knees. He thrust his cock mercilessly into her mouth. At the other end,  
    Phillip surged into her with long deeply punishing strokes into the wet  
    throbbing slit between her buttocks which hollowed and shook beneath  
    his hands as though she were being beaten with chains.
    The older man's hand suddenly clenched above his head from the  
    involuntary spasms building in his body, and in his frenzied ecstasy,  
    his elbow bumped the bedside light switch, bathing the whole scene in  
    light, freezing the moment forever in a lurid tableau of wanton  
    But no one cared ... they were all too far gone to notice such a minor  
    Phillip swung his head from side to side as he rammed his cock deeper  
    and deeper from behind into Jessica's stretched and heavily filled  
    young cunt, and suddenly he could catch a side view of this lewd scene  
    in the mirror that ran alongside the bed. He groaned in anger and  
    frustration as the obscene picture of his own supposedly virginal young  
    girlfriend, the girl he was going to marry, being fucked like a whore  
    between two of them in this subservient kneeling position she was in  
    came clearly to his eyes. He could see Bill Dodge's huge thick rod  
    disappearing and re-appearing between her hungrily sucking lips, her  
    long disheveled blonde hair flowing down over her head to lie in a soft  
    pool on his rounded, hair-covered belly. Her firm, white tits danced  
    and shook below her heaving chest as Cough they had strings attached to  
    the nipples and were being tugged and pulled from above.
    On the other side of the immense bedroom, he could see Dodge's helpless  
    wife, Valerie, watching them with her eyes opened wide and smoky from  
    the effect the salacious sight was having one her. Her legs were drawn  
    up in a crab-like position with three fingers of one hand thrust far  
    down into her wetly-spread cunt. Her other hand massaged her own  
    breasts in wild circular motions as she worked vicariously in time to  
    the cruel buffeting of Jessica's naked young body impaled between her  
    young lover and her husband.
    He wanted to cry, scream, anything ... anything to pull his future  
    young bride's suddenly insatiable craving body from between them but he  
    couldn't. His prick ached and throbbed inside her now voraciously  
    clasping pussy and he couldn't bear to pull it from the soft tight  
    moistness. Instead, he watched, hypnotized, in the mirror as the tempo  
    increased by the second.
    He began unconsciously following the rhythm Valerie's husband was  
    setting with his merciless fucking in and out of her mouth. Wilder and  
    wilder the two of them became, punishing Jessica mercilessly between  
    them. Their thick hoarse groans intermingled now with Jessica's muffled  
    and muted cries from around the fleshy rod stuffing the cavern of her  
    mouth. She lolled limply between them, allowing herself to be used as  
    they would, following their beat in the swirling of her tongue around  
    Bill's almost exploding cock. And then suddenly ...
    A half-human scream erupted from Bill Dodge's throat and he locked his  
    hands around the back of Jessica's rhythmically bobbing head, drawing  
    it deep down on his hotly pulsing rigidity until all Phillip could see  
    left of his cock was a small bit at the base protruding wet and  
    glistening from her wildly sucking lips. He watched in horrified awe as  
    her throat tightened and untightened, swallowing in great desperate  
    gulps the hotly erupting cum the older man was spewing up into her  
    mouth. Her cheeks bloated and hollowed as the warm, working cavern of  
    her throat filled and emptied, filled and emptied, as she desperately  
    swallowed to rid it of the flooding white sperm pulsating into it.  
    Christ, he thought to himself, the man's balls must be filled with cum!
    At the same time, he could feel a gush of warmth around his own cock  
    inside her still-pulsating vagina and her own hotly exploding orgasmic  
    juices began to flow out from around the edges of his deeply imbedded  
    cock and down into the softness of his noisily smacking testicles.
    She was cumming too now, and like a dying banshee, groaned out her  
    release as she continued her now uncontrolled sucking and nibbling on  
    Valerie Dodge's husband's slowly deflating prick. Phillip clenched his  
    eyes tightly shut and felt his own testicles begin to wildly erupt up  
    inside her hotly clenching young cunt walls. His hot sperm spurted like  
    a firehose through the end of his still hard driving cock and squirted  
    wildly far up into Jessica's palpitating vagina. In spite of the  
    excitement an obscene thought of his lewdly gushing sperm mixing with  
    that of a stranger deep up inside his future bride's greedily absorbing  
    belly sent chills of revulsion creeping through him. For a moment, he  
    hated her again and fucked his cock as deep as it would go up into her  
    as it spewed out its lewd load, he ground his pelvis around and dug the  
    head deeper and deeper, battering the smooth wet walls of her pussy  
    without mercy. She whimpered, her own orgasm nearing its end and tried  
    to jerk forward to dislodge him from her now satiated young cunt but he  
    held her smoothly trembling buttock cheeks back against his loins now  
    for a further moment, looking down on the back of her head as she  
    suddenly turned to the side. Dodge's thick, deflating prick slipped  
    from her mouth and he could see thin, sticky white strings of his sperm  
    still connecting her face to it even though it was now several inches  
    away from her lips. Her breathing was heavy and wet as though her mouth  
    and nose were completely covered with moisture. She groaned and flopped  
    her head sideways to his belly, her body limp like a rag-dolls, held in  
    place against Phillip's loins only by the pressure of his hands at the  
    juncture of her widespread thighs. He strained forward and emptied the  
    last of his cum deep up inside her unresisting belly and then released  
    his hands as he felt his own prick begin deflating inside the wetly  
    flooded grip of her cunt. She slithered forward and lay still across  
    the older man's loins and chest, her own legs still wide apart. He  
    caught a last view of her wide stretched vagina between her open legs  
    before he fell to the side of the bed where Valerie had moved and was  
    working herself with her own fingers into a frenzy. He had barely hit  
    the mattress when she engulfed him in her arms and began pleading, "Me,  
    now me, darling!"
    He could see Jessica, her face still lying against Bill Dodge's calmed  
    belly, smiling over at him across the room, thin white droplets of his  
    sperm still visible around her lips. Her victory was complete; she had  
    hurt him deeply, exacted her revenge ... and proved herself as a woman.
    There were other things that night, crazy, erotic, wild things with all  
    of them on the same bed together, things he'd never dreamed of, with  
    Valerie and Bill Dodge directing them like concerned tutors. After a  
    while, there were more drinks, and the night faded into a blur of lust-
    hardened cocks and passion-moistened pussies, breasts and gasping  
    orgasms. And why not, he asked himself, why shouldn't he and his future  
    young wife, Jessica, let themselves go totally?
    It was obvious to the two of them that their lives would never be the  
    same again anyway.
    Chapter 9
    Mrs. Jessica Wright dumped her tired body into the decorator-designed  
    barrel-based leather chair at the closest corner of the plush loft-type  
    apartment, kicked her shoes off onto the Persian carpet that stretched  
    across the huge room and panted to regain her breath. It was nearly ten  
    o'clock, and she had been on her feet, mostly in front of banks of  
    bright lights and flashing strobes since nine this morning. But she  
    wasn't really tired; physically a little worn out, but that would pass.  
    What counted was inside and there she felt nothing but contentment and  
    happiness at her new life. Across the room, a half dozen of her more  
    recent magazine covers, blown up into enormous proportions by some of  
    the guys down at Dodge Company, dominated the room. The stereo system  
    was blaring at peak capacity, and she knew what that meant ... her  
    husband Phillip, was working. He was the only commercial artist she  
    knew who insisted on ear-splitting decibels before he could settle down  
    to work.
    She tried to recall what it was he'd said this morning he was working  
    on now. The Ford campaign? No, it seems it was food of some sort ...  
    maybe I should go ask him, just to let him know I'm home.
    But there was no need, for Phillip had spotted her from his crow's nest  
    work area, perched on the top half of the two-story main room in a sort  
    of shelf-like corner, accessible by a pull-down set of ordinary attic  
    stairs. "Hi, honey ... how was the shooting?"
    She turned quickly, startled at hearing another voice. "Oh, you're not  
    working!" she shouted over the din. "I was just thinking of coming up  
    to say hello, but l didn't want to bother you!"  
    "Sorry, I can't hear you!"
    "Turn down the stereo then, silly!" She waited for Phillip to disappear  
    through me doorway into his private little world, then descend the  
    stairs to the main room below. His shirt was streaked with acrylics and  
    tempura from me day's work, though sometimes she wondered if he just  
    doused himself with colors to look busy. Not likely, though, not for  
    the man who'd just won the Art Director's Soho showing.
    "Hi, that better," he said softly right in her ear this time.
    "Mmmmmm ... much better," she purred as his hands coursed over her  
    knotted shoulders. "You can do that all you like."
    Phillip's fingers sneaked playfully down the ridge of her spine,  
    rubbing the tiny bony protuberances as he crept toward the soft cleft  
    of her buttocks.
    "Not there, baby ... the knots are in my shoulders," she said with mock  
    "Just wanted to get you in the mood, that's all."
    Her ears perked up like a dog's on the trail of game. "Mood? Mood for  
    what ... Did Valerie call?"
    Phillip just went on rubbing her back and shoulders, a sheepish grin on  
    his face.
    "Well, did she? Tell me, c'mon, tell me!" she shrieked excitedly.
    "Yes, she called ... and there's a party at the Leonard Melcher's  
    tomorrow night. We're to be there at eight."
    Jessica fell back into the depths of the thickly padded chair, her eyes  
    clenched shut and a big smile on her lips. "Wow, I can hardly wait! Is  
    Luke going to be there?" She fondly remembered her few minutes of  
    conversation with the Dodge Company's newest producer, a tall, dark-
    haired man with a build on him like Tarzan.
    "Yeah, and his wife, too ... you remember, the talk-show commentator,  
    Nancy Dramar?"
    She did remember ... and for a fleeting second, felt a twinge of  
    jealousy as she thought of me voluptuous child-star turned television  
    hostess with that luxurian redhair of hers ... and mat body! Jesus,  
    what an enormous pair of breasts that woman had!
    Phillip's hands were around her waist now, then smoothly along the  
    sides of her trim thighs and back up under the bottom of her minidress.  
    She purred like a kitten being stroked as his fingers kneaded the  
    tender soft flesh of her inner thighs, then snaked under me elastic of  
    her panties, tenderly caressing the warm moist folds of her pussy.
    "Mmmmmm ... I guess I can work you in for one little quickie," she  
    teased. "But darling ... don't wear me out. I want to be in fine shape  
    for tomorrow. Luke has a new series coming up for the fall ... and who  
    knows, maybe he might just be interested in little old me for a part in  
    The End

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  • 07/12/12--03:37: sexy sonali
  • Hi I am TOM from Pune. My story is real. I am a 25 yr old & always feeling sex starved. My maid servant had a 18 yr old daughter, slim, wheatish in complexion with ordinary looks. I had set my eyes on her for quite sometime. I had even proposed to her before my failed marriage but she was too young then to understand the importance of my proposal. It was a Sunday noon. I use to always fantasize fucking her. Sonali as her name was came to do vessels as her mother was unwell. After completing vessels she stepped in to my drawing room to sweep. I was sitting there waiting for the glorious opportunity. As soon as she entered the room with the broom in her hand, I bolted the door from inside. She noticed it and panicked initially. She protested and begged of me to let her go. I advanced close to her and gently caressed her cheeks. She was dumbstruck. 

    Then I gave her a tight embrace. She was trembling. I told her to relax and started gently kissing her lips. I lifted her in my arms and made her lie on the sofa cum bed. I started feeling her body with my hands. She was shell shocked but allowed me to do whatever I did. I hurriedly got rid of my Bermuda. My penis had now swollen and the erection had to be seen to be believed. She cast a glance at my tool and was overcome with shyness. I asked her to put her hand around my penis and rub it while I untied the knot of her kameez. Then slowly I slipped my hands in her underwear and removed it. What I saw was her clean small size pussy with a young growth of pubic hair. I unbuttoned her salwar and stripped her naked. I started to rub my penis allover her face and thrust it in her mouth. I asked her to suck it hard and to my surprise she started doing it with ease. I was about to cum but somehow controlled myself because I had not explored her honey pot. I lowered my self and buried my face in her clit and started licking her pussy, fingering her cunt with one hand. 

    She was shouting and moaning loudly know. Being a virgin it was too much for her. But I comforted her and asked her to relax. I slowly started inserting my dick into her cunt which was very tight. After giving light pushes I succeeded in inserting it in her love hole. I was rocking her like a boat and she was groaning and grunting but seemed to be enjoying it now. I was deep into her and kissing her violently. She tasted good. Every part of her body was thoroughly being explored, her small boobs, her nipples ,her armpits, neckline my god it was amazing. She started screaming and had reached her orgasm and at the same time I offloaded a huge amount of cum in her cunt to my delight. We lay there for half an hour hugging and kissing each other. I told her not to worry and gave her lots of chocolates and ice-cream. It was a most fulfilling experience for me and Sonali had satisfied my sexual appetite. What is important is the love I experienced for her had multiplied that noon. She is no longer working with us as her mother expired a year back. I am still single. Any women or girl who wants to be satisfied may contact me at


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  • 07/12/12--15:02: Subject 9
  • Subject 9 (Part 1)

    “Wanted: Test subjects for human body experiments.  Participants will receive $1,000 for 24 hour participation.  Must waive liability and sign non-disclosure agreement.”

    Joe had maxed out his student loans and was struggling to hold down his part time job as a male stripper and go to school full time.  He often volunteered to be part of various campus experiments, as long as the pay was decent.  Joe was 6’2” and muscular.  He worked out 6 days a week and did enough cardio to stay looking pretty ripped.  He always had a great body and was used to using it to his advantage, sexually and financially.  He was low on cash at the time and thought that $1,000 would really help out.  How bad could the experiment be?  He had participated in other physical body experiments.  He would hop on a treadmill and suck down a sports drink, while all of his vitals were being measured.  He sometimes took pills and researchers measured their effects on his heart rate or blood pressure.  He even took pills one time that were supposed to increase sexual stamina.  The experiment involved taking the pills and then masturbating a few hours later.  It was embarrassing, but it paid well.  Between campus experiments and stripping on the weekends, he was kind of used to being poked, prodded, and exploited for cash.

    Joe called the number at the bottom of the classified ad.  It was a recording with an address that instructed him show up when he had 24 hours free.  That was it.  So on Friday night, Joe showed up at the unmarked door in a neighborhood he had never been in.  He was somewhere downtown, in an area with big dreary buildings.  Joe hit the buzzer and was immediately greeted by a stunning blond in a latex nurse’s outfit.  She looked like she stepped straight out of porno.  Joe started looking around for hidden cameras.  This had to be some kind of joke.

    The ‘nurse’ invited Joe in and had him pull up a seat in the waiting area.  She offered him a glass of water and brought him two forms to sign.  The first was a waiver.  The nurse explained that the experiment was safe, but may cause “some physical discomfort.”  She said that he would not be hurt and was guaranteed no permanent physical damage.  However, a very small percentage of subjects had had adverse reactions to the experiment and suffered mild side effects.  But the nurse reassured Joe that since he was in good physical shape, there should not be any complications.  Joe shrugged.  Whatever, he thought, I can handle whatever they throw at me for 24 hours.  Joe just wanted the money.  He finished his water and signed the waiver.  Then he read the non-disclosure agreement.  If he divulged any of the experiment information, he would forfeit the money and the experimenters could take legal action against Joe.  He shrugged again and signed.

    As he handed the form back to the nurse, Joe found himself staring at the nurse’s cleavage and having trouble focusing on what she was saying.  He felt light headed.  His vision began to blur.  Then Joe blacked out...

    ... when Joe regained consciousness, he found himself standing in what looked like a mad scientist’s laboratory.  Everything was white and sterile.  There were several computer monitors and odd looking machines around him.  Joe was standing in the middle of the room completely naked.  His arms were bound behind his back and his feet were secured to the floor.  He had several tubes and wires connected to various points on his body.

    A metal collar was firmly clamped onto his neck.  It did not choke him, but Joe felt very restrained by the device.  It had several blinking lights on it and as many wires running from the collar to the ceiling.  It looked like electrical wiring, but Joe couldn’t tell if the wire was designed to monitor or send something to the collar.  Similar to the collar, there were arm and leg bands around each of his appendages.  They too were metal, with different flashing lights, and wires leading up into the ceiling or into a nearby workstation.  Several wires were also stuck to his chest, upper back, and buttocks.  They seemed to be held on by some kind of adhesive.  Joe was also horrified to find electrodes attached to his balls and penis.  But the most alarming thing was the tube coming out of his dick hole.  The odd thing was that Joe could not tell how far into his cock the tube went.  He couldn’t feel the tube in his penis, but it looked scary as hell.  Joe’s dick was rock hard.  He had no idea why.  He was not turned on.  In fact, he was frightened.  But his erection was raging at this point.  His penis throbbed.  Pre-cum oozed into the tube.

    There were three women in the laboratory.  They all wore white skintight latex nurses costumes with skirts so short that their white latex g-strings were visible with the slightest movement.  They were all incredibly hot.  They could have been triplets and super models.  Blond, blue eyed, 36-23-34, super long legs, tanned, and toned.  They all wore headsets with microphones.  They seemed very focused.  There was a large one way mirror right in front Joe, so that he could see himself and the crazy wires that he was hooked up to.  The nurses seemed to be talking to someone, but not each other.  There had to be someone behind the mirror, directing the ‘experiments’.  

    One of the nurses approached Joe with a syringe.  Joe started to protest but instantly felt a shock at the back of his neck.  His body tensed in response.  Every time he opened his mouth to say something, he received another shock.  He quickly learned to keep his mouth shut.  The shocks were simultaneously painful and oddly stimulating.  His body tingled all over.  The nurse injected Joe with a clear liquid.  Moments later, Joe began to relax.  That’s when Joe realized that the arm and leg bands were actually holding him up.  Even when his muscles relaxed, he was still standing.  Some of the wires coming out of the arm and leg bands were support wires.  The only muscle that didn’t relax was his rock hard cock.

    Another of the nurses approached Joe from behind and shoved a tube up his ass.  The tube was bigger than the one coming out of his dick, but easily slid up his asshole.  He could not tell how far.  This tube seemed to be slowly forcing liquid up his butt.  It wasn’t alot of liquid and it wasn’t uncomfortable.  It was warm, almost soothing.  He heard one of the nurses say “anal delivery mechanism online”.  It appeared that Joe was taking in more than just warm water.  He thought that he must be absorbing something through his rectum.  Drugs.  Experimental drugs.

    Suddenly, the flow in the tube in his dick was reversed.  Instead of his pre-cum being sucked out, a light blue liquid was now being forced into his dick.  Joe’s dick began to swell even more.  Some of the liquid seeped out of his dick hole.  The liquid was warm.  It made his dick tingle inside and out.  The pressure build up was incredible.  He felt like he would literally explode, but he was not even close to feeling like he was going to cum.  The feeling was more intense than sex.  The flow was reversed every 10 minutes or so.  He was either being filled beyond capacity or sucked dry.  The sensations were so overwhelming that Joe passed out once or twice, only to be woken by a mild shock to his balls.  He woke to find one of the nurses measuring the length of his dick.  Now Joe was a pretty big guy.  He saw that he was currently pushing 8 inches.

    The tube was eventually removed from his dick.  The nurse then proceeded to suck Joe’s dick.  This woman was skilled.  She worked Joe into a frenzy.  He moaned and grunted through the entire experience.  Now, Joe was turned on.  He got more feeling in his dick and felt the build up of pleasure.  He thought he would come any second now.  The nurse shoved the tip of her tongue into Joe’s dick hole.  He was extremely sensitive from having the tube in his cock.  His body convulsed and he shot his load deep into her throat.  The computer monitors in the room beeped and blipped as they recorded data.  She easily swallowed every last drop.  If Joe hadn’t felt his own orgasm, he would not have know that he had just shot waves of semen down her throat.  His dick emerged clean from her mouth.  The nurse’s face was perfect, down to her lipstick.  You couldn’t tell that she had just sucked Joe off.  The nurse pulled out the ruler again and measured Joe at just over 9 inches.

    Joe was sure that was the end of it.  He was never one to orgasm multiple times in one session.  He knew that he would need at least half an hour to get it up again.  He thought they would let him go now.  Ten minutes passed and Joe’s dick was still rock hard.  It didn’t seem possible.  And Joe was now sexually excited.  He wanted more.  Joe thought about the liquid that was earlier being pumped into his cock and then remembered the liquid being pushed up his ass.  They must be testing some kind of sexual arousal drug.  

    Another nurse stepped in front of Joe and peeled off every scrap of latex that she was wearing.  Her tits were perfect 36C’s.  Perky and full.  They could have been fake, but Joe didn’t care.  Her nipples were hard.  As she pulled off her g-string, it dripped with her fluids.  She was soaking wet.  She wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck and the other two nurses helped her wrap her legs around his waist.  One of the assisting nurses grabbed Joe’s cock and guided it into the wrapped nurses pussy.  She began to fuck Joe, fully suspended off the ground.   More data streamed to the workstation.  As skilled as the blowjob nurse was, this nurse was even more talented with her pussy. Joe could feel her work the inner muscles of vagina.  It was like she was massaging his cock with her vagina.  Assisted by the other two nurses, she pumped hard up and down.  She was grinding herself into Joe, taking him deep into her pussy.  Joe felt his penis head hit the back of her vagina.  He seemed to be growing bigger inside of her.  The nurse let out soft moans, which grew increasing higher in pitch.  She involuntarily yelped a couple of times as she impaled herself on Joe’s cock.  About 45 minutes later, Joe’s dick exploded inside of her, filling her with cum.  The nurse squeezed her vaginal walls hard and slowly extricated herself from Joe’s throbbing member.  Joe was quickly cleaned up and measured at about 10 inches.  

    Joe’s body ached.  He was spent.  Every muscle was fatigued.  There was no way he could perform again.  He would have collapsed to the floor, if he were not held up by the arm and leg bands.

    The third nurse prepared herself for Joe.  She peeled off all of her clothing, stood in front of him and bent over.  Her bubble but stuck up at Joe and revealed the tightest asshole Joe had ever seen.  At his current size, Joe knew this was going to be intense.  His dick had only gotten harder since the experiment had started.  He could see every vein in his dick.  His penis head throbbed.  The nurse backed into Joe and one of the other nurses again guided his penis into the waiting hole.  The fit was super tight.  Joe thought he would come instantly, but this was not the case.  She worked his cock like a professional.  She seemed to be able to move her butt cheeks independently back and forth.  His dick would move fully outside of her ass, then get buried deep inside again.  Joe moved his hips in time with her gyrations.  He was fucking her as much as he could within the boundary of the arm and leg bands.  After what seemed close to an hour, Joe shot his load up her butt.  Waves and waves of hot sticky seemed were injected into her.    Joe was so sensitive after cumming that every movement of her asshole on his penis was unbearable.  Joe tried to pull back, but the other two nurses held him in place as the ass fucked nurse just kept going.  Joe almost blacked out again from the intensity.  The experience was beyond any sex that Joe had had in the past.  The drugs being forced up his butt must somehow be increasing the intensity, as well as keeping him hard, and making his dick grow unusually large.  The nurse pulled off of Joe and quickly measured his cock.  He had grown, but not by as much this time.  Maybe 10 and half inches now.  She paused, looked at the one-way mirror, and listened.  Then she bent over again and took Joe up the ass for another 30 minutes.  She seemed to work even harder this time around.  Beads of sweat formed on her back.  She began to moan and make sounds.  Semen dripped out of her asshole and down her legs.  Her ass cheeks were now sweating.  Joe was dripping with sweat too.  He ejaculated two more times in the 30 minute period.  More data was collected through the electrodes.  He was again cleaned up and measured.  Joe was now at over 11 inches.  He had never seen his cock this big.  His balls seemed abnormally large too.  

    The nurse who had originally sucked Joe’s cock was the last one wearing a nurse’s costume.  She peeled it away and stood naked in front of Joe.  She danced in front of him like a stripper.  She was good.  Joe found himself lusting for her.  He wanted to fill every hole in her body.  His dick throbbed.  He wanted to cum again.  He didn’t know how his body could still have any semen left in it.  Every orgasm was bigger than any he a had ever experienced in his life.  Every orgasm was bigger than the last.  He should have been bone dry after the first orgasm, but he still had cum to spare.  The nude dancer was driving him crazy.  His desire for her body was more intense than being sucked off or fucking.  These drugs were fucking amazing!

    The next thing that happened took Joe by surprise.  He felt the electrodes on his dick come to life.  Small electric pulses were being sent through his shaft, causing the muscles in his dick to pulse.  Very carefully, one of the nurses measured Joe at an astounding 12 inches long.  The electrical stimulation continued for two hours, while the nude nurses took turns stimulating Joe in other ways.  They danced and rubbed their sweaty bodies up against him.  Joe shot his load 8 times in the 2 hours.  Eventually, he ran out of cum.  The last time that Joe orgasmed, nothing came out.  He was dry.  His dick went back to semi-soft state.  Joe was exhausted.  The women removed the bands that held Joe up and the collar.  They removed the electrodes.  Joe slumped to the floor.  

    “When do I get paid?”

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  • 07/15/12--11:59: School Tease Part 1
  • Again we find ourselves in class. We split into groups for the day and we had to move so that i'm sitting across from you. You're wearing that short white cotton skirt and pink panties, and a tight green shirt. I'm wearing black athletic shorts and my basketball jersey. The teacher leaves the classroom and asks us to start work on a project in our groups of 4. There is another boy and girl at our table. We start discussing the project and i start playing footsy with you. Our toes play with eachother for awhile and then my toe slides up and between your legs. It lifts your skirt up,exposing your pink panties to anyone who happens to look. Your hands shove my foot away and pull your skirt down. My foot stays underneath your skirt though, and rubs inside your leg. I move my chair next to yours so that my hands can reach your legs.  My hands find their way to the familiar feel of your soft skin,I run them down to your knee and back up your skirt. You start to have trouble discussing within the group when my hand slides up past your knee, and briefly runs straight towards your pussy, but then quickly back down your leg. Some of the group may have noticed, as a few of them are now giving you strange looks. I can see in your eyes how hard you are trying to look normal so I press my thumb on your inner thigh and rub circles with it, something that always turns you on.


    They decide to join another group, and since the teacher's still gone, that's fine with us. We're in the corner of the room. I pretend to be showing you something with one hand, while my leg blocks from view the fact that my other hand has slid up past your knee and is now running up and down your inner thigh. My thumb presses firmly as it slides closer, from your knee to underneath your skirt. My fingers clench your tight skin. I mouth "I'm hard" and pull one of your hands underneath the desk. At this point all hope of doing any real work has been lost. I move your hand so that you can feel the giant bulge in my pants but then I move it back, as to only tease you and let you know what's waiting. After my hand lets go of yours, i return to your leg, my thumb and fingers clenching tight on your gorgeous skin, and slide up underneath your skirt, and all the way back to your panties.  Being in the corner gives the advantage that no one can see behind us either, so I move my fingers to the hem of your skirt and slowly slide them around to your ass. My fingernails slightly scratching your skin the whole way. I remove my hand and give your tight perfect ass a nice squeeze, my fingers grabbing as much as possible. I slide my finger under your pink panties and briefly feel your bare skin. I snap the elastic and it makes a sound as it slaps your ass. Nobody notices. My fingers crawl back down your leg and to your inner thigh, where it is getting warm and moist. I can hear your breathing start to change, so I lean over and moan quietly in your ear "I want to be inside you". My fingers slide over your panties from left to right, staying above your now wet pussy. They slide down your other leg, outlining the edge of your panties and teasing your wet pussy. I then pull my hand out and place it at the top of your skirt and the bottom of your shirt. My finger crawls underneath your shirt and gently scratches your tummy as i outline the edge of the cute white skirt. When i get to your waist i grab you tightly and squeeze, i find your hand again and hold it tightly as i pull it towards my shorts. I make you squeeze my cock but then immediately revoke you the pleasure. My hand goes back to your waist and slides around back. I slide my fingers under your skirt from the back this time, and again under your panties, getting braver and again snapping the elastic, even louder this time. I don't wait to see if anyone notices; my fingernails lightly draw across your back up as far as my fingers can reach. I finally look around and see everyone is intently doing their project and not paying attention. I suddenly pull both my hands off you as i pretend to drop my pencil under the desk, i'm not a great actor but the job suffices as I bend down and place the tip of my tongue on your knee and slowly lick my way all to your skirt. My hands grasp your legs from underneath and run up between them. I shove your legs apart and kiss up all the way under your skirt. I keep kissing as I reach your inner thigh; i kiss your panties to the middle where it gets wet and sticky. I lick the juices from your panties, placing my lips around your pussy in an attempt to suck all of your tasty juices. I lick all the way up your wet pussy and use my tongue to apply pressure to your clit through the panties. I trade my tongue for my thumb to rub your clit for a second, and then i retreat, pulling my head out from under the desk and removing my thumb. My hands slide down your legs towards your knees as i sit back in my chair. Then i remove then from your legs all together. I place both my hands on the desk, place my head in my hands, and smirk at you! The rest of the period you spend trying to recover.


    When class lets out you rush to follow me out the door. You slap me on the side and say "fuck you!!" I ask why and smirk again, knowing full well that you are dripping wet still. I hold your hand as we walk down the hall. We cross the small janitor's closet again. I open the door and check that no one will see us, and then i thrust you inside. "you've been a naughty girl haven't you?!!" I tease as my hands slide all the way up your legs, under your skirt and across your dripping wet pussy. I kiss you passionately while I hold my hands on your waist. I pick you up and place you on the desk. We make out for quite awhile, my hand just sliding up and down your waist. The kissing is incredible, it's passionate, warm, but delicate, and not sloppy. I kiss down your neck and gently bite your ear, tugging on it slightly. My hands are holding your perfect hourglass waist, thumbs rubbing slowly on your hips. My cock is throbbing against your leg, you can easily feel it through my shorts. I lay you out on the table, your knees bent and legs still hanging off the end. My hands slide under your shirt. I continue to kiss you while my hands explore your body under the tight cotton frabic. They slide past your hips first, my thumbs press firmly as they slide lower underneath your skirt for a moment. Then they slide up your tummy, and around to your back. I pull the shirt off over your head and manage to unclasp your bra. I kiss down your neck and my hands lay on your bare waist. I kiss your bare nipple briefly and then blow gently making your nipple hard. I use a hand to grab you breast and gently squeeze it, my thumb flicking your hard nipple. I blow gently down your stomach, then return to your other nipple which i suck on lightly. My other hand is massaging your waist until it slides underneath you to grab your ass. My fingers spread wide to grab all of your cute little ass i can possibly fit in my hand. 


    I flick your hard nipple with my tongue as i suck on it. One hand is still grabbing your ass. I move it underneath the skirt and it slides down your panty covered ass and down the back of your leg. I slide a finger under your panties and snap the tight elastic against your tight skin. Again, my rock hard cock grazes your leg, but only momentarily. My fingers slide from your ass to your inner thigh, and my other hand leaves your nipple to slide up and down your leg. My tongue continues to circle your erect nipple, occasionally flicking it. I lick down your chest, and lay gentle kisses on your soft skin. I kiss down your tummy past your belly button.I lick the word "cock" on your tummy, while my hand continues to slide ever closer to the wet spot between your legs. My tongue licks lower and i find your skirt in the way, so my hand tugs it down slightly, revealing the top few inches of your pink panties. I now i lick the outline of your panties, from one side to the other. My hand sliding up and down your leg accidentally slides up your panties and over your clit, gently caressing it in the process. My tongue sneaks underneath the pink panties. It's warm and wet underneath your panties; i can smell how ready you are for me. I pull my tongue off your skin and kiss you on the lips. "how do you like being teased?" i ask. "imagine that you can't orgasm for the week… how bad do you want me?" I smirk as you look horrified at the thought of dealing without my cock inside you. 


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  • 07/15/12--14:33: School Tease part 2
  • But knowing how mad you would be at me for such a tease, i can't help but kiss you again. My cock is still pressed against your leg, you feel it pulse as i look you into your eyes. One of my hands squeezes your ass and my fingers gently scratch across your panties. I kiss you again, firmly on the lips and passionately. I spread your legs apart and my hand slides from your ass to your outer thigh where i hold your leg firmly as i position my body between your legs. My cock is now pressing through my pants and between your legs in the middle of your wet panties. I slowly and firmly press my cock against your body as we continue to kiss. My hand holds your leg tight around me, making sure you're as close as you can be to the hard bulge in my pants .My other hand pulls your hair back as we kiss. I finally let my lips detach from yours and i slide them down your soft skin towards your neck. I kiss up to your ear and breath passionately in your ear "how bad do you want my cock" but before you can answer, i press my finger up against your lips, and stop you from answering. I gently nibble your ear again and kiss back towards your chest. My body continues with a very slow rhythm to simulate the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of your wet cunt. My hand slides from your leg to your hip, and i help pull you against me even harder now, the rate is the same, but each thrust becomes harder, more intense. My tongue has mades its way back to your nipples, which desperately need attention. 

    Starting between your breasts, I ever so gently use my teeth to scratch your silky smooth skin, and i work my way to your right nipple, at which point my tongue circles around it, getting closer and closer with each circle. My hand on your waist slides down to your ass and slaps it underneath your skirt, and again i grab as much of the tight ass as i can fit in my hand, and squeeze hard. At the same time, my tongue has reached your nipple and i take it in my mouth, fitting as much of your luscious breast as i can. My cock is throbbing again, even though it's just a bugle in my pants, every throb and every thrust are in time, so the bulge presses hard up against the desperate wet spot. I slowly lick to your other nipple while my hand slides around your ass and to your inner thigh this time, getting ever closer to the edge of those panties. My fingers crawl across your skin, giving you goosebumps. I stop licking your nipple and kiss your tummy with goosebumps on it. I move away from between your legs, so my cock is no longer pressed up against you, but my head has more room to travel. As i kiss your stomach, both of my hands go to your inner thigh. My thumb press hard again, making circles as they get closer, massaging your inner thigh. I kiss down your stomach even further, finally reaching the edge of your panties; the last thing between my tongue and your clit. I tease you again, by removing my tongue from the edge of your panties, and my hands from your legs. I stand up and look you in the eyes while i slowly unzip my pants. My huge hard cock springs out from its prison and I move it towards you as you move your lips to it, and help you take it in your mouth. You can't fit all 8 inches in at once, but you lick the giant head and try to place your hands on it.


     Before your hands can fully stroke it, I remove them, and pull my hard, now wet cock, out of your mouth. I kiss you quickly and move back to your stomach, and place my hands right where they were before. My cock is now dripping with precum, and as hard as ever. I let it press up against your leg while my fingers reach the edge of your panties between your legs. I move your hands behind you so you aren't tempted to squeeze the throbbing member. I take my right hand and run my index finger over your soaking panties, right up your pussy and over your clit. You moan on my way back down, as i gently flick your clitoris, circling it and rubbing it softly. My index finger pushes harder as i slide back down your pussy, and it slips inside of you, despite your panties, but i quickly pull it out and lick your delicious juices off my finger. I place it back on your the wet slit and start rubbing it up and down with rhythm, slowly caressing your clit with each pass. While my finger is pleasuring you, my tongue slips under the edge of your panties and licks your soft warm moist skin. I start at the middle and work my way to your hip, where my other hand comes and grabs your ass again, but quickly returns to a nipple needing attention. My tongue works its way lower and lower until i can't go further because of the impeding panties. With my teeth, i pull them down and inch or so and start kissing and sucking on the moist skin above your pussy. My finger starts a faster pace, rubbing your clit with slightly more force, and stopping every now and then to slide inside of you, panties and all. As my tongue once again reaches the limits of your panties, my cock slides across your inner leg, and it spreads precum all over it. I thrust it into your leg, and move one hand from your nipple to take your hand, allowing you to finally hold the massive cock in your hand. You can barely wrap your fingers around it, while it's just a little under 8 inches, it is thick and fat. 



    Your hand slides up and down the shaft trying to wrap your fingers around it. It throbs while you hold it. I run my fingers against your clit again, faster this time. As you continue to rub it my teeth pull your panties down even further, revealing all of your entirely soaked pussy. My tongue inches closer and closer to your swollen clit. I kiss above your pussy and lick juices from around it. My tongue finally reaches the swollen clit and very slowly, gently, licks over it. My finger is still running up and down your pussy from outside the panties, while my tongue is licking your from underneath them. You try to start rubbing my cock harder, so i take it away from you. I  slap my dick across your inner thigh playfully as you try to get it back. I pull both my hands and tongue away to put your hands behind your head and hold them there. Your panties snap back agains your skin as i move my tongue away.  I look you in the eyes again and kiss you while my hard cock manages to run up your inner thigh and the throbbing head runs across your wet panties. I smirk at you as i gently thrust my cock against your wet spot. I kiss you again passionately on the mouth and then my hands slide down your sexy body, flicking both nipples as they slide down your hips to the panties. I roll you on your side to smack your ass hard my hand clenches some of your cute butt, and your panties. I finally pull the soaking panties down, they stick to your wet pussy as i pull them off and to your knees. My tongue skips the long teasing path it would normally take and goes directly to your clit. My mouth wraps around your wet pussy as i begin to lick up and down your beautiful wet slit. You gasp as i flick your clit faster with my tongue. My cock throbs and more juices land on your inner thigh as i hear you gasp. I slap your ass again as my tongue continues to roll over your wet pussy. My finger slides from your ass to your wet hole, and i slide my middle finger all the way inside you with a solid thrust, in rhythm with that my tongue rubbed your clit again.

    You gasp again from my finger sliding all the way inside you. I slowly pull it out and my tongue stays in rhythm with my finger, by barely sliding down your pussy. After it's mostly out, i thrust all the way inside you again, and my tongue quickly slides up your pussy. I suck gently on your clit at the same time. My cock is constantly throbbing against your leg, i press myself against you so you can feel how rock hard it is. As my finger is thrust inside you again my tongue begins playing with your pussy a little faster, so i pull it out a little quicker with more force, and then again thrust it all the way inside you. I push so hard with my middle finger your body slides from the force. I pull it back out almost as quick now only to shove it back inside you. This time on the way out i curve my finger inside you towards your tummy, reaching your gspot. As my finger comes out, my tongue leaves your clit and runs up towards your tummy. I build up a better rhythm with my finger, now thrusting in and out, in and out. My tongue slides across your tummy as my free hand grabs yours and places it back on my throbbing cock. I let you stroke it while i continue sliding my middle finger even faster, in and out of your wetness. I break the rhythm and pull it out slowly. I run my index finger over your wet pussy and then slide both my index and middle finger inside of you. Slowly at first, but after they are both fully coated in your juices, i slam them deep inside of you, again forcing your body to slide. I fuck you with the two fingers for a few seconds as my tongue reaches your nipple again. Your hand continues to slide up and down my hard member while my tongue circles your hard nipples. My fingers sliding in and out of you, my thumb reaches for your clit. It rubs it while my other two fingers slide even faster in and out of you. I take a free hand and move your fingers off my cock. I spread your legs apart and reposition myself while still fingering you. I grab my hard cock and run it against your inner thigh again, wiping off more precum on your leg. I slowly pull my fingers out and run them up your pussy and across your clit; my tongue stops sucking your nipple. 

    I move my mouth to your ear and whisper "get ready". I place your hand back around my cock and I begin moving it towards your dripping slit. The large head of my dick reaches the top of your pussy. I hold my hand over your hand on my cock and run it across your clit. I then run it down your wet pussy and collect some sweet juices on it. You motion it back towards your clit and it flicks your clit a few times before i slide it back down towards the dripping hole. I take my hand off yours and run it up your pussy for the juices. I pull your hand off to cover the shaft of my cock in your wetness. I place both my hands on your hips, and your hand back on the shaft. The head is now throbbing on your wet pussy. I look you in the eyes and with one motion, i thrust my huge throbbing cock inside you. My hands pull you onto my huge cock. You're so tight and my cock is so big it takes a lot of force to fit inside you, but luckily you're dripping wet. You moan loudly and close your eyes as almost all 8 inches slides inside you. After it slides in you open your eyes again and i'm still gazing into your eyes. I slowly slide the massive tool out of you. You can feel the large head of my cock as it traces its way out of your tight pussy. One of my hands leaves your waist to attend to your clitoris. My finger runs across it as my cock slides out. I run my finger across it slowly, in rhythm with my cock, which is now sliding back inside you, but slower this time. My hand on your waist holds you down again as i push it deep inside you. My finger rubs your clit a little faster, and my cock changes direction and begins sliding out. 


    My finger begins rubbing your clit faster than ever, and my cock is now sliding in and out, but still with only 5 inches, leaving almost 3 inches more cock to fuck you with. I look you in the eyes as it slides in and out faster and faster, my hand holding down your perfect hips. You mouth "harder" to me and i take note, instantly thrusting all 8 inches of my fat throbbing cock inside you. my body slaps against yours, your legs still on my shoulders, my body flush with yours. I slide my hands up and down your hips, firmly pressing against you to keep you from sliding with the force of my cock. I breathe heavy as i begin to slide in and out faster and faster. The whole length of my long hard cock slides in and out of your tight dripping pussy and fills you up. you can feel your tight pussy wrapping around my cock, stretching to accommodate the huge girth. As i thrust again, my pelvis smacks against you and i keep my cock deep inside you, waiting, you can momentarily feel my cock throb inside you. As i thrust in for the last time we both lock eyes as we simultaneously orgasm. You can feel my hot cum filling you up and I can feel your pussy clenching tight against my cock. For the few moments we are cumming, we stare into eachothers eyes and only accept the wonderful orgasm.

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  • 07/17/12--14:45: wifes first black cock


    It all started a few months ago I had always wanted to see my wife fuck a black guy but never thought it would happen.   We went away for a weekend to her mum and dad’s house, and for our anniversary we went to the cinema then out on the town, we had not been out for a long time since we had our little boy, so this was really nice for us, free babysitters and no work in the morning.  Guildford was a nice place and had some really nice people there, but not many black guys around,  we went to a pub first after the cinema.  It was quiet in but we had a few drinks there, I had 2 cokes and she had 2 vodkas and lemonade , we were just chatting and people watching , but the place never really filled up so we went to find a more happening place, just over the road was a club.  Flares  was a 70s and 80s club, we went in, got another drink and went to the edge of the dance floor. Liz was dying to dance, it was her kind of music and her body was raring to go.  We chatted for a bit more and there were 3 girls dancing at the edge of the floor .

    I nipped to the loo which was down 2 flights of stairs and a bit scary with all the squeezing past everyone on the way.  Some were doing drugs, others just doing the club thing; snogging, groping and other things, you can guess.  Back from the loo, I went to the bar and got 2 more drinks, the same as before but doubles , when returning to the dance floor Liz was dancing with the 3 girls at the edge of the dance floor.  I went over to a small table and just watched her dance; she came over a few times for a drink then went back dancing.  After a short while, to my astonishment a black guy came from nowhere and started chatting to Liz and the 3 girls, dancing with them, I could not believe it, there was a black guy dancing with my wife.  He asked her if she was single and she said no she was married and her husband was just over there pointing to me, he came over to me apologising for hitting on my wife and I just said it was ok and told him to carry on dancing with her.  He went into the crowd.  Liz came over to me and said that black guy has just asked if she was single, “see I have still got it” she said. I told her she should’ve said yes so I could see her snog a black guy; something I have always wanted to see and she knows it.  She was getting very tipsy by now, I went over to the bar got some more drinks, came back and started danced with her for a bit.  She was getting more and more flirty with her moves, which was attracting a lot of attention.  I was dancing at the back of Liz putting my hands on her arse and just glancing over her bust now and again when the black guy came back onto the dance floor and Liz pointed to him to come over.   He started to dance in front of us when Liz put her hands around him and pulled him towards her, she was now sandwiched between me and this black guy and he was thrusting against her and I was thrusting behind her, groping her arse.  He put his hands around her waist, pulling her towards him as he was thrusting his hips and looking down her top, his head getting closer to her bust with every move, he was that close he could have licked them.   I think the urge was too much for him as his hands came up and groped her boobs, cupping them in his hands; and they were big hands.  Liz was now quite drunk and was letting herself get really into the mood, both of our hands were all over her and she was loving it. The song was coming to the end and the guy turned and went to the other side of the dance floor to his mates and his drink. Liz turned round to me and said “well what do you think of that then?” as she groped my cock which was rock hard from what I had just seen.  She then said she needed the loo and asked me where it was, I told her it was downstairs and pointed to them walking over with her, and off she went as I went to the bar for some more drinks, I took the drinks back to the dance floor to our small table and waited, it seemed to be a long time, a really long time but I know the girl’s loo, you may have to queue to get in so I waited and waited and waited until I thought I better go and look for her.   It was hard to get down the stairs as there was so many people down there, I got down one flight and then as I started to get down the second flight I could see Liz by the emergency exit door snogging the black guy.  I could only see the top part of them both so did not see what was going on below but as I moved down the stairs to see more I saw her hand around him squeezing his arse, he was kissing her on her neck moving down to the top part of her bust and Liz was leaning back so he could lick and kiss more of her neck and cleavage pushing her boobs more and more in his face.  I could only see one of his hands though which was groping her bust as he was kissing her.  I could not see the other one but as I got even closer, about six foot away, I could see all the action, his other hand was down her jeans and they where unbuttoned with the zip down just enough to get his hand down there. I could see he was rubbing her clit with his fingers, slowly sliding them in and out, Liz was thrusting against him trying to get more and more of him as she could. She moved one had from his arse and started to undo his jeans, she did it with one hand very easily and moved down to see what he had, I could see from the smile on her face that what she had found was not disappointing for her.  She started to move her hand up and down on his cock, I was in my element, this was a dream come true for me, you could see this black guy wanted to fuck her and who could blame him she was really good looking, had a great bust, really fit arse and big kissable lips to die for.  Liz pulled her jeans down just a bit more just so they were at the bottom of her arse and he had enough room to move in, Liz guided his really big black cock into place and he moved up so his cock was just at the tip of her hole before pushing in really slowly.  Liz gasped with the size of the black cock, we have a black dildo at home but I think his cock might have been just a bit bigger and better than that as it was real, warm and wet black going into white.  Liz gasped some more as he pushed his cock into her and smiling, wrapped her hands around his arse and pulled him in to get even more of this mammoth cock inside her, pushing her head back so he could have easy access to her tits. He had both hands on them now with his tongue licking them, pulling her bra down to expose her nipples he put his lips around them, sucking and licking them, her hands where digging in his arse as she pulled him towards her, you could see him lean back and start to jerk as he came inside her, dumping his black baby gravy, you could tell she could feel it inside her as his warm sperm entered her, there must have been quite a bit.  I looked down to her fanny where I could see his cum starting to seep out and her fanny was really wet.  I was stood right at the side of her now and she looked over to me smiled leaning towards me and started to kiss me with his cock still inside her.  As he jerked to get the last bit of sperm in her Liz said to me “now that’s what I call a cock, a proper cock” She took the guy’s number and said she would be back for more next time we were in Guildford and may be I could join in.

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    It was one of the hottest nights of the summer, and I was home alone extremely horny. I had just taking a long bubble bath and put on a booty shorts and tank top and laid down on my bed. My friend had called and said she would be over soon, we had been friends basically all our lives I haven't seen her in over three weeks so I was so happy to see her when she finally arrived, we ran up to my room and she laid her back down by the door. She looked so sexy, in her sweat pants I just wanted to peek inside them...just one time. I had never expressed my feelings for girls to her, in her eyes I was completely straight no one at all knew how I felt and I was kind of scared to tell her how I felt. She walked over to me and gave me the biggest hug we embraced closely for a long time I could feel her pussy against mine, I felt myself starting to throb. She looked at me for a few seconds then tilted her head a little and pressed her lips softly against mine, I was in total shock. I dragged my bottom lip slowly up her chin pulling her bottom lip between my lips, softly sucking on it pressing my body closer against hers. I felt her hands slowly slide down my back and inside my panties squeezing my ass in her hands. I bit my lip and smiled against her lips. I turned her around pressing her body against the wall getting behind her sliding my hands down the front of her sweats squeezing her pussy in my hand, she let out a soft moan. I slid my hand inside of her panties between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit in slow circles, she gasped and held her breathe pressing her forehead against the wall as she looked down at my hand. I slid my hands up her body and under her shirt squeezing her tiddies in my hands. I slid back down to her sweat pants and slid them & her panties off and laid her down on the bed, spreading her thighs open. She had the fattest pussy lips I've ever seen I licked my lip and softly gave her pussy lips a wet kiss. She sat up on her elbows, I could tell she was so anxious to know what it feels like to get eaten out. I spread open her pussy lips gently flicking my wet tongue against her clit. She arched her back and immediately let out a loud "aaaaahhhhhhh" I pushed my face into her pussy and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard on it, she screamed and begged me to keep going. I tugged on her clit gently while sucking on, I made my way down running my tongue over her creamy opening. I spread her legs, inserting my middle finger and index inside her slowly fingering the roof of her vagina in a come here motion, she rocked back and forth on my fingers moaning dont stop. I twirled my tongue slowly around her clit then laid my tongue flat against her clit moving my head back and forth pushing my fingers hard inside her making my hand hit her pussy lips. She was soo wet, that creamy type of wet I loved it I could feel my panties sticking to my pussy I was soo wet. I let my fingers stroke against all of her insides her face turned red, she slid her hands over her boobs and squeezed them hard. I let my fingers hit the back of her pussy every time, I could feel her swelling inside I suddenly felt her insides contracting. I flicked my tongue fast against her clit, pounding my fingers inside her I heard a huge gush and suddenly she started oozing white down my hand

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  • 07/20/12--23:09: Freewill Ch. 2 (femdom)
  •                 "He's my client," hands crashed down upon the mahogany desk, hard enough to cause the decorative knick knacks that littered it to jump up and settled down again a few centimeters farther left. John just looked calmly at her, grey eyes impassive, hands folded together.

                    This infuriated the girl who was talking to him even more. Her temper seemed incongruous with her outfit. Hair back into a tightly controlled braid, white doctor's robe over grey slacks and a blue silk blouse, tasteful blue glasses sitting upon her nose; their rectangular frames emphasizing the fragile femininity of her face; they clashed horribly with the clenched fist, pink lips drawn back into a sneer, static posture, and spearing blue eyes. She clashed even more with the room around her. The over opulence of the red and gold plush couches, and dark red Victorian style wallpaper gave off the cluttered feeling of someone happy with their life who wanted to share some comfort and pleasing aesthetics with others. In these bright and bold colors, across from a man who gave off an air that matched the room, she stood out like a dash of blood on white linen.

                    "Yes, but whatever you are doing with him is not working. This says nothing about your work. The Nation already relies on you more than we usually would for someone your age. You are doing sessions for a Red, aren't you? And you get to see a parent. That's not something the other Yellows get to do."

                    "I don't get to see my mom," she mumbled in a low voice, falling backwards to sprawl in the chair. The immaturity of the movement lent her a younger, vulnerable look, making it easy to see how this could be the modern Rebecca Robins, despite the lack of bangs and the way her features had filled out and frozen into the delicate lines of the woman across from John.

                    "Do you really want to," John asked delicately, eyes trained on her face.

                    She shrugged, trying to look nonchalant, but her face turned bright red and she didn't remove her gaze from the floor.

                    After a few moments of silence, Becka couldn't take it anymore and moved her eyes up to John's throat, speaking there, rather than directly to him. "The only reason they gave me that Red, was because none of the other mistresses were working for him. Or masters."

                    "Don’t you see? That just proves that you have skills that the others don't. Everyone loses clients occasionally. This one asked for a Therapy Session of his own free will. You've never dealt with that before. It was an experiment and we didn't know for sure that it would work. Your skills lie with the-in some ways much harder to deal with- people who resist.

                    Becka gave him a tentative smile, her anger draining away with the returning of her confidence.

                    "Thanks for talking to me today," she put her hand behind her ear, as if tucking invisible hair away, a habit she had yet to break.

                    "It was no problem at all. That's what I'm here for. To help the people chosen for the Therapy Sessions with everything they need- even if it’s just lending an ear. You are far from the first person to come to my office to vent." He started clearing up his papers, flipping through them. "You better go soon. You have another client in seven minutes. A David Jameson, I believe. Oh, it says here that you used to live by him?"

                    She froze for a second; all her usual energy compacted into her body, before saying a short, "Yes."

                    "Good luck then. Those should make for some interesting sessions."


                    The second Rebecca's left foot was out the door and into the hallway a transformation took place. Her shoulders relaxed, her lids lowered over her eyes and took on a stern look, and her lips smoothed out from their tight, pursed position into a slight pout. She would not have been out of place in a with a surgeon’s badge attached to her white robes, with the confidence that her steps took as she strode down the hallway at a fast pace. Her chest was lifted and shoulders back, silk shirt molded over her small, tight 32B breasts. Any passer biers would think that she was a woman who knew what she was doing and knew where she was going. Then they would think about her long, supermodel tall legs and elegant neck; since her braid lifted her hair away from it, displaying the milky pale length. With her glasses perched on her nose, and determined stance, she was the personification of a sexy female dominant.

                    She stopped once along the way, to talk to a guard and make sure that her surprise was set up, as well as to go over the information for her next client one more time. Once satisfied that everything was going the way it was supposed to and that she had everything on her that she needed, she began making her way to the pens.

    The pens were an interesting feature of the compound. They consisted of a hallway with doors every few feet, all locked, perfectly blank and anonymous. Each one held a different room, with features that varied depending on who was supposed to go within it.

     Despite the anonymity of the doors Rebecca seemed to know where she was going, and stopped before the thirteenth door down. A small smirk was on her face, which transformed into a small smile as she slid the key into the lock.

                    By the time the door opened to the prisoner within, her expression was once again one of haughty indifference.

                    The room inside the door could only be described as dismal. Pale yellow lighting fell down from the built-into-ceiling light, highlighting the grey stones that built it. The room smelled of mildew and other unmentionable things, and in the center of the room was a hole in the floor, from which a steady "[i]drip, drip, drip[/i]" could be heard.

                    Aside from a small wooden chair for her to sit on, the only other adornment in the room was a man who kept against the opposite wall by the chains attached to the bindings on his wrists, and the other bindings which were around each ankle, keeping him on his knees with his legs spread wide.

                    The man was completely naked. Gloriously naked. The muted lighting accentuated the contours of his muscular arms and bronzed skin. While by no means a body builder or overloaded with muscle, the man was obviously fit, having what could be described as a surfers body. Though he was on his knees Rebecca could tell that he was taller than her, which startled her since at twenty she was the tallest girl at the therapy compound.  His dark brown hair lay spiked with sweat against his head, the rooms being uncomfortably hot during the summer time. A droplet of water trickled down his nose; the most feminine feature on him, clinging there for a second before it fell to the floor. He had, Rebecca noticed absently, rather ugly feet. The toes were spread out and blunt, and though she couldn't tell in this lighting she rather though that his nails were yellow tinted. He wasn't any harrier than any other man, except for under his armpits. Since his arms were forced backwards by the bindings, she could see a sliver of the area under his arms, where a forest of brown hair spiked out.  She knew that if he lifted his head, she would see yellow-hazel eyes looking at her from a youthful face. His back was bowed and his head hung limply forward, a forced position made possible by the thick collar around his neck, with a line of chains connecting it to the ceiling. Since he was resting in it limply, likely trying to sleep despite the discomfort, the skin under his jaw and behind his cranium was a bright, irritated red color

                    All that mattered very little to her though, compared to what her eyes immediately zoomed in on: His cock. For someone who wasn't prepared for the sight, it would probably look very strange. The thick piece, three inches long when soft, rested heavily against his balls, which seemed to be abnormally full and round. Covering the whole of his penis was an extremely tight, pale sheath, which she knew would draw back over his penis when he was aroused, and hook behind the most startling abnormality of all- his knott. The delicious ball at the base of his penis was currently small enough that she could likely encircle it in her hands. The closer he got to orgasm the bigger the knott would swell. It was The Nations latest effort in helping the rehabilitation and the breeding programs. Her mouth filled with saliva at the sight.

                    She imagined how furious he would be that she was there. She imagined the confusion and the fear he would be repressing. She imagined him looking up at her from her feet, eyes bright with moisture, confusion swimming in them because of the pleasure and pain running through his body after a session with her.

                    She felt the flesh between her legs spark with anticipation, and closed the door behind her.


                    "You?! What do you want?" David felt disgust rise up in him at the site of the woman he used to live next to. He glared at her, head lifted and back still bowed. After so many hours in this position there was an unending current of pain running through his shoulders and down his spin, so he used that pain as fuel for his anger at the traitor in front of him.

                    She smiled slowly, lips closed over her teeth, and walked closer till she was standing in directly front of him. "I take it the other members of your anti-peace group told you about me?"

                    "The other members of our RESISTANCE group passed pictures around of undesirables each week. You got put on the list after you brain washed James!" The anger was too much for him to control, and he jerked his head as he spat on her; or tried to, anyways. His cheeks heated up as only a few specks of moisture actually managed to land on her, his mouth being too dry to do much damage. She didn't even flinch, just continued to stare directly into his eyes, an amused look on her face, as if she was watching a child throw a temper tantrum and it wasn't even worth it to indulge him by getting upset.

                    Her non-reaction was so unexpected that he paused for a second, and the first trickle of apprehension crawled down his spine, following the path his sweat took.

                    "James is a sweetie. He is so happy, now that he no longer has to hide in the woods or in abandoned apartments in the city, and instead has a stable living environment. He's thrilled that soon he's going to be marrying another Blue; an overworked woman who always tries her best to help The Nation. It was decided they would be good for each other. He's been lonely lately without my pussy. He only got to touch me skin to skin once, but that memory stuck with him,” as she spoke, the traitor moved her robes- something he had noticed and wondered about- to the side, revealing a pair of latex gloves like you'd find in a doctor's office. She put them on and continued to taunt him in that low, clinical tone, "We aren't here to talk about James though. We are here to talk about you. To help you adjust to your new role in life." She put her hand gently on his cheek and pulled his head upwards lightly, till his neck was straining against the collar.

                    He reacted without thought. Turning his head quickly he snapped his teeth together where her wrist was a second before. His teeth clacked together as they closed on air, her fingers hovering just far enough away that the collar wouldn't let him get to them.

                    "Artus," her feminine voice caressed the syllables. David had one second to wonder why she said that strange word, before the world turned into pain.

    His body jerked and flailed, mouth open in a scream that strained his vocal cords. His mind shouted that he was burning, breaking, shattering. His fingernails seemed to be trying to tear themselves off of his hands, and his skin turned to glass; stabbing his inner organs.

                    With one part of his mind, he registered a low murmuring coming from the Traitor, and then the pain stopped. His body went limp, feeling wrung out and shocked, fingers and eyebrows still twitching in remembrance.

                    He vomitted.

                    "I'm sorry I had to use that David," his chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath, his mind too shocked by what had just happened to make much sense of her words, the soft sound a contrast to the sharp reality he just suffered. "That's the ultimate punishment of The Nation. It makes sure that I can take you off the chains, and let you run around, without you trying to do something regrettable. The mechanism that causes that response is in your body, and I only have to speak the words to activate it. You'll be very sensitive afterwards," her hand went back to his cheek, and he flinched away in expectation of more pain, but the cool touch latex soothed his skin, adding uncomfortable pinpricks of pleasure to the feeling.

                    Trying to draw his mind away from the sensation, he spoke, resolute to ignore the soft pleasure that was evoked as his mouth moving made her hand rub against his cheek lightly.

                    "What did you guys do to... me," he said, referring to his penis, something he had been wondering about for a while now.

                    Rebecca new what he was asking about immediately.

                    "Isn't it wonderful? It's a present from The Nation. They gave you a few of the characteristics and instincts of dogs. Including this wonderful knott here," she lifted her foot, nudging along his sack with one black heel before tapping the knott twice. "You'll find that when it comes to sex it's harder to hold onto your cognitive ability, and your instincts will be that much harder to fight. I'm sure you will fight," the fingers on his cheek clenched, and even though she was wearing latex, he swore he could feel her nails digging straight into his skin. "Most of the time I won't let you cum till you ask me though, so The Nation really did you a favor by changing you this way."

                    Eyes round in horror, David stared at the woman he had grown up with. "What happened to you, how did you become this way?"

                    Rebecca tilted her head thoughtfully and began to stroke his cheek, which was still sensitive from his punishment.

                    As the soft fingers caressed his flesh he felt his cock twitch against his thigh, and nausea engulfed him. He started noticing things about The Traitor. How her chest had filled out more since the last time he had seen her, and that her skin was startlingly white against her blouse. Right now her nipples were hard; clearly visible through the shirt. As he stared at the silk covered tips, he started to notice a scent coming from her; a heady feminine perfume, which easily overshadowed the stench that usually permeated the small room. A quick glance down had him swallowing in despair. The tight skin around his member was drawing back, revealing his bright red penis tip, which was getting larger and redder as he watched. He could literally see the sheath drawing back in a slow, continuous movement.

                    "I've always been this way. I can't describe how exciting it is to break down a man and watch as he comes to love you for it.” She moved closer and another wave of her scent washed over him. His nostrils flared and his cock became fully engorged, standing straight up towards her in an eager salute.

                    "I'm helping people by doing this, too. Some people really can't handle the decisions needed for them to have a good, happy life. Since The Nation took over, crime rates have dropped and employment has gone up. People are happy, healthy, and taken care of."

                    "Maybe crime rates are recorded less, but they still happen. Just because some people call themselves a government, doesn't mean that their crimes are excusable," David said through gritted teeth.

                    Becka just smirked. Reaching into her robe pocket she took out a small cylindrical device, with rubber on one end and metal on the other.

                    She pressed a red button that he hadn't seen which was on the side of the advice, and brought the metal part down against his rib cage.

                    A shot of burning electricity crackled where she held it, and he jerked with a cry, whole body flinching in surprise. His cock remained as hard as before.

                    "That's one of the things we will have to train you out of. The Nation cares for you David, I care for you. We just want to see you happy," She leaned closer, and the scent of her was all around him, filling his mind, caressing his body. His pupils contracted and then grew huge. Fuck, he was so horny! "We want you... to be part of us, to rejoin society. To rejoin me. It would make me very happy."

                    She leaned back and sat in the chair, one leg in front of the other, hands resting on top of them, just looking at him. His eyes trailed the length of her legs.

                    "Do you like this scent? It's a special perfume I made just for you. Apparently when a female dog is in heat, she gives off a certain scent that attracts the male dog. It's invisible to humans, but when I requested it, the people in the lab were able to capture that scent and mix it in with my favorite perfume. After all, I am a bitch, so it’s only fitting that I should smell like one."

                    David swallowed. He fucking hated her. She was the traitor. He shouldn't be thinking of her like this, shouldn't give her the satisfaction. Their manipulations wouldn't work on him. He shouldn't be thinking about bending her over a table and shoving his dick in her pussy dry, of fucking her till she bled, and wrapping his arms around that traitor’s neck. The only thing he should want to do should be the last part- put his fingers around her neck and tighten them until the Traitor stopped breathing.

                    She stood up suddenly, and started unbuttoning her pants. She shimmied them down her legs and he stared at the pink cotton underwear that was revealed. Some part of him was taken aback at how normal the underwear was, but the rest of him was cursing that it had been two weeks since he last masturbated- the perils of helping a revolution keeping him occupied at night.

                    "I want to show you what you do to me David. I want to show you your reward for getting caught and taken away from that resistance group,” she sat down again and spread her legs. In the center of the panties was a wet spot, clearly showing that she was indeed enjoying this, despite torturing him to the point that he threw up. His hips snapped up and he breathed out harshly, eyes trained on the wet spot staining her panties. Jesus Fucking Christ he wanted some friction! Who knew that the dork with the glasses and the cute ass that he used to play with was such a perverted monster?

                    "Why are you doing this, TRAITOR? Why are you keeping me here?"

                    "Because I want to. I'm having fun. Don't you want to have fun David? The Nation brought me here just for you. They knew what you wanted and got it for you. Don't you want," her hips started moving in slow circles in the chair, "to make me happy?"

                    'Oh god," unable to take it anymore, David's hips started thrusting back and forth, in an animalistic display of arousal. A little bit of cream leaked from the tip of his cock.

                    Becka laughed, and brought one hand down teasingly, her fingers scooching under the pantie's crotch, starting to move the thin piece of crotch to the side. She moved it enough that he saw a bit of one lip, which was wet and shiny. Then she took her fingers out, the cloth once again covering the whole of her lady bits.

                    David choked and made a whining sound of desperation, straining against the chains holding him.

                    "Fuck, what... Rebecca, please! I need- I need. aaaaggghhh" his hips snapped up some more,  ignoring him, she stood up and proceeded to pull her pants back on, further hiding the flesh he wanted to see.

                    "I will give you some friction, if you say just one thing. Say 'please let this bug use your glorious hand, mistress, even though I don't deserve it.'"

                    His cock pulsed with need and he found himself getting more aroused at the dirty and fucked up words coming out of those innocent looking lips.

                    "Fuck you!" he spat, though the words came out breathy and yearning, instead of with the disgust he wanted to project.

                    The cylinder was in her hand again, this time at his nipple. "Aarrgh!" with his skin so sensitive from her last use of Artus, the incredible pain caused by the cylinder felt almost pleasurable, despite still smarting like a bitch.

                    "Oh," Becka giggled, and he looked up to notice that her eyes looked very strange, lips fixed in that same half smile. Her pupils were huge and quick breaths panted out from her demented smile. She looked like she was high. "You liked that, didn't you?"

                    "N-no!" David didn't even have time to think about how immature that response was before he felt the cylinder press against his ass. He screamed, hips straining up and holding that position, as much as he could with the chains binding him.

                    "arghaaaahhahhah" his scream was a mixture of pain and pleasure, and he felt his balls draw up. [i]Oh god yes, one more second, oh fuck it hurts, move my butt to try and get away, but fuck no I don't want this feeling to stop. oh christ press it harder. Oh. oh! argh! I'm going to-[/i].

    She took the cylinder away from his ass again, and licked her lips. Her voice was breathy when she spoke. "You aren't supposed to lie to me, David."

                    David felt like crying. He was so desperate. He couldn't think, all of his attention was on his cock, and he couldn't spare even one thought to anything else. His hips desperately humped the air, and he pretended there was a girl there, with a round, beautiful ass; which he was humping. The image wavered and turned into Rebecca, but he ignored that, closing his eyes and parting his mouth, humping his hips into the imaginary girl. He didn't notice when he started speaking,"

                    "Oh yes. So good. mmmn fuck. You always had a sweet ass, and I always used to want to fuck it when you wore those jeans you little [i]teaze[/i]. Little whore, cunt, traitor, ass. Oooaaghh," he felt tears fill his eyes and nearly overflow. "It's not enough. Oh fuck please, please, [i]please[i]."

                    "If you want me to give you some friction, all you have to do is say 'Mistress, please lend me your glorious hand, even though I'm worth less than a worm and don't deserve it. Only you can help me Mistress'."

                    "M-Mistress, please lend me your h-hand. Even though- uh..." "Even though you are worth less than a worm." "Even though I'm worth less than a worm and don't Deserve it. [i]Only you can help me Rebe- Mistress.[/i]

                    Oh please mistress please. I-," tears started to run down his face, which was red with exertion, "please I need you. Only you. Please. I'm worthless, whatever. Just fuck me pleasepleaseplease. I need you!"

                    "Good boy," her hand was in his hair, petting him, like he was a dog. Though he felt a spurt of anger at that, he seemed unable to control his actions and leaned into it with a blissful expression, wanting it on another part of his body.

                    It took a good forty seconds, but the chains eventually got unlocked and off his body. When he took a step towards her, not sure if he intended to fuck her or kill her and run away, she opened her mouth and he immediately stopped, remembering the pain of Artus. The memory of that pain helped cool his libido enough that he was able to stand there and wait, without jumping her.

                    "You are less than a worm, like you admitted. So I don't think you deserve a hand," his heart clenched and his breath left his body in shocked horror, "but I will let you hump my leg like the dog you are. Crawl towards me and get your reward. No using your hands."

                    "Wha- fuh- it-," even as he was trying to voice a denial he felt himself getting on his knees and shuffling forward, putting his hands behind his back even though the his arm muscles strained at being put back in such a position. He lined up his body with hers and started humping, knott trapped against his abdomen, underside of his dick running along her grey slacks.

                    Rebecca stared down at him with blown eyes and smirking mouth. She wanted to move her hips, stab her fingers into her soaked pussy and fuck herself till she came. Her breasts ached to be held, feeling heavy and swollen. She wouldn't move though. More than she wanted to orgasm she wanted this; to humiliate and train her doggy. Her dog David, the boy she had looked at with yearning and a desperate need for approval from in her youth. The boy who had ignored her and forgotten her and lived his perfect life with his perfect friends. Now admitting he was trash, and needing her so much that he debased himself to this level.

                    The feel of his rigid length against her thigh was hot, and she wondered idly if the rough material was hurting him. It wouldn't matter if it was- it would only help with her goal to make him crave pain, after all.

                    His hips pistoned against her leg, and his arms came around to wrap around her thigh, keeping it steady. Without consciously planning on doing it, he found himself with his mouth open, tonguing her blouse and laying kisses on it intermittently.

                    She smacked his face, hard. "No hands!" he growled and felt his knott swell painfully, his balls draw up, and then he was cumming, eyes glazed over and hips still slapping his balls against her leg.

                    The thick spurts hit her slacks and started to slide down them, a messy white design against the grey uniformity.

                    He finally stopped and panted as his cock started to deflate and his sheath began a slow climb over the shrinking knott.

                    His mind was full of a blank buzz;  an euphoric haze. Everything seemed to have a tinted glow, and his body felt wonderful- even the pain from his former bondage seemed to be a kind of comfort.

                    "You made your Mistress’s pants messy. Lick them up, Doggy," he heard. He didn't even turn his head towards the sound.

                    Hands came up to cradle his face, and gently pulled his head down. [i]These feel nice[/i] he idly thought. Then he was staring at his spunk, clinging to the leg he had just masturbated against.

                    "Clean me up," he heard again. For some reason he understood what that meant, and obediently opened up his mouth to lick up his mess. [i] This tastes disgusting [/i] he happily murmured in his mind, and a dreamy smile crossed his face as he ate the rest with more enthusiasm.

                    He sat in his haze for a while longer, seeming to flat around, ignoring the pain in his knees and occasionally swallowing when spit in his mouth seemed to accumulate.

                    "Well that went well," the calm voice of The Traitor said, and he abruptly realized where he was and what he just did.

                    The hate in him swelled, and he lifted his hand and wiped his mouth. [i]Jesus Christ this woman is evil![/i], his eyes closed in a glare again, demeanor once more shifting to that of loathing.

                    "Don't worry, that’s a pretty normal reaction," her smile had satisfaction in it, even though he didn't think she had cum herself.

                    "Fuck you bitch!" One of her hands reached out and casually grabbed his balls, squeezing. David froze. "I may be a bitch, but the title you will refer to me as is, Mistress. I won't tolerate you forgetting it again. Also, it will be a long time, if ever, that you will please me enough to get the reward where you “fuck” me."

                    She smiled, "now come on. It's time I showed you your surprise." She walked around him, opening the door. David wondered if he could attack her from behind before she managed to use Artus. But no- if he did that, they'd call the guards, and they likely knew about Artus too.

                    "I don't have any clothes," he said in a "you are an idiot" voice, but managing to make it just emotionless enough that she wouldn't punish him.

    “Dogs don't get clothes. Everyone needs to see what a dog you are, and that you belong to me, so that they know you aren’t a stray." The door opened and his vision turned black for a second, as he had become used to the low lighting of his prison room, and wasn't prepared for the change. He shook his head, trying to dispel the disorienting feeling that accompanied his temporary blindness.

                    “They'll already know from the spots you left on my pants just what a good doggy you are, after all.”

                    Even though he couldn't see her face with her back turned to him, he could feel the smirk in her tone. David finally understood just what turned James; a great member of the resistance, into the spineless coward their spies had spotted. He felt terror begin to nip at the edges of his mind, but resolutely pushed it aside, wrapping his anger, hate, and determination around him.

                    He would get out of here. He would not let "The Nation" defeat him, and when he left he would leave The Traitor’s lifeless body behind.

                    Mouth lifting into a sneer, he swore this to himself.

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  • 07/21/12--11:51: Pissing in the wild
  •       Walking through the woods, I could feel the urge. I should have used the toilet at the trail-head, but no, I was too busy looking at all the gorgeous scenery, and now, I could feel my bladder start to make demands. I looked around, the trail was deserted, so I left the trail, went past two bushes, and took one last look around. Satisfied that I was alone, I unzipped my jeans, pushed them down, skimmed down my panties to join my jeans around my ankles. Concerned that I could accidently piss on my jeans and panties, I quickly yanked them off, and placed them a safe distance away. I squatted, and felt the relief as the hot piss start to flow. I started to feel a strange sexiness, the position of squatting, with my bare ass to the elements, I could imagine squatting like I would do to a boyfriend, just before pushing down on his cock, made my pussy pulse, the hot stream of piss gushing out over my twitching pussy lips just amplified the feeling. I went with it, and slipped two fingers down, my fingers rubbing my piss wet lips, feeling them get slippery with my other juices joining them. I just kept rubbing, and rubbing, wildly turned on by the idea of being almost naked in the woods, squatting and pissing, doing it out in public like that, granted, it wasn't like doing it in Grand Central station, but still, it was out in the open. The idea that someone could walk by, and see a horny 15 year old girl masturbating wildly, made my inner pussy do the "orgasm flip", as I like to call it, and I let out cries of pleasure as I felt it wrenching deep inside, the climactic quivering of my pussy spreading waves of pleasure through me.

         As the pleasure of my orgasm started to ebb, I quickly pulled on my panties and jeans, got back on the trail, and continued my hike.

         After that first time, I never wanted to use a toilet again when I'd head out on the trails, I'd purposely make sure that I would need to piss soon after starting out, and the squatting, the hot piss flowing, the pissing then the masturbating, always made me cum like crazy.

         Out on my favorite trail today, I did my usual routine, although I neglected to look in one direction. I quickly unzipped, shoved down my shorts and panties, stepped out of them, and squatted down. I heard a noise, looked to my left, and froze. The urgent desire to let my piss fly vanished, I was being watched, a big man, big from working out, was a mere 20 feet away, my god, he looked to be at least 6'6" tall, and solid muscle. He cock was pressing out against his jeans, the sight of that rock hard bulge took my breath away. He stepped slowly towards me, then around me, until he was towering over me, I was still frozen to the spot.

         "Want to see it baby? Unzip me baby, then you can see what I got."

         That broke the spell, and with trembling fingers, I pulled down his zipper, his jeans and underwear dropped, and I was once again spellbound. He had at least a 9 inch cock, rock hard, so thick, pointing at me like a weapon ready to fire. This was the first cock I had ever seen, it was almost right in my face, I couldn't take my eyes away.

         "You want to piss, go right ahead baby, while I watch and stroke my cock. Why don't you get naked, so I can see every bit of your sweet hot body?"

         I quickly pulled off my T shirt, tossed it aside, and felt the familiar tingling. My god, now I was fully bare ass, squatting completely naked, ready to let my piss fly while a guy watched me, he was stroking that stiff, hard beauty, urging me on.

         "Yeah baby, let it go, let the hot piss flow, piss for me baby!"

         Encouraged like that, I released, and I could feel the hot piss rushing out of me, splattering against the ground. He was seriously stroking his cock, letting out grunts of pleasure as he watched the hot yellow liquid rushing out of me, I could feel that hot stream all over my twitching tight lips again, and I reached down, and started to play with myself, it was almost like second nature, first the piss, then the orgasm.

         My watcher noticed, he grunted, "Oh yeah, baby, play with that pussy, make yourself cum baby, watch my cock explode!"

         I opened my eyes, staring at that stiff prick, so close, watching his hand jerking rapidly up and down, hearing little grunts and noises he was making as his cock got ready to fire. I was wildly rubbing my wet lips, again feeling my other juices start to take over. That spurred me on, and I could feel the burning heat of orgasm pooling in my groin, ready to explode, and he helped me along.

         "Yeah, yeah, gonna do it, fuck, fuck YEAH!"
         He growled, and I watched a long stream of his pearly white cum shoot out of his cock, and splatter right along my lips. That did it, I could feel my pussy start, the spasms just about went crazy, and I let out a shriek of pleasure as I tumbled over the edge. I felt more thick ropes splattering against me, his jetting streams shooting over  my nose, getting a pearl necklace around my neck, and thick, hot, white strings hitting my tits, my orgasm and his sprays of cum just combined to make me cum, again, and again, and again, I was howling, my senses were just about going crazy, as he showered me down, his hand milking his prick, making sure that every drop was on my body.

         My tongue eagerly licked along my lips, and I tasted a man's sperm for the first time. A bit gooey, but the taste was good, and I had a feeling that it was something I wanted to taste more of as I got older. I used my fingers to scoop up the thick hot streams, eagerly licking them down.

         My watcher smiled, and said, "You still a virgin baby?' At my nod, he grinned and said, "I'll be watching for you baby, next time, I can take that cherry from you, if you want."

         Staring at that 9 inch log, imagining that big fucker splitting open my virgin pussy lips, made me feel feverish with desire. I nodded, he smiled as he pulled on his clothes.

         As he turned to go, he said, "Until next time baby."   

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  • 07/22/12--11:01: morning sex
  •    ...we awake after a long night of total bliss, awesome explosive love-making. sunlight streams through the window. you are still asleep and curled with your beautiful ass displayed, with the sheets pulled low due to the warm night. i get out of the bed, naked and quietly walk around to approach you from your side of the bed, where i can view and get at your lovely ass in the light of dawn. you are now awake, but remain silent and motionless in your dreamy state. i take a moment to absorb the wonderful sight that lies before me: your are on your side, with your butt protruding from your curled position, accentuating the gloriously round and marvelously pale cheeks, a hint of your sweet pink pussy slit barely visible. "you made me cum so very good last night, lora my dear" i whisper near you ear, so close you can feel my heat and my breath, tingling the little hairs on your neck. i lick my middle finger and ever gently i work its way into your soft labia. your lips are so full and your pale ass so soft and pliable. gently massaging it and spreading to gain access to your pussy, my wet finger slowly slides up and down your slit, barely touching, like a feather, never penetrating. whispering moans and sighs emanate from you, your back still towards me, still emerging from your sleepy state, peacefully enjoying the light touch of my finger gracefully sliding up and down your pussy as it becomes engorged and wet, responding to the touches. with gentle ease i spread your juices around your lips and clit, making your aroused pussy so shiny and pink. it is very ready for me to enter you and so am i, having been stroking the whole time i touch you. you lie there on your side and receive me as i slip right in and begin my humping motions. i rock your incredible ass back and forth as your pussy encompasses me and it slides back out, exposing the head. you are so tight, my head kind of pops in and out as you squeeze upon it. the multiple re-enty teases drive you wild and you begin  humping against me, rocking and arching. the motions so easy and graceful. your legs remain closed and i continue to work your pussy with the ease of the rocking. standing there beside the bed, my loralee getting her morning screw, so pretty and relaxed, enjoying the dicking while half asleep eyes-closed, simply relying on her sense of feel, never even speaking or looking my way. the calm, easy fucking so soothing to us, a reminder of the previous night's passions. the texture of your vagina so pronounced as my head swollen head and shaft slide past. every nerve ending responding to the slow and tight thrusts, my cock pulsing and twitching, my quiet moans barely audible. my heartbeat increases and i hump you a little closer and stronger as the intensity and climax builds. you turn your pretty face to look me in the eye and the look is absolutely more than i can bare. eyes that beg and plead for sex, you red hair so gorgeous in the rays coming through the window. i pull my cock from your soaking wet pussy and press it against your soft luscious ass cheek, leaning hard against you as my hot heavy load oozes out, drenching us both, lubricating the space between us, creating such an amazing sensation that i continue humping against your slippery ass squeezing out ever drop as i twitch and shudder and moan your name. i step back and watch you roll your  body onto your stomach, displaying your wet shiny, cum smeared ass to me for me to see in all its glory. i grab a towel and lovingly clean you up, giving your pussy a sweet little kiss when i am done. "good morning, baby"

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  • 07/22/12--23:33: Rancher's Wife
  • The Rancher's Wife

    Chapter 1

    The late afternoon sun was still blazing hot. Kate Sutherland wiped the sweat from under her ponytail and bent again to pull tender green onions from the crusted earth of the garden. The flies and bees sped by in a monotonous tune of buzzing through the corn stalks and over the tomato plants. It hung in the still heat that shimmered over the fields beyond.
    Kate straightened again and wiped her brow, looking out over the green-gold rolling plains through the big poplar that stood guard over the edge of the garden. It was almost a blinding color, the wheat gold that burned the eyes and leeched their moisture in a Van Gogh painting. Arles must have been very much like South Dakota she decided.
    She moved over to the cucumber patch and pulled three big ones for dinner, feeling their slick green silky length in her hand. Cole would be home tomorrow. She blushed then, realizing those phallic vegetables had made her think of her husband. Well, it had been a long time. Six weeks in France while she'd been here alone on the ranch except for the hired hands.
    Kate wandered over to the strawberry patch, her basket almost laden now with vegetables, the good things she grew every summer in this unpromising earth. If the foreman hadn't been so new she could have gone with Cole. She still didn't quite understand what was that special about a Limousin bull but Cole studied every night after dinner, the breeds, the blood lines, the beef per pound, the proportions of bone and gristle and fat. A Limousin bull was finally what he had to have ... and so he'd gone.
    There were times when she almost hated the pedigrees and charts of the cattle that Cole studied. He kept meticulous records and knew every calf and the day it was born and who its great great grandparents were. For this was the excuse he used every time she mentioned adopting a child. "Hell no! I know too much about genetics. Adopting a kid from one of those agencies would be like buying a bull or a heifer without knowing the pedigree. You're liable to get stuck with anything! A runt or worse!"
    A sigh of apprehension escaped Kate's dry lips. What was Cole going to say when he got home tomorrow and found out about the two high school boys she'd hired to help for the summer. They were not of the "best" bloodlines certainly. From the inner city, not much better than foundlings. Hard tough city boys who knew nothing about ranches or ranch life.
    But that ad in the magazine had been irresistible. In her frustrated maternity, she mothered everything, Cole said. Even the calves and the cats and the dogs and the geese. Stubbornly she clung to the idea that it was a good thing to give a high school boy a job, particularly boys from the city who'd wind up on the street and get into trouble if someone didn't help.
    A small voice in her head whispered that she also wanted to convince Cole that genetics weren't all that important. If she could make this experiment work this summer. If Cole got fond of the boys, then maybe he'd listen to reason about adopting a child.
    Here she was, surrounded by all the fruits of the earth and she had no bounty of her own. All the animals on the ranch gave birth and multiplied and she alone was barren. Actually she really didn't know if she was the culprit. When the doctor had wanted to do further tests on both of them, Cole had adamantly refused.
    Kate straightened up again and blew a long strand of chestnut hair from her sweaty forehead. The angled sun sent an elongated shadow of her across the ground. Short shorts and a sleeveless jersey did not distort the ripe sensuousness of her body. Long, long shapely legs, sleek curved hips, narrow waist and breasts that looked as though they were made for suckling a man's children.
    It was two years ago she'd decided there weren't going to be any. Even the fertility drugs hadn't helped. It had been then that she'd started her campaign to adopt a child but for two years now Cole had remained stubborn and refusing.
    Their whole relationship had been affected. Kate walked back toward the house, past the willow and the fish pond. Lately even their lovemaking. Cole didn't want her as often and when he did it was as though he were only going through the motions. A few times when he was drunk he'd even wanted her to do awful things ... lurid, debasing perverted things. She'd have done even that if it would have given her a baby ... but those ... well, "positions" couldn't possibly give her a baby. It was physically impossible.
    Kate stopped at the fish pond and looked down at the glinting darts of gold flashing through the water. She popped a strawberry, warm from the sun into her mouth. There was mama goldfish and papa goldfish and three babies shooting through the clear green water. Stop it, she told herself. Everywhere she looked everything reminded her that Kate Sutherland had no child ... and all her brooding through ten years of marriage had not brought her one ... nor all the tears ... nor all the begging.
    The gate squeaked and Kate looked up to see the two boys coming through it toward the house. She smiled and waved. They lifted a hand halfheartedly. Poor things, they looked exhausted. City boys weren't used to hard ranch work.
    Kate hummed to herself as she washed the vegetables in the sink. She could hear Eric Petersen and Angel Orellio in the office-family room a few steps down. They were sighing and slapping their knees and talking. It was almost like listening to horses or bulls snort when they were hot and tired. She rushed down to refill their beer glasses.
    "How about another beer, boys?" They both nodded dumbly, sprawled in the leather director's chairs with their shirts off and their legs spraddled out in exhaustion. Kate took their beer mugs and held them in front of the spout on the old brown refrigerator door. The beer refrigerator was indispensable on a ranch and Cole liked it here in the office where he could get to it without having to go to the kitchen.
    She poured theirs and then reached inside to get an icy glass for herself. They hardly looked at her, just stared vaguely into space, getting their breath.
    "There you are. A few beers and a shower and you'll feel better."
    Angel snorted, his black eyes snapping. He was a dark Indian looking Mexican American boy, wiry and strong looking but with the concave chest of the perpetual sloucher ... terribly handsome in spite of his attitude.
    "It will take more than a few beers. That heat will kill a man," he said bitterly.
    "Stop beefing," Eric advised, grinning. He had the quiet smiling blondness that indicated his Nordic ancestry. A giant of a boy at eighteen. He had fair almost white blonde hair and deep blue eyes that crinkled when he smiled. Already his fair skin had reddened and burned and was now turning to a deep tan. His shoulders were immense and his hands like two rather dirty hams.
    He was going to be fine. The foreman had told her that Eric worked with a slow measured intensity and that he was strong as a bull. No, it was Angel that was going to be a problem. He'd complained from the moment she'd picked them up at the bus station. But then, heavens knows what he'd had to endure in the city. Living in a ghetto with too many brothers and sisters and only his foster mother to feed them with a too small welfare check. Kate felt a rush of pity for him. She must remember to tell Frank to go easy on him. And then she remembered. Cole would be home tomorrow and he wouldn't go easy on anyone when it came to working.
    If only somehow she could make Cole see that the boys really could be a help to him for the summer. There was so much to do. Cole complained that the few hands that drifted through were really no help. Somehow she had to make it work ... and if she did ... maybe ... just maybe she could get Cole to realize that a stranger in the house wasn't so terrible. A little stranger.
    The dinner table was laden as usual with all the good things the ranch grew, a big stew full of beef and green peas and beans and parsley and potatoes and carrots. Platters of icy cucumbers and red tomatoes and a cut glass tumbler sprouting crisp green onions. Two huge pans of hot corn bread were passed and mounds of sweet butter. Tall glasses that held at least a pint each were full of amber iced tea to wash all the food down. An enormous strawberry shortcake stood waiting in the refrigerator.
    The men ate with silent absorption making occasional grunting noises and sighing a little. They wolfed the food as though it might be their last, their faces trickling sweat despite the air conditioner. Kate didn't mind their silence in the least; she had someone to talk with--Gwen Carter--at the other end of the table. The two women chatted gaily with each other and left the men to their eating.
    Gwen was their new school teacher and would start teaching in the fall. She was a sweet girl, but Kate felt she was completely out of place here in South Dakota. As the Sutherland woman looked down the table at her petite figure, daintily eating her food, she marveled once again at the Dresden doll quality of the girl. Although Kate was only five years older than the 23 year-old school teacher, she felt as if Gwen were still a high school girl. She was perfect--in miniature!--but like any fragile work of art, pretty unsuited for the rough life of the plains. The girl obviously had come from a green house, sheltered environment, and she frequently blushed when one of the ranch people forgot about her and cursed a blue streak about something. Gwen had said she came to South Dakota for the summer, before the school term began, to learn about "real" people. Kate knew that if the young teacher didn't watch her step with some of the ranchers, Sandy Gayman the Meacham Ranch foreman especially, she might learn more about "real people" than she had bargained for.
    "Think you're going to last the summer, Gwen?" Kate asked.
    "Oh, Kate, I'd never have made it this long if it weren't for you ... but I think so ... maybe." She stopped and wiped her lips daintily with her napkin, glancing involuntarily at the crude table manners of the men and their rude silence. Delicate eyebrows lifted faintly in their direction. Her blonde hair was twisted high on her head and her fair skin was exposed by the scoop necked flowered cotton dress she wore. Simple as it was, it was much too dressy for summer on a ranch.
    Kate shook her head slightly at Gwen, glancing down the long table at the ravenous males, bunched over their plates. No matter how few she thought she had for dinner, she always wound up with a full house. Frank, the foreman usually ate with them, then the boys, Eric and Angel, then there was the tractor salesman who'd conveniently stopped by at supper time to see Frank. Old Joe showed up frequently too, an Indian who still trapped up north when he could and who wandered all through the ranch country for free meals. Usually he managed to do some odd job of work before he left. Then there was Frank's no good cousin who just happened by. In the country you fed whoever "happened by." It was an unwritten law. Anything else would have been inhospitable.
    The men went out on the front lawn to smoke after supper and to swap stories and belch. Gwen helped Kate clear the table and load the dishwasher.
    "You know, Kate, I really want to help children ... but sometimes I think the whole thing was a mistake, especially after I had all that trouble with the ghetto kids. They just didn't seem to care about school. I guess maybe that's my fault ... but no matter what I tried with them ... it just didn't seem to work."
    Kate turned from the dishwasher to take the stack of plates from Gwen. "Well, you have to remember they haven't had any contact with what you and I think of as civilized things. All they know is the slum and its values ... so nothing else means much to them.
    "My folks tried to warn me ... I guess that's why I want to do well here."
    Suddenly there was music coming from the living room, gay guitar music, Mexican music. Gwen and Kate went running in, drying their hands on towels, to find Angel strumming and picking away on Cole's big golden guitar. He held the instrument as though it were alive and sensuously female.
    "Angel ... that's wonderful!" Kate cried out appreciatively.
    Immediately he stopped and looked up sullenly.
    "Don't ... please."
    He drew himself up and leaned the guitar against the piano in the corner of the room. "It was for myself ... not for anglos." Without another word he brushed past them and went outside.
    "Oh, dear," Kate sighed in spite of herself.
    "That's the kind of defensiveness I can't seem to get used to with the children," Gwen retorted, somewhat angrily. They went back to the dishes.
    "Well, we just have to work it out, that's all," Kate answered determinedly. She was going to make it work. She had to. She loved Cole dearly but there came a time when a woman had to have a child too.
    There was a shrill screech of tires on the gravel driveway and a squeal of brakes. "I think you've got more company, Kate. Here, let me do those pots."
    Kate blew the stubborn strand of hair from her eyes and shook her head. "No. Frank's out there. Probably someone to see him anyway." She scrubbed the pots harder. "How's the coffee doing? They'll be bellowing for a cup soon, even in this heat."
    A few minutes later the sound of heavy feet on the steps coming up from the office caused Kate to twist around from the sink, her hands still immersed in the soapy water.
    "Cole ... oh, Cole!"
    A tall handsome dark man stood grinning at her. His hair was styled in a longish cut with thick sideburns, the suit was a rich brown that matched his twinkling brown eyes. South Dakota had never been exposed to a suit like that. Why, it was ... well ... voguish and smart and showed off his handsome broad-shouldered, lean-hipped physique to advantage.
    Damn, damn, damn! Why did he have to come a day early and surprise her like this? Kate felt like a fool in her old shorts and jersey, up to her elbows in suds. And she'd bought that lovely slinkly jumpsuit for his homecoming. Damn him!
    Gwen smiled and slipped out. It must be wonderful to have a man of your own ... your very own. And she could have too. Peter Miller wanted to marry her before she left New York ... but no, she'd had to prove herself, had mostly to prove to her father that his art galleries weren't the world ... the real world ... where it was with real people. But, so far, the only one she'd found was Kate. Ironically Kate was an artist too.
    Kate just stood there as the tears welled up in her eyes. Damn Cole. He looked so smart and elegant, a new suit, new side burns and hair cut and here she was all hot and sweaty and house-wifey looking. No make-up, her hair stringing. "Damn you!" she finally blurted aloud.
    "For what?" Kate felt his arms wrap around her from behind and his lips brush her temple. "Hello, wife woman."
    "Ohhhh ... just damn ..." she wailed.
    Cole dropped a kiss on her neck and tightened his arms around her slim waist. "I can go back where I came from, you know. Those chicks in Paris thought I was pretty hot stuff," he teased.
    "It's just that I wanted to be all dressed up and pretty for you ... and you have to go and spoil it all ... barge in and find me looking like a hag ... and ... oh, hell ..." She was sniffling now, not only at how she looked but the apprehension over hiring Eric and Angel and how Cole might take that. She'd never interfered with the operation of the ranch before.
    "Go on. Go on outside and let me get cleaned up at least.
    "Okay, baby. I'm going to get a drink and you grab a shower while I get rid of the delegation ... and then ..."
    "Ah ... don't go ... oh, Cole ... I'm so glad you're home!"
    For answer he twisted her face around and kissed her soundly, then whacked her bottom affectionately with a resounding slap of his hand. "Hurry up."
    When he'd gone, Kate just stood for a moment at the sink. He looked fit and wonderful but different ... younger, more attractive, like a swinger. She wondered about that. What had happened while he was in Paris? Had he really been just teasing about the chicks? Was it all just a haircut and a new suit or had something else happened?
    Shaking herself from her speculation, Kate dried her hands hurriedly and left the pots to soak. She raced up the stairs to their bedroom, flinging off shorts and jersey as she went. Frantically she jerked off bra and panties too on her way across the beige carpet to the bathroom. She felt sticky and sweaty all over. Even her skin glowed a little from the sheen of perspiration as she stood before the mirror in the bathroom untying her ponytail. Damn. Even her hair would have to be washed.
    Quickly she showered and shampooed. Standing on the carpet dripping now, she dried her naked body quickly. One good thing about not having had any children, her figure was still remarkable. Slim and supple, her legs were still firm and shapely and long, her hips taut and curved, waist narrow and lithe and her breasts as tanned as the rest of her, thanks to the sunning spot down by the lake that was hidden by the brush from everyone but low flying planes and they didn't get many of those in South Dakota.
    She wrapped her dripping long chestnut hair in a thick towel and twisted it into a turban. Then she smoothed her whole body with lotion and touched perfume behind her ears, between her breasts, and into the fold of each elbow.
    Carefully then Kate made up her face, still standing naked before the glass. A little liner to accentuate her large blue eyes, mascara for the long lashes, a hint of blue eye shadow in the crease of the lid. A blushing gel for a little color in her smooth cheeks and lipstick. She was beginning to look like herself ... or rather like herself when she bothered with make-up. Feeling a little giddy now from the excitement and the repressed apprehension, she giggled and touched the blushing gel to her nipples too. They hardened instantly to the touch.
    She stood back and looked at herself. Cole couldn't have done too much better in Paris, she thought smugly, except that she didn't really have that smoldering sex look that the French movie stars affected. Well, he was just going to have to make do with the gal next door type that he'd married.
    Laughing, Kate shook the towel from her wet hair and bent forward from the waist to rub it dry. She rubbed and brushed vigorously, feeling the blood rush to her face. Suddenly she stopped, listening to the voices outside in the still air. Not a single word could be understood from up here.
    As she used the hand held hair dryer to blow her hair she heard a lot of door slamming. The muscles in her naked stomach knotted. If only there'd been time to tell Cole gently about Eric and Angel. She'd had it all planned for tomorrow night ... but he'd taken her by surprise. It had to be all right. It just had to!
    Suddenly she heard the bedroom door fling open and then slam. Kate grabbed her yellow silk kimono from the back of the bathroom door and threw it on. Damn! She wasn't quite ready for Cole yet.
    "Where are you, baby? Getting all prettied up for the old man?" There was a vicious sneer in Cole's voice. Kate rushed into the bedroom, her breasts bouncing under the thin silk.
    "Yes. I was, darling. I'm not quite through yet. My hair isn't dry ..." Her voice trailed off. Cole was leaning against the closed door he'd slammed shut, a drink in his hand, his tie off and his jacket gone.
    He looked at her coldly, his eyes hard and flinty. Kate felt her stomach tighten. He looked furious. Oh God. What was she going to do? She couldn't very well send those boys packing.
    She'd known he'd be mad but not this vicious tight-lipped mad that was so palpable she could almost feel it hanging in the room like heat.
    "Well, that's mighty kind of you ... seeing as how you took care of yourself pretty well while I was gone. How are those two young studs? Pretty good bucks?" Kate could see that either he'd had a lot of liquor before he came home or he had simply turned the bottle up and guzzled downstairs. He was drunk and he was livid!
    "Oh, Cole ... how could you think such a thing? Eric and Angel are just high school kids ... I thought they'd be permanent help for you during the summer. The bunk room in the basement was empty ... and they've never had any ranch experience ... but Frank says they work hard ... I ..."
    "Help for me ... or for you, baby?" he sneered, finishing his drink in one gulp.
    "I won't listen to such talk, Cole." Kate whirled and went toward the bathroom. "It's too ridiculous." She'd been so worried that he'd see she was trying to get him to agree to adoption through the boys ... but to have him think that she ...
    Cole set his glass down and with one lunge caught her and jerked her around against his chest. His hands bit into her arms through the silk like iron claws. "You'll listen to anything I want to tell you! What's more ... you'll do anything I want you to, bitch!"
    Kate's head was shaking faintly and the tears sprang to her eyes. A terrible pain like a knife was splitting her breast bone. Cole had always had a temper and didn't hesitate to use it ... but she'd never seen him so angry. She'd so looked forward to his homecoming and now this!
    The tears trembled on Kate's lashes and fell down her smooth cheeks, her shining chestnut hair tumbled around her face and the pain in the huge blue eyes was unmistakable. Her mouth trembled, slightly open and moistly rosy with fresh lipstick. Cole could see the smooth tanned flesh in the V to her waist where the yellow silk parted, showing the curves of those majestic high tilted breasts. His anger suddenly plunged like quicksilver and galvanized his cock, strengthening it and hardening it to an iron hook inside the confines of his shorts. Her mouth opened to speak and Cole covered it harshly with a low moan, crushing the length of Kate's beautiful flesh into his own desiring rock hard penis.
    Kate accepted Cole's mouth gratefully, a little sob escaping around his brutal foraging tongue, feeling the strong maleness of his huge rod bruising into her belly and the commanding strength in his arms and hands that held her so close, fusing her into him. Her hands crept up his broad shoulders and she could feel the great muscles in smooth planes under his shirt. God, it had been so long. He wanted her. Even if it was in anger ... it was all right. She'd missed him so terribly.
    She tasted all clean and sweet and womanly, her soft wet mouth accepting him as his tongue fucked viciously into her mouth, his hands bruising her smoothly rounded buttocks as he clenched her silk covered cunt up to his beating pole that threatened to burst the cloth of his new suit pants. Christ! He'd had a great time in Paris but Kate felt new and luscious to him after six weeks away from home. Still pressing her into him, one hand searched for the robe's tie and jerked it loose. His hand found the smooth milkiness of her flesh and slid up to grasp one large full pointed breast. The nipple was hard as a tiny plum seed in his hand, sprouting under his harsh palm and the breast itself seemed to swell even larger under his warmth.
    "Oh, darling ..." Kate said softly as she felt Cole's hand on her naked breast and his mouth sliding down the column of her throat where a pulse was beating insistently. She could feel the faint twinging between her legs and moisture began to seep from deep within her vaginal sheath. God, it was so wonderful to have him home! The ache within her was finally going to be filled and she ground her fevered impatient pelvis in invitation against her husband's thigh.
    God damn, Cole thought, that's better! He had begun moving his thigh in and out between her legs when suddenly there was the wild sound of a fast Mexican guitar almost under their window. What the hell? He tore his mouth away and went rushing over to look out. That damned kid! Angel Orellio was sitting calmly under a tree by the fish pond strumming away on Cole's guitar. The sight of a strange hand on that golden wooden box that he played himself sometimes in the evening, suddenly made connection in his alcohol fogged brain with the feel of Kate's full breast in his hand just a moment ago. That god damned Mexican ... had his hand been on Kate's breast too? Had he not been drunk Cole might have seen the connection his white hot anger had to his own guilt. Paris had been full of women ... the best of them that crazy streaked blonde who kept telling him they were destined to meet again.
    "Cole, darling ... Please ..."
    He let the drapes fall and turned. Kate was standing where he'd left her, naked except for the yellow kimono that hid her slender tanned arms and shoulders but fell free and open over her voluptuous tanned body. The chip hard rosy nipples winked at him and the chestnut curls of her triangular cunt hairs that pointed downward to her naked pussy like a marker or an arrow. In his mind's eye he could see another pussy, a black-haired one that showed every time that flamenco dancer had whirled to the beat of the music while his cock had beat under the streaked blonde, Mela's, hand hidden by the tablecloth. He shook his head ... for suddenly he saw that boy's dark hand on his wife, Kate's, beautiful breasts. If Cole had taken advantage of Paris for what he couldn't get at home ... then why wouldn't Kate have gotten a little? God knows, he'd neglected her the last couple of years ... but he'd gotten so goddamned tired of this baby crap. And there'd been the terror that Kate would somehow find out that it might be his fault ... and leave him for a man who could give her a child.
    Suddenly everything whirled in his head and he swayed a little. The room turned briefly and then righted. When it did ... the flaming sheet of anger was in front of his eyes again. It was all Kate's fault! Christ ... she wouldn't even let him eat her and treated him like a beast if he wanted her to suck his cock. He'd never been enough for her ... she had to have a baby! The wild music outside beat in his head. Cole's hands tore his shirt and trousers of! with shaking fingers. His cock was beating in time to the savage music.
    As he strode the few steps across the carpet, his great huge rod bounced like a thick tree trunk out from his lean, hairy loins. Kate's eyes widened as he came toward her, his brow dark as a black sky before a tornado. He was angry again. It was the music. Angel outside playing the guitar. Oh God! Cole looked angry enough to hit her. Instinctively her hands clutched the robe closed around her.
    "That goddamned kid's got my guitar ... and I'll bet he's fucked you too!"
    The yellow silk screamed in his hands as he viciously ripped it from her in tatters and threw the remains on the floor. Kate stood naked and cowering, trembling at what he would do next.
    "Oh no ... No, Cole ... No ... you must believe me ... I just wanted ..."
    "You just wanted what, baby?" Kate could see his teeth almost bared now between the hard lines of his lips and Cole's brown eyes blazing redly as though there were coals of fire in their depths. His hands reached out and caught handfuls of hair as he jerked her to him to sear her with the blaze in his eyes.
    "I just wanted to ... help you ... and I thought ... maybe you'd learn to like the boys." Tears again welled up and poured down her cheeks. "That maybe then you might let me adopt a baby when you saw that ... it wasn't so terrible to have ... strange youngsters in the house ... I just wanted ... to ... help ..." She sobbed helplessly.
    He shook her by the hair then, the dreadful frustration and anger rising in him like a terrible tide that threatened to choke him. Her mouth was open and the tears were streaming down her beautiful face and that moist red "O" of her mouth made a haven he had to have.
    "You just goddamn well let me run the ranch! I don't need your help! I've done all right so far! And we don't need anybody else's snotty nosed kids! That's final!"
    The bones seemed to melt in Kate's legs and she sank, sobbing helplessly to the floor, Cole's hands still in her damp hair. A moan stripped from her throat as she felt him jerk his hands, painfully pulling her head up to him by the hair.
    "And there's something else that's going to be my way, too. "You're goddamn well going to be a real wife ... Open your mouth, bitch! Open your hot-shit little mouth and suck my cock!"
    Kate's eyes opened to great blue saucers. Cole's crude words seemed insane with his enormous vein fretted penis jutting out and pulsating obscenely in front of her face, the purpling head oozing a droplet of seminal fluid ... a one eyed monster drooling hungrily at her! She could see it twitch and jerk as though controlled by some inner strings ... the great, thick length of it looked as though it was full of wires and cords. The head of it bulged, blunting the end of his menacing weapon. She couldn't remember ever seeing it so close and she wondered dimly how she'd ever contained it's awesome length so far up inside her stomach. She shuddered involuntarily. Her hair jerked painfully again.
    "This time you're going to, bitch ... I've waited too long! Open your mouth before I ram it down your bossy throat ... I'm going to fill your belly with my cum until you choke ... choke on your own joy ... you snooty, prudish bitch ...!"
    "Ohhh, Cole ... darling ... Please ... please don't ..." she sobbed, the pain from her hair roots paling to insignificance beside the pain from deep in her breast. She was right ... something had happened to him in Paris ... something terrible ...!
    "Take it ... open your mouth and suck my cock ... or I swear I'll ram it straight out the back of your head!" Cole spread his legs and crouched slightly, leading with his hips and touching the sensitive head of his prick right against her tightly closed, freshly painted lips.
    Kate almost gagged. She could feel the sticky liquid and feel its slipperiness against her mouth and a pulse beat in the huge rod like an extra heart beat. Cole's hands tightened in her hair until she was almost screaming with the pain. Sobbing helplessly, she opened her mouth obediently and felt him shove the lurid head of his penis between her teeth. The hot male odor of his male secretions hit her nostrils, a pungent, musky smell. Outside the window she could hear the abandoned music Angel's hands drew from the guitar, and she wished she had never brought the boys here ... had never interfered ... had never taken things into her own hands. She knew dimly that Cole's anger had been welling up though for a long time ... that she had provoked it by nagging about a baby ... and now she was reaping the crop of her terrible discontent.
    A deep groan of appreciation ripped out Cole's mouth as he saw his wife's full red lips open and slip warmly over the head of his aching cock. Her lips closed over it softly and he felt the sensual stab of ecstasy shoot up his cockhead to his loins and his balls twinged. Oh goddamn!
    As she knelt on the carpet, naked and defenseless, Kate felt Cole's mammoth, pulsating shaft sliding further down her throat! She could taste the semen, heady and male and hot with his body's fierce heat! He was making her do this depraved act she had always avoided. He was making her perform like an animal ... as low and debased as the animals! Worse ... for they obeyed only instinct and had no conception of right and wrong. He was using her like a common whore! Oh God! And she had looked forward so to his homecoming! She'd been a fool to think that things could ever be any different!
    The sight of his helplessly kneeling wife's ovaled mouth locked so wetly around his swollen cock, her eyes closed and the breath coming raggedly through her nostrils flared as wide as a frightened mare's, sent salacious stabs of rapture shooting through him. Jesus! He thrust his hips forward, watching the long, thickened length of his massive hardness disappear into the wet cavern of her warm soft mouth. Christ! No one else's mouth had ever felt so good. He'd waited so long for this! Ten years the bitch had made him wait for this while all she could bleat about was a squalling baby!
    Baby, hell! He wouldn't have wanted one even if he could. As long as he refused to go to the doctor no one could be sure it was his fault anyway. How in hell could a cock this big and this competent not make babies anyway? The only clue he had ... and it was one he kept hidden in the mists of his memory most of the time ... was that year in Korea. Chin La Mak had been his woman for over a year ... funny moon faced little thing with her tiny hands and tremulous smile and big grave eyes. All the guys shacked with their musee maids, most of them steady ... and many married them when they got pregnant. Chin La Mak had finally left him, explaining that all her girl friends got babies from their soldiers. He'd never thought any more about it until Kate couldn't get pregnant and then it had come back to haunt him. But ... if he never went for tests ... she couldn't prove it was his fault. And by God, he was never going! If he found out for sure ... Christ! He might not even be able to get it up again! It was unthinkable. Even his poorest bulls could impregnate half the cows in the whole country with one ejaculation.
    Cole looked down at the heavy rigid thickness of his lust-bloated cock sliding lasciviously in and out of Kate's mouth with her tears trickling down each side of her widely stretched mouth. No, by God! He was never going to find out for sure. Besides, no one could have a prick like his and not be fully fertile.
    Kate thought surely she would choke for the immensity of her husband's swollen penis was filling her mouth so completely ... the head of it brushing all the way back to her tonsils! Her breath still came in little sobs. How could he want her to do this depraved thing? ... his own wife ... groveling at his feet and sucking at him like a street whore might! Her head eased back a little for she felt surely she would faint and her tongue felt for a place to move in the cramped confines of her flesh filled mouth.
    "Oh God! That's it, baby ... that's it ... suck me ... Ohhhh ..."
    Kate felt Cole's hands smoothing her cheeks and his words encouraging her as though he were in a private rapture that only she could bring him to.
    Cole crouched slightly, bending his knees and brushing the kneecaps against the thrusting full breasts that hung below him like ripened fruits. Jesus! Nothing had ever felt so wonderful! Kate's complete subjugation and subservience as she knelt naked and helpless before him on the carpet, sucking his massive pole was driving him right up the wall!
    Kate sucked on the massive flesh, solid as an iron rod and hot with his passion, with renewed vigor for she found that she could almost control her husband and bring moans of bliss from his lips by moving her tongue over and around his heavily throbbing cockhead. Her tears had stopped as though a well had run dry and she couldn't remember when or how. Her nipples twitched and tingled when his kneecaps brushed them lewdly as he crouched closer to bring his pelvis and darkly curling pubic hair ever nearer her nose. Something strange and unbidden was happening to her body! It was all mixed up with knowing that Cole was getting such pleasure from her mouth on his gigantic shaft sunk into her mouth, that her tongue could elicit such moans of sheer bliss from deep in his chest! Kate could feel her own moisture seeping down between her thighs and a deep twinging had started again in her vagina as though the huge pole impaled in her mouth were there between her legs already!
    "Ohhhhh ... GOD, baby ... you just don't know how good that feels ... ohhh, Jesus ...!"
    Cole rocked on his feet, nuzzling his now more intensely sucking wife's reddened nipples with his knees and fucking the full length of his throbbing pole, that was pulsing wildly now, deep into the warm, saliva-filled wonder of her mouth! His hands reached out to cradle her beautiful face, the skin of Kate's throat and cheeks and jaws like silk, the waving chestnut hair soft as satin. He guided her face and mouth even deeper over his lewdly throbbing hardness and his hips did an abandoned pelvic gyration of fuck-in, fuck-out, fuck-in, fuck-out.
    He watched in fascination as he saw his rigid length of penile flesh disappear into her soft and provocative mouth, and then slowly slide out again and appear, glistening from the wetness of her saliva and his own oozing seminal juice. His proud and shining pole of hard, ruthless flesh! Cole felt the incredible bliss of Kate's tongue swirling around the bloated head and laving the trunk of his wildly excited penis! Christ! He could take this every night!
    Kate's hands voluntarily crept up her husband's spread calves, hairy and strong with bunched muscles, and then up his thighs to the steel chunks of his buttocks, pulling from behind and pressing him ever closer to her working mouth. She labored over his beautiful sensitively pulsing prick and suddenly, oh god, she wanted to do it! It was no longer an enforced labor, a revolting exercise to be gotten through ... but a labor of love, a pleasurable task she wanted and needed ... for it was beginning to awaken her own sexually starved body. Her nipples were twitching with the rubbing of Cole's hard knees, her cunt was seeping warmly down between her thighs now and her gut was churning with the joy of bringing Cole so much rapturous sensation!
    The feel of his wife's hard erect nipples, fiery under his kneecaps and the sight of her full lush breasts like bursting melon halves only increased the gyrating sensuality that had completely commandeered his whole body! Cole knew he'd been pretty drunk when he walked in here hut now he felt that clear, penetrating high where you know you're seeing clearer and feeling more and knowing things that were hidden to you before! He knew, for instance, that it had been his own goddamned fault that he hadn't insisted before ... that he hadn't exercised his masculine right about just what kind of sexual relations they had. Jesus! Kate was sucking him like he was a divinity come to life and she a worshiper gaining absolution! He'd thought he had to go to Paris for this when it was available right here all the time ... right here in his own house!
    "GOOOOODDDD ... Ohh, baby ...!" Kate heard Cole scream softly as she experimented by digging the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening in the head of his cock, burrowing like a fierce little animal nose straight inside his huge hardened organ! He tasted male and strong, pungent and virile! Moaning softly now, she swirled her tongue around the smooth, desire-bloated head that was like an enormous blunt ended hammer in her mouth and she could see the visible reward of her work as his whole body vibrated, the muscles rippling upward from his hairy loins as he stood slightly crouched in the stance of a Judo expert, rocking his hips forward and back with every change of balance on the balls of his feet.
    Shivers ran through Kate's nerves like fine white hot needles, slicing through her flesh in fiery stabs! Her hands came around to cup Cole's heavy sperm laden balls delicately as though they were porcelain and infinitely precious, which they were! What a fool she'd been to deny him ... to deny herself this exquisite pleasure when they could have been enjoying this for years! She marveled now at the terror she'd felt and the joy that had resulted from his angry insistence. Kate withdrew her mouth slowly, sucking her demanding husband's rock hard rod to the tip, savoring the taste and sight and smell of him. Gravely she observed the fantastically swollen member and she began licking it in wide stripes of her wet tongue from tip to base, slowly like a kitten licking rich cream from an offering finger.
    Christ! All those whores in Paris. They had nothing more to offer than Kate ... and she'd been here all the time! He could kick himself for having been such a fool! He groaned as she ran her hotly swirling tongue all along the underside and then flicked it rapidly back and forth along the corded ridge as though she was plucking the tender, sensitive strings of his very essence. God! He was going to lose his mind!
    Cole could feel Kate's hands cupping his balls that felt as though they were cement loaded and spring set. Her nails grazed the tender eggs like sheathed claws, very gently and erotically. Goddamn! What she lacked in expertise she made up for in native talent! The sight of his beautiful wife, kneeling in abasement and subjugation, slathering and slaving over his rigidly burning cock sent scintillating shudders of impassioned sensation shivering through his nerves and muscles and brain! He could feel the insistent beat of the guitar outside. Even that didn't seem so bad now. Hell, maybe he'd let the kids stay ... but by God, no baby! That was final! If they had a squalling brat to worry about Kate couldn't be blowing him right now! She'd be tending to the kid. Hell no! Kate was his ... his to keep and fuck as he wanted to!
    Despite the air conditioning, Kate could feel tiny beads of perspiration forming on her forehead and Cole's huge, sperm swollen testicles felt almost clammy with the heat in her hands. His great burgeoning penis hard and immense in her mouth was blazing with more than the heat of the room! It blazed in her mouth with the force and energy of all the atoms of his body, actively focused into this one life giving instrument! She sucked harder, drawing her cheeks in as his giant shaft wormed hotly into the back of her now warmly welcoming throat! Her lips were stretched to whiteness around the great purpling head, that wept oozing droplets of pre-cum into her throat that actually tasted like her man! He was back! He was home! Oh God ... it was so good to have him home! And he wasn't angry any more. He loved the homecoming she was giving him! Kate increased the pressure of her lips around the heavily pulsating flesh sunk so deeply into her mouth and laved it wetly with saliva, her lips clamping even harder, her tongue titillating and tasting and licking and prodding in slavelike abandon! Oh God! She loved it! She actually loved sucking his cock!
    The thought came that was never far away ... that she wanted this man's child, she wanted his seed shot deep in her belly. She wanted to feel it grow inside her, feel it kick to life. It was becoming an obsession.
    But then, unexpectedly, Cole gave an increased shove and a groan tore out his chest as he shoved the pulsating shaft nearly down her throat and it was stabbing back against her tonsils so she could hardly breathe. Defensively, Kate's hands closed around the trunk and she eased it out a little. Then, teasing the head with hungry sweeps of her tongue, her slender hands worked the outer skin up and down, the flesh rippling like a surface current on a fast stream!
    "JEEEEEEEEEEESSSSUUUUUSSS!" Cole screamed, his hips lewdly thrust forward, his hands tangled in the silky chestnut hair. He could feel every tiny movement that soft wet tongue made all the way up through his groin and up in his spine like tormenting fingers of lust! Even his head prickled with the creeping lascivious sensations of Kate's wetly caverned mouth and the slaving tongue that slathered over his genitals with mostly rising excitement! Christ! If Kate would just let up on the baby crap ... there was nobody like her! He looked down at her slavishly laboring face, the lips ovaled and stretched widely around his hugely distended penis. Even this way, contorted with passion and a wild lust he'd never seen there before, she was so beautiful!
    The breath was whistling out his lungs in great heaves, like an engine building up steam, the pressure was building in his balls to the unbearable capacity where something was going to have to give soon! Cole could hear the guitar beating and the rhythm rising to a faster throb and his head felt like a great balloon imprisoned in his skull and threatening to burst, too! Christ! His naked, luscious wife was sucking the very soul out of his body through his aching prick that was going to burst down her throat in fiery sparks any minute!
    "That's it, baby ... that's ittt ... Oh God! ... Suck harder ... SUCKKKK!"
    Kate heard her hovering husband's salacious cry and it spurred her to greater intensity. Her lips clamped ever tighter around the huge length of his penis that thrust in and out her mouth in a wildly building rhythm and Cole was almost bouncing on the balls of his feet as he fucked it in and out, his thighs obscenely spread and his hands smoothing and clutching her throat and head, guiding her hotly clasping mouth over his pulsating hardness that seemed to grow ever larger with her every sucking motion. Oh, she loved doing this for him! He was shaking and shuddering and moaning with the rapture that her wetly sucking mouth was bringing him.
    She, too, could hear the guitar outside and it seemed to be rising with their passion, the trills climbing and the chords growing more intricate and the beat faster. Her knees felt numb on the thick carpet and the breath rattled through her distended nostrils as she strove to suck the mammoth prick, vein laced and quivering, completely down her working throat. Kate could feel that her upper thighs were wet and slightly sticky with her own moisture that was seeping down from deep within her achingly hollow body. She ached for that huge thickened hardness inside her, deep inside her! Any moment she expected Cole to throw her back on the carpet and take her. She could see the tightly curled dark pubic hair right in front of her eyes and on the hard thrust of Cole's hips that sent his cock so deep' into the roundness of her mouth, her nose almost touched the dense mat, the forest above his genitals. His anger was gone now for she could hear him almost crooning to her in his raging animal lust as he tried urgently for relief from the clutch of passion that held him bound like a prisoner.
    Cole was throwing his hips now in an agonized dance of delicious desire. His head was swimming and his beautiful Kate was increasing the pressure moment by moment, making a vacuum of her lips and throat and mouth! Suddenly her soft hands closed around his obscenely grotesque and distended penis and her lips closed and milked his cock like a miniature vacuum cleaner, sucking him as she slowly drew the stalk of his prick out so there was two way pressure! Oh Jesus! He couldn't hang on much longer!
    The guitar grew more insistent as though Angel were out there reminding her of his presence. Maybe Cole would let them stay now. He wasn't angry any more. Oh God! She couldn't stand it when he was angry with her. But it was going to be all right now. Somehow it was going to be all right.
    Kate sucked her husband's blood-engorged cock hungrily, her elastic tight lips sucking with all her might as he fucked the rigid prick deeper and deeper in her throat. Her cheeks expanded obscenely on the instroke and hollowed on the outstroke, as she labored with mouth and hands. Her fingers teased the sperm-bloated testicles to ignite. She knew they were nearing the bursting point for Cole was groaning and grunting and screaming for release.
    Head bobbing wetly along Cole's thick cock, Kate's face was innocently beautiful, little streams of warmly trickling saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin and on down her throat to her nakedly aching breasts, swollen and red nippled.
    A wonderful and marvelous sensation was creeping through her loins, a spreading, warming, leisurely lassitude that competed for attention with the hugely pistoning cock in her mouth. Cole's cock ... his wonderful organ that had given her so many hours of pleasure and love.
    Suddenly, she realized that her sucking would or, at least could, detonate it right in her mouth, that her slavering could bring on his orgasm inside her throat! Oh God! She'd been so sure that he would withdraw and put it where it belonged ... deep up inside her achingly tormented vagina ... but every second was bringing his ejaculation closer. A long low howl crept up from her cramped toes and escaped with an indescribable bubbling, babbling over the sides of the cock buried heavily in her mouth!
    Cole watched in fascination as his lewdly distended penis sank out of sight between his wife's soft wet lips and his hands dug into her tender naked shoulders, his testicles slapping against her upturned chin. He heard her bubble and moan around the unnatural invasion of her mouth, as he thrashed his swollen penis deeper and deeper into her hotly receptive throat!
    Hoarsely panting as he thrust and bucked it into the wetness and tightness of her mouth that clung to his pole like it was a delicacy that she could never get enough of, Cole knew that be would never believe again that she didn't love him. Christ! His beautiful angel was devouring him, as though she could engorge all of him if he dived in after his eager prick.
    "Suck it, baby ... oh God. Yes. Suck it ... it's all yours ..." he groaned raggedly, his breath coming in heaving gasps out his open mouth. It was as though even his breath was gathering with the jammed sperm in his gourds, packing down and readying for the impending explosion.
    Cole realized dimly that the alcohol had gotten to him. He probably would have cum already except for that. It slowed all the processes a bit, stretched out the delicious, salacious sensations that bombarded his joins and balls and gut and brain! But soon now ... he was going to spew gallons of his gathering semen straight down her beautiful gullet and into the waiting haven of her now hungering belly.
    He could feel the muscles bunching in his calves as he crouched slightly Cole eased his knees even further apart and caught his wife's lovely slaving face in his hands and his feet found space beside her bent legs where she knelt in supplication.
    A twang of the guitar outside brought the young Mexican-American boy back to his consciousness. By God, he'd kill Kate if he ever found out she had fooled around with that damn kid or anybody else. Paris seemed very far away and right now completely irrelevant. He'd gotten what he went for and now he could admit to himself that it was for more than the Limousin bull. And all the time there'd been no need to go. Kate was right here. Oh, Jesus!
    He felt her teeth gently rake the sensitive skin of his grotesquely bloated cock that he fucked in and out of her lovely mouth now as though it were a tiny hairless cunt. Maybe it was a good thing he had gone to Paris. This might never have happened otherwise. They might still be going through the motions of fucking and not really reeling a damn thing.
    "Ohhhh, baby ... keep on ... suckkkk ... Suckkk ... Harderr ... rr ... rr!"
    Dimly Kate heard the lewd words grate painfully out of Cole's mouth as he shoved his huge prick again back against her tonsils and she was almost choking with the obscene length and strength of it deep in her mouth and throat. Suddenly she was frightened! He was holding her head so hard in his big hands that she couldn't move and he was fucking her mouth with a building intensity and almost gagging her with every vigorous thrust of the mammoth shaft!
    Cole's balls felt tightened and hard in her hands as though they had become as rock hard as his great stiff organ that rammed through her open lips so furiously. The lewd sounds of his glistening member fucking her mouth as she sucked and strained filled the room. The beat of the guitar outside was increasing as though it knew what was going on in the room, as though it were an unseen spectator and was playing music to suit the action.
    Kate felt her own excited moisture almost trickling down her upper thighs now. Oh God, when was he going to lay her back on the carpet and fall between her legs and fuck her the way she wanted him to do. She needed it so! Needed to feel his hugeness fill her and fulfill her. She wanted her husband to fuck her now as she never had before! Her breasts felt as though they were bursting! She needed his mouth on the nipples to drain them of the heavy honey that felt as though it had gathered inside and bloated them so.
    She felt Cole's gigantic cock slithering in and out along her tongue that she couldn't manipulate much when he was so urgent and frantic. His hands were a vise that held her head immobile, his pulsating shaft a piston that slid in and out in an oiled beat, harder and harder and deeper and deeper! She was gasping around the enormous rod and tried to pull away. The fear was in her like a coiled snake now, threatening to strike out. Oh God! He was going to do it! He was going to cum in her mouth and spew his sperm down her throat. She'd drown in it! She knew it!
    Agonized groans were spilling from Cole's mouth and the hairs on his bulging thighs seemed to stand out individually in front of her eyes and she could feel the muscles straining. Her knees hurt from kneeling too long in one position on the carpet and the aching between her legs was unbearable and her belly was churning and hurting with the terrible need that was on her like a plague!
    A series of crashing chords on the guitar outside triggered something inside of him. Cole felt the whole intricate male mechanism begin to mesh and click into place. His balls were two blazing orbs of fire and his gut was paining like a knife was sunk there! He saw Kate's lewdly distorted mouth locked band-tight around his cock and her eyes fluttered closed and it was as though she were beginning an orgasm. Her face had that look but he knew it was only a vicarious thing.
    Suddenly everything shifted into place and Cole almost came right off the carpet and levitated! He felt the beginning roar as the semen began to rush down the constricted tunnel of his penis and deep inside his wife's hotly submissive mouth! Oh Christ! A scream tore out his throat as he felt the exquisite pleasure take over his nerves and brain and loins and wash him in a tidal wave of agonizing bliss!
    He was orbiting the whole fucking universe! Rushing to the outer limits like a speeding light that lit the heavens with the birthing of a new sun! Cole felt the rush of ecstasy spew with the speed of light down his cock, emptying his balls in great bursts of hot roaring sperm that cascaded out like molten lava!
    Kate was not prepared. The scalding stream of sperm hit her tonsils like a white hot searing oil that was drowning her in a fiery drink that would cauterize her very flesh! She bubbled and choked and gagged but it kept coming straight down her throat and Cole was jamming it in even harder until she knew she was going to die, drowned in his creaming cum and burned by its heat to a charred cinder! Oh God!
    She swallowed furiously and frantically tried to drink it down swiftly for her breath was gone and she was going to choke to death! She knew it!
    Cole watched Kate's beautiful face as it contorted even more in a fevered effort to take all of his pumping hot cum into her greedily accepting belly! Her Adam's apple bobbed and jerked obscenely as she gagged and labored to swallow all of it and she was choking and bubbling as the burning stream spewed on and on deep into her throat!
    "SSUUUUCCCCKKKKKK it, baby ... OHHHH, suckkkkkk ... Jesus ... suckkkkkk!"
    Kate tried for she dimly heard her husband screaming as he frantically kept fucking into her upraised face and the great hosing continued, the whitely heated streams spilling into her mouth in hotly increasing gushes and she swallowed and gulped as best she could to take it all deep into her hungrily absorbing stomach! The guitar outside had gone mad and the hands drew out great crashing chords and intricate runs that were a cacophony of sound that beat against her ears as the flow of molten sperm spewed furiously down her working throat.
    On and on, the rapturous explosions of liquid bliss erupted in Kate's still sucking mouth until at last, Cole could feel them lessening and the spurts were further and further apart and the streams smaller and smaller. Kate's beautiful eyes were blissfully closed and the sweat glistened on her forehead and he could see two tears stealing down her cheeks. He held her face tenderly, looking down at her naked loveliness, his hands still smoothing her face softly and one last twinging wracked his body and his hips thrust forward and his dying cock spewed out a last few droplets ...
    "Damn ... GODDD ... ohhhh, baby ...!"
    Kate looked up then tremulously proud of taking all he had, and she felt the wet of her tears trickling down her face. Cole straightened and his still heavily thickened cock slipped from her lips with a soft wet popping sound and he stood looking down at her, his brown eyes unreadable, the pupils black and huge. A thin white line of his cum still connected them where it looped from her so well fucked mouth to the slowly deflating head, it was still almost hard even though emptied. Kate heard him groan again and then she was pulled roughly to her feet and crushed to his heaving hair covered chest and his mouth came down to bruise her mouth, his tongue plunging inside to taste the strength of his own orgasm.
    Kate's bones were limp and lifeless and she felt herself pressed into his hot flesh until she thought their bodies would melt together in the rapture of his homecoming! The guitar outside had lowered to a long rill that hung in the night air like a faint breeze across the prairie and somewhere a single owl hooted a lone and questioning "Whoooooo."

    Chapter 2

    "For Christ's sake, haul your asses out of bed!" Cole roared from the doorway of the basement bunk room. "If you're going to work for me you'd better know right now that we start at five!" He watched the two sleepy bodies spring up and begin to throw on jeans. "The pancakes'll be ready in five minutes. Get a move on."
    Breakfast was very silent. Angel was sullen and his brow black with hatred. Eric tried valiantly to make conversation between bites of hot cakes and syrup and gulps of scalding coffee. Cole just grunted and ate, quickly and efficiently. Finally, even Eric's good nature couldn't surmount the chill and he ate in silence too.
    Things had changed since last night. Kate had seemed so happy to have them here but her husband sure wasn't. It would help if Angel were a little more cooperative. If he didn't shape up they might just get thrown out on their asses. Eric determined then, one way or the other, he had to divorce himself from Angel for his own protection. The thought of going back to the city in the fall was already a dread prospect, but he'd be damned if he was going to be done out of his summer here. A plan was already forming. Eric told himself that if he worked well and hard enough to suit Cole that maybe he wouldn't have to go back to the city at all.
    Cole got the boys started pouring the concrete footings around the new fence posts. There was a lot of catching up he had to do with his foreman, Frank. It felt so damn good to be back home! He felt in control again. For a while he'd almost given up there in France, so bogged down in red tape he'd felt he was choking to death ... but he'd hung on and now he'd have the Limousin blood line he wanted.
    He paused for a moment after he'd finished with Frank and looked out over the fields and corrals, one foot on the bumper of the pickup. Already in his mind's eye, he could see the field filled with the thick short-legged Limousins, the great humps of beef around their shoulders, the broad heads, the slightly shaggy coats. The beautiful bull he'd bought wouldn't be there but his sons and daughters would. Cole had found a way around the goddamned government regulations on bringing in foreign cattle.
    For a while it had been nip and tuck ... but it turned out there was no restriction on bringing in sperm and by God, that's just what Cole would do. He'd had the Limousin bull shipped to Calgary, up in Canada, to be hoarded and cared for. That bull could do just as good a job of stud service there as he could here, thanks to artificial insemination. Cole could bring in all the thousands of vials of sperm he wanted, impregnate his own cows and soon he'd have a whole new breed ... the first Limousins in this country. Hell, just selling the extra sperm at fifteen bucks a vial would bring in a lot of extra cash and he was going to need it. He and the two other ranches who were in on it with him had about $50,000 tied up in the bull but conservatively, Cole figured they could get $150,000 for the sperm alone ... not to mention improving their own herds enormously. Hell, they couldn't miss.
    "Need a little rain but this country always needs some rain this time of year," Frank said as he ambled up to stand and look with Cole at the fields stretching away in gentle slopes.
    "Yeah ... but we'll make it all right. Thought I'd better get over to Meacham's and Gardner's. They own a third of that bull and they'll want to know about it."
    Frank gave him a curious look. "Didn't you hear? Old man Meacham had a bad heart attack while you was in France, Cole. He died pretty quick."
    "Died?" Cole stared at him stupidly.
    "Yeah. Just keeled over in his north field one day ... 'bout three weeks ago. We heard his daughter come back from Europe and aims to settle up the ranch ... probably sell it." Frank lit a cigarette and looked up at Cole again with the embarrassed curiosity of country people.
    "Sell it?" Cole's hands clenched and unclenched. It was as though Frank had suggested he sell Spring Hollow. He swung up into the pickup. "Hell, they can't sell it!"
    He roared off in a cloud of dust. Why the hell hadn't Kate let him know? Cole ground the engine through gears and took off down the gravel road to Meacham's. Christ! This could change the whole thing. What if that daughter wanted her money out of the bull right away? Sometimes Kate acted as though she didn't have a lick of sense. Not even telling him about Meacham dying and hiring those damn kids for the summer. It was a good thing he'd come back. A few more weeks and he might not have had a ranch to come home to. It wasn't that Kate wasn't smart. She was ... but sometimes Cole thought it was all book learning. Well, by God, she'd learned something last night that wasn't in any book! And that's the way it was going to be from now on!
    *   *   *
    A slow smile spread over Mela Meacham's face when she saw Cole Sutherland alight from the big pickup truck and come toward her automobile. She'd known it wouldn't be long. She leaned her elbows on the window frame of the red convertible and waited, her long legs thrust out, breasts straining at the cloth of her filmy pink shirt. What fun it would be to see Cole's face when he got close enough to recognize her.
    Like most Americans in Paris, Cole had been anxious to establish right away just what part of the country he was from. It was as though in identifying his small section he could be accorded something more than the anonymous label "Yankee." He'd even thought she was Parisian at first ... since she'd been with a somewhat international group at the nightclub. Cole had left his party of stolid French cattlemen from the provinces and cut her out of her party as though she was a cow in a herd. The young blonde heiress had known from his first three sentences who he was, for her father never wrote anything to her that wasn't ranch news. It had been a game then not to let Cole know who she was. She'd even refused to tell him her name and insisted he simply call her M.M.
    Mela looked up at Cole striding toward her purposefully. When he was almost to her he pulled his creased old hat off impatiently as though he didn't have time for any nonsense.
    "You must be Meacham's daughter. I'm mighty sorry to hear the sad news, ma'am ... you see, I've been gone for ... a ... while ... Jesus Christ!" His voice trailed off incredulously as he recognized the mocking smooth face with the big green eyes and the straight streaked blonde hair that hung over one speculative eye. "What the ..."
    "I told you we were destined to meet again," Mela said slowly, her smile spreading. "I'm never wrong."
    "But ... But ... I mean ... I--"
    She laughed at his confusion and the complete consternation in his face. It was fun to get any man that off balance, so taken aback that his mouth fell open like a beached fish. Mela looked him over, taking in the dusty boots, the tight jeans, the plaid shirt. Even in his work clothes he looked better than the fairies and pseudo fairies she'd run into all over Europe. He moved like a man and those two nights in Paris had proved beyond any doubt that he was a man ... a real man.
    "I could think of something better to do with your mouth than just let it hang open like that." Mela laughed deep in her throat as she saw a slow flush redden Cole's face from his open shirt up to his forehead that was striped where his hat cut off the sun.
    "I don't like being made a fool of. Why the hell didn't you tell me?"
    "You'd gone to Paris for something you couldn't get at home ... there was no point in telling you I was from home ... now was there?"
    Cole could feel the blood heating his face, the fury pounding in him. God damn it! She was laughing at him, enjoying his looking like an ass! The memory of the feel of the young heiress's body came into his hands even though it was only his eyes that touched her. The jutting breasts, the sensuously slender body with the curved hips and long legs in the tight jeans that left nothing to the imagination, the narrow hands with the long pale pointy nails like claws. He felt the blood begin to pulse in his loins just looking at her, despite his discomfort. A thousand confusions and difficulties sprang to mind. She was Paris ... there was no place for her in South Dakota or the part of him that lived here. To make matters worse ... now that Meacham, was dead ... she even owned a third of his bull.
    Mela reached down behind her into the car seat and pulled out a cigarette. She lit it slowly, watching his confusion turn to anger and frustration and dismay. Blowing the smoke out in long wreaths, she looked up at him and felt the jolt again of his frowning eyes.
    "It's damned awkward," Cole blurted, putting his hat back on to shield his eyes from Mela's green ones that glittered and mocked him in the sun that was beginning to beat down on the prairie. "I mean ... well, your Pa and I had formed a corporation. That bull I went to France to buy ... it was for the corporation."
    "Then that makes us partners, doesn't it partner?" Mela whispered softly. Abruptly, she turned and twisted the door handle and slid into the white leather seats of the convertible. "I was just going to take a drive ... look over the place. Come along and give me some advice. Since I haven't been home for years, I don't really know what Pa has now.
    "There was some talk of your selling the place."
    "That's one of the things I have to decide, maybe you can help me."
    *   *   *
    Kate took a huge basket of fruit out to the station wagon. It was hot already and she wasn't sure she could even be back in time to get the big meal on the table right on time at noon. Well, if she didn't finish with the old ladies this morning she'd just have to do some of them tomorrow. After last night Kate didn't think she'd better invite her husband's wrath about anything for a while and he wanted his meals on time.
    She knew the back roads so well that she drove automatically. Getting the hand crafts from some of the local women had been a good idea, despite Cole's derision The old fashioned quilts and the real Indian beading she ferreted out around the countryside were selling well in the little gallery she'd started in town. For the hundredth time she wondered why Cole always seemed to deride her efforts.
    But Cole had always done that. It was as though he couldn't bear for her to have anything of her own. A child was the one thing he was going to make sure she didn't have of her own--or anyone else's.
    He'd changed though. Cole was harder, more defensive than ever. Last night hadn't proved anything really except that he could terrify her with his temper ... that he could force her to abandon any principle just to placate him. Mostly it had proved that she was willing to go to any lengths to get a child ... any child. She wondered what he would demand next, knowing she'd do anything that might change his mind about a child. Kate blushed and shuddered a little remembering the perverted act Cole had forced on her. It was as though he had the whip hand and wouldn't hesitate to use it now.
    But a woman shouldn't have to plead and cajole and connive to talk her husband into a child. He ought to want one too. It wasn't natural that a man didn't want children too ... if he cared about his wife. Kate caught her breath. Maybe she'd have to face that too. Maybe Cole was behaving naturally for a man who didn't care about his wife. No. It wasn't possible. They'd been married ten years. They'd worked so hard together to build the ranch.
    *   *   *
    Sandy Gayman looked up as the red convertible went roaring out the driveway. Looked like Cole Sutherland's pickup parked out there. Hell, he wasn't due back 'til today, Kate had said. Must have come home early on account of Meacham dying like that so quick.
    Sandy walked out of the barn doorway into the blazing sun, watching the red car become a speck. The big sandy-haired man wiped the back of his hand across his forehead leaving a streak of grease from the tractor he'd been repairing. Mela probably had to go into town to see the lawyer again. Probably Cole had to go along on account of the deal on the Limousin bull. But, goddamn it, Mela ought to tell him what she was doing and why. A foreman couldn't handle things properly if he didn't know what was going on.
    Turning back to the barn, Sandy wiped his hands on the greasy rag. Maybe he'd been too careful of Mela's mourning over the old man. He hadn't wanted to rush her and ruin everything but maybe it was time he made his move; after all he'd done all the work for a long time now. Meacham had leaned on him more and more until Sandy couldn't imagine the ranch suddenly belonging to someone else. By God, it wasn't going to either! He'd always known that someday Mela would come home and he'd marry her. She just had to get her running around over with ... and he had accepted that. Hell, she wouldn't make much of a ranch wife if she didn't. He'd seen many a good woman ruined in ranch country because she married too soon before she'd had her fill of seeing the world.
    But the time had come now for him and Mela. Sandy lit a cigarette and it dangled from his wide mouth as he went into the barn to get rid of the grease. Old man Meacham had thought they'd marry too. Made a whole lot of hints in that direction ... had sort of advised the foreman to be patient and he had. But there was something about Mela going off like that with Cole without even telling him that stuck in his craw.
    *   *   *
    Kate moved the blue and white quilt she'd picked up from old Mrs. Watson to the back seat of the station wagon and slid across the seat to the passenger door, feeling the heat of the leather against the back of her bare thighs. The blackberries along here were too tempting. The bushes along the road here were heavy with them. They'd make really good deep dish pies for supper tonight. Sliding down the little ditch with her basket she made her way into the thicket and began picking.
    *   *   *
    The sun was so hot and the air so Still that Cole could hear the whine of the flies and the bees. It was as though that buzzing whining urgency was in his loins and the heat and strength of the sun had gone straight through him all the way to his painfully hardening cock locked inside his tight jeans.
    "Funny, isn't it," Mela whispered, her hand quivering on Cole's sun-bronzed neck, "how you think you'll find just what you want a long way from home. I kept looking and looking and I find it right here in South Dakota ..." The young blonde heiress was still trembling, her full, melon-like breasts heaving under the pink cotton shirt, from the hotly passionate kiss they had exchanged.
    "This is crazy ... you know that ... let's get the hell out of here," Cole growled, not really sounding sincere.
    "For a man who lives close to the earth you've got a strange uptight conscience," she whispered, her green eyes burning him. Cole tried to look away from that mocking expression daring and teasing him.
    "Look ... we had our fun in Paris ... I didn't expect ..."
    "You didn't expect to find me here. I know ..." Mela's pearl-lacquered fingernails slid down Cole's shirt front coming to rest right on the thick bulge of his penis straining against the prison of his jeans.
    "I thought a big hard-on like you've got had no conscience," she whispered, her hand closing around the throbbing hardness that beat telltale beneath the cloth.
    A strangled groan tore out of Cole's mouth as he felt her soft hand close on him. He could see the upthrust curve of her full young breasts heaving against the shirt where a button had come loose. She leaned against him on the hot leather seat, her breath coming quick and unevenly, her eyes like a jade green fire beckoning him into the depths of a fiery, unknown hell.
    "Why lie, Cole? You want to fuck me here just as much as you did in Paris."
    The hell of it was, he did! Sitting so close to her he could almost smell the excited female heat of her eager young pussy. Still, though, he hesitated. The bees buzzed and droned monotonously by the blackberry thicket and the whole world was still and waiting.
    "Goddd ..." He groaned suddenly and his muscular arms snaked around her pliant body and his lips came down hard on her half-opened pink-lipped, moist mouth goading him and laughing at him. He had to crush that smirk off her face ... wipe it out ... obliterate it!
    Mela could feel his hand bury itself in her soft hair as his hungry mouth sought hers. She took his tongue gratefully. To hell with the Latin lovers and French lovers and English gentlemen, she thought. There was nothing like this roughneck South Dakota rancher who used her like a bull did a cow. She would have come home even if Pa hadn't died, for Cole Sutherland was here and none of those sweet smelling pansies in Europe could ever match the likes of him. She knew. She'd tried them all.
    Fucking his tongue into her soft wet mouth, his hot lips bruising her unmercifully, Cole's hand slid up her rib cage to lift the heavily trembling softness of her breasts. The shirt was all she wore on top, for he could feel the soft resilient warmth, the yielding, melting flesh quiver under his palm. Jesus Christ! What did you do with a woman like this? You fucked her! That's what you did. You fucked her 'til she screamed for mercy!
    Crushed against him, Mela kept her hand on his slowly rising hardness, growing and swelling obscenely in his pants. She trembled and gasped, feeling the heat of the man blazing far hotter than the sun that beat down on them in the field so harshly. The muscles in his arms were bunched into hard chunks of rock, and she whimpered deep in her throat. The fevered, vertical little mouth up between her legs was growing into a hotly pulsating opening that had to be filled with the hardness that was springing from his loins.
    Their tongues dueled for long minutes, their eyes closed against the brilliant sunshine, hands busily exploring and caressing and smoothing. Cole's hand slid inside the cotton shirt to cup the magnificent swell of the heiress's eagerly palpitating breast. He trembled like a stallion in spite of himself at the feel of the hot naked flesh against his palm, the hardened nipple leaping out to nuzzle into his gripping hand. God damn! She was like a bitch in heat! He squeezed the soft firm whiteness of her breast, full and voluptuous and heaving with the rampant passion that rippled through it like hot summer lightning.
    With a muffled moan, Mela tore her lips from Cole's and pulled his warm voracious mouth down to her excitedly quivering nipple. "Oh God ... suck it ... suck my tit ...!" She jerked her shirttail out and fumbled with the remaining buttons of her shirt as his head began to burrow into her chest and his hungrily seeking mouth found the ripe succulency of the hardened erect nipple. As his wetly ovaled lips enclosed the luscious half-sphere and his rapacious tongue flicked hotly on her flesh, Mela screamed softly, "Oh ... baby ... that's it ... suck it ... suck it!"
    The heady sweet smell of crushed gardenia petals in the hot sun hit his nose as Cole buried his whole face in the soft pillow of her full heaving breast. His madly licking tongue and warm moist lips clamped down hard on the sensitive nipple, and he heard the lewd urgings spring from her lust-constricted throat. She acted as if she were trying to ram her tit down his mouth, he thought. Hell, he hadn't fucked a broad in a car since he was a green kid. Well, this one wouldn't wait and he couldn't! He could feel his balls, sperm-bloated and aching, his impatiently pounding cock almost bent double inside his pants. How could it have any conscience? It was screaming for release. It was like this was a last chance at life, at Paris, at fucking!
    Pulling his hungry mouth into her desperately trembling flesh, Mela's head fell back against the hot leather seat, her throat, breasts, and upper torso naked to him. She could feel the expectant quivering extend down her rippling belly and deep inside her excitedly reverberating loins as Kate's husband's mouth drew on her goose-bumpled nipple and sucked it hard and viciously into his ravenously heated mouth. Two nights of fucking in Paris with him hadn't been enough. She was never going to get enough ... not of this! Her hands flew to his belt and she struggled with the waistband as he leaned against her eagerly agitated breast, licking, sucking, and nuzzling. She felt his hot breath on her like a flame!
    "Oh God," Mela cried; "Help me, Cole. Where is your big, beautiful cock?" The rancher heard the young, excitedly writhing girl moan in despair as her hands clawed almost maniacally at his crotch. He straightened up, ripped his belt loose, and then jerked the zipper down, frantically working his jeans down his legs. Cole felt her hands feverishly unbuttoning his shirt, and he heard little mewls and moans bubbling desperately out her mouth.
    When finally his shirt was off and his Levi's down around his knees he turned to help the wildly excited young heiress, only to find she was way ahead of him. She was jerking her jeans and black nylon panties down but they had caught on her boots.
    "Give me your foot," he panted. She turned to him in the seat with one boot toward him, and he could see the soft hair-fringed vaginal slit up between her firmly rounded young thighs open like a flower, showing the tiny dewdrops of moisture that welled from deep inside the depths of her love-starved pussy. Christ! She was all pink and swollen, with her glistening cuntal lips wide open in invitation.
    Mela could see the giant throbbing penis jutting up from his loins like a bull's. The dark curling pubic hair was a mat above its long sinewy length, the fleece above the sword that looked as though it could service a cow or a mare with no difficulty. His prick was ridged and purpling, thick as her wrist and she couldn't even estimate its length. Inches meant nothing anyway. That prissy little Frenchman had been hung as well, but was so selfish and inept that he may as well have had a baby's prick. Her breath caught at the magnificence that awaited her, its cyclops eye drooling in anticipation.
    "Ohhhh ... lover ..." she cried and pressed her suddenly hungering lips downward in subservience toward the hardened rod of flesh that pounded and beat as if it had a life of its own. Her widely ovaled, lipstick-rimmed mouth closed hotly over the warm spongy head of it and she plunged her head downward, trying to take all of his cock into her mouth at once.
    "CHRISSSTTTT!" Cole almost came right out of the car. His hips lunged up, driving his thick, aching hardness almost through the back of her streaked blonde head. His hands came out to keep the greedily working mouth on his thick fleshy rod jerking deep now into the wetly waiting entrance to her throat. Jesus! She wanted cock as much as he wanted pussy! If only his wife had ever shown such enthusiasm. Hell, last night he'd had to make Kate suck him off, had even been forced to threaten her before she would do it. But not this hot little bitch. Christ, she'd eat him alive!
    Mela swirled her tongue expertly around the hungrily throbbing tip and tasted with delight the pungent maledom seeping from the thin vertical slit of his cockhead. Her warm slippery saliva flowed freely as her head bobbed furiously up and down, and she sucked as though she were milking another woman's tit with her mouth ... a mammoth, milk-filled tit that was oozing forth its slowly rising liquid of love. Her lips smacked hard together as her mouth in its eager passion slipped accidentally off the head and a lewd silver sheen of saliva shone glisteningly on her chin.
    The young girl bent again, kneeling now on the white leather, and her hands came around the heavily pulsating cock as her lips touched it in a long loving kiss. The helplessly aroused girl feverishly worked at her partly loosened boots with her heels, rubbing them together and trying to scrape the offending leather from her.
    "Ohhh ... goddamn ... goddamn!" The words grated out Cole's tightly clenched teeth as he felt her ovaled lips teasingly come down on him again. He could see the rounded half-moons of her naked buttocks quivering where she knelt over him; they had a narrow band of white, inviting flesh at the bottoms of them where her skimpy bikini bathing suit bottom was normally worn. Streaks of fire were spiraling up his rigidly swollen cock and his sperm-loaded balls felt as though they weighed two tons and were filling up more every second!
    Thick hot moisture was drooling down Mela's smooth upper thighs on the inside, slipping from deep inside her hotly steaming loins like a seeping spring. The sun beat down on her back through the opened pink shirt, and her buttocks felt as though a blast furnace had been opened on them in the convertible for they were totally naked to the open sky. Her heavy breasts, dangling like ripe fruit, felt enormously full and filled with the growing seed about to burst open. The soft silken blonde hair swung down like a flaxen tent over the rancher's lust-tightened testicles as she sucked on the warm hard flesh of his cock. She could feel his darkly curling pubic hair tickling her nose.
    Reaching down Cole caught her face and pulled her head up to him; "Ohh ... Baby ...!" He plunged his tongue deep into her warm moist mouth that still tasted pungency of himself. Now his own urgent screaming need created even more liquid inside his aching loins. The hoarsely breathing young girl's naked breasts felt incredibly warm on his chest as he pulled her excitedly quivering body to him, fiercely mashing the soft, fleshy tits against him, while he fucked her whimperingly imploring mouth with the hardness of his tongue.
    Mela felt him effortlessly lift her and place her tremblingly bare buttocks in a sitting position on the top of the white leather seat. He kneeled between her wide-spread knees with his throbbingly erect cock pressed against the back of the seat, and ran his hands wonderingly over the smoothly rounded mounds of her ass. His tongue slid like hot lava down her throat while his hands jerked the flimsy pink shirt off her arms and threw it into the back seat of the convertible. The huge rough hands were all over her excitedly writhing body as he hunched down to rip the jeans the rest of the way off her long tapered legs for the obstinate boots had finally been kicked off. Then, she was completely naked!
    Cole's eyes moved up the beautifully tanned flesh with the breasts and lower loins whiter than the rest of her sun-browned body. The panting young girl's legs were spread wide out to brace and balance her on the top of the car seat, and Kate's husband, his face inches from her nakedly pulsating vagina, knelt in homage between them, his hotly eager eyes devouring her like a starving man who hadn't eaten in weeks. Goddamn! What a broad! The muffled cries of his conscience were long since dead and silenced.
    "Oh God, Cole ... Do something soon ... I'm dying ..." Mela heard the moans coming out her own lust swollen throat as Cole's greedily working hands found her hotly seething breasts and held them up like two succulent melons to his voraciously licking mouth. He was up on his knees on the seat sucking them hungrily, and deep gurgling sounds of intense passion came out of his bronzed muscular chest. To him nothing else in the world existed or mattered as he squeezed and sucked and licked. Unbelievably sensual explosions, soft silent explosions, went off in the frantically moaning girl's flesh every time his teeth nipped teasingly at her eagerly erect nipples. "Ohh ... yessss ... bite them ... bite them, lover ... bite them hard ..."
    Supporting the twin peaks with his hands, Cole slid his rapaciously craving tongue down the heiress's smooth, tautly rippling belly to the curling blonde pubic hair below. His tongue dug through the soft fleece like a plow furrowing a field. He proceeded further, hunching down to get at the perfumed pink mouth of her passion drenched pussy and, with a low cry of victory, his hungry mouth found the proud, ruby little lips of her cunt, slickened and moist with the excitement of her secretions. His nostrils flared as they caught the scent of her cunted fragrance, and he could feel her hands twisting in his hair pressing him ever inward to the hotly hidden depths of her lurching young body.
    "Ohhhhhh ... God ... God, Cole ... ahhhh God!"
    His hands moved to the nakedly silken hips and he eagerly pulled them to his face in order to get his tongue deeper into the trembling wet succulency up there between her smooth inner thighs. Mela arched up to him so strenuously that her feet kept slipping on the sweat streaked leather seat. Stiffening his tongue to a hard point, Kate's husband rammed it mercilessly into the young blonde's hotly pulsing pussy and felt the restlessly rippling muscles deep inside the frenzied girl's vagina begin to grab and clutch at it, trying to capture the wet, teasing invader and draw it deeper up inside.
    *   *   *
    Sweat was rolling down Kate's cheeks as she picked over the blackberry bushes. The basket was almost full now. Her hands were stained and her lips, too. The fat juicy berries were too tempting not to eat your way along. Hot with the sun and sweetly ripe, she ate another and moved on down between the tangle of bushes. She shouldn't have taken the time to go berrying. It was getting close to noon. Well, for once the ranch hands could eat sandwiches for lunch. There were plenty of cold cuts. For supper there'd be blackberry pies, and that ought to make up for the uninspired mid-day meal.
    Suddenly, from the other side of the thicket, she heard the loud quavering moan of a woman ...
    *   *   *
    Tasting the musk-scented secretions of Mela's insanely demanding young cunt, Kate's husband rammed his tongue deeper inside the elastically clasping walls of the young girl's quivering pussy while his hands boldly roamed up and down the warm satin skin of her long shapely thighs, then up and around the smoothly curved buttocks before reaching her ripely voluptuous breasts. He felt her fingers playing with his ears and then her hands frantically plunged into his hair, turning and tangling as they pulled his laboring mouth ever deeper into her desperately heated cunt. The blonde heiress was so turned on now that she was crying a ragged moan of ever increasing urgency with each hot flick and stab of his hotly teasing tongue!
    *   *   *
    Sandy cut the motor and got out. That was Kate's station wagon parked there by the side of the road, and it looked like there was no one in it. The big foreman walked across the gravel road and looked inside ... just some stuff, a quilt, some packages, her purse. Hell, she couldn't be far! He walked around the car and saw the little rubbled path down the ditch as though someone had slid down. Of course. The blackberry tangle down there. Cole's wife must be down there picking.
    "Kate?" Sandy called out from time to time as he went through the mass of bushes. When he finally found her, he almost stumbled over her, and for a moment he thought she had hurt herself. She was standing as though frozen, deaf and dumb to everything except what she was staring at through a break in the bushes. The basket laden with blackberries dangled lifelessly from her hand.
    "Kate? ... You all right?"
    She turned a pained and frozen face toward him blindly as though she were a robot whose power source was fading.
    "What's the matter? You feel bad?" There was something wrong with her.
    Cole's wife didn't answer but turned away from him to stare again at the scene beyond the thicket. Sandy bent so he could see what she was staring at. His breath caught sharply in his throat. Jesus Christ, God Almighty! Down in the edge of the field a little below the blackberry thicket was a red convertible. A naked blonde girl was sitting on top of the seat of the car, and a naked man was hunched down between her wide-spread thighs, eating her hungrily grinding young pussy as though he had gone stark raving mad. There was no other red convertible for miles around, and no other streaked blonde hair like that!
    Involuntarily the big foreman's hands reached out and bit into Kate's arms. She shook and quaked, and he pulled her violently trembling body back against him, for strangled, muffled moans were bubbling out of her throat. The pain in his chest was tight and unrelenting. That was Mela down there with her legs spread out like a goddamn French whore and Cole Sutherland eating at her young, blonde-fringed pussy like a maniac! God damn! Sandy's hands bit deeper into Kate's arms as though they were her husband's throat. Jesus! A murderous rage was rising in the big sandy-haired man that literally blurred the naked bodies with a red haze.
    "Ohh, noooo!" Kate moaned and the moans were bleats of anguish that tore from her chest to come out in pitiful small agonized sounds. She wasn't sure whether they came from her or from Sandy whom she hung on to as though he were a lifeline. She would have fallen without him. There seemed no way to contain the pain that ripped through her body so unmercifully. It went on and on with the inevitable certitude of a chill that racked one with the shivers of the damned. Dimly she wondered how long she could endure such pain.
    Her eyes were glued to the nakedly writhing and groaning bodies. She didn't even know the girl ... had never seen her. Cole had come home from France only last night, and today he was burying his face in another woman's vagina and sucking up between her lewdly spread thighs as though he was actually enjoying the wickedly perverted act. The woman was pulling his face into her as if she could never get enough of his scorching tongue. Oh God! What have I done, Kate wondered, to deserve this kind of hell?
    Sandy held Kate's limp but straining body back hard against him. It seemed like her inner fiber was quivering with agony under the limp-with-shock muscles. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the salacious spectacle any more than the rancher's wife could.
    He could see Kate's husband's big hands come up to cup and massage the beautifully naked breasts that Sandy'd thought were going to be only his, could see Cole's hands sliding like they owned it over the eager, nakedly writhing body that should have been his right! God damn it! He'd kill the sonofabitch! He'd kill them both! It was as though his whole life had been spent on a turn of the cards and that he'd known for sure he was going to win but now a sneaky bastard had cut him out and his whole life was going down the drain and there'd be no other chance.
    Suddenly Mela's whitely tapered legs shot straight out, and the two naked bodies came together in a heap as the seat fell back, making a bed out of the car's interior. In her frantic twistings Mela had hit the seat button with her foot.
    Silent sobs were shaking Kate now and the foreman felt her shudder against him. Sandy wrapped his arms around her slender body and held her against his chest. Poor Kate. That bastard Cole hardly home and here he was licking another woman's pussy. His woman's pussy!
    Breath came out of Kate in tiny gasps of pain as she watched with stricken eyes the cavorting bodies of her husband and the unknown girl. They were laughing at being thrown so unexpectedly back. With the seat all the way down, the woman still was spread wide, only now she was lying on her back where she'd been sitting before and Cole was crouching over her with his massively throbbing penis, that great purple headed instrument hanging down powerfully under him, enormous, ready, hard, long and thick. That girl was going to get the penis up inside her that Kate had been denied last night. Oh God! She had to get out of here ... but the obscene spectacle did have a strange unearthly fascination, masochistic in nature. If she stayed she would be hurt even more by what she witnessed. Kate knew she was powerless to move. She had to see this played out ... the lewd and lascivious pageant of her husband's betrayal.
    Sandy saw Mela reach up and grab his neighboring rancher's cock; her hand looked small and white against the bruising white rod. It was glistening and wet and ponderously erect. He could see Mela stroke it expertly--as though she had been jacking off men all her life and cup the sperm-bloated balls with her other hand. A moment later, holding her breath, she pulled him down on her by pressuring his stiffly pulsating cock forward until it rested tightly against her wetly quivering cuntal lips! Oh Christ! If only she was doing that to me, Sandy thought. The foreman's arms tightened convulsively around Cole's wife, and his hand of its own accord found the fleshy fullness of her breast, shaking and quivering in despair and shock. His other hand clutched the curve of her hip, and he ardently pulled her back into him and onto the long rigidness of his throbbing cock which had grown heavily in his jeans just from watching the obscene performance down there in the car.
    "Ohhhh ... oohhhh ... noooooo!" Kate whimpered in her pained agony, her arm coming up to struggle feebly with the hand enclosing her breast so fiercely. It couldn't be! Sandy's hand didn't belong there ... but it felt good ... it felt almost the way Cole's hand used to ... the way her husband's had looked on that strange young girl's breast. Kate wanted desperately to close her eyes and open them to find it was all a terrifying nightmare It had to be! It couldn't be real. She'd just been picking blackberries; muffled sounds had come through the thicket and then she'd seen a flash of red; and when she squirmed closer she'd seen it ... the whole horrible degrading scene. A nightmare! At first she hadn't even recognized her husband with his face buried so hungrily in that blonde girl's naked vagina, and then he'd raised his mouth and face, and a knife had plunged into her heart, and she felt as though she was bleeding internally and the flow went on and on and it hurt more and more!
    Behind her, the foreman's hand hungrily squeezed at her fleshy tits, but somehow, that didn't hurt ...
    *   *   *
    Cole poised on his toes, the head of his aching cock touching Mela's eagerly throbbing pussy. He could feel her incredibly soft pubic hair--like a rabbit's fur--and the swollen, moistly slickened flesh of her fevered cuntal opening nibbling hotly at the head of his cock. Jesus! He was going right out of his mind! There was something wildly exciting about fucking a woman out here in broad daylight with the bees and flies buzzing and the stillness of the earth around them and the air hot on their sweat-streaked bodies ... God ... it was indescribably sensual.
    Arching her hips, the wide-eyed and panting young heiress let go of Cole's thick fleshy rod and slid her hands around his hips, feeling the flexed muscles of his powerful buttocks like iron heated to a white hot heat. She looked up at him and groaned pleadingly. If eyes could fuck ... his were actually fucking hers now as he hung poised above her, the angrily pulsating head oozing impatiently against her hotly twitching cuntal lips. Suddenly his cock took the cue of his eyes, and he lunged forward with a loud groan of rapture, shoving his hips forward at the same time, causing the huge muscular pole to slip through the elastic rimmed tightness of her pussy's outer lips and ram without hesitation deep into the smooth fleshy walls of the warmly convulsing passage. When he hit bottom, his penis buried to the hilt in her wildly writhing body, he simply opened his mouth and groaned out his passion.
    "GGOOOODDDD ...!"
    "OOOhhh ... Goddd ... Yess ... ss ... It hurts sooooo!" Mela screamed as Kate's husband drove the full pulsating length of his hotly distended cock far up into her madly undulating belly with one great lunge! Oh God ... nothing but Cole Sutherland's magnificent penis had ever filled her so deliciously and so completely. She had to have his rampaging cock and she would never, never let it go! Mela felt him lash his hotly moistened tongue into her wide open mouth with the same animal ferocity as his warmly throbbing penis had driven down into her pussy. Down there she felt his cock pulsating like an idling cylindrical engine that was ready to fire into action!
    *   *   *
    Oh Jesus! He was in her now. Cole Sutherland had his prick driven to the hilt in Sandy's woman ... where the ranch foreman had always wanted to be. From the very first minute Sandy had gone to work years ago for old man Meacham he'd wanted to pull down Mela's panties and shove his own aching cock into her hot little cunt. At sixteen she'd wiggled that curvaceous little ass around like she was a professional whore advertising her wares, and old man Meacham had sent her to that finishing school in Switzerland to keep her out of trouble. In the six years since, she'd only come home briefly. It was as though the girl couldn't stand the ranch once she had tasted Europe. Sandy hadn't been able to see that she needed much finishing when she went away, but he had to admit that each time the girl came home she was a little more poised and polished, and a helluva lot more seductive. Only now it was high class seductiveness, not school girl instinct. At sixteen Mela had been a child to the ranch foreman's thirty-one years ... a provocative child ... but at twenty-two she was a woman not at all too young for his thirty-seven. And now there she was out there fucking in her convertible with that goddamned Cole Sutherland who already had a ranch and a wife ... damned nice wife too ...!
    Sandy's hand closed tighter on Kate's breast. Christ ... with all that going on down there in the convertible and his own balls aching like they had a million needles in them ... he couldn't keep his hands to himself. Cole's wife was crying now and the sobs that she tried to stifle shook her whole body. Sandy pulled her even closer back against him and his head went down against her sun warmed throat.
    "Shhh ... it's all right ... shhh, Kate, baby ... don't carry on so ... shhh ... it's going to be all right ..." he whispered against her hair, smelling of sunshine mixed with the faint scent of honeysuckle. From this angle the foreman could see the straining tops of Kate's full fleshy tits above the scoop-necked blue gingham shift she wore. His suddenly eager lips trailed along the graceful curve of her neck, and his hand brushed over the swelling mounds of both breasts, squeezing them together through the cloth; but even his big hand couldn't contain the fullness of the two firmly protruding mounds.
    It wasn't his idea ... it was the situation and the degrading scene below them ... and the betrayal! That bastard Sutherland deserved it! By God! Why not? Cole and Mela were having their fun ... fucking themselves into oblivion right out there in the hot open sun. Why shouldn't he and Kate have a little? Hell, yes! His hand was already ahead of his brain, and it slithered inside the loosely gaping top of Kate's cotton dress where it insinuated itself inside the soft nylon bra to cup the lusciously heaving breast. He felt the tiny rubbery nipple harden and pop out immediately into his palm.
    "No, Sandy, we mustn't," she groaned, and then shuddered. The foreman couldn't tell whether the movement came from fear ... or the excitement of his hand locked tightly around her naked tit.
    *   *   *
    The writhing bodies on the white leather seat blurred before Kate's disbelieving eyes as the tears coursed down her cheeks in torrents. Dimly, she heard Sandy's words and felt his hands and arms, hard and yet strangely soothing in this hour of need. A tiny corner of her mind was screaming in warning about the strange hand on her bare breast, the strong male lips moving boldly on her throat. And then another hand began gently caressing her taut belly; it stroked down to her helplessly trembling thighs as though reassuring her, and then came back up again lifting the hem of her dress, revealing her long slender legs and the yellow satin bikini panties that clung tightly to the smoothly rounded buttocks. Behind her she felt Sandy shift his weight and then an impatiently grinding bulge was pressing into the tightly clenched crevice of her ass cheeks. That tiny voice of conscience was receding and growing fainter and fainter as wave after wave of sensuous feeling roared like a hot implacable tide from firmly flexed buttocks to the throbbing hungry pit of her belly.
    *   *   *
    The sun was beating on Cole's back in a slow pulse that seemed to bear down in time with his long powerful thrusts into the hot, wetly sucking hollow up between Mela's insanely quivering thighs. Her legs were wrapped around his naked buttocks, and she used her heels like spurs to urge him on to a deeper penetration. Cole arched up, pulling his throbbing thick length of cock flesh almost all the way out as his hands caught the young girl's frantically bobbing breasts. He began licking them in rhythm with his wildly pulsating cock beating like a maddened metronome just inside the warm damp entrance of her open cunt!
    "Ohhh ... Lover ... lick me ... suck me ... ohhhh!" The writhing blonde heiress chanted softly, undulating her hips tip in the age-old twist of the belly dancer in an effort to force the long, beautiful length of Cole's commanding hardness back up deep inside her belly where she wanted it most. His rapacious tongue licked the hardness of her nipples and the surrounding softness of her tit, and she felt the tiny radiating explosions start from the warmly wonderful wetness of her nipples and spread through her flesh in wildly bursting flowers of lust! Oh God! He was a good fucker ... the best ... and he was going to be hers! She didn't care a damn if he was keeping three wives ... he was going to be hers alone. She had searched for the likes of him all her young life and now she'd found him!
    "Goddamn! ... Oh baby ..." Cole gritted through tightly clenched teeth as his desire-hardened cock worked its way deep and deeper up inside her hungrily rippling belly. Christ! Her hot little cunt closed on him like a vise ... a hot, wet, tight, clasping, clenching, milking vise. The vaginal muscles up between Mela's widespread thighs rippled and squeezed and clutched, massaging him like the million practiced fingers of a masseuse ... pulling voraciously at the hotly building sperm in his testicles whether he wanted it or not ... and oh GOD! He wanted it! He could feel the seething pressure in his balls, and his prick was on fire with the spirals of flaming lust that encased and surrounded his pulsating solid pole of flesh sunk so deeply and so tightly into her greedily pulling vagina!
    Mela felt the hot, hard-muscled back under her hands and the mammoth pulsing hardness fucking deeper and deeper into her belly, so deep that it felt like Cole was ramming it up out the back of her throat, as though he had impaled her whole body on his giant cock, and she was helplessly impaled all the way through! Her eyes were closed against the terrible sun but she needed no sight to know what was happening to her body! She could feel every ridge and muscle and straining action, every inch of him. Even so, she wanted more; her heels came up to lock behind his calves that clenched and worked tightly in his labor, and her thighs closed around his lean stone hard hips, male and aggressive as the rest of him!
    The words came tumbling out her throat and lips, kissing the words into the bronzed neck and ear, "Fuck me ... oh, Cole lover ... fuck me like you never fucked before ... fuck me hard ... harder, lover ... harder ...!" The young heiress's hips gyrated and rotated wildly to squeeze every ounce of his solid male flesh into her hotly seething depths as his wildly thrusting cock pumped in and out in a fevered rhythm of uncontrolled passion that was building every second. "You're my man ... my man, lover ... and I'm your woman ... Oh God ... FUCKKK MEEEE!"
    *   *   *
    Kate's eyes fluttered and the sobs shook her from head to foot as she heard the young girl's wanton shriek. She could see even through her tears that her husband, Cole, was humping that woman ... fucking like one of his bulls might and snorting like an animal in his lewdly building pleasure! How could he feel such erotic passion with another woman? And then her own flesh answered her. Sandy's big hands were cupping her naked breasts from behind, and she could feel the lasciviously traitorous sensations shoot through her. Her nipples popped out like tiny sensitive noses into his palms and the strange breathless calm that precludes a later raging storm was sweeping over her! Oh God! What was happening? How had she gotten here with Sandy Gayman? And then she knew! Vengeance grew deep inside her as she heard the woman down there cry out in her passion ... cry out as Cole, her Cole, fucked her almost into oblivion! By God ... two could play at that game!
    Sandy held the hurt, angrily trembling body of Kate and pressed her beautiful, curvaceous softness back into the hardness of his cock that thrust and strained against the bindings of his jeans. Christ! He was so hot now that he could think of nothing more than laying her down on her back and fucking her right on the grass under the blackberry bushes. He wanted to rip away the clothes that separated them and plunge his vengeance minded cock up into her! It would ease the pain and bitter gall in both of them. That bastard, Cole, and the bitch whore Mela, deserved it. No one ever deserved it more!
    Suddenly Sandy turned Kate in his arms and crushed her to him, struggling to get the whole supple length of her pressed into his fiercely burning flesh. His lips came down hard on her half open mouth, and his hot tongue met hers as it darted into the warm wet cave of her mouth. He tongue fucked her for a long minute, his hands clutching her soft, thinly covered ass cheeks through her panties as he ground his pulsating rod into her rapidly awakening cunt like the end of the earth was at hand!
    The kiss triggered something wildly exhilarating in Cole's wife, something that never had been there before with any man other than her husband. She wanted it ... she wanted it terribly! Her arms went up and her hands found the back of Sandy's strong thick neck; she flaunted herself into him, feeling the pain easing and being obliterated in the overwhelming wave of lust that was on her like a sudden summer thunder storm. Yes! This was what she needed! A man who understood her anguish and her need. She felt his big capable hands frantically kneading the smoothness of her buttocks and his fingers were like mitts of fire burning through her flimsy panties. Then, without warning, his hotly foraging hands found her cool bare skin and they slid inside the yellow satin panties to cup her nakedly quivering pubic mound. She pushed up tight against him, not really knowing whether she was trying to trap the hand and hold it motionless ... or cooperate!
    "To hell with Cole and Mela ... let's get out of here, Kate ... let's get out of here and go someplace ..." Sandy urgently whispered against her temple as his other hand gently stroked up her naked back.
    "Mela? ... Mela Meacham? ... Is that who?" Kate drew back in dismay, staring up at him.
    "That's her ... the old man's daughter ... come on, Kate, honey ... let's go ... back to my place."
    "Oh my God!" She burst into sobs again.
    Sandy could see that Kate's tearful eyes were stunned. She was as weak and defenseless as a kitten when he half carried, half dragged her as quietly as he could back up through the blackberry thicket. When finally they got to the road where her wagon and his pickup were parked, they were panting and the sweat was pouring down their faces.
    Kate leaned weakly against the fender of his truck. The big foreman put the basket of berries into the car for her while she stood there, breathing heavily and watching him. She could feel the slippery moisture seeping down the insides of her still trembling thighs and could not fool herself that it was all sweat. She looked at him ... a big, lean-hipped man, so like her husband, with his huge shoulders and work hardened hands and thick neck burned by the sun. What would it be like to be fucked by him? God knows she wanted someone. Then she gasped. Oh no, it was wrong! Terribly wrong! Paying Cole back by letting another man fuck her wasn't the way. What good would it do to lower herself to the level of those nakedly straining bodies back there? She'd be forever sorry and remorseful, and she could never look their neighbor, Sandy Gayman, in the face again if she did what her traitorous body was screaming for her to do. No! She mustn't.
    Quickly she walked around the car and got into the driver's seat. Sandy came around and leaned on the door frame, his hand coming in the open window and cupping her face. She flinched, knowing they must have been insane back there in the blackberry thicket.
    "See you in a few minutes, Kate ..."
    "No, Sandy ... no ... not now--not ever!" Her face had closed, and Sandy could see that she couldn't even look at him. She fumbled in her purse for the car keys.
    "We have to forget this ever happened ... forget what we saw back there. Decent people don't act that way."
    "But, Kate ... it ain't right. And you need it, bad as me."
    "Two wrongs never made a right, Sandy. I'll be going now."
    The lean, rough-hewn ranch foreman stood in the middle of the road swearing softly to himself and watching the dust fly up in a cloud from Kate's swiftly spinning wheels. Goddamn women all to hell anyway! They were only good for one thing, to lay on their backs and fuck, and by God they welched on that every chance they got! He slapped his hat against his dusty thighs and climbed in the pickup.
    *   *   *
    Cole Sutherland dug his hands under Mela's hotly grinding ass cheeks and strained her violently gripping cunt hard up against his pelvis, for the heat was in him like a boiling vat of oil that threatened to spill over at any moment! He wildly, insanely fucked his heavy, lust-inflated cock in and out, increasing the rhythm and pounding harder and deeper up between her wide open thighs with every thrust. The blonde young ranch heiress was babbling incoherently and her disheveled flaxen hair tossed wildly as her head thrashed uncontrollably from side to side. Cole sensed her time was nearing. A flush had spread over her shoulders in mottled patches, and he knew she was only moments away from cumming for he could feel the burning, churning pressure bubbling up in his own balls almost to the screaming point! Then the wet licking sound in his ears was her tongue fucking desperately into the sensitive opening, whining and moaning into it lewdly and lasciviously as his huge, blunt headed hardness beat solidly like a hammer into her wide-splayed young pussy.
    "Come on ... fuck back, baby," he panted. "Fuck back ... oh Jesus ... FUCKKK!"
    The sweat was pouring from their naked bodies and Mela could feel the slippery flesh of Cole's huge muscular back, and her thighs were slipping and sliding around his hips as she clutched and arched and bucked around him.
    "OOHHHH ... OOHHHH GOD ... OHHHH!" Mela screamed and Cole felt her legs clamp tighter and more possessively around his waist as the young girl opened her heatedly pulsating vagina as wide as she could to his hard driving prick. He looked down between them and could see his wetly glistening penis disappearing into the incredible softness of the hair-fringed pussy locked around his cock, milking it so salaciously, so wildly. His hips drove harder and his ass muscles clenched, driving the huge wedge of solid flesh up into the writhing girl's belly with the force of a jackhammer.
    Suddenly he felt Mela arch up and quiver with her legs locked octopus-like around him. Her scream of orgasm would have wakened the dead.
    The sweat poured into his eyes and he was deafened, and then the echoing roar was coming from deep inside his own body, and the whole damn tucking world split as the mighty stream of dammed up liquid lust came screaming down the tightly constricted channel of his bursting cock to explode like a stick of dynamite far up inside her greedily accepting little belly.
    Mela heard Cole's strangled cries of pleasure mingling with the animal screams of lust boiling out her own laxly open mouth. They were verbal expressions of the tumultuously churning rapture bursting inside her own flesh, and she vaguely thought the sun overhead must have surely orgasmed with them, and the whole fucking universe was orbiting with them, and frankly, she didn't care if the world ended right now!
    The boiling white hot spurts of sperm hosed deep up inside the young girl's body to pool and mix and swirl with her own flood gushing hotly through her cock-filled cunt. But still it continued to come on, and her wildly thrashing body was undergoing a never-ending climax that seemed to go on and on and on. Jesus! There'd never been a fuck like it!
    Mela could feel their bodies still jerking spasmodically against each other, bone slamming on bone and flesh into flesh and cum and love juice raining all around in all-consuming blissful rapture. God! Nobody could fuck like Cole Sutherland! She wondered vaguely what his wife' was like, and if Mrs. Sutherland knew that she was going to lose her husband to a better woman.
    At last Cole felt himself thrusting slower and slower, and the streams, of cum, creaming deep up in the young blonde's belly, subsiding and receding. His now emptied balls had almost spent themselves and were slapping softer and softer against her still slowly, hungrily grinding ass cheeks, and the world was rapidly coming into focus again. He was at peace.
    Mela took a deep sigh. She looked at him, squinting against the glare, and she whispered softly, "Together we're going to have the biggest ranch in South Dakota, partner."

    Chapter 3

    Angel Orellio looked down at the pile of sandwiches resentfully. Sandwiches he could get in the city. All the God damned gringo sandwiches he wanted. But who wanted the soggy, bread thick mess? Tortillas and beans would have been better and cheaper, too, if the senor was stingy. Working hombres like he did, they needed a hot meal. Angel looked up to watch Kate Sutherland pouring the iced tea. Her face looked different, as though all the spirit had been drained out of it. Maybe it was her who didn't want to cook. Well, by God, he didn't come here to eat slop!
    "You got the tortillas?"
    Kate looked startled. "Well, yes ... but they're down in the freezer, Angel. I ... Ah ... I didn't want to heat up the kitchen at lunch time."
    Angel shrugged and bit into a thick ham sandwich. Frozen tortillas. Jesu Christo! That was what was wrong with the whole damn country. Wrap it up, store it away, freeze it, mash it, make it instant. No time for anything to make a man comfortable. Even his drunken, almost screaming foster mother took more time and more care. He wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for his mother. It was either this, or working at the damn shoe factory like his parole officer had wanted him to do. Fuck 'em all! He looked up to find Eric frowning and shaking his head at him when Kate's back was turned.
    They ate and it was pretty quiet. The grande had not come for lunch today. Only the foreman Frank and Eric and the woman, but no one else. The weather-beaten Frank was going on about how nice it was to have Mr. Sutherland back home again. Angel thought his woman did not think so. She looked tired and her smile was automatic and closed. Angel wondered if she hadn't liked the homecoming fuck the big rancher must have thrown her last night. While he played the guitar by the fish pond Angel had known what was going on upstairs in the bedroom. Later he had gone down to the barn and unloaded his wad in a yearling cow. Dios Mio not even any puta whores in this damned country. But the little school teacher! The one who had eaten there last night ... she was soft and white, and old enough so that if he made it look right they couldn't possibly get him for rape. That one he would luck soon and then he could go back to civilization where girls and tortillas were easy to get.
    Kate went wearily up the stairs alter they'd gone and took off the fresh dress she'd put on before lunch.
    Cole had not even called to lie and say he wouldn't be home at noon. She looked at her naked body in the mirror and wondered if her heated flesh would have led her to really betray her marriage vows if the circumstances had been different. Would she have thrown her naked body into Sandy Gayman the way that woman ... Mela Meacham, he'd called her ... had done with Cole? Kate shuddered for she knew how close she had come to doing just that in the pain and anguish of seeing her husband fucking old man Meacham's daughter.
    With her back to the mirror, she put on a blue swim suit. She couldn't bear to even look at herself, remembering Sandy's big hands and where they'd been on her nakedly quivering flesh.
    How could Cole have done it? How could it have happened so quick? Through the years they'd heard now and then that Meacham's daughter was home from Europe for a short vacation but they'd never seen her. The girl had come and gone so quickly that it almost seemed the old man didn't want anybody to see her ... even though he spoke of her proudly once in a while. How could her husband, who had never seen her before today, be out there fucking that Meacham girl only a few minutes after he'd met her?
    A cold apprehension clutched Kate's heart. Maybe Cole had seen her on her brief visits home. Oh God! Maybe he'd been fucking her when she was home. Maybe that's why no one ever saw her. Kate tried desperately to remember if her husband had ever been away when the Meacham girl had been home, but it was useless. She couldn't even remember the last time the poor old man had mentioned that his daughter was home.
    Her thoughts continued to churn as she walked downstairs and went outside. Fifty yards away, Eric looked up, straightening his back. He wiped the sweat from his dripping brow. He set the cement bucket down and stretched, looking out at the shimmering heat that lay like a blanket over the fields. His alert eyes caught the slim figure walking down the gentle slope of lawn from the house. It was the boss' wife going for her afternoon swim. It was too far away to see much, but the long easy stride of her tanned legs and the shockingly tight blue swim suit caused Eric's groin to tighten in desire. Someday, he would have a good woman like that! He was still daydreaming about her when she disappeared behind the trees a few moments later ...
    The water was soupy and warm on the surface from the sun, but it was cold and clean underneath. Kate swam and dove and drove herself back and forth across the pond until she was exhausted. But even underneath the cold green water she could see those nakedly writhing bodies before her eyes. Oh dear heaven, what did you do when you found your husband fucking another woman! How did you ever ease the pain?
    At last she climbed wearily up on the little pier where they moored the row boat. She lay panting for long minutes while her body dried. At last, she made her way through the bushes to her secret sunning spot that was hidden from the driveway, the house, and even the barns. Her geese were still swimming lazily around, happily pulling the lettuce leaves from the banks where she'd scattered them earlier.
    "Here, Goosey ... here, babies ... here Goosey ..." But they ignored her and went blithely floating away from her. They were still babies and ordinarily followed her everywhere; over in the pond, however, they became independent little devils. She always had a terrible time getting them out and back up to the house.
    Kate picked up the old leather bound book and tried to memorize the poem she was planning to read to the poetry group. Cole had laughed about that, too. "Now how the hell do you think you're going to get a bunch of ranchers and their wives interested in poetry?" he'd snorted. But she had to do all the things she did. The loneliness of this country would drive you mad if you were a woman and didn't have the hard physical labor of the men at their work. The gallery in town, the theater group, and the poetry group had saved her sanity many a time. Her husband didn't need any hobbies, she thought bitterly ... he had his women! It wasn't the baby she wanted that had turned him off these past two years. It was other women. For all she knew he might have a whole bevy of them scattered around the countryside.
    The book fell from her hands and Kate lay back on the towel in her bower of bushes and reeds and trees. A little wind fluttered the pages, hiding Browning's poem, My Last Duchess ... Kate couldn't erase the memory of the character portrait and wondered about the vivid Duke and his dead Duchess. Was she, herself, like that poor young woman in the poem ... "She had a heart--how shall I say?--too soon made glad ... t'was not her husband's presence only, called that spot of joy into the Duchess' cheek ... she liked whate'er she looked on and her looks went everywhere ..." Kate turned and rested her chin on her hands. Was it really her fault that Cole had gone off with another woman ... had she failed him inadvertently as that poor young woman had or rather as her husband thought she had? Was Cole really trying to tell her something important when he objected to her projects and groups and activities. Was he really saying that she didn't pay enough attention to him ... that he was jealous of her time spent on other things and other people? Oh God, she didn't know! If only she hadn't seen him naked with that girl ... if only she could erase the awful memory from her brain. Kate's hands gripped her skull that was aching; her face came down against the towel and her tears slid silently down into the colorfully printed terrycloth.
    The events of the morning had badly shaken her composure. Really, how could she blame her husband for what he had done when she, herself, had come so close to doing exactly the same thing with Sandy Gayman. The handsome foreman would never know the monumental self-control that had been required to get into her station wagon and drive away from him, while all the time her loins and hotly seeping, shamelessly aroused vagina had been pleading that she remain. Even now, over three hours later, she still could feel those strange hands familiarly caressing her heatedly straining breasts and buttocks. Well, she thought dully, I'll get over it ... and so will Sandy. At least he has the ranch chores to keep his mind off it.
    Kate, however, had no way of knowing that instead of cooling off, the sandy-haired foreman had found that his anger and need to fuck her in revenge was growing more painfully intense with each passing second. Christ, he still had the goddamned hard-on! Then everything blew up all at once when he came out of the horse barn and saw the red convertible racing down the road toward town and Mela's long bright hair streaming behind her. That son of a bitch, Cole Sutherland, was driving! Five minutes later, his face dark with rage, Sandy crunched up to the Sutherland's sprawling ranch house. He knocked and called "Kate," several times without success. The wagon was there ... she must be around somewhere. Finally, he opened the door to the kitchen and stepped in. "Kate? Hey, anybody home?" By God, if she was upstairs taking a nap, he'd fuck her right there and not give a shit how much she yelled.
    The silence of the empty house echoed in his own ears.
    It was the tall blonde kid with the eastern accent, Eric, he said his name was, who told Sandy that Kate was swimming. The big man didn't even mutter "thanks" as he spun on his heel and made for the pond. By the time he found her, his anger was cooling, but his painfully throbbing erection had grown to monstrous proportions.
    Kate sensed someone's eyes on her even before she heard the rustling sound in the bushes. She looked up and saw Sandy Gayman standing there with his hat in his hands just staring hotly down at her. Kate could feel the tension immediately growing like a live thing between them again as he stood staring into her eyes.
    At last he spoke, dropping down beside her on the towel. "You've been crying some more?" He plucked a spear of grass and chewed the end of it as Kate nodded dumbly.
    "Don't think I'd waste my tears if I was you." Sandy lay back in the grass, one hand pillowing his head. "I been thinking ... I don't rightly see how ... what we saw could have happened so fast ... I mean I didn't think they even knowed each other before. But now ... I think they must have. I don't know when or where ... but they knew each other before today. I'd bet my life on it."
    "But where? How? When?" Kate whispered, sitting up.
    "It wasn't here at the ranch. I been here for years ... ever since Mela was first sent to school in Switzerland. I been here when she come home now and then. Never was here more'n a week. No, I think they must have met up when Cole went over to get that bull ... in France."
    "Of course!" she said eagerly. "I think you're right. That would explain it."
    "Fact is," the big foreman continued, "I was figuring on marrying Mela myself when she got this running around out of her system ... I watched her since she was a kid."
    "Oh, Sandy ..." Kate's hand went out in quick sympathy to Sandy's arm. "I didn't know ... I didn't know that you were hurting inside as much as I was ... back there ... I'm so sorry for what my ... my husband did."
    Sandy, lying flat on his back, looked up into Kate's sympathetic face. The loose chestnut hair was still damp around her shoulders, the tanned fleshy swells of her breasts were almost spilling out of the deeply plunging blue swimsuit, and her blue eyes still had tears trembling on the edge of the thick lashes. Grabbing her hand he pulled her down across his chest and caught her wetly trembling mouth, murmuring against it before he kissed her, "No use being sorry ..."
    Kate squirmed and fought against the hard arms that had caught her by surprise and held her captive. He'd seemed so kind and sympathetic, but he only wanted to continue that madness they had indulged in when they were hurting so this morning. No! It was all wrong! They'd only be perpetrating the horrible example they'd seen.
    Holding her easily with his greater strength, Sandy kissed her 'til her' soft, warm lips finally opened slack under his and her breath was whistling out her mouth in unintelligible little moans. Just like taming a reluctant mare, he thought, and sat up with Kate in his arms, holding her across his chest and lap. She was so limp be thought she was going to faint.
    It took all of her will power for Kate to tear her mouth from Sandy's and all of her strength to fight her way out of his arms. Then she tried to scramble away from him, but he easily reached out and caught her again by grabbing the breast band of her swim suit. "Come back here, woman. Don't you think we got a right after this morning?" he whispered fiercely. Kate felt the big man pull her down against his chest again, then his arms were holding and cradling her and he was rocking her back and forth as though she were a child.
    Sandy smoothed her hair with his free hand and whispered to her, gentling her as he would a calf or a frightened horse. There was a lot of woman here and he held her close against him, crooning hypnotically and murmuring as his lips brushed her hair, temples, eyelids, cheeks, and ear lobes.
    The big hands were soothing and surprisingly gentle as Kate felt them tracing down the tight fullness of her breast and thigh and then back up again. Sandy's fiery lips burned her even though they brushed lightly, and the rancher's wife could feel her trembling body, denied relief for so long, responding immediately. The shivers started on her skin and swept through her in swift jagged little streaks, and she could hear his words echo in her head over and over again, "Don't you think we got a right? Don't you think we got a right?" Only unlike an echo that fades, these words grew louder and louder until they were a deafening drumbeat in her mind.
    Catching her face with his free hand Sandy looked deep into Kate's eyes so close below his. "The only comfort in the world for what ails us is this," he whispered, and his hot wet mouth came down hard again on her helplessly trembling lips. He could feel her shiver in his arms as though she had a chill. Christ! It was good to hold a woman like this. If he couldn't have Mela for his, then he'd have that bastard Cole Sutherland's woman, by God!
    Kate could feel her helpless shivering becoming uncontrollable, and a deep sob that couldn't come out sent a terrible ache through her rapidly heaving chest. Now Sandy's mouth became as brutal as his hands had been gentle; she could feel the hotly probing tongue working deeper and deeper into her mouth, and she was letting him. Mad! She had to be as mad as Cole to let this happen with a man who wasn't her husband. Why hadn't she sent the big foreman away when he first came? Because she liked it! Oh God, maybe she'd secretly wanted this to happen all along ... that's why she hadn't sent him away! Perhaps she'd known that he would try to strip her naked again. Oh God, she was as bad as her own husband!
    The scent in Sandy's nostrils was of sweet grass and sweet clean woman, faintly damp and breathing life and hope into him. Goddamn, but she tasted good, and the long swelling curves of her fit into him so well. In his mind's eye he could see the way the skimpy swim suit clung to her like a second skin, cut so low in front in a deep "V" that her full fleshy tits were more than half out, so low in the back that the lower beginning curves of her moon-shaped ass cheeks showed. His wildly throbbing cock was beating painfully in his jeans, and by God this time he was going to finish what he started!
    Lying on her side, cradled in his arms, Kate couldn't help but be aware of the fiercely pounding rod that throbbed like a second heart against her side. Everything about the neighboring ranch foreman felt hard and male and oh so good. The all-watching monitor in her brain was screaming warnings to her, but her traitorous flesh was ignoring it by sending out tiny building ripples of hot implacable lust all through her. Suddenly, her arm moved up of its own volition under his shirt to caress his broad hard back; and her other arm wrapped itself around his neck, urging him down to her. It was so good to be in a man's arms who wanted her ... really wanted her for no other reason but that he wanted her!
    The breath was rasping in great shudders out Sandy's widely flared nostrils as his hot wet mouth moved hungrily down Kate's throat. His big band slid off one shoulder strap, and he kissed the warm nakedness of her shoulder as he eased the top of the swim suit down even further until the white, heavily ripened breast was freed. The naked fleshy tit hung there for the plucking like a mouth watering fruit that had fully matured. His hand came up to weigh it and cup its warm firmness; his thumb grazed the timidly cringing nipple until it burst out involuntarily like a quickly sprouting seed.
    "Oh God, Kate ..." She heard him groan and his breath seared her like fire as his hotly voracious mouth bent to suck in her eagerly erect little nipple. The flame of his tongue licked out and struck lightning flashes through her flesh!
    "Noooo, Sandy ... noooo ..." she whispered, pushing feebly against his brawny shoulders with her hands, and all the time her betraying breast seemed to swell under his mouth with the hungrily searching nipple peaked into a concentrated point of blissful sensation! Jagged streaks of needle sharp pleasure radiated from his warmly wet lips and tongue, an overpowering sensation that spread rapidly through her breast to heat up her whole body. It was then that Cole's wife knew she was close to losing a battle that never should have begun.
    "Mmm ... mmmmmmmm," Sandy gurgled as he took the whole tip of her softly quivering tit into his ravenously working mouth and sucked with such fierce pressure that Kate began trembling helplessly in his arms! His hand held the warm silken heaviness up to his hungrily searching mouth, and he tasted the clean woman sweet flesh; it fed him, swelling his impatiently pounding prick to a monstrous size that his tight, heavily strained Levi's could never accommodate.
    Oh God, Kate thought, what was happening to her? She'd frozen with pain at the sight of her husband with another woman, but here she was a few hours later, her nakedly eager breast in another man's voraciously sucking mouth and the animal lust stirring in her flesh like an evil phoenix rising from the ashes of her lost union with Cole. She'd never wanted another man ... not ever since she'd been married, and here she was moaning and writhing uncontrollably as the neighboring ranch foreman teasingly sucked her, his hot hands all over her and his man's words echoing in her head like the gospel, when she knew all along they were only words of the moment, expedient words to achieve his purpose. Suddenly she stiffened for one condemning word exploded like a flash bulb in her head. Adultery! My God, she was very close to committing adultery!
    Suddenly, Sandy felt Cole's wife go rigid in his arms. The next second she'd sprung to her feet and looked wildly down at him, her long hair in disarray and the large white rounded spheres of her naked breasts quivering in anguish. The only thing that kept her from being completely naked was that dangling strip of nylon clinging to the ripely flaring curves of her hips.
    Quickly, before she could run, he reached up and jerked the suit down her thighs. He gasped as his hungry eyes saw the softly curling strands of chestnut cunt hair triangling down between her legs. Christ! Sandy realized for the first time that she was tanned all over ... even her tits and buttocks ... a smoothly tanned, hot-blooded woman. She stared at him in horror, her eyes as wild as her hair. For a split second she gained down at his hand, holding the blue nylon cloth around her knees, and then she turned to run, frantically trying to twist free of his grasp.
    "Let me go ... let me go ... leave me alone ... oh, please," Kate panted, trying to run from this man who would make her an adulteress. Sandy, however, hung on, and when she tripped, he simply pulled her back onto the blanket, then yanked the flimsy swim suit panties off her feet as though he were peeling a ripe luscious banana. She rolled away as he sought to return her to his arms and, breathing heavily, regained her feet and ran.
    Jumping up, he tried to catch her but she plunged away, sobbing and whimpering as she ran straight for the water. His arms flailing, the big foreman beat his way after her. He had already started to grab when she dove into the pond. Suddenly, he was murderously angry! God damn prick tease! Twice in one day was too goddamn much! He jerked his clothes off, cursing when he struggled with his boots, but finally he was free and as naked as Kate, and he plunged into the cool green water after her.
    The breath was pumping laboriously through her lungs as Kate swam in long smooth strokes. Behind her, she could hear Sandy cursing on the shore but she didn't look back. Get away! Just get away somewhere before the ruggedly handsome man caused her to sink to Cole's degraded level and become the same kind of wantonly writhing animal as that girl today!
    Cleaving the water expertly Sandy came relentlessly after her, he wasn't letting Cole's wife get by with this crap! By God, he was going to fuck her silly if it was the last thing he did!
    The geese came swimming toward Kate, making little clucking gurgling noises of recognition. "No, Goosey ... no ..." Kate gasped, trying to shoo them away and losing her momentum as a result. Almost at once her foot was grasped and her arms flailed frantically as she realized that Sandy had caught her. Oh God, what now? She struggled to free her leg but it was no use. It simply gave him an anchor to pull himself up to her. Screaming was no use. The barns were a long way off, and even if by chance someone heard her how could she ever explain being naked in the pond with Sandy Gayman? Kate felt his arms slide around her nakedness and her heart almost stopped!
    "No, Sandy ... it's wrong ... it's terribly wrong ... please!"
    Sandy was panting and blowing, his chest heaving from the chill water and the sudden exertion and the anger. His feet scissored the water to keep them both afloat. "No ... it's only fair ... Cole fucked my woman ... I'm going to fuck his," he growled, trying to hold Kate and keep them both afloat. His groin tightened like a knife twisting as she held her nakedly cool flesh against his own throbbingly hard nakedness under water. "Besides ..." he jerked her even closer, mashing her full, wetly streaming breasts against his chest, "you want it as much as I do. Stop being a hypocrite! I'm going to fuck your teasing little cunt, baby ... whether you like it or not!"
    Her mouth was captured in a vise-like kiss, and Kate felt Sandy's massively rigid penis pressing like a huge hot knife against her heaving belly. His hand slid boldly down under the water to touch the moistly quivering lips of her vagina. Finding the narrow wet slit, he wormed his thick middle finger through the cringing cuntal opening and was rewarded with a loud moan of unsuppressible rapture. A whirlpool seemed to be sucking her into its very center, into the depths of a sin she'd never even imagined that she'd be tempted by. A blackness, too, was sucking her, and that blackness was her own cravenly wanton flesh that ignored and deceived her very decency--a decency that was crippled by desire now and therefore utterly useless. She was impaled on that hard thrusting finger that stabbed like a substitute penis into her so brutally, but what made it worse was that she could actually feel her own hotly rippling vaginal walls closing hungrily around it. His other hand was kneading the fearfully trembling fullness of her buttocks. Even under water, her nipples had been tempered to hardness by the scraping of his powerful chest, and she had to cling to him or drown.
    When the big foreman finally felt the sandy bottom beneath his feet, he picked her up and carried the violently shaking body back to the rumpled blanket. He could see tears of helpless submission on her cheeks, and her ripely curved body lay limply in his arms. All the fight had gone out of Cole Sutherland's wife, and he cradled her in his arms like a prize he had won. He wasn't tired any more! His proudly erect cock rubbed hotly against her nakedly trembling buttocks with each step back to the blanket. There he laid Kate's limp, defenseless body on her towel and dropped down beside her, propping him self up on one arm.
    Kate lay crying quietly; her eyes closed, willing her body to faint, to melt into the blackness of unconsciousness so this nightmare would end. But the awareness of her shamelessly aroused flesh would not permit her this solace. She could feel their neighbor's hungry eyes staring down at her nakedness and hear the harsh labored breathing of him beside her. Oh dear God ... what had brought her to this? Had wanting a child so badly started a chain of events from which there was no returning, a long vicious chain that was ending in her becoming an adulteress? Her head thrashed weakly and she moaned, "No ... no ... no," as she wrestled hopelessly with the traitorously rising passions of her body.
    The lush curvaceousness of Kate Sutherland's body lying helplessly beside him was a sight that Sandy would have etched into his eyeballs if he lived to be a hundred! His eyes devoured the fleshy fullness of her breasts, the reddened erect nipples puckering up to him like incredibly warm rubies, the fertile sweep of her tautly quivering belly, the wetly curling chestnut pubic hair above the sensuously curved thighs ... all of it tanned to a warm earth color that begged to be kissed and tasted and bitten! Sandy could feel the urgent drawing in of his testicles, and the hotly impatient growth of his cock standing up at the lascivious sight of his neighboring rancher's naked wife. By God, he'd tame this happily married little bitch if it was the last thing he ever did! Jesus Christ! It had been a long time, waiting for Mela, with only whore cunts to occasionally ease him. If Mela's pussy was going to be a used one when he finally got her, then it was only fair if that bastard Cole Sutherland got his cunt rights violated, too.
    "Ohhhh ..." Kate hissed between tightly clenched teeth as she felt Sandy's warmly wet mouth slide stealthily down her throat and arm. It was as though a flame had licked her shivering skin. Then holding her breath, she waited as the ravenous mouth caught her straining nipple and the big foreman's tongue rasped over its sensitive tip resulting in an explosive flame that went straight into her flesh and spread a hot glow all through her! It gradually became a battle of wills. She absolutely refused to look at him, but still felt all of his passion through her, wildly excited flesh. In areas where she least expected it, hotly wanton kisses rained on her cringing body ... the inside of her elbow ... her little toes ... her palms ... the temple ... behind the ear ... the armpit ... Kate suddenly couldn't stand it any more. He'd won. Men always won! Her own eagerly writhing flesh could no longer stand the strain of this intolerable torment; she knew the result was inevitable. Her body crumpled in the sweet agony of his teasing and her own volcanically overpowering desire which was rapidly reducing her to the mindless wanton state of that terrible young blonde creature with Cole this morning. She had become something less than a rational human creature, and all she could think about was getting relief. She opened her eyes for the first time and cried out in a voice distorted with lust, "Do it! Do it to me and get it over with!"
    She felt him gather her in his arms and roll over on top of her, and the heavy weight of him was a blessing that pressed on her from above. His eyes were ablaze with animal hunger and they burned deeply into her. She saw his expression harden and become almost brutal as he lewdly stared down. "Do what?" he demanded hoarsely, his mouth scarcely an inch above hers.
    "You know what!"
    "No, tell me exactly what you want me to do to your hot little cunt."
    "Fuck it," Cole's wife hissed bitterly. "Go ahead and fuck it! It's what you want to do! Use me like one of your dirty prostitutes!"
    Suddenly Sandy felt his control slipping and anger flared in his mind. There was something about the way the words came out of Kate's lips, an almost imperceptible snarl of sarcasm and disgust in a voice that was usually so kind. Now he was really madder than hell again. Rich stuck-up bitch; he'd show her. He jerked her violently trembling legs brutally apart with his knees and shoved his tongue deeply into the hot wetness of her mouth. His hand went down to guide his wildly throbbing cock toward her passion drenched cunt. And ... with that first contact between his eagerly pulsating cock and her helplessly quivering pussy, he simply went mad. He ground his long, lust-hardened rod vengefully in among the softly curling pubic hairs that fringed the lips of her nakedly throbbing cuntal opening. She had closed her eyes again as if she couldn't bear to look at him.
    "Open your eyes, you little bitch," he snarled. "Open them and see the present big Daddy's got for you." Hell, he knew for sure now what was wrong with her; she thought she was too goddamned good to be fucked by a mere foreman. That was it! She was a ranch owner's wife and a common foreman wasn't good enough for her! Well, by God he'd have her begging for it ... and not sarcastically, either. Oh, she'd beg and plead and moan and cry to be fucked before he got through with her.
    Cole Sutherland's wife felt the violently throbbing hardness of his penis searching for the previously unviolated opening to her restlessly stirring vagina. Each jab of the huge, pulsating head of the neighboring foreman's cock against her sensitive cuntal opening resulted in new and ever greater waves of unwanted ecstasy to surge throughout her entire being. He was like an impatient stallion unable to find the mare's hole at first time. She fought the insane urge to reach down there and assist him. Then, abruptly, he found it. The lust-hardened head sank through the tight elastic opening and, without hesitation, rammed unmercifully into the heated depths of her cringing cunt, sending a shock wave of wildly excruciating pain roaring before it.
    "Aaaaagghhhh," she screeched, frantically pushing her hands up against Sandy's powerful chest and twisting her hips desperately around in a vain effort to escape the brutal impalement of her open pussy.
    The force of her neighbor's thrust into the tightly resisting walls of Kate's vagina brought a long sustained howl from her throat a noise which he quickly muffled with his mouth Then there was the sound of his own guttural moan as he felt the head of his cock slam hard into her cervix and hit rock bottom! Christ! It was like diving into a warm bottomless pool and hitting concrete instead of water. The jar went all the way through his throbbing penis from the head on back! God damn! He hadn't meant to ram quite that hard. No wonder she was yelling. But, oh God! How good her pussy was! There was no other goodness in the world like being deep inside a hot, moistly clenching pussy again. Maybe he liked this one of Kate's so much because he'd had to fight for it. Whores didn't put up any fight, so when you got through you hadn't accomplished much ... but this filly ... oh Christ! Cole Sutherland couldn't have used this little snatch too much lately. It was warm and close and as tight as a fur-lined, vaseline greased glove ... so tight it was almost painful. He held still for a moment, then made his cock jerk in the warm liquid depths of her now wide stretched belly and felt an agony of pleasure race through him like a forest fire raging through virgin timber. He flexed his fleshy hardness again and was rewarded with a low answering moan from her. She liked that, he thought, and did it once more which caused her eyes to blink suddenly open.
    "Now I'm going to give you the fucking of your life, baby," Sandy rasped, raising his head from her open, stunned mouth and looking straight into her frightened eyes, the pupils huge and staring.
    Kate lay under the great hard body of Sandy Gayman, feeling the pain of his enormous throbbing shaft sunk into her flesh as far as it would go. It filled every tiny millimeter of space, and, even more, for it pressed painfully in her, stretching her tortured insides further than they were made to be stretched. Thought and sensation collided in her like crazed animals in a closed space, bumping and butting blindly against each other. But one overriding thought emblazoned itself in her brain. Cole Sutherland was the only man she had ever known before, the only man who had ever made love to her for he'd taken her a virgin. There was now a strange penis deeply imbedded in her flesh, a strange manhood stuck far up inside her body. This ranch foreman would be the second man she had ever had ... and she wondered bitterly if her husband could even count the women he'd known.
    Suddenly all the hurt and all the agony of this morning came pouring through her in a raging, blinding, overwhelming surge of hatred and hurt and vengeance. Cole had fucked a woman ... lots of women ... and by breaking his wedding vows had dragged their marriage and their love through the slime. Now she wanted her own back! She would pay him back! Another man was inside her; he was going to fuck her in broad daylight under the open sky. Here he was--this other man--lying now between her legs with his hotly throbbing prick stuck in her like a bull's in a cow, and she didn't care ... she wanted him there! Kate Sutherland wanted Sandy Gayman to fuck her! She felt deliciously lewd, for his invading hardness in her vagina was sending rapturous sensations through her; and she loved and wanted it! She would have it! Now!
    "Ohh, yes, Sandy," she breathed into his warm open mouth, "fuck me ... fuck me now!"
    "Like you never had it before ... never before, baby," he said, pleased at the suddenness of her surrender.
    Sandy could feel the tightly gripping hole of Kate's moist vagina throbbing with an urgent need as the hot walls of her cunt massaged his lust-inflamed pole, squeezing inward around his hardness in little spasms of lascivious pleasure. Teasing, Sandy pulled his fleshy rod all the way out and heard Kate catch her breath in disappointment. Grinning, he shoved his' hips forward again and his prick slid into the ranch owner's wife like a saber into a well oiled scabbard, the smoothly moistened muscles of her pussy once more slipping around him like a tightly skinning sheath!
    "OOOOHHHH ... Yessss," he moaned in ecstasy as he began to fuck into her with slow deep strokes. The fiery warmth of her insides, deep up there in her tightly clenching belly, was radiated to him through the wetly, heated walls of her cuntal passage. Her Joins moved eagerly upward against him, opening all the way to receive him, her lithe strength coming up to him and her hips beginning to grind around hungrily as she began fucking lewdly back at him in earnest.
    Kate's arms went up to wrap tightly around her neighboring foreman's neck, pulling him even closer to her as she felt his hands dig under her frantically pumping buttocks and cup her crotch up tighter to his testicles. His lean muscular body, even bigger than Cole's came down against her breasts, mashing their roundness between them. His chest roughly scraped her nipples, and she was struck by the contrast between its male hardness with her softly yielding femininity. All she could feel now was erotically sensitive flesh: his hard, rigidly demanding penis buried deep in her soft, warmly welcoming vagina.
    "Ohhhhhh ... Ohhhh God ... soo good ... Oh, darling ..." Sandy heard her chant huskily as he established a rhythm, fucking into her in deep powerful strokes, boring his hard, pulsating thickness into the softly quivering slot of Kate's now wide-open pussy. At each downstroke he felt her lift to him so that bone met bone and pubic hair met pubic hair in a union of violence that shook them both. Every cell of their high-pitched, sensually heated flesh keened with the pleasure of their coupling! Oh Goddamn! Mrs. Kate Sutherland wasn't so snooty now, by God! She was just another hot-blooded woman being fucked half to death. She wanted his hot throbbing cock in her so bad she was crooning and begging him on and squirming her tight little pussy up to him like he was an animal in heat.
    The ranch owner's wife was lost now in a morass of sexually lewd sensation that overrode her accusing brain and left her a wantonly willing vessel for Sandy's plundering cock. Her hands feverishly kneaded the foreman's buttocks, those steel hard chunks of lean male muscle, pulling him deeper and deeper into her as her talon-like nails frantically dug into his naked flesh, urging him on like the tips of a spur, a goad to incite even more vigor in the delectable fucking of her still heatedly unsatisfied cunt. There was nothing in the world, she thought, like the incredibly beautiful sensation of being fucked by a passion maddened man! It had been so long since she'd had any ... and Cole, just home, was doing it with another woman. But now, she didn't care. She had a man, a man with a huge, hard penis that sent wild waves of never-ending pleasure racing hotly through her flesh; the foreman's cock was a thick fleshy surgeon's needle stitching up her gaping wounds of loneliness and need.
    Sandy covered Cole's wife's lust-contorted face with feverish kisses as he mercilessly thrust into her gluttonously embracing pussy. This wasn't the faking and feigning of a cold-blooded whore, but the real and desperately urgent need of a hot-blooded woman in heat. Kate was moaning and writhing under him, her hips rotating now in tiny, ever tightening circles of entreaty that drove him wild with the ecstasy! Jesus Christ! There'd never been anything like this!
    He flicked his hips forward, flexing his ass at the same time and causing a reflexive jerk of his aching cock buried hotly inside her belly where there was no room for any movement; the confining flesh of her fevered womb gave before him, and an agonized cry of joy escaped her whimpering mouth. She was tuned and quivering, vibrating like a tuning fork with his every motion and echoing his rapture in wailing animal mewls of pleasure. Jesus! She seemed to be going out of her mind; she must be close to cumming. His balls were constricted and so tight with pressure they felt as if there was no safety valve and they were going to explode and split his scrotum wide open before he could empty them out in her hotly clenching little cunt!
    The foreman once again slid his hands under Kate's wildly pumping buttocks, feeling their pliant warm strength cupped in the palms of his hands as he raised them off the soaked towel to obtain even greater access to that raging fire deep within her fiercely undulating loins. Reaching under her, he felt the warm, viscous droplets of her vaginal secretions dribbling down the widespread cleft of her soft, hair-lined pussy.
    Christ! She was flooded with the stuff. It felt almost as if he had already shot his load into her. His finger slipped down the shadowy crevice until he felt the tiny puckered hole of her anal opening. It, too, was inundated by the lubricant. Without interrupting the established rhythm of his fucking, he moistened the tip of his finger in her warmly flowing vaginal juices and slowly began pressing inward. The tight elastic opening reluctantly began to give and suddenly the tip of his finger popped smoothly into the spongy softness and slid into the warm rubbery passage all the way up to the first knuckle. Kate's body, jerked forward beneath him and she gasped with the shock of pain. "Ahhhh ... AHHHHHH ... It hurttttssssss!"
    Kate felt him worm his finger deeper and silenced her protests as she realized that the pain in her backside, although excruciating, was somehow lewdly exciting. Her passionately trembling legs jerked wide apart to wave, frantically, in the air above them as she automatically squirmed her cringing buttocks back and away from that shuddering, searing pain in her anus. The foreman pressed in again and began worming the tormenting finger in even deeper.
    In spite of all her groaning, Sandy felt the ranch owner's young wife tentatively screw her buttocks down onto his probing finger and it slowly worked further and further, far up into her until it was sucked into her wildly flailing flesh all the way to the palm of his hand. He began to rotate the invading finger, moving it around and around in the warm buttery depths of her virginal rectum. He listened, pleased, as her groans gradually changed to whimpering moans of undisguised pleasure.
    "AAAAaaaaaggggg! OOOOHHHH! AAGGG!" Kate squealed as she wildly pumped her loins up against him. The pain was lessening and with it came an even higher level of lasciviously rising rapture in her straining body. Oh God! She was worse than Cole ... she was depraved and perverted to feel this good ... she was lost and wanton ... and she didn't care! She wanted it ... wanted whatever Sandy gave her, for she had to have that wonderfully life giving cock inside her forever!
    Grinding down into her with all the powerful strength of his hips, back and thighs, Sandy could feel the hotly pulsating lips of her feverishly working cunt clasping and unclasping like a feeding fish's mouth around his huge fleshy cock. He fucked into her with everything he had, straining to ram the last fraction of an inch of his plundering prick up into her widespread cleft. New wails of blissful pleasure gurgled from her as he maintained the same savage rhythm with the thick finger deeply sunk into her greedily sucking rectum.
    "That's it, baby," he groaned. "Fuck ... fuck it ... Oh God, fuck, fuck ... FUUUCCCCKKK! Christ! Fuckkkkkkk!" Jesus Christ, he'd never last at this rate.
    "OHHHH ... AAHHHAAGGG ...!" Kate grunted and screamed alternately as she felt him boring into her, fucking her in perfect cadence with cock and finger, feeling the bloated sensitive head of his penis slide past his blunted finger in her asshole, with only the thin wall of membrane separating them inside the fiery depths of her lust inflamed body.
    She was lost now in a morass of lewdly perverted, but beautiful, sexual sensations from the dual ravishment of her loins. A masochistic pleasure filled every part of her from her violently quivering vagina to the top of her wet brown hair. She could hear the sound of naked flesh smacking on naked flesh as their wetly sweating bodies worked rhythmically together, and heard a loud moist sluicing noise with each jackhammer stroke of his hugely swollen cock and driving finger as they slammed into her wildly wanton body with ever-increasing fury. Oh God! She was so close to cumming. She tried to inform the fiercely laboring foreman that she was close, but no intelligible words could break free of her desire-tightened throat. She did tell him in other ways though, by twisting and turning, every part of her naked loins beneath him expressing the obvious ecstasy she was experiencing as she jerked her widespread knees back up to her shoulders and opened to him her now completely exposed cunt to do with as he would.
    Sandy's long thickened prick expanded even more and he could feel the burning sensation deep up in his loins that told him release was not far away now. Wildly, he drove harder, plunging in ravaging thrusts deeper and harder into her hotly churning depths that were clasping and milking him frantically!
    "Sandyyyyyy ... Deeeeperrrrrr ... Yessssss Ohhh, fuck me ... HARDDDD ... OOHHHHHHH ... Godddddddd ... AAAAAGGGGGGHHH!" she screamed, feeling it finally happening to her. She was cumming! Oh God! She was cumming ... and it was soooooo wonderful!
    Sandy jerked his finger from her wildly clenching asshole and clutched her desperately to him, her flowing cunt taking all of his giant battering cock up into her as he plunged harder, deeper, faster!
    "NNNNNOOOOOWWWWWW ... AAAAGGGGHHH," she shrieked piercingly; the unbearable rapture of the truthful moment contorting her beautiful face and her nails unmercifully raking his back in deep furrows of bloody abandon.
    Sandy felt the convulsions of her furiously jerking body thrashing under him, and the realization that it was he who had brought on this powerfully exploding orgasm, that it was his, Sandy Gayman's, cock that had given Cole Sutherland's wife this fuck of her life. He fiercely gripped the smooth rounded cheeks of her ass with crushing strength, and with surging strokes he pistoned in and out of her, oblivious to everything but that demanding, desperate need in his sperm-bloated balls. Sweat pouring from his brow, teeth gritted, eyes closed, he cried out a toneless groan that he didn't recognize as his own voice, "I'm CUMMIINNGGGGG!" His violently exploding penis hosed boiling white sperm down the long hard length of his pulsating shaft and hotly spewed into her, splattering the scalding liquid deep up into the hotly convulsing depths of her womb! Jerking and pumping like a lassoed wild stallion, his crazily jerking cock continued to shoot out its cum, streaming and gushing and squirting on and on and on.
    Kate had felt his cumming deep up in her belly and it triggered her second orgasm. Her body convulsed and expanded, and her flesh seemed to melt into the grass as the stars blew themselves up in blinding flashes of light while the universe orbited with the speed and heat of a million comets colliding at once deep inside her cum flooded vagina. The kaleidoscope wheeled on and on, and the changing color and bits of time montaged to new patterns of crystal clear light. The world was good. Then, wearily, there was nothing ... the bliss and peace of nothingness!

    Chapter 4

    The windows were wide open and the curtains stirred feebly at the openings for the small breeze was fitful. The Grange Hall was like a furnace even though it was getting dark. Kate looked up at the gay streamers draped from the light fixtures to the walls. There were still the flags to put up but her back was aching. Pies still had to be baked at home too, and put in the freezer for the dance.
    "I think I'm going now. We'll just have to finish this later. I still have pies to do at home."
    Gwen brushed her hair back from her forehead and looked up at Kate. "There's still the flags. Why don't I finish up for you?"
    From on top of the ladder Angel heard. "Senora Kate ... I can stay and help to finish up."
    Eric looked up, amazed that Angel was actually offering to do anything. Then he got it. That stupid idiot thought he was going to get to be alone with Gwen Carter. Damn fool! Did he think a 23-year-old beautiful girl like that, an educated teacher, would look at a 17-year-old Mexican kid from the slums? Let him find out for himself. Besides Eric wanted to ride home with Kate anyway. He needed to study her. Someday he was going to have a wife exactly like her. If he worked hard, kept his nose clean, got a business for himself, then he'd go looking until he found one.
    From the top of the ladder Angel heard the station wagon drive away and the sound of it recede down the road. The big hall echoed with the slightest sound. He watched Gwen moving around below him. In spite of the fact that she wasn't five feet tall, she was built ... really built! Angel never had cared for tiny girls before, but she was so tasty that he just had to try it. Her blonde hair was caught in two parts and tied behind her ears. From this angle he could see the tops of her warmly swelling breasts, for she wore a white peasant blouse that bared her creamy shoulders and a short full-flowered skirt that revealed her legs from mid-thigh on down. Every time she bent over to pick up another flag he could see the fleshy twin mounds, and his palms itched as his groin tightened.
    "You through up there, Angel?" She peered up at him, her white throat lifting as her head bent back to look up at him. It was now or never, he thought. He was going to have that white meat and shove his lonely deprived cock into some real blonde cunt hairs. The only blondes he'd had in the past turned out to have black muffs. But this one!
    "Si ... I am finished."
    "Then come down and give me a hand with the flags, will you?"
    "For you ... si, I will come," he said, slowly climbing down the ladder, never taking his eyes from her face. He saw her expression change from cool politeness to one of puzzlement just before she looked away. There was a faint disdainful shrug to her white shoulders and he smiled darkly, secretively, as he gazed down at the top of her head and on into the flimsy blouse.
    Twenty minutes later, the last flag was hung. Gwen stayed standing up on the chair inspecting it critically, then heard Angel stirring restlessly below her. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't like the boy. He made her uncomfortable, those black eyes never leaving her. They enveloped her, closing her into a visual cocoon that she wanted only to break out of. And in addition, he disconcerted her by always impudently staring at her breasts and legs, just as he was doing now. With a sudden shock she realized he could see her panties up under her skirt. Quickly she started to get down and then felt her balance going. It was as though the chair had been deliberately rocked. "Oh," she gasped and began falling. Angel caught her, but the force sent them both to the floor in a wild tangle of arms and legs.
    "Oh dear ..."
    The wiry young Mexican felt the softness and warmth of her small, curvaceous body in his arms, and they tightened around her as he hit the floor with her on top of him. He looked up into that beautiful, earnest white face and then hungrily kissed the full red mouth as he fiercely pulled her down to him!
    Oh no! ... was the boy mad? Gwen felt the dark lips heatedly close on hers and the hard wiry arms holding her tightly imprisoned against his chest. In revulsion she twisted her head to get away, and felt his hand come up and yank her back. She struggled frantically as his hands bit into her flesh like steel claws, then finally getting a little leverage she rolled across the smooth wooden floor coming to a stop with the smirking Youth on top of her. He looked small but he was so strong, and she could feel the bunched muscles under her hands as she shoved and pushed as hard as she could.
    "Angel! Stop it ... stop it right now ... let me go," she gasped when finally she was able to' tear her mouth away for a moment. In reply, his hotly eager lips went down her throat and over her shoulder in swift burning kisses.
    "Stop?" he murmured. "How can I stop when you are so beautiful?"
    "You're insane ... let me go ... this instant."
    The wild black eyes slitted viciously and in answer he pulled the top of her peasant blouse down a bit and buried his face between her swelling breasts. Gwen gasped at the gall of the boy! The feel of his hard body was not that of a boy, though! She jerked and rolled once more and he rolled with her. Oh God! This was insane! It couldn't be happening. She had to get out of here! Oh why had she let Kate leave?
    "I'm going to fuck you, gringa ... fuck you ... you will like it ... I am good ... my cock it is full and hard for you ... feel." He grabbed her hand and held it on his long, rigid erection making a huge bulge in his pants.
    Gwen was shaking with the enormity and the surprise and the inability to understand these people. But this boy wasn't a ranch hand, He was from a city! The moment he put her hand on his obscenely distended penis, she cunningly resorted to subterfuge by clasping the lurid bulge and pretending to make an effort to get his pants open. Angel was so enchanted with this that he tried to help her with his other hand, and, abruptly, the tiny figure was up and out the door like a shot.
    Angel leaped up and ran, banging the door on its hinges behind him. Bueno! He was in time Gwen was frantically struggling to start the car. He jerked the passenger door open and jumped in beside her.
    "Get out of here," she screamed, her wide blue eyes staring with fear as her hands continued to fumble with the ignition. He reached for her and she jumped out the car door. Angel could hear her sobbing, her breath coming in little jerking sobs. It was good. He liked to completely subdue a woman. The white little cock-tease would see.
    Angel caught her, whirled her around, and slapped her across the mouth. Her hand came up to cover it and her eyes stared in terror.
    "What's the matter ... you too good for a Mex to fuck, you think?"
    Gwen's head shook and she pulled away sobbing. "Oh, please ... Angel, you don't even know me ... how could you want to ... Oh God, don't touch me!"
    The youth jerked her to him and spat the words into her horrified face that still smarted from the slap. "I will touch you ... I will touch you so you scream for more, you whore!"
    His expression was vicious and hard and alien. There was something in his eyes that terrified Gwen far beyond the possibility of rape. His eyes held a hatred she'd seen in rioters on television. The real world was what she'd wanted, Gwen thought wildly. Well, she had it now! The bitterness of the situation and the warnings of her father came back now to haunt her. Oh, why hadn't she listened to him! Why had she been so sure that she knew better than he. Why had she been so sure that poor uneducated people only needed love to make them happy and productive and well-fed? For the first time, she realized that her father and his world were real too. She was so grateful that they were. It was comforting now to realize this even in the extremity of knowing that if she protested too much Angel Orellio might kill her as casually as he would rob or extort. She prayed that she'd find the strength to do the right things and come out of this alive!
    Gwen swayed in his arms and his face came down. She felt his lips catch her mouth and the tongue push between her teeth in a deeply intimate kiss; his tongue was orally fucking her, and she was almost gagging as it hotly scoured her mouth.
    Survive, her brain screamed frantically survive!
    Suddenly, he let her go. "You gringos ... you think you know what we want ... you give with one hand and take with the other ... we want what you have ... we want women ... and cars ... and money ... and most of all we want to fuck ... fuck ... you, you white bitch!" he screamed, his face contorted in anger and resembling the ancient masks from Mexico that her father had in his gallery. The youth reached out then and jerked her blouse all the way down. The elastic in the top was stretched beyond its capacity and the cotton fell away, exposing a white strapless bra that held the rounded fullness of her breasts in thin flimsy nylon shells.
    The teacher's arms came up to cover her nakedness; Angel batted them away, and with strong brown hands savagely tugged at the two halves of her bra. Her firm young breasts popped free, all white and pink nippled in the dim light of the approaching darkness. Gwen turned; unable any longer to stand his boldly staring eyes that burned into her flesh. Not even her fiance, Peter, had seen her naked like this ... gentle Peter ... he seemed an eternity away. Frightened now, with hands shaking, she turned away and tried to pull the ripped white blouse up from the waistband of her little skirt.
    Angel saw her take a step with her back half to him. He closed in and his hands came around her slim whiteness from behind to crush the full white breasts cruelly. His aching prick was buried in the fullness of her skirt right against her quivering buttocks, and it beat there impatiently as his hotly working hands manipulated her warm, fleshy tits. "You be nice to me and I'll fuck you nice ... you act like a bitch ... and I promise you ... it won't be so nice."
    Refusing to answer, the frightened young teacher felt the hard brown hands tighten menacingly on her sensitive breasts and the huge bulging penis dig at her buttocks through her skirt. Her heart was almost beating right out of her chest. "How do you get out of this?" she asked herself. "How do you use love to handle a boy man who thinks rape is his right to get even with us? How ... how?"
    "All right," she whispered, "I'll be nice, lets go back to the car." Time, she thought desperately ... she had to gain time ... for it was almost dark. The chances of anyone going along this road now were pretty dim. If somehow she could get the car started she might have a chance, but it would have to be done quickly, locking the doors immediately, so he couldn't get inside. It was worth the chance.
    "Okay. Come on," Angel said, relaxing his grip on her tits. They had taken only two steps when she broke loose and ran to the car door. The Mexican youth was right behind her, and the moment the door slammed he wrenched it open again, with a new anger rising in him now like a blood red shower before his eyes.
    "Bitch! Tease! Whore!" he screamed, yanking the tiny teacher by the arm and flinging her down at his feet in the grass by the car. Her skirt flew over her back as she landed hard on hands and knees. Angel could see the gently curving white thighs gleaming in the prematurely rising moonlight and the flimsy white nylon panties covering her fully rounded young ass cheeks. Still screaming every filthy name he could think of, he ripped his belt open and flung his pants off, letting his raging cock spring out to a fearfully throbbing freedom. No more waiting! The sight of those large full moons of her tight young ass inflamed him, and the rage was in him like a fever, demanding that he debase, humiliate, and rape this prissy little white teacher who thought her cunt and asshole were too goddamned precious to receive the cock of a nobody from the slums.
    "Oh, please ... please ... Angel ... please let me go ... I won't tell ... just let me gooooo."
    Gwen sobbed as the pain in her chest and the terror at what he would do worked in her like a dull knife twisting deep in her intestines.
    Angel dropped to his knees and slowly rolled the soft white panties down over the curved roundness of her fearfully quivering hips, pulling them down off her feet. Breath was rasping heavily through the frightened young girl's flared nostrils, and racking sobs shook her whole body, still kneeling down on hands and knees as though in pain and agony.
    "Back your hot little ass up to me," Angel snarled. Gwen heard him dimly through the pain and wrenching sobs, but she didn't understand at first.
    "Back it up to me or I'll hit you, whore!" Gwen felt hard alien hands brutally digging into her hips and the soft grass by the side of the road touching coolly against her bare knees, as Angel began pressuring her backward toward him. Her nakedly quivering young buttocks were exposed completely now to his hungrily devouring eyes, for he'd pushed her skirt all the way up over her head. Oh God! There was no way out! She was going to be raped right here in the road, and there would be no one to help her, for the hushed stillness of the prairie night had closed in around her.
    Her gleaming young buttocks glowed from the light of the newly risen harvest moon as the triumphantly grinning boy hungrily guided them back toward his eagerly pulsating prick. His cock, swollen and bloated to immense length and thickness, jerked powerfully in anticipation. With no thought of mercy, he kneeled in closer behind her and with his own knees he roughly spread the knees of the terrified young woman and began fervently working his fingers up and down the shadowy, tightly clenched crevice between her buttocks. Soon, his finger found the tiny crinkled asshole and it was dry and spongy. So it was going to hurt the aristocratic little bitch ... so what! He grasped his heavy, thickly ridged penis and pressed its huge, impatiently throbbing head to the puckered little opening, and laughed as he heard her gasp.
    "Oh God! Noooo ... Angel ... ohhh nooo! Plu-ueeze!"
    The cowering young blonde school teacher helplessly on all fours before him couldn't believe what she was feeling as he prodded relentlessly at the small, defensively clenched mouth, trying to work into her there with his vengefully throbbing penis! Was this what they meant in the dirty jokes about dog fashion? Oh God, this couldn't be happening to her! He was straining and humping, trying to get that rigidly hardened penis into her tiny defenseless anal hole! Oh God! Rape would have been terrible, but to be raped there! It was unspeakably horrible, perverse beyond any imagination.
    Cursing, Angel strove mightily but couldn't get the blunted head of his cock into the frantically clenched little opening. In desperation the boy reached under Gwen with one hand and parting the soft blonde curls of her pubic hair, wormed his middle finger up into her startled and totally unprepared pussy. The school teacher arched her back and screamed at this intimate invasion but, paying no heed to her entreaties, the youth savagely rotated it around in her blonde-fringed cunt sliding his finger back and forth up and down the quivering sensitive opening. Within seconds, he could feel the juices forming in spite of her screaming and shaking. The tiny clitoris began to harden and, with a keen sexual prowess gained from the back alleys of the slums, he concentrated on the little magic button. She bucked under him as his finger moved over it, rubbing and circling and teasing. Soon her juices were flowing out from the depths of her automatically responding body, juices that felt warmly silken, copious and sticky. They formed for Angel just as they would for any man. Moments later his finger was squishing back and forth, rubbing and smoothing, stabbing and fucking hotly up inside. The whitely kneeling young body quivered confusedly and moaned pitifully.
    "Please ... please ... don't do this ... please," she sobbed helplessly. Gwen could feel her own impending arousal at this dark maniac's plunging, teasing finger ... responding even though she hated him, was terrified of him and loathed the very thought of his touching her! Still, though, her body reacted as if he were a lover she welcomed! Oh God!
    Angel wormed his fingers teasingly in and out of the now wetly accepting pussy and then pressed some of the hotly seeping juices upward from her vagina to moisten over the fleshily crimped little asshole. The feel of the tender readying flesh in his hands sent his cock jerking wildly! God damn little white bitch! His hand caught his impatiently throbbing prick jutting out from his loins like a machete, and pressed the slippery head against the frantically cringing rectal lips.
    "NOOOO ... OHHHH ... Pleeeeeease ..."
    Gwen screamed as she felt the prodding probe against the edges of her naked rectum. The pressure was unbearable as she felt the monstrously beating tip trying to invade her flesh. She'd die ... no one could stand or take the enormous prick that the young ghetto youth was attempting to ram into her anus in his anger! It was perverted, depraved ... a debauchery that only the insane could want! That was it! He must be unbalanced ... completely insane! Oh God! How ... who could deliver her from this hell?
    Angel drove harder, feeling the tight, defensively clenched little opening beginning to give before his massive cock as he pressed deeper and harder at the tightly resisting passage leading to the virginal depths of her rounded white ass. Then with a quick wet plopping noise audible even above Gwen's low, soulful groans, the plundering head popped hotly up inside. The anal ring muscles were so tight as they slipped warmly up over his cock tip that he gasped with pain, for they were as hard and rigid as steel! It was like being caught in a bear trap! His hands came around and grabbed the heaving white breasts to give him additional leverage for ramming his prick straight into the heated depths of the violently trembling young blonde's body. Jesu Christo! A white asshole was even tighter, he'd bet, than a white cunt. But then again, it was well known that some Anglo cunts were small and constricted. Sometimes they couldn't even have their babies normally ... had to have them cut out of their bellies.
    He stopped thinking and simply reacted as he felt the overpowering sensations being transmitted the entire long throbbing length of his penis. The wildly pulsating head was lodged just inside her tight little asshole and he could feel the heat and the convulsively squeezing muscles trying to expel him. He laughed harshly as he realized she was actually trying to shit him out. What the teacher obviously didn't know was that all she had done by her struggles was take the intolerable pressure off and expand the tiny cringing aperture to a greater width. With a loud grunt of victory, he lunged forward, driving his massively beating male cock far up into the hotly velvet depths of her rectum. Paying no heed to her shrieks of pain, he ground away inch by inch, until he was buried to the hilt and his heavy, sperm-filled testicles were slapping down against her helplessly flowered cunt below.
    "AAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHIIHHIIHH ... GGAAA ..." Gwen felt that her body must have been split open. The pain was searing her quaking flesh as the great ramming prick sliced her helplessly upturned buttocks in two! It simply couldn't be possible to survive such excruciating pain! The enormously hot stalk of flesh had stretched her tiny little anal hole so that every organ inside seemed to be mashed to ribbons! Oh God! She wondered if she was bleeding internally. What a terribly humiliating way to die .... debased and rectally raped out in the open road at night! She could only pray it would be quick ... there seemed no way to make it painless, for the agony was increasing moment by moment as he pounded into her like a maniac.
    "Si ... it is good, senorita," Angel grunted, feeling the tightly squeezing channel embracing the whole rigid length of his maleness from head to hilt. The muscles far up inside the little white teacher's asshole were frantically moving on and about his prick. Jesu Christo! It was better than he would have ever believed it could be. The churning in his painfully bloated balls increased as he pulled out a little to look down with satisfaction at his mammoth cock in the tiny virginal hole of the loudly squealing girl.
    "GOOOOOOOOODDDDD ... HHHHHH ... pleeeeeease ... you're killing me!" she sobbed. Gwen was almost unconscious with the sheer intensity of the pain that swept her now in brutal waves of agony! Her long blonde hair had become dampened from tears as she swung her head protestingly from side to side. Deep shuddering sobs racked her and behind her she could hear Angel grunting and groaning in lewd passion as he then began fucking relentlessly in and out of her anus. The horror of what she must look like hit Gwen then ... with that young boy's lust-hardened penis impaled deep between her violently resisting buttock cheeks, his huge dark rigidness stuck into her like a sword in a loaf of bread. Now his cock flexed heatedly far up inside her and she shrieked again, "Aiiieeee--you're killing me."
    Angel laughed harshly and in delight. "Do not be foolish, gringa. Have you never looked at your own shit. Your turds are bigger than this." He made his prick jump again, laughing at her pleadings and the obscene words he was subjecting her to. Then he looked down in fascination as he pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock inside the tightly puckering nether ring, watching the thinly stretched little ridges of velvety brown flesh pull out with him. Enough! He brutally lunged forward then back into the heated depths of the girl's writhing, clenching asshole. Man ... it was a good fuck! Worth waiting so long! The intense pressure was beautiful as he hammered it far up into her rectum again; her muscles were so tight that they deliciously skinned back the hard flesh of his prick, clutching around it like a warm, ever-tightening fist. She was screaming loud and long and that gave him pleasure too. It was good to give the anglo some pain.
    Gwen knew the inhuman wailings and ravings coming out her throat were the screams of a tortured maniac. She couldn't help it. They were completely unintelligible. Would she die a raving maniac? Death began to seem sweet and welcome for the pain had not lessened ... but went on in agonized extensions! She could feel the boy begin to fuck into her rectum in earnest now, obscenely thrusting his heavy prick in and out of her loudly protesting, pain-wracked body. It was no use to scream--no use at all! Completely subjugated now, tasting the humiliating dregs of her own degradation, Gwen's head came down and she attempted to hide her face.
    The tears were like acid pouring from her eyes, and the sobs were brutal explosions of pain in her chest, and they were expressions that could only begin to intimate the terrible havoc that was being perpetrated back there on her defenseless anus! She thought about who might find her mutilated body lying in the road ... but it did not matter ... for she, Gwen Carter, would no longer be there. There would only be the remains, the husk, the discarded shell of her former self.
    "AHHH ... Teacher baby ... Puta ... it is good ... a good fuck," Angel crooned as he felt the lasciviously spiraling sensations of her asshole sheathed muscular wall clenching his hungrily throbbing cock ever so tightly. He shoved in gleefully, watching the hotly pulsating little brown mouth devour his manhood so hungrily! After he was finished he would turn her over, make her suck it hard again, and then he would fuck her pussy until she screamed and fainted from joy. The tiny, aristocratic little bitch would not get away with just one fuck! No ... all night ... he felt like he could fuck the whole world ...
    Gwen waggled her bottom vainly as she felt the hands that had been manipulating her bruised breasts slide down her heaving belly and close over her softly curling vaginal hair. One lewd finger parted it and slipped easily inside the cringing folds of genital perfumed flesh and sought the hotly aching little vertical mouth there. Oh No! Not that again! She didn't want to respond!
    "NNOOOOOO ... Stopppppp ... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH," but it was no use. The finger imperiously slid into her vagina and wormed back and forth, up and down the hotly slickened slit until she felt her belly start to tingle and her traitorously responding vagina closing eagerly inward on the invader. The Mexican boy's hand moved up to her already fiercely erect clitoris and pressed it like a button; all the alarms in her head rang out shrilly, and she felt the buzzing reverberate through her ragged nerves and all her rapidly awakening flesh began to pulsate in a rising passion! No matter how hard she willed herself not to feel the delicious sensations that Angel's finger was eliciting from her vainly protesting torso, the obscene responsiveness went on and increased with every movement of her tortured young flesh. Oh God! She was as perverted as he if she could feel any passion whatsoever for this brute who used her so casually and viciously!
    "We going to fuck all night ... Baby ... fuck and fuck and fuck ... you and me ..." Angel worked two fingers up inside her heatedly flooding cunt and curled them inward in the viscous hollow between her wide-spread legs as he continued to murderously fuck far up into her now defenselessly stretched asshole from behind. He felt her attempt to back away from his fingerfucking hand which only impaled her further on his pillaging cock smoothly fucking and ramming her like a well oiled piston in the rectum.
    "OOOHHHHHH ... NNNNNOOOOOOOO ..." Gwen sobbed as slowly she felt a wonderfully warm lassitude creeping unwantedly through her from his experienced fingers fucking into her front just as voraciously as his hotly throbbing penis was fucking her from behind! Her sweltering loins were firing up under his skillful probing and her clitoris was quiveringly erect. She could feel the torrid pleasure signals flashing and radiating out from her wetly agitated vagina. It was too much ... each new humiliation ... but it was unthinkable that she could feel sexual excitement with this dark, lascivious boy.
    "That's the way, Puta ... back it up to me it is the best ..." Fingering her cunt harder now Angel could feel her suddenly hungrily clenching young pussy tighten around his hand as her helplessly writhing body began to slowly, involuntarily, respond to his finger fucking. Soon the little teacher would be screaming for another reason, he thought smugly ... screaming for more of Angel Orellio! And he would give it to her! Oh, how he' would give it to her! He would use her so she would never forget that Orellio was the best ... the dark ghetto youth whom she had disdained at first would be forever branded in her memory, and when she was getting older and her limp-peckered white husband could no longer satisfy her hunger, she would remember and masturbate herself in the bathroom while she imagined it was Angel Orellio!
    Gwen felt the pain lessening and could not believe it. Was she growing used to the terrible sodomizing? Was her flesh now so distended that it could never spring back to shape again ... forever be stretched by the mammoth male hardness that rammed into her behind so mercilessly? She felt the night air come up and cool her hot breasts dangling below her. She was naked except for the bunched skirt and blouse being held around her waist by Angel's one hand, while his other ravaged her pussy so passionately.
    Her full ripe breasts, heavy now with growing desire, tingled and her vagina was intolerably smoldering from his lecherous manipulations as she felt him maniacally finger fucking her shamelessly aroused cuntal flesh! The fucking in her backside was now beginning to bring her an undeniable masochistic pleasure intensified by the Mexican youth's salaciously cunning fingers! She could feel her breath coming raggedly now, but not from terror ... oh God ... she was lost and debauched beyond repair, and her mind must truly be gone to be enjoying this!
    No matter which way Gwen arched her body she felt the debased needles of fire stitching into her flesh and her nerves tingled and quivered! Oh, it felt so good, and abruptly she wanted it to go on! The hungry, now hotly pulsating hollow between her legs was greedily drawing inward on Angel's fingers delving into her depths so expertly. Both of her desperately quivering orifices were voraciously sucking in on the dually fucking instruments within them ... sucking in, in blissful and forever rapturous enchantment.
    "OOOOHHHHHHHH ... AAAAAHHHHH ... ANGEL ... AAN-GELL," she moaned beneath his hotly plundering young cock, and a suddenly grinning Angel rammed it to her harder than ever as the kneeling white teacher, her hair swirling blondely around her head began writhing and twisting in undisguised pleasure. So ... the puta liked it now ... She liked his fucking her twice at once, his filling her tight neglected little cunt and asshole. That's why she was so tight! She'd hardly been used at all! Now she would not be able to do without it ever again. The summer would not be so bad after all. She would come crawling back for more ... and he would supply her. He looked at her white body subserviently hunched down on all fours in the moonlight and it was good. The glistening full moons of her ass gleamed whitely at him as he pounded into them with long powerful strokes again and again, feeling his balls becoming heavier and heavier with the fiery semen his body manufactured inside his belly. He rammed harder just thinking about the huge volume of long stored cum he would shoot far up into the little white bitch's aristocratic bowels!
    "HAAAAAAHHHHH ... OOOOOOHHHHH ... AAAAA," Gwen threw her head back and wailed at the harvest moon like an animal.
    "Yessssss ... Cry out ... so I know ... it is good for you, Puta ... cry for me ... fuck it back to me ... that's it!"
    His depraved obscenities reached Gwen's ears but she gave no heed for her wildly laboring body was too busy as she arched to meet the barbarous fingers that were so passionately ravaging her flesh and then shoved back to warmly greet the huge, throbbing penis fucking into her stretched but blissfully filled asshole.
    Her mind had snapped. She knew it, for otherwise she could not feel this erotic, ecstatically rising bliss that emanated from the alien invasions of her body! She was reaching out of sight for some nirvana that would be peace and contentment and joy such as she had never known! This was real ... whatever else was false ... this was real! Was this what she had come all this way to find, this earthy, provocatively sensuous rapture that was sweeping over her so deliciously that she cared for nothing but its lewd continuance? Oh God ... she didn't care! She had to have it! It was a heaven she must never be with out again!
    Angel could feel his orgasm coming faintly ... like the long lonely wail of a freight train when it was very far away but with the sound growing stronger by the minute! He knew the time was here, but the machinery within his body had started so slowly and so unobtrusively that he was only now aware that within seconds he would gush like a geyser into the girl's now hotly milking asshole and empty out his balls in a thunderous eruption of teeming cum! His fingers dug harder and he heard her whimper beseechingly as she bucked and twisted shamelessly beneath him now. The puta would cum with him. It was obvious that her time was near also, and then he would kiss her because she wanted it ... because she would beg.
    The hotly layered flesh of her pussy was voraciously sucking on his fingers as though it had not been fed for so long that it couldn't get enough now that the moment of gluttony was here. The muscular walls of her desperately laboring ass channel were sucking inward too, warmly squeezing in around his pounding hardness as though never to let it go. He panted and pumped harder and harder.
    Suddenly he felt the kneeling young teacher arch and hump almost off the soft grass, rising on her arms as her head tossed from side to side. Her whole body shook convulsively and all her muscles and tendons stood out like strings of agony, as she raised her head and grunted out her orgasm, "AAGGHH ... I'M CUUUMMMIIIINNNNNNGGG ... OOHHGGG ... GAAAHHH ... AAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE ..."
    The straining body on all fours beneath him triggered that far off wail of the train, and he could feel the screaming roar hurtling through his body! Angel was going to smash against the wall of flesh that devoured him so, and he clenched the curves of her nakedly churning hips and braced himself with his toes as he fucked furiously into her now forever stretched rectum ... and he was flying and roaring, and the train was screaming down the track and there was no way to avert the inevitable!
    "FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK ... FUCK, PUTA ... FUCK ... AAAGGGHHHHHH ..." In one mighty scream it was upon him and the fast freight was hurtling from his balls and shooting the streams of steaming hot cum deep in the madly convulsing tunnel of her bowels in great pools of liquid lightning! Dios Mio! It was too good, and he whimpered and groaned as the spurting continued far up into the heated depths of the spasmodically jerking young blonde's rectum.
    Gwen heard his delighted mewlings through the waves of bliss softly washing over her, and became aware that her sated flesh was flowering into strange and beautiful shapes, and there was only the real! The real ... she had been right all along ... real people needed only love after all ...
    A few minutes later she was to discover just how much love some people needed, including herself, as she felt her naked young body turned limply over on its back and the smooth, muscular young buttocks of the boy straddling and pressing down into the fullness of her breasts. His half soft penis dangled loosely before her laxly held lips.
    "Now suck it good teacher," he grinned triumphantly down at her ... And ... there was no way in the world she could refuse anything he asked at this moment ...

    Chapter 5

    All through dinner Sandy watched Mela until he knew she was uncomfortable. The young blonde heiress moved restlessly, toying with her food. Her head kept coming up and turning toward the living room. Her mind was on many other things, Sandy knew. That bastard Cole for one, God damn him! The big sandy-haired foreman took his time, purposely not releasing her for an instant. He ate slowly, talked about the old man a lot, but his eyes deliberately talked another language. Right now she was too distracted to get his messages but she would, by God! It had taken a while with Kate this afternoon too ... but it had been worth it and at least he felt he'd paid Cole back in kind. But this was his own woman ... had been since she was sixteen and it was time she knew it. In a way it was probably his own fault that Cole had got to her. He should have spoken sooner. At twenty two a woman needed fucking hard and often.
    At last Mela could stand it no longer! All the talk about her father! Who cared? She'd hardly known him. For six years she'd only seen him a few times and those times as brief as she could make them. She didn't give a damn how devoted Sandy Gayman had been to him. She threw down her napkin.
    "I'm sorry, Sandy. I have a headache. If you'll excuse me ... I ... I think I'll go out on the porch a while."
    He watched her leave, the long flowing flowered pajamas fluttering around her thighs. The big screen door sprang shut behind her and Sandy began to gulp the rest of his dinner, finishing his steak in a few huge bites. He heard the creak of the porch swing.
    "Pretty evening," Sandy put his feet on the balustrade and leaned against the porch column.
    "Yes," Mela answered absently.
    "I like this time of evening best. You can kinda feel the whole world settling down and easing off."
    Out of the corner of his eye Sandy saw Mela stir restlessly in the swing again. "There's nothing to do in this place," she complained. "Have you got a cigarette?"
    Sandy lit one for her and handed it to her, taking the opportunity to move in beside her in the swing. "There's lots to do once you get used to the rhythm of living on a ranch. Tomorrow night there's a big dance at the Grange Hall. Everybody around will be there. Thought we'd go over and let you meet some people."
    Mela turned to look at him. Her eyes showed the first spark of interest. "Oh, that sounds all right. Thank you, Sandy. I'd like to go."
    "I was hoping you'd say that. When you've been home before I never had much chance to take you places around here. You was always gone so quick." He leaned back in the swing and sent them gliding back and forth.
    "I didn't know you wanted to take me places, Sandy," she laughed.
    "Well, you've growed up some," he countered, looking her over boldly. "Filled out a little."
    The young girl looked up sharply. For the first time she really looked at the big man beside her. Tall, broad-shouldered, lean-hipped, eyes crinkled at the corners from squinting in the sun. She wondered idly what he would look like in city clothes. He had the build for clothes. Maybe she'd been missing something.
    "Girls are supposed to fill out when they grow up."
    "Mm ... well, you sure did it just right, Mela. No doubt about that."
    The swing creaked as they glided, and the night air was almost gone. It was still and breathless. "What do you say I bring my portable radio out here on the porch and we practice up a little for the dance. I'm kinda rusty," Mela murmured, mentally laughing at what she had said. "Rusty" hell, she had danced every night for months, until her father's death two weeks ago.
    Moments later as a slow tune filled the porch, the foreman held out his arms and she came into them as though she'd been doing it for years.
    The big foreman pulled her close against him and started off slowly. Almost immediately Sandy felt his groin tighten and draw in. Jesus! She didn't have a stitch on underneath those flowered thin pajamas and top. He could feel the softly rounded breasts mashing into his chest and the tips of his fingers on the small of her back couldn't feel any panties at all. He pulled her even closer until she fitted every curve up to him, and his jaw was pressing against her temple. The smell of her perfume floated in his nostrils and somehow it was part of the slow music. Goddamn, this might be easier than he thought.
    They didn't speak, just swayed and glided slowly to the music. Sandy was caught up in the spell of the moment, and he let the music fill his body as he concentrated on the feel of the young girl in his arms. Yes sir, so far he'd handled it right. Now if he could just keep it up.
    "You're a good dancer, Sandy," she murmured.
    "Naw ... you follow so good you just make me look that way."
    He turned and dipped with her deliberately, pushing his thigh between her legs and feeling her bare cunt through the thin pajamas when they straightened up. "Yeah ... South Dakota is a pretty good place to be. No riots or crowding or shoving."
    "I'd go crazy here," Mela burst out.
    "You're not going crazy now," Sandy whispered against her cheek. "But you're driving me crazy. I've been crazy 'bout you, Mela, since you were a kid."
    "But that's silly, Sandy I don't think you ever paid any attention to me before."
    "Wrong. It was you didn't pay no attention to me. I watched every move you made since you were a kid."
    Mela was quiet in his arms as he whirled her around. It was true. He'd been a fixture at the ranch for years. She hadn't paid any attention to him ... but why should she ... he was only the foreman. Cole, though, was a rancher ... and she had plans. A restaurant they would build in Denver was only the beginning. She'd get Cole away from this God forsaken country! They'd travel! With the two ranches they could afford to. The restaurant would be a success, too. She knew it.
    Sandy's mouth slid down her face and he caught her mouth with his. She stiffened in his arms and tried to pull away but he held her closer and finished the kiss to his satisfaction before he let her go.
    "What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.
    "Kissing You. I've wanted to ever since you were sixteen. Took me a long time, but I made it."
    "Well, I think I've had enough dancing practice for one evening," she drawled sarcastically.
    "We've hardly started, woman," he said softly, pulling her back in his arms and whirling her around and around.
    "Let me go! What'll the help think anyway?"
    "I don't give a damn what they think," he growled. The outraged young heiress pushed against him with her fist but he caught the slender hand and kissed each of the fingers separately. He could feel her lusciously ripe breasts rising against him with every breath. "You may as well settle down, Mela. You were off gallivanting all day but tonight it's my turn."
    "What gives you the right to tell me what to do, Sandy Gayman?"
    "This." He pulled her against him hard, thrusting his voracious mouth on hers and catching her completely by surprise. His eagerly questing tongue probed the whole warm wet surface of her mouth inside; and he held her head easily in his big hand when she twisted and tried to pull away. His arms were like a vise and he held her slenderness, cupping one softly supple buttock so sensuously covered with thin silk. She mumbled and moaned unintelligibly under his hard mouth. By God, she was going to learn who ran this ranch and everything on it. It was going to be his and her with it!
    Gradually Sandy heard her protesting moans turn soft as he went on orally fucking into her softly pliant mouth. His rigidly erect cock was hard against her young quivering belly, and he could feel the breath catching in her throat as he ground his straining bulge against the thin lounging pajamas, searching the soft warm wonder of her trembling body. Finding her breast with one hand and cupping it close in his big palm, he could feel the hot hard nipple pop out like an automatic button.
    "You're just a little lonely running around the world ... when the world's right here waiting for you." he whispered.
    "OOhhh ... Sandy ... Please ..." she whispered back.
    "You don't need to be ... honey ... Why, I'd give you anything." His big hand slid inside the loose flowered top to hold her fully ripened breast, naked and hot; his thumb and forefinger rolled the hardened nipple gently and felt the budded end growing.
    Mela felt limp and excited ... limp from being so close to that hard masculine body that seemed to know all the ways to entice a woman, and excited because he was a new man ... one she'd never had before. She could feel his wildly throbbing penis pounding against her belly; it felt huge! She tried to imagine how large it would be if it were released. Cole Sutherland had been wonderfully big and she couldn't imagine any man being better, but Cole wasn't here. He was home with his wife!
    You never know ... you just never know, she thought in pleased surprise. It had never occurred to her that Sandy, her own ranch foreman ... but his cock did feel so deliriously good, and his hands did do all the right things. Her earlier bored restlessness was gone; she felt a sweet lazy fatigued feeling as her bones turned soft from Sandy's hot mouth wetly tonguing her ear, and his big hard hands deliciously kneading the cheeks of her ass, and his enormous erection grinding masterfully against her belly. The wild anticipation was rapidly building into a heated incandescence in her loins when the foreman stopped.
    "Come here, little girl," he muttered, effortlessly lifting her to his arms and carrying her over to the swing. He laid her out full-length on her back and stood for a long moment looking down at her. The flowered lounging pajama top was open revealing the white delectable succulency of a naked breast gleaming like warm ivory in the moonlight. He reached down, slipped the remaining buttons loose, and drew the top away so he could view the twin fleshy mountains whose peaks were capped with reddened erectile nipples. In all, he thought, right now her tits look like two big scoops of ice cream, each generous scoop topped with a cherry. She lay still, one leg propped up and the other scraping gently on the floor with the fluid motion of the swing.
    The air felt cool against her naked breasts as she looked up at the big foreman and saw his face was a mask of barely repressed lust, his eyes glittering and his mouth hard. "So you wanted to kiss me since I was sixteen?" she asked softly, her tone a flagrant challenge.
    "That isn't all I wanted to do." Sandy knelt between her trailing leg and the swing, burying his face in the warm white softness of her tit. Suddenly he was conscious of his rasping beard against the sensitive skin. No matter how often he shaved it, it seemed there was always a little left. "I didn't mean to scrape you."
    "A little whisker burn never hurt a girl," the young girl breathed, clutching his hard face to her again, her fingers twisting in his hair.
    Goddamn! Sandy moved his mouth across the nakedly hot breast and captured one rust-coloured nipple in his mouth and sucked it like a thick malt coming reluctantly through a soda straw. He heard her groan softly as her breast hardened more and strained up to his hungry mouth! She began shaking like a clothes line in a high wind!
    "Ohhhh ... Sandy ..."
    He sucked harder, swirling his tongue tantalizingly over the rigid nipple quivering so salaciously. The young girl arched her back and raised her chest, eagerly offering both trembling mounds of flesh to his hotly devouring mouth. To Sandy they were like warm divinity candy as they heaved under his hand and mouth. Sandy could feel his cock wildly beating in his jeans, throbbing with a fiercely possessive beat that threatened to obliterate his careful plans to seduce her slowly and well! His mouth moved over to the other neglected nipple and began a long, slow sucking of it too.
    Mela began to rationalize her position, her big foreman's mouth on her tits, the inevitable fucking she knew that was going to take place. After their wonderful day how could Cole Sutherland have gone off like that back to his wife? If he cared he wouldn't have left her. He'd have found a way. A long time ago Mela had vowed that no man would use her. She would use them ... like the female spider used the male. That way you couldn't get hurt. You always held the whip hand. Like now! Sandy would have to do anything she told him to do. She was the boss ... and right now the boss wanted to be fucked!
    "Go on, Sandy ... suck my tits ... suck them hard ... Yesss ... bite them ... it hurts so good! Bite them!" she commanded, feeling the heady exhilaration of knowing the power she held over this man.
    Again and again Sandy sank his teeth into the white softly pliant flesh. He nibbled the tender budded nipples and then laved them with his tongue, soothing and sucking until she was a writhing mass of impatiently whimpering lust! His hands found the drawstring which was all that held the silken pajama pants in place; he jerked it open all the way down to the crotch, exposing the softly curling hairs of the blonde pubic triangle between her thighs. He'd long ago decided in school when they read the story of Jason and the golden fleece that it wasn't a sheepskin Jason searched for ... but a golden muff of pussy hair. Just like this one!
    "Let's go inside ... someone may see us." Mela ordered, as she felt the cool night air on her naked belly, and then felt a momentary irritation because he ignored her command. The anger quickly faded, however, when Sandy's tongue wetly dug into the depression of her tiny navel. It was like a red hot needle shafting straight through her body and the rapturous blood poured through her loins like molten lava shooting from a deep inferno. This was the only time she'd ever been in South Dakota that she hadn't gone crazy in a few days because there were no men ... no fucking. But now ... oh God! There was going to be some real fucking. She shoved up against his head and said sharply, "Dammit, Sandy ... I said let's go inside before someone sees us."
    Sandy lifted his head and jerked her around in the swing; his eyes were hot coals searing her flesh, his hands like steel bands. "I don't give a damn who sees us ... you're my woman ... you been my woman for a long time now ... and tonight you're going to know it ... you can forget running off to the lawyers ... we're going to get married ... there ain't no cause to sell the ranch. I can run it like always ... you hear me?" Mela felt him shake her and she liked that, but his confident words and the domineering way he spoke angered her. Who in the world did he think he was? Another Cole Sutherland?
    "What ... what do you mean ... get married what gives you the right to talk to me that way?" she sputtered, trying to come back to reality when her body was still warmly encased in the web he'd spun with his hands and mouth and strong male body.
    "This ...!" His head dropped between her wide-spread thighs and his warmly quivering tongue shot out and with one wet, curl-parting lick cleaved her moistened vaginal slit from anus to clitoris, slicing the thin, hair fringed groove with the fire of his raging lust! That tongue was a white hot knife slicing her genital flesh in two! But, oh God! How she loved it!
    Sandy tasted her sweetly flowing cuntal juices on his tongue, her softly pulsating lips of pussy flesh aromatically hot and delectable. Christ! This was real eating pussy, even if Cole Sutherland had been fucking it! The golden fleece that hid the treasure! His mother's voice came to him out of his childhood. "Don't try to get above your station, Sandy ... you're gonna get hurt. You're always trying to get with the uppity folks. They's different. You'll see!" Hell, they weren't different! Pussy was pussy! The only different thing about this pussy was it was hot and ready and it was attached to the ranch that had become his life. He wanted it ... and by God he was going to have it!
    The eagerly writhing young blonde could smell the leather and tobacco aroma of the big man whose fervent tongue was buried hotly in her cunt, and the masculine scents only set her juices flowing freer! Oh God! He was eating her alive! She could feel his wickedly gluttonous tongue shoving deeper into her depths like a small stiff prick just as his hands came up to fondle her shaking breasts. She could hear the swing squeak softly with each downward bob of his head, his nose rubbing hotly against her clitoris as the long tongue stabbed deeper and deeper into her deliriously opened pussy.
    She gazed down at her naked loins, thrilled at the lewd sight of her glisteningly spread vaginal lips twitching on each side of Sandy's hungrily rooting nose and warmly digging tongue. Her pelvis lunged forward against the foraging face of her foreman, and her hands came down to press his lasciviously laboring tongue even deeper into the seething depths of her cock-hungry cunt.
    "Mm ... mmmmm ... mmmmm ... mmmmmmm!" Sandy sucked and licked feverishly, savoring the hot woman nectar, lapping it like syrup and relishing its heady aromatic flavor. He looked up to see Mela's head thrown back against the porch swing, her voluptuous breasts quivering, her smooth naked belly rippling, and her legs violently trembling like someone with palsy. The opened blouse and pants of flowered silk framed the beautiful satin flesh in crushed flowers. Her eyes were glazed with a film of sensual, carnal expectations, and he chuckled deep in his throat. God! She heated up hotter than a poker! He was going to eat her alive and then take her upstairs in that fancy, frilly bed of hers and fuck her senseless! By God ... when he got through with her she was going to think that bastard Cole Sutherland was not only impotent but had the pecker of a rabbit.
    Sandy lowered his face again but her quivering thighs had caused the offending cloth to slip up too far, partially covering her cuntal mound. He grabbed the fragile material and impatiently ripped it along the seam so that the whole of her moistly glistening genital cleft was now open to him. Two pieces of filmy silk dangled enticingly half-way down her wide-spread thighs. He grunted with satisfaction as he lowered his head, puckered his lips, and began sucking the hard little clitoris into his hotly watering mouth.
    "Oohhhh ... Ah God, Sandy ... Ohhhh ... that's it ... oh, Jesus God Almighty ... my pussy ... my pussy, my pussy ... I can't stand it!" Almost frantically, she raised her thighs and slid them over his shoulders, making a shamelessly lewd offering of everything she had up between her legs.
    Sandy's tongue shot out to swirl wildly around the smooth fleshy sides of her tightly clasping vaginal walls inside the hungrily milking cavern. The bands of muscle leaped to enclose his tongue, squeezing it and sucking it as though they were devouring it in their frantic effort to relieve their carnal misery! Her hips were wildly gyrating as they insanely ground the inflamed pussy hard up against his laboring face.
    Oh God, Mela thought. The more she was eaten, the more she wanted! It had been that way ever since she was sixteen and went to Switzerland. Eating pussy was the favorite pastime of the girls at the sedate school, and the heiress had acquired her taste then for oral gratification ... but she liked it even better from a man than from woman! It had been two years now since she had indulged in any lesbian fucking. Anything a woman could do to her, she found, a man could do better! And her foreman was doing it better than most males. God Sandy, with just a little coaching, you'd be the best of all, she thought with considerable amazement. She looked down at her fingers entwined in his thick sandy hair. He didn't seem to have felt her frantically twisting his hair, even she had not been aware of it. It was simply a reflex action of her tortured body crying out in any way it could for release. And the release was so close!
    The young girl continued to squirm and buck as his teeth gently took the erect and sensitive clitoris and bit it very softly while his mouth sucked it heatedly up so his tongue could moistly dance around it. She shivered and moaned as his curling tongue deliciously licked and then rammed impossibly deep into her fevered cunt, writhing lasciviously as Sandy orally fucked her so greedily. The excited secretions from deep within the secret recesses of her body trickled out in warmly debauched rivulets and creamed on his already glistening face!
    The big foreman lapped up the sultrily sweet sexual liquids where they mixed with his own saliva as he teasingly laved her cunt, and then his tongue moved on down to the tiny puckered ring of her anus, indrawn and defenseless. Once, twice, three, four times he slowly licked the tiny puckered little opening, deliberately tormenting her, and then shoved his stiffened tongue hard into the cringing passage.
    "AGHHHHHH ... OOOOOHHHHH ... OOOOOOOHHHHH ... GGAAHHHH ...!" His young blonde boss groaned out in rapture as he wormed his lubricious tongue deeper inside her violently quivering asshole. He continued to burrow further into the sweetly pungent fissure until Mela's breath caught and she arched her body up to him as though it were a tightly drawn bow with an unfired arrow. Quickly, then, because he knew she was close to orgasm, he turned his attention back to her cunt and began to mercilessly drive his stiffened tongue in and out of her wetly clasping pussy. The girl made little gurgling noises in her throat, seemingly gagging with her own saliva.
    Sandy's cock was going absolutely wild, beating and throbbing and his balls were on fire under the pressure until he thought they might burst of their own accord just from the sight and smell and taste and feel of Mela's beautifully flooding, sexually frenzied pussy! Then she was there! It was as though a gag had been ripped from her mouth and her joyous screaming filled the quiet prairie night.
    Her buttocks clenched and unclenched in his hands before her pelvis began wantonly gyrating and rotating in wild abandonment. She was going crazy!
    Sandy continued to lick and stab and pierce her wildly thrashing, convulsing cunt as her hands tried to pull his whole face and head inside the furiously sucking depths of her crazed vagina! Now it was as though she wanted to swallow him whole, suck all of him deep up inside her desperately quaking body.
    "Oohhh ... Goddd ... OOOOOHHHHHAAA ..." The piercing wails spilled from her lust-constricted throat and she couldn't stop! Such wild, unrestrained, ecstasy could not be contained within the narrow confines of her flesh but spilled out her mouth in agonized screams of bliss! She could feel the waves washing her higher and higher and higher until she thought she would burst apart with the exquisitely engulfing sensations! Oh God! Oh God! It never stopped ... just when she thought the incredible orgasm was subsiding ... another started up ... carrying her higher than the last until she was just a limp mass of exhausted flesh pitifully begging her triumphantly grinning foreman to stop.
    Goddamn, Sandy thought, she must have cum four times at least! His own unsatisfied lust had built to such a heated point that his cock was dribbling cum inside his shorts. Christ! If he didn't unload soon he was going to cream his shorts for sure! This morning he had seen Mela was a hot woman, but not anything like this! The blonde was as limp as a rag doll ... her sexually sated face a mirror of joyful ecstasy and relaxed, deep peace.
    Sandy stood, easing his cramped knees, then bent down and scooped her naked body up in his arms. As he walked across the porch, cradling her against his chest, she stirred and her eyes fluttered open. "You're something else, friend," she said languidly, then snuggled in closer to his massive chest.
    "We're just going upstairs to your bed, baby," he whispered against her hair. "But when I'm in it, it's my bed. Understand?"
    "Yes ... boss," she replied, then yawned like a kitten before the fire, and closed her eyes in silent, blissful expectation ...

    Chapter 6

    The moment Kate drove into the driveway after coming from the Grange Hall she saw that Cole's pick-up was gone. Gone again to that woman! Her nerves were already shot and she felt them tighten even more. After their neighboring ranch foreman, Sandy Gayman, had forced himself between her nakedly spread legs down by the pond and emptied his passion into her she had come wearily back to the house, showered, and slept for the rest of the afternoon. A sleep that was like the sleep of the dead. Then she'd rushed around making a huge dinner, baked the blackberry pies, and did the last minute things she did every day to feed a lot of mouths. She was feeling shaken but composed enough to be just coolly silent with Cole when he finally came in. Every time the guilt had begun gnawing at her vitals she'd looked at her husband and remembered what he had done with the Meacham girl, and what she herself had done with Sandy. Thank God there'd been the Grange Hall to decorate. This had been one evening she couldn't possibly have spent at home ... not after what had happened. All the way home from the Grange with Eric she'd wondered how she was going to face Cole. Now that he was gone she could be relieved and angry at the same time.
    Work, she told herself, as she marched into the kitchen. Get the pies done. You'll be so tired by then you can fall into bed and not think. She looked up at Eric lounging in the doorway as she got the flour and sugar and pie pans out of the cupboard. "Don't you want to watch television?" she asked.
    "Rather stay here with you, Mrs. Sutherland."
    "How about letter writing. Don't you have a girl back home?"
    "Never even had a date ... maybe if I could find one like you ..." He looked down at her shyly.
    She smiled. "Well, you look around a little and you'll soon find someone. Meanwhile, you can help me with the pies. How about peeling some apples?"
    The giant blonde youth seemed pathetically grateful to be allowed to help, and Kate's heart went out to him. He was so nice ... a nice clean-cut boy. Then she forgot all about him as she began reliving the scene in the blackberry thicket.
    "You worried about something?" Eric asked as he stood by the sink, washing the apples.
    Kate looked up startled, her hands covered with flour. The big breadboard was covered with pastry rings she was rolling out. "Why ... oh, I don't know, Eric. I guess we all have worries from time to time ..."
    "I think maybe our being here, I mean Angel and me ... may have caused you some trouble with Mr. Sutherland. He seemed like ... well, he keeps going off. I mean, it doesn't seem natural, seeing as how he's been gone so long. I wouldn't want to cause you any trouble. You've been so good to me. I'd like to live here ... just stay here forever."
    "That's sweet of you, Eric. I'm glad you like the ranch so much. As for Cole ... well, he's busy and he had a lot on his mind. That Limousin bull cost an awful lot of money and he's just worried, I'm sure." Why was she reassuring the boy, she wondered. He couldn't really care one way or the other. But she knew it was herself she was reassuring.
    Eric turned to her and looked straight into her eyes boldly. "It's not the ranch I like so much, Mrs. Sutherland." It's you. You are the most wonderful woman I've ever met," he ended softly.
    "Oh ... well ... you'll find a wonderful girl--someday, Eric ... After all, you just needed some mothering and ... that's the one thing I seem to be good at," she ended, her voice dying away in her own reverie, her brows knitting in confusion.
    "You're good at everything!" Eric protested fervently. "You're kind and good and ... I can't stand it when you're unhappy!"
    Kate looked at the blonde giant of a boy, touched that he saw such saintly qualities in her. It was more his age than anything else. At eighteen everything was either terribly good or terribly bad. All black and white. No compromises, no grey areas. Yet, she knew that life was mostly made up of the grey ... with very few really black or really white moments. She thought guiltily of this afternoon with Sandy ... so charcoal grey as to be black ... but so pale and beautiful as to be almost white. Oh God ... what a mess she'd made of things! Kind and good Eric said ... and he believed it, his eyes blazing loyally. She could never be good again. She was an adulteress! No matter how she tried to justify it ... that's precisely what she was!
    "You're good and wonderful," he repeated, persisting.
    "Don't say that!" she admonished sharply, rolling the dough energetically.
    "Say what? That you're good ... that you're unhappy ... that I ..."
    "Oh, stop it, Eric! I can't stand it. I'm not good! I'm anything but!"
    "You were crying this afternoon. I saw your eyes when I came in. Whoever it was made you cry ... I'd like to kill them!"
    "Please Eric!"
    "If you were my wife, I would!" he insisted stubbornly.
    Kate steadfastly refused to discuss it any more. When the pies were finally done, it was almost midnight. Cole hadn't called and she kept listening, but no sound of a car. Her nerves were pretty shot. Eric's talk about her goodness had unnerved her and brought back the afternoon's guilt ten fold.
    "It's terribly late. I think I'll turn in. You'd better get some sleep, Eric."
    "But the pies ... don't they have to cool and be put in the freezer?" he asked desperately, trying to think of some excuse to keep her with him a little while longer. It was the first time he'd had a chance to really be alone with her for more than a few minutes.
    "I can do that in the morning. Put out the lights except for the office light, will you?"
    "Mrs.--Mrs. Sutherland ...?" There was a plea in his voice that made Cole's wife turn at the foot of the stairs.
    "What is it, Eric?"
    "Would you come downstairs for a second there's something I want to show you.
    "Can't you show me tomorrow? I'm terribly tired."
    "It can't wait, Mrs. Sutherland." His handsome young face was agonizingly earnest and he seemed quite desperate ... as though he were hurting inside.
    In the bunk room downstairs, Kate turned to him wearily. "All right, Eric. What is it you want to show me?"
    His whole body was tensed to the breaking point. Somehow he had to do it. He had to find the courage. With no warning, he forced himself to reach out and grab her, crushing her beautiful body to him and finding her lips awkwardly. She smelled of apple pies and a delicate flowery perfume and her lips were soft and full under his. A surge of power went through him! He was kissing her! Jesus! He actually was kissing her!
    Kate gasped as she felt his arms go around her, pulling her against his hard young powerful body. His lips were soft and then desperately hard and passionate. Oh God! She should have guessed. He had a terrible case of puppy love! How stupid of her not to see it. She knew how damaging her laughter could be to him at such a vulnerable age. He was feeling everything so acutely. It hadn't been that long since she had been a teenager and she remembered vividly the agonies of adolescence.
    She pulled away gently. "Eric, no ... you'll find a girl your own age ..."
    "I don't want a girl my own age. I want you. Oh, Kate ...!" His brain felt as though it were going to explode! He'd kissed her and for a moment, just a moment, she'd kissed him back! Oh, Jesus, his whole groin was on fire! It had never been so bad! A strangled whimper tore out his chest and he pulled her to him roughly, pressing her whole delectable body into his, feeling the fleshy fullness of her soft breasts mash into his heaving chest. "Please, just let me kiss you again ... I've never kissed a girl before."
    Before Cole's wife could stop him, she was imprisoned in the young giant's powerfully muscled arms; his warmly eager mouth followed her twisting face till he caught her lips again. Moans were coming out his massive chest and in his eagerness he was almost whimpering in pain ... the exquisite pain of holding this older woman in a deeply intimate embrace.
    The first time, he had said. A surge of pity swept through Kate, remembering the agony and sweet need of being eighteen. And because of this, she responded unthinkingly, parting and softening her lips under his and wrapping her arms around the trembling young giant's slim-hipped waist. After all, it was only a kiss, and what harm can it do? She was totally unprepared for the boy's fervent reaction or for the strange thrill of forbidden excitement that abruptly shot through her gradually awakening body. I'd better stop him, she thought, then decided to give him just five more seconds. She started mentally counting the seconds, but only got to three before she stopped counting and tightened her arms around his waist.
    "Oh, Kate," the boy moaned, "let me be good to you ... let me love you. Mr. Sutherland doesn't care about you. He's awful to you and you re so wonderful. Let me be good to you ... oh God!"
    His hotly zealous young mouth was suddenly sliding down her throat, blazing a trail of sensation so wildly intense that Kate was stunned by its impact. Oh God! She knew she must stop him at once, but yet she felt an overpowering reluctance to break this ill-advised embrace. Kate could feel her nerves and skin deliciously tingling, and her suddenly hungry loins were beginning to ache. He was so hard and strong, and his young male body was setting her own wanton flesh alight! "Depraved slut," she mentally told herself. Letting a young boy like this kiss her ... leading him on ... being too nice to him ... using him as a decoy to get her way with Cole about adopting a child! She must be mad! Her head was whirling and her bones were turning to jelly as the young boy held her crushed against his huge maleness.
    "Stop ... no, Eric ... it's wrong. Oh God ... let me go ... we mustn't ... we can't!" she whispered, not moving her arms from around his waist.
    "I'm never going to let you go ... never ... Oh, Kate!" Eric felt her beautiful lips open wide under his mouth, and thrust his tongue into the warmly wet cavern where he tasted her moans and womanly sweetness. Abruptly, kissing was no longer enough. He had to hold her big, wonderfully soft tits that were mashed against him! His hand timidly pressed between their bodies and closed over the heavy roundness that was her woman's flesh! Oh Christ! It was so hot and firm and full; he squeezed it hard, wanting to crush its loveliness to his watering mouth! Even through the cotton shirt and bra he could feel her rounded globe quiver in his hand, and the nipple growing hard and erect.
    Kate moaned as she felt the boy's hand close over her breast in a rapturous clasp. His touch sent sensually thrilling licks of flame spiraling from her nipple outward, and the fire was setting her vagina ablaze as well! No! No! No! The word screamed inside her skull in an insistent shriek but her flesh was wantonly ignoring it, quaking and swaying under his clutching hands and tenderly fucking mouth! Oh God, she was a slut to let this teenage boy ... to lead him astray ... and yet ... it was so sad that his young masculine giant's body was so deprived ... that he'd never even kissed a girl before! There was a strange vanity in being the first ... in initiating such a strong virile young bull! Oh God! Stop it! Stop thinking about it!
    At last she tore her mouth away with a supreme effort. How could she even think such thoughts? Yet it had seemed so natural to kiss this handsome blonde giant who thought she was a saint! Saint? It was he who was the saint. Unsullied, virginal, clean ... and strong. She was a slut ... she knew that now ... an abandoned harlot!
    "Ohhh, Kate ... I've never felt anything so good in my whole life ... until now ... Ohhhh, God ... don't leave me ... let me love you ... I'll die if you don't ... Please ... ohhhh, please!"
    Kate shook her chestnut hair, the breath gasping out her flared nostrils. She pushed hard against his great muscular chest. She had to escape this boy who had aroused her so violently. But physically he wasn't a boy ... he was a man ... a hard masculine, huge man!
    "You're so sweet, so good ... please don't leave me now ... I can't stand it," he said, moaning into her hair.
    "No, don't say that ... I'm not good ... I'm horrible ... horrible to let a decent young boy like you kiss me and try to ... Oh, Eric." Suddenly the tears came pouring out her eyes and the pain in her breast was a knife. "Can't you see that I'm just a ... a rotten whore ... or worse ... Oh God ... let me go!" Her head came down in her hands, and all the anguish and frustration and hurt came pouring out in scalding tears on her tightly clenched fingers.
    Eric looked at her agony and made up his mind. It was as though something snapped into place inside him; he wouldn't ask her now. He would tell her! In one swift motion he bent and lifted her in his arms and turned toward his bunk. His cock was painfully beating, a huge enlarged second heart inside his tight Levi's, and every step was agony. He laid her gently on his bed. "Don't cry, Kate ... it's all right, darling ... shhh," he crooned to her softly, as he tore his clothes off and with shaking fingers swiftly unbuttoned her shirt. She lay sobbing as if her heart were splitting in two.
    The young boy sat naked on the bed, his massive prick upstanding like a stone phallus except that it quivered and beat and was impatiently seeping at the tip of its swollen head. He lifted his boss' limply sobbing wife by the shoulders and pulled her blouse gently from her shaking shoulders, unhooking her bra as he went, whispering and kissing her while he worked. As her suntanned breasts popped free, his breath wadded painfully in his chest! Jesus! It was okay to look at tits in a magazine, but pictures couldn't begin to capture the warmth and lusciousness of the real thing. In reverence, both his enormous hands came out to gently cup them, and the warmly silken weights were heavy and beautiful in his hands. "Ohhhhh, God, Kate," he breathed, and burrowed his face between the heatedly trembling mounds, using his hands to scrape them against each side of his face.
    Kate felt the sandpaper contact of Eric's beard stubble between her heaving breasts, and she moaned as wildly racing, jagged streaks of ecstasy began flashing across her quaking body! She felt as though her head was a mass of crossed signals and confused connections! The feel of the ardent young mouth between her breasts sent scintillating sensations raging through her, and strangely enough within the last three or four minutes, she no longer cared whether this was right or wrong.
    She was already an adulteress, had already hit the bottom layer of hell ... how much farther could she sink?
    Her arms went out of their own volition and held the young boy close against her shaking breasts, and she lay for long minutes running her hands down his heavy muscled, brute-strong young back. She listened to his anguished whimpering and felt his hot hungry breath burning against her naked flesh, and felt sorry for him because he had never even held a woman in his arms before. Well, then, let him see it all, let him ...
    Kate dug down and found her skirt zipper. Frantically she jerked the skirt down and kicked it off her feet; then she arched her back, lifting her hips, and peeled the soft flimsy whiteness of her panties down.
    Eric sat up, the breath coming out his mouth now in great gulps like a beached fish, staring at her as she suddenly lay nakedly in all her curvaceous splendor on the bed before him. His expression was as if all the treasures of the earth were spread out for his taking. "Ohhhh, Gooooddddd, Kate ... you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
    Slowly, as if in a trance; Kate held up her arms to the young boy, her eyes holding his locked. With a deep groan he fell across her, his yearning mouth wetly enclosed her breast, and she jerked and arched her chest up to it fiercely. Young, but oh so good ...
    "Yesss, Eric, darling ... Yesss," she hissed, feeling her full, firmly matured tits swelling even greater under his greedily devouring mouth. Ohhh God ... whore, slut, harlot, Jezebel! She called herself every dirty name she could remember, but they were only words and words no longer mattered with her flesh in such fiery rapture!
    The young boy sucked the warm silken nipple into his watering mouth, and he thought surely heaven was within his grasp! Kate! His woman ... his first ... he was going to have his first woman! He was going to be a man at last! No shit from anybody anymore ... He was going to be a man!
    He could feel her respond and arch against his exploring mouth as his hands slid down the satin sides to her gently quivering thighs. It was every schoolboy's dream ... all the wet dreams he had ever had rolled into one ... only it was real ... real and here and now! No boy anymore! A man!
    Sucking strongly on the throbbingly erect nipple standing at attention, Eric felt as though he were worshipping at the shrine ... it was a ritual ... gaining his manhood and it was an act of charity ... Kate was giving him the priceless gift! He didn't have to ask now! He would take ... take her passionately, gluttonously!
    Kate pulled the boy closer into the bed beside her, his mouth still heatedly attached to her heaving breast, his tongue pulling and sucking and slathering, drawing the very soul out through her abandoned flesh that rapturously writhed and vibrated to his every touch! The heat of his hot male body was burning through her whole side, and she could feel his massively pulsating instrument--that gigantic, rigid, velvet-skinned cock--pressed into her flesh like a fiery brand! It was burning straight through her body! She marveled at the instinct that led him to her flowing breast like a parched man to a hidden spring.
    "Ohhh, Kate ... Christ! ... You're the most beautiful ... OHHHHH ... Jesus," Eric moaned, as his eagerly seeking mouth moved over to the neglected breast and his big hands began kneading the glistening softness of the other tit. His wildly throbbing cock was jerking like a wild beast, blinded and starving and enraged, so blood-engorged that it had swelled to monstrous size as it pounded at the woman's satin-skinned hip. He wanted to devour Kate whole, eat her alive! His tongue shot out and began hotly licking her shivering nipple hard as a chipped diamond and glistening with his saliva, until it shone like a polished marble stone sculpture!
    Whimpering, Kate reached down and found the mammoth fleshy organ along her hip and enclosed it softly in her hand. It jerked and pulsed like a thing alive ... so huge and questing that she could hardly hold its immensity! Oh God! She squeezed. It was as hard and rigid as steel ... a steel rod that was going to ram her to heaven and back!
    The first contact between her wonderfully warm hand and fingers on his aching cock sent the young boy rising almost off the narrow bunk! "Goddd ... Oh, Goddddd!" Instinctively, he thrust forward in her hand, feeling the skin sliding deliciously back and forth under her tightly gripping fingers.
    "Eric, it's beautiful," she crooned, "a big beautiful hard cock."
    The lewd words spilled from her mouth before she could stop them. Oh God ... she was truly depraved, depraved and lost, and her wanton body was leading her into even more wicked actions It was as though once lost, she kept sinking into the depths of a lurid lust that controlled her, body and soul. Shivering streaks of hungry anticipation streamed through her heated flesh at the touch and feel of the young teenaged body lying beside her. Her pelvis had begun to frantically undulate, and her filled and straining breasts were on fire from his instinctively sucking mouth. Ooooooh God, she had to have it!
    "Oh, Kate. Can I ... Can I ... I ..." he whispered, afraid to voice his request, and in his youthful innocence unsure of what to do next with this experienced and beautiful woman.
    "Ooooooh, yesss, come here, Eric, my baby!" Kate purred as she took his trembling hand and placed it over the soft resilient curls of her warmly quivering vaginal mound. Automatically her hips began moving in impatient little circles. "Feel here ..." She guided his outstretched middle finger to her gently pulsating cuntal lips and let him feel the moistly heated love juice seeping from within her depths.
    "Oh Jesus! You're all wet there ... All slippery and hot and wet ... Ohhhh ... Kate!"
    His finger needed no more guidance but went exploring on its own, sliding the tip of his middle finger up and down the swollen thinly bearded slot of her lust-enflamed pussy. At his touch, more and more lubricant flowed out of her heated cunt until a small viscous stream was dribbling and oozing down over her smooth inner thighs.
    Suddenly Eric sat up and looked down over the voluptuously naked body of the older woman laid out for him in offering. He saw the full fleshy mountains of her wondrously quivering tits, the smooth taut plain of her rippling belly, the "V" shaped forest of her softly curling chestnut pussy hair, and the fertile "Y" of her eagerly trembling thighs. He watched his own hand exploring the warm cuntal cavern up between her firm legs; this was the promised land of his own manhood test ... a battle ground where both opponents would emerge victorious. A great surge of restless hunger shook him, and he groaned as he leaned down to kiss the moistly puckering pussy mouth.
    Kate felt the boy's hot mouth gently and tenderly kissing her heated vaginal lips. It was too unbelievably exquisite to be true. "Ohhhhhh, God," she moaned loudly, lifting her knees and wantonly spreading her thighs, "yessss that's it, Eric ... kiss me there ... suck it ... ohhhhh ... shove your tongue in there ... hurry Aaaagggghhh!"
    Eric heard her lewd mewlings and they freed him to do what he wanted to do. His eager tongue tasted the slippery syruped moisture of the heatedly quaking flesh between her legs and then curled and snaked into the perfumed depths of her pussy. "Mmmmmmm ... MMMMMMmmmmmmmm! Beeeeee-u-teefullllll!" It was an obscene shriek of forbidden rapture.
    Kate did not know what had prompted her to order the young boy to lick her pussy that way ... she only knew it had to be. Cole had begged her to let him for years, but somehow it had always seemed so animal, so beastly, so depraved ... and now she knew why he wanted to ... it was the most glorious feeling she could ever remember ... that hot stiffened young boy's tongue ramming into her seething vaginal depths in the ages old primeval oral fucking that even the ancients had extolled.
    Oh, what a fool she'd been ... what a stupid priggish fool! She was beginning to understand why her husband had gone to another woman. She must have seemed so puritanical and stiff and rigid to Cole who knew what delights were to be had this way. Her hips arched up closer to Eric's beautifully kissing, probing, sucking mouth. It was driving her crazy!
    "That's itttt ... suck it, Eric ... suck my cunt ... suckkkkkkkk itttt ... Loverrrrr ...!"
    The young boy lapped and drank from the warmly welling pussy spring like a dying man finding precious water in the desert! He wanted to bury his whole face in the heatedly clasping cunt and dive in after it! It never occurred to him that it might be a lurid and secret way to make love. If Kate wanted it ... it had to be good ... and it was good beyond his wildest dreams'. It was actually happening ... all of it was real, and he wouldn't wake shaking and unfulfilled as he did every night, the bedclothes sticky with the dreaming cum that shot out of his prick in his sleep.
    Through the seething maelstrom of her obscene lust, Kate felt her own mouth beginning to water as she thought of a way to repay the young boy.
    "Oh God, Eric, give me your cock ... turn around," she panted, the breath lurching through her tortured lungs in great gasps. "Up there, where I can suck it for you ... oh, give it to me, lover ... put your great big beautiful cock in my mouth ... I want to suck it!" The crazed words, lusting and lewd, came out her mouth with an advance warning in her head ... but once said, she was glad and knew she wanted it ... she wanted that virile young cock flesh pulsating deep in her throat ... while his mouth sucked her pussy alive and screaming!
    Reaching up, Kate impatiently pulled the strong hairy thighs over her head and saw the jutting immensity of his fantastically hard shaft throbbing like a stallion's only inches from her face.
    Oh God! She wanted it, wanted to lick his masculine young pre-cum from the tiny hole at the tip of the velvet-textured head, wanted to taste the boy's liquid love seeping out for her. Lifting her face up to it, she fervently kissed the jerking head right on the end and then ovaled her hotly glistening lips wide to slip them up and enclose it warmly and wetly in her already hungrily sucking mouth.
    "AAAAAAHHHHHH ... OH, KATTTTTEEEEE," Eric screamed into her wide-open pussy, his mouth blowing his words into her open cunt in hot, incredibly sensual, blasts. The feel of her warm, saliva filled mouth around the head of his almost bursting cock, sent the boy crazy with lust. The fire of need was in him and spreading so fast he was going to cum before he could ever get to fuck her at all!
    Kate's mouth was stretched wide to accommodate the fantastic thickness and length of the rigidly throbbing hardness as she frantically began using her tongue around the hotly swollen tip and sensitive underside. Her cheeks hollowed and she began a fierce sucking, alternating the sucking with gentle nibbles and swipes of her tongue. She felt his fevered return to her vagina and his vigorously worming tongue driving in so deeply. Her hands reached up and found his buttocks, hard and muscle-fretted to iron slabs of strength and, pulling urgently, she forced the boy's powerfully pulsating staff deeper into her willing throat. She could feel the soft curling blonde pubic hair tickling against her nose as she struggled to get the whole of his warmly throbbing cock into her cum-hungering throat! She wanted ... she wanted to taste all of him, and love him, and give him his first beautiful experience. She wanted to burn herself into his memory so that all consequent experiences with women would be tinged with her presence! He would always remember her. She was giving him a fiery birth--a new life--his first.
    Eric soon realized that a rhythm had developed, his tongue shooting into the sweetly heated depths of his boss's wife's hotly quivering pussy, while her wet worshipful mouth sucked and tried to swallow his painfully beating prick! Christ! If this kept up he was going to shoot off before they really got started! He could feel the drawing in of his balls, the swollen pressure almost bursting them already! How could he possibly hold back? ... how, when her soft lips and warm, wet mouth were sucking and loving him beyond his wildest dreams.
    Scouring the whole of her cunt like a gluttonous bee searching for honey, the boy could feel her jerk and moan around his stiff prick; so stuffed into her mouth that even her moans were muffled to oblivion! Her beautiful soft throat was stabbed with his pulsating fullness and it was going to drain him! Oh God! Was he supposed to let go right in her mouth? He didn't know. She'd drown if he did! But the thought of shooting his steaming load of pent-up cum into the back of her throat and down into her beautifully smooth belly was driving him insane. Oh God, he wanted to ... He had to ...
    Kate's hotly watering mouth began working even more vigorously on the young boy's cock as she sensed he was close to orgasm. She tightened her lips around it and then began bobbing her head, stretching her mouth up and down its long pulsating length; her tongue flicked provocatively along the corded ridge on the underside and then swirled experimentally around the huge seeping head.
    " ... Godddddd ... Honeeyyyyyyy!" Eric groaned, his head coming up for a moment from the violently quivering depths of her succulent tasting pussy. The exquisite feel of Kate's tongue on his rampaging cock drove him right up the wall! He had to let her know; he couldn't cum in her mouth! The boy arched his back and attempted to pull his prick from her wetly laboring mouth. "I'm close to cumming," he said.
    There was no answer from Kate; she loved the feel and the taste of young Eric's warm fleshy rod in her throat. She simply reached up and using the softness of his sperm-loaded testicles as a handle, pulled the prick even deeper into her mouth. Her saliva flowed freely, mixing with his pre-cum seminal secretions, and she lapped hotly, voraciously at the male pungency as she made a strong, rounded vacuum with her lips. She sucked harder than before, and almost at once she felt Eric arch and cry out in wonder.
    Eric felt the dam give and the whole pressurized boiling cauldron of his balls began shooting down the wildly throbbing length of his penis sunk so deeply in Mistress of the house's desperately sucking mouth. The heavy, animal-like sounds coming out his throat were an unintelligible tribute to his first orgasm and this woman's soft, beautiful mouth! It was his first shared orgasm of any kind! ... and the singular jacking off seemed a pale substitute for the real thing! The great nozzle of his spewing cock went on and on and the rapturous ecstasy spurted hotly ... Deeply ... into the ovally rounded circle of her tightly locked lips.
    Kate wasn't ready for his tremendous pulsating eruption that flowed heatedly deep into her desperately working throat, and she choked and sputtered and gagged at first. Her mouth filled and overflowed with the teenage boy's creamy white cum and in desperation she swallowed to keep from drowning! On and on the spewing bursts came in thick streams which she voraciously gulped. Oh God! Her Adam's apple bobbed lewdly as she tried to swallow it all, for there was a great sense of pride and accomplishment at taking it all. She wanted his fresh, virile young semen in her body! She wanted it all ... deep inside her belly!
    Then it was over and the heavily breathing boy collapsed beside her, his eyes closed, his head pillowed on her breast, one thigh flung across her slender tanned legs. Gradually, he eased back to earth on a cloud that hit with a great thud, and he must have dozed off momentarily for he couldn't recall how he came to be beside Mr. Sutherland's wife and holding her so close and half under him. Then he remembered. He was a man ... by God! His body felt lethargically alive and alert and the fabulous warmth of a good woman lying in his arms seeped into his very bones!
    Kate's hand stole out to touch the young man's cock lying over her thigh, and she picked it up and held it like a wounded bird, cupping it gently and squeezing it very softly. Immediately it responded and came alive. My God! It started to get hard again! Ah, youth ... youth ... he was a beautiful youth, too. His hugeness contrasted with her fragilely rounded curves, and, as she looked down at his hard young body, she felt her unsatisfied vagina restlessly twitching in hunger. Her hand began moving the still wet foreskin back and forth, and felt powerful new life surge into the rapidly growing flesh. She whispered, "It's getting hard again, Eric!"
    The young man, and he was a man now, masterfully turned her face to him and fiercely kissed her, pressing her naked beauty into his as though he would never get enough of her lush ripeness. His tongue, with only a little practice now, thrust aggressively into Kate's waiting mouth and she accepted it gratefully.
    Eric moaned deep in his throat at the taste of his own orgasm there still lingering in Kate's mouth! The thought drove him wild! Oh, God, he couldn't let her go ... never ... He had to have this woman ... nothing and no one else would do! His penis was growing huge again and throbbing already just from holding her voluptuous nakedness against his own hard nudity. He had to have her again ... and this time he wanted to shove the length of his rigid prick straight into that pulsing little pussy.
    "Ohhhhh, Eric ..." Kate breathed. "Ohhhh, please. It's hard enough." She pulled him over her and spread her trembling legs out wide to cradle his immense, hard young body. "Put your cock in me, Eric darling, put your huge beautiful prick straight into my vagina ... I'm dying."
    "God, yes ... Oh, Kate, darling ... You're so sweet ... so good ... so good for me ... my sweet good Kate!"
    Dimly Kate thought there were different kinds of good as she felt the massive log of Eric's excitedly jerking young cock slide into her wildly thrilled cunt, filling her lonely belly so completely ... and so well ... Different kinds of good ... Gooood ... Goooood ... Goooooood ...!"

    Chapter 7

    It was well past two in the morning, and the moon was high and yellow in the breathless prairie night as the last of the crowd began drifting out the big Grange Hall by twos, their arms around each others' waists. Music still floated out through the open windows, occasionally muted by the sound of a pickup truck or car coughing to life and gunning down the dirt road.
    Angel flicked his cigarette over the railing and watched reflectively as the butt made a long glowing arc in the darkness. It hadn't been a bad dance at all; not like the ones back in the city, of course, where there was lots of pot and ass for the taking ... but not bad. He'd come against his better judgment, come only because the dance was the only entertainment within fifty or sixty miles, and had fully expected to have a lousy time and hate everyone. Instead, most of the people seemed to be sincerely friendly with him, and practically all the ranchers--even including his boss Cole Sutherland--had included him when they passed the whiskey bottles around. It took a little time for it to sink in, even longer for him to evaluate the implications, but finally he had put it into words, "These people let Angel Orellio drink out of the same bottle as they do. They do not mind that I am Mexican, and they freely offer the bottle ..."
    Another zephyr of thought rippled on the surface of his consciousness. The little white school teacher, Gwen! She bad really surprised him the night before when he had taken her at first by force. He'd told her she would beg him and cry out for his cock before the night was over; he had said it, not truly believing she would. But she had, and it had been very good indeed. Before that long, unbelievable night was over, she had surprised him once again when she dropped him off at the Sutherland ranch by taking his face in her soft hands and speaking to him in his own native tongue--Spanish.
    She confused him thoroughly. In his cold jungle of brutally hard sharply jagged edges she was a softly rounded alien object, both emotionally and intellectually. Today, as the hours dragged on his disbelief had grown until he was positive that it had all been an act. Tonight, though, she seemed to prefer him over the dozen or so single ranch owners who tried to make out with her. Oh, she danced with them, but watching her from a distance, he thought it seemed as if not all of the school teacher was there ... all of her was there only when she danced with him.
    Angel turned as Eric came out onto the darkened porch and said, "Oh ... there you are. Gwen was asking if I had seen you."
    The Mexican boy shrugged, "So? Fuck her. She's not my boss. The little bitch know where to find me." At once he regretted saying it. He didn't think of the girl that way at all, hut here he was once again trying to show his friend how tough and untouchable he was. It was this exact thing that had gotten him into trouble five different times with the cop--had made him steal cars, pull knives and shoplift. Still, though with other guys you just didn't dare to let your guard down for a minute or someone would have a shiv firmly planted six inches in your back.
    Eric stretched and looked back over his shoulder. "Boy, are they ever getting smashed in there. Mr. Sutherland's been dancing almost all night with Miss Meacham, and her foreman, Sandy Gayman, is about to slug him."
    "So? Let them kill each other."
    Eric snorted at the remark. It was so typical of the Mexican kid. All day long he had sensed there was something suddenly different about Angel, and it had occurred to him that maybe the dark youth really had made out with the aloof young school teacher. Each time he had laughingly dismissed it from hi mind as being a complete and utter impossibility, but then he remembered Kate Sutherland's hotly ovaled mouth around his own cock and how impossible that also seemed until the magic moment she had actually sucked him off!
    It was really funny, he thought. All day long he had thought he was in love with her and maybe he still was. Yet, dancing with the other girls and women tonight, each time one of their bodies would press itself invitingly into him he would feel the wild surges of sexual thrill shooting through him in tiny waves of sexual desire. The other women had felt just as good in his arms as Kate had, and it didn't take long before he started thinking that maybe it wasn't just her ... that any hot bodied female could turn him on ... and from the way they looked at him while dancing, he thought he knew which ones wouldn't. That knowledge had come full-blown and clear after the one night with his bosses' wife, instinctive and clear.
    Eric heard the door open behind him, and as the light spilled out he saw Gwen blinking in the dimness. "Oh, there you are," she said brightly to Angel.
    The big blonde youth moved over slightly so the petite schoolteacher could stand between them. It was obvious that all of her attention was focused on the Mexican boy, however. She said something softy to him in Spanish, and his fluid voice came back. Eric didn't understand a damned word they were saying, but he did manage to pick up Gwen's pleading "mi casa," to Eric--from the way she said the words--it sounded as if she wanted Angel to take her home.
    Eric saw the Mexican boy's face when he answered and even if he didn't understand the words, he was quick to catch the meaning for Gwen immediately turned toward him, her face falling from embarrassment. She barked something in Spanish and Angel threw back his head and laughed.
    "Do not worry," Angel said in English. "Eric does not understand Spanish. Do you, my friend?"
    Eric shook his head negatively.
    Angel turned back to the lovely young blonde girl and raised his eyebrows as he shrugged and said again in English, "You see, se-orita, he did not hear you begging me to take you home where we could make love, and he did not hear me say that I would rather take you into the back seat of senora Kate's station wagon and fuck you again as I did last night, and perhaps if you are good, I will let my friend fuck you too."
    "Oh," Gwen gasped in flustered dismay and anger, "You're horrible! How could I have ever thought that you had any sense of decency or ..." Her words were choked off as, without warning, the Mexican boy reached out and pressed her softly yielding body toward him. His hot mouth closed wetly over hers, and her muffled words finally sputtered off into silence, as after a slight hesitation she wrapped her arms subserviently around his waist.
    Eric watched with a rapidly growing cock as he saw Angel's left hand snake down to the hem of the young blonde teacher's mini-skirt and pull it up barely an inch, revealing the full rounded tops of her tapered white thighs. The dress came up again another inch or two until the thinly divided crotchband of her flimsy nylon panties were uncovered. Then, the dark-skinned hand dropped to lewdly cup the softly quivering mound of her pussy, his middle finger worming itself teasingly under the thin white legband to insinuate itself arrogantly in the blondely curling fleece of her sparse young pubic hair.
    With the heated touch of his hand against her naked flesh, Gwen rapidly came back to her senses and began struggling against his wiry hold. Oh God, she thought, her mind practically useless from the violent turbulence of her own rising sexual need and the shattered remnants of her former chaste modesty. What am I doing? What has happened to me? Two days ago, it would have been laughingly unthinkable that she would be on a darkened porch with a Mexican boy fondling her shamelessly aroused vagina while his friend stood by watching. Or that the Mexican youth would be six years younger than she ... and had already done all sorts of perverted sexual things with her less than twenty-four hours earlier! It was all too unthinkable ... all to horribly real!
    Then, suddenly, last night's emotions came rushing back to her and she remembered how glorious his virily throbbing young penis had felt deep up inside her. Oh God! She was again so close to permitting him to do what he wanted. She really didn't want to fight him. Anyway, she probably would never see these boys again and no one else would ever know. She rationalized that her cravingly aroused body needed this wiry young boy ... needed him as much as oxygen and water, for she was experiencing a new growth ... the process had germinated in the moist heat of her hungry vagina last night, and now ... now the hunger demanded to be fed.
    Eric saw the young teacher's deeply ingrained moral resistance crumble as she wrapped her arms once again around the boy's waist and stood there trembling submissively as he slowly used both dark hands to reach up to the tight elastic waist band and peel the little bikini panties down over the gently flaring white flesh of her quivering buttocks; reaching mid-thigh, the panties slipped of their own accord on down to the floor. The blond boy's breath caught in his throat as he saw the creamy warm lushness of her naked ass gleaming in the dim light ... and the inviting shadowy cleft between the two cur mg mounds. The heat ignited with an incandescent brightness in his loins as he saw Angel's extended middle finger worming its way into darkly inviting vaginal slit from behind, and the girl's sudden movement outward with her buttocks as she lowered them slightly and assumed an eagerly cooperating half-crouch.
    Gwen moaned deep in her throat as she felt Angel's hotly searching finger sliding into her already feverishly moistened slit from behind. With the first contact between his finger and her erectly quivering clitoris, she wanted to scream; it was so beautifully rapturous, so thrillingly right. Her morals, upbringing, and inhibitions were all promptly shattered by a far more powerful new set of ruling values; need, desire, and sensation. So heated was her need, she made only a token protest when she felt the other boy's big hands behind her begin stroking--timidly at first and then with rapidly growing confidence her helplessly trembling thighs. Angel, her beloved Angel, was digging his wetly quivering tongue deep into her welcoming mouth, and she felt thrill after thrill shoot through her as she was reminded of his cock heatedly plunging in and out of her tightly ovaled lips last night. Feeling the coolness of the night air hitting her naked back, she only then became aware that the huge young boy in back of her had unbuttoned her dress and was now attempting to pull it over her shoulders. She did not resist, even when his hands stole familiarly over her naked buttocks.
     Angel knew his mind had split into two completely different parts. One section retained his old hatreds and old beliefs that the world was against him. The other, new, section wondered in awe at the fact that the preciously stuck-up, white school teacher seemingly thought of him as a man, her man!--and his swarthy complexion made no difference to her ... indeed she seemed to think it added to his handsomeness. Last night, speaking Spanish, she had said he was a "beautiful" man who could easily be a "movie star". That had been a thought--an alien thought which rapidly blossomed. In a way, he supposed he liked her very much--far more than any other woman he'd had in the past but still he had sense enough to know that it could only be a summer thing with him--if it lasted even that long! With her feeling this way, though, other women would be bound to feel the same way ... rich women in a soft world who would give him what he wanted so he wouldn't have to steal or fight for it. In that world, he would be as tough as a tiger--as untouchable as an eagle soaring on an updraft--for it was a known fact that these soft women surrounded themselves by flabby, easily frightened husbands. He dreamed of the immense possibilities as he continued with his tongue to wetly probe the heated insides of the young blonde teacher's willing mouth, while his finger wormed its way along her hotly seeping pussy lips. His drifting mind rapidly came back to reality with a lurch as he realized Eric had almost stripped the girl naked while he was daydreaming.
    For a minute anger flared in his brain, had the other boy forgotten this was his woman? Was he trying to take over Angel's territory? Then abruptly he was laughing out loud. Hell, she would always be there when he wanted her. This wasn't the only woman in the world.
    Gwen had been lost in a delirious maelstrom of ever growing sensual sensation as she felt Angel's tongue warmly fucking in and out of her mouth and his hotly worming finger caressing her love starved vagina, at the same time the young boy in back of her was stripping her of all clothing. Oh God, it was so salaciously and wickedly beautiful. The thought of what they must look like sent wanton shivers of forbidden excitement cascading through her already intolerably overheated loins. It was then she groaned in disappointment as she felt Angel's moistly heated mouth leave her lips. The Mexican boy had pulled back from her and was laughing. She realized she was trembling like a frightened, hoarsely breathing wild animal as Eric stripped off her bra and carefully hung it over the porch railing. She was completely naked now--more naked than she had ever been before in her life because there were two of them seeing her.
    Her small perfectly formed breasts rose and fell with each shuddering breath she took as Angel critically inspected her body. Without removing his eyes from her, he said, "Take off your clothes, Eric."
    "Oh, no. You can't," she whimpered, knowing what was coming. "Please, Angel."
    "Shut up, teacher," he snarled, his hot hard eyes burning like laser beams into hers. "You shall do as I say."
    "Please Angel ... please. I want only you."
    He laughed again, cruelly and unmercifully. "You will have me when I'm ready for you. But first, my friend will fuck you. After all, he has paid me two dollars if I will let him soak his prick in your pussy." It was a lie, but a successful one for the cowering girl recoiled as if she had been struck in the face by a whip, causing a new peel of sardonic laughter to bubble from the boy's cruel lips.
    Gwen could not believe what she was hearing. Oh, God! How dare he sell her to his friends? How disgustingly contemptible he was! How could she ever have thought she loved him! Anger and desire jostled in her mind for supremacy and the anger won out. She straightened, her eyes blazing. "I won't do it!" she said through tightly gritted teeth. "What do you think I am?"
    "I already know what you are," he grinned with ominous softness. "You are the woman who sucked my cock last night, who came like a whore when I fucked her asshole, and who came and came and came when I finally permitted my prick to enter your pussy."
    "Oh, Jesus," Eric moaned lowly, becoming more wildly excited from the lewdly worded obscenities as he frantically kicked off his undershorts and stood nakedly beside the pitifully trembling figure of the petite schoolteacher. It was true, all true, he could tell that by the way she acted. She had sucked cock, and fucked ... just like his boss wife, Kate, did!
    Angel had fixed the girl with his cruel stare. His tongue came out and slowly wet his lower lip; that gesture was more threatening than if he had balled up his fist or flicked out a knife blade. "You do not want to fuck for two dollars?"
    Suddenly tears of fright and humiliation were streaming down the stricken girl's face. "Please, Angel. Do I mean nothing more than ... than that to you?"
    The Mexican youth paused, then nodded. "Yes ... I guess you are worth more to me."
    A tremulous smile of relief had already started on Gwen's face when Angel turned to Eric and shrugged his shoulders. "You see how it is," he said, holding out his hands palm upward. "I must ask three dollars."
    "Oh ... no!" Gwen screamed in defiance. "God, you can't be that cruel to me!"
    "Can I pay you tomorrow?" Eric asked quickly.
    "Of course, my friend. Go ahead, fuck her as you wish." He laughed loudly and moved with all the litheness of a ballet dancer as the shattered young blonde tried to dart nakedly past him on the porch. Grabbing her wildly struggling figure tight around the waist from behind, he held her captive until the giant youth stood in front of her. His massively pulsating cock slanted up like a telephone pole from his naked abdomen.
    Gwen made one more tearful effort to plead with Angel. "Please ... don't," she whispered, then froze in fright as the Mexican boy roughly shoved her into Eric's arms. She was so small in relation to his powerful height that his eagerly heated penis was pounding and beating just below the swell of her full young breasts. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw for the first time the enormity of the fleshy rod. God! He would rip her into a thousand shrieking pieces if he tried to force that up her tiny, seldom used vaginal opening.
    "Angel," she screamed, imploringly, and tried to twist away but to no avail. Both boys were holding her brutally now. Last night at first she had been afraid Angel would kill her if she protested, but tonight, she knew she would die if he made her go through with his obscene suggestion. Her humiliation deepened and congealed as she heard them calmly discussing the best way for his friend to fuck her. Angel said, "She is very tiny, your 250 pounds would squeeze the life from her if you laid on top. I would suggest dog fashion, but she fights too much. Perhaps you should sit back and let her sit on your cock."
    Oh, God. How calloused they were. Had they no sense of decency? Why did they exalt in this cruel humiliation of her? All she had done was offer her pure unsullied love to a loveless boy, and he had taken advantage of her and sold her to one of his friends for use as a prostitute. There was no sense in pleading with them; the experience of last night made her realize that begging for mercy only increased Angel's satisfaction in dominating her. To make things worse, tonight both boys had been drinking and there obviously would be no help from the only four people now remaining inside the Grange Hall because they were all drunk--probably too drunk to hear her cries for help above the incessantly pounding dance music.
    The nakedly stripped young teacher pushed feebly against Eric's massive chest as he effortlessly lifted her by the armpits and carried her over to the top step of the porch. She struggled with increased fright as she felt him gingerly sitting his naked buttocks down on the step. Her ankles were tightly grasped by the Mexican boy from behind and pulled outward, forcing her wide-spread thighs to press downward on the other boy's legs. Then he sat completely down, while Angel firmly guided her feet to the second step and put his hands on her naked hips and pushed down, forcing her defenseless spread loins closer and closer to the hotly throbbing staff which would impale her like a fiery spear. She never stopped her frantic, silent struggles--not even when she felt the velvety smoothness of the other boy's huge cockhead rubbing hotly against her tightly clenched belly.
    To Eric it was like trying to hold a madly thrashing calf, and her fingernails had dug long bloody furrows down his chest. Each time he reared up in an effort to thrust his painfully pounding cock in the depths of her desperately cringing young pussy, she writhed away from him--even with Angel pushing down with all his wiry strength. Goddamn, he would soon go out of his mind unless he got it up inside the wildly struggling little bitch!
    It was Angel who, in disgust, settled matters.
    "Hold her tight," he ordered, then bent down and peered up at the thinly bearded, nakedly squirming mouth of her pussy. For the life of him he couldn't figure why she didn't cooperate; it was obvious that she wanted to be fucked because her coral-hued little cuntlips were glistening with tiny dew drops of moisture from her earlier arousal. Right below the little wet opening to her pussy he could see the massively throbbing head of Eric's cock. Prior to working on the ranch he never would have thought of doing what he did next, but part of his duties entailed working in the breeding shed where the prize bulls sometimes had to be helped in mounting a cow. Without embarrassment, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around the throbbing length of Eric's cock, feeling it grow harder as he touched it, and guided it toward the helplessly cringing opening to Gwen's vagina. Then, he pushed down with all his might against the fullness of her buttocks and saw the distance shorten between cock and cunt ... shorten until the pulsing head was actually touching the thin, warmly quivering lips.
    Gwen groaned loudly as she realized that all her struggles had been in vain, as she felt the heatedly pulsating penis teasing against her vaginal lips. The pressure on her back from Angel's hand was intolerable. Her muscles had begun a violent trembling as they drew on their last sources of resistance. The intolerable pressure at the fevered opening of her tightly clenched young pussy grew and grew as the awesome head attempted to make its brutal penetration. Finally, with a loud sob of desperation, she felt her shuddering leg and back muscles giving way, and the heavy fleshy thickness forcing itself just up inside her vainly resisting cuntal cavity.
    Oh God! Nothing had ever stretched her so wide up between her legs before. It was like an axe handle being hammered up between her thighs. She screamed once more as Angel released his hold on his friend, Eric's, lustfully throbbing cock and put both hands on her futilely squirming buttocks and pushed down.
    "Aaaaaaggghhhh," she yelled, feeling the hotly jerking rod burrowing slowly, but surely up into her tightly resisting vagina. "Please ... pluuu--leeezzzzeeee!"
    Gwen might as well have asked for mercy from a bull elephant, for Eric's eyes were glazed and unreasoning from the overpowering lust that swept like a forest fire through his young mind at the thought of fucking his second woman, one who was actually fighting him with all her strength. Her wetly clasping young cunt was far tighter than Kate's his boss wife's, had been; it felt better in one way, not as good in another. He could tell that she was close to the end of her strength for her entire body was shaking from the effort she was expending.
    Suddenly with a loud groan of defeat, the young blonde went limp and moaned loudly as his rigidly pulsating shaft moved inexorably up, up, up deep into the heaving pit of her no longer resisting belly. Gwen no longer had even the strength to voice a protest, but she was profoundly grateful when she realized it had gone as far up inside her as it could go; she could feel her own naked buttocks resting hard against the top of his huge muscular young thighs.
    Oddly enough, it was not as painful as she had thought. She was filled; she had never been more filled before ... and she could feel every musculared ridge along the entire long heated length of it pressing into her frantically working vaginal walls. She sobbed and grunted helplessly once, feeling the black fog of despair and humiliation creeping in around her. Oh God! Why had she ever become attached to the Mexican boy. She should have known he would not understand the gift she was offering him. How could he, when even she didn't understand it. Never before had she given so completely of herself--given her all emotionally and physically. It was a gift that should be cherished! Instead he had used it for his own sadistic purposes, had sold her for three dollars to this young teenage giant as though she were some common little street whore. She felt the boy's throbbing cock flex deep up inside her painfully filled depths, and silently groaned not wanting to give Angel the pleasure of hearing her shriek any more. Besides, if she were honest, she would have to admit that the pain was rapidly leaving her, being replaced with a dull, lethargic feeling of growing need as Eric began to slowly thrust in and out of her wide-stretched, suddenly unexplainably tingling vagina.
    Angel grinned as he saw Gwen turn her face to the side, biting her lower lip and at the look of awed concentration on her face. From his point of view behind and below on the steps, he could see Eric's hardened glistening rod moving surely in and out of her widely parted vaginal lips ... the pink outer layer of pussy clung to his blue-veined shaft as though it were reluctant to let it go. He was still watching as her nakedly quivering buttocks made their first tentative little movement of cooperation, and then she was abruptly with it, and began energetically fucking down on the wet fleshy pole as though she could not get enough of it.
    The two were so engrossed in the wildly thrilling sensations of fucking that neither was aware that Angel had walked past them and was standing by the window looking in to see what the drunken gringos were doing for kicks. They were still dancing, if you called that drunken shuffle "dancing". His eyes flickered with amusement as he saw Cole Sutherland's hand surreptitiously massaging the Meacham girl's tightly clad little ass. That ought to be pretty good stuff, Angel thought, then glanced at Kate Sutherland's promising body and felt the first real desire of the night as he thought about the possibilities of fucking her, too. He paid absolutely no attention to the deliriously groaning, wildly thrashing bodies of the young blonde school teacher and his friend, Eric, fucking each other as though it were the end of the world on the top step of the hall.
    Inside, the air was hot with old cigarette smoke and the savagely pulsating beat of the music spilling out of the stereo speakers. Kate was exhausted, unhappy; she wanted to go home, had wanted to leave two hours ago. She looked up at Sandy, thinking it was like dancing with a zombie. He wasn't paying the least bit of attention to her, and hadn't been for the last twenty minutes.
    "Look at that son of a bitch Cole," Sandy said thickly, missing a beat in the music.
    Kate stumbled drunkenly against him. "Calm down, Sandy. Don't make a scene. All he's doing is dancing with her."
    "What's he trying to do ... break up our happy homes? He's danced almost every dance with her! Mela's my woman ... and he better get it through his head."
    Kate knew it was the alcohol talking in him, but knowing what it was didn't make Sandy any easier to handle. There'd been a lot of going out to the cars and pick-ups for quick snorts. This was common enough at the Grange Hall dance, but Sandy had gotten drunk quicker than most of the men. Kate felt a little woozy herself and she'd only had half a dozen drinks, but it got so hot dancing that the alcohol seemed to get to you.
    "Forget about Mela ... and Cole ... just concentrate on dancing with me," she said, not wanting to dance with Cole. She didn't care if he spent all night with Mela Meacham. When she'd finally stolen wearily upstairs from the teenage boy, Eric's, bed last night, Cole still wasn't in. She'd crawled between the sheets and went immediately to sleep. This morning her husband had been gone to the barns before she was up and she hadn't really seen him alone since. She could only be grateful, for she didn't think she could ever face him again after being fucked senseless by two other men yesterday. She hated him and herself. The guilt had been in her like a cancer all day and it was devouring her now ... what had happened meant an end to their marriage. It was painfully obvious that he was more interested in Mela Meacham than his own wife.
    Sandy could feel the rage in him rising like the red line of a thermometer. Just when he had Mela almost ready to go and get the license, he sure as hell wasn't going to let Cole Sutherland get to her! The ranch was going to be his, by God! Cole already had one and sure as hell didn't need another! Then he looked over at the other dancing couple and froze, his body like a ramrod.
    Puzzled, Kate turned and felt she had just been hit by a mammoth fist in her belly. Cole and Mela weren't dancing any longer. Their lips were welded drunkenly together, and even as she watched, the young ranch heiress pulled Cole's hand from her hips and guided it up to her breast. The brazen hussy! She was suddenly thrown bodily back as, with the loud bellow of an enraged bull, Sandy shot across the floor and savagely slugged Cole right on the point of his chin! It was as though the whole thing were in slow motion, a film, a cowboy movie. Kate watched in horror as Cole flew six feet backwards, slammed his head heavily against a table, and fell flat on his back on the floor.
    Only then did Kate's muscles begin to function. Oh God! Sandy had killed him. Cole was lying so still, and there was Mela Meacham laughing at Sandy's murderous expression.
    Without thinking, Kate ran across the floor to her husband's body, cradled his head in her arms, and tried to wipe his damp brow. She covered his face with kisses, trying to bring him back to consciousness, and abruptly the tears came flowing from deep within her as she realized for the first time exactly how much this man meant to her. She didn't care what he had done! She knew now that Mela had seduced him. It wasn't Cole's fault! He'd been seduced, pushed beyond his endurance ... just as she had, she realized. Oh God, Cole had to be all right ... he had to! What a fool she'd been, trying to get back at him, tit for tat. Oh God, if he ever found out ...! Tears flooded down both sides of her face as she murmured, "Cole, Cole darling. Are you all right, Cole ... Honey, oh, darling." She rocked hopelessly with his head in her arms, crushing his face to her breast.
    Cole tried to open his eyes, but they felt as if they were weighted down with lead. His jaw hurt, really hurt. Gradually, as the other sensations returned to his body, he became aware that his face was being pillowed on something softly yielding. He laboriously opened one eye and saw his wife's tear-stained face.
    Kate saw his confused eyes looking up at her and she began weeping uncontrollably.
    "Oohhh, darling," she gasped through her sobs, "you're all right? Oh, please be all right! Please, I love you so ... don't leave me ... please don't leave me for Mela ... I won't even beg for a child anymore ... just don't leave me ... forgive me ..."
    "S'all right, honey. I'm okay, I think. Just want to lie here a minute," Cole mumbled. His head was fuzzy. Must have had a lot of booze. He could hear the muffled thudding of Kate's heart under the fleshy fullness of her soft breast. She was really worried about him. It was nice to have her worried about him! That damn bitch, Mela, sure as hell would never worry about him. She was a taker. Kate was a giver! Everything had gone wrong since he came home ... and it must be on account of Mela. Cole pulled his cramped arm away and slid it around his wife's slender waist, burying his face a little deeper into the lush ripeness of her breast. Good kid, his wife. Worried about him. Shouldn't have treated her so bad. He looked over at the loud commotion a few feet away, and grinned as he heard Sandy angrily yelling at a wildly laughing Mela.
    "You're drunk! You hot cunted little bitch!" Sandy shouted, the fury in him like a forest fire out of control. "You're drunk and you keep your goddamned hands off that bastard Cole Sutherland ... you hear me!" His hands jerked the young girl up to him by the dress front.
    Mela sneered, then said sarcastically, "You don't own me yet, lover ... don't forget it. I'll put my hands where I damn well please! And when I say Come here frog, you hop!"
    "Like hell!" The foreman yanked and the whole front of her dress came away in his hands, splitting down the front with a shriek of cloth. Mela shrank back from him in momentary fright as he stood stupidly holding the tatters of her dress in his big hands. She looked down at her naked breasts jutting proudly above her smooth white belly and the white panty clad hips below. Suddenly it was all terribly funny. The whole thing was too funny for words. She laughed shrilly again, whirling and dancing away from Sandy. The ruined dress slipped off her shoulder and she let it slide, stepping out of it and leaving it in a crimson puddle on the floor.
    Pirouetting around the deserted dance floor, Mela frugged alone to the music still blaring from the untended phonograph. The rush of cool air felt wonderful on her naked breasts and she reveled in the freedom of going without clothes. Suddenly even the flimsy bikini panties were too much. She stopped on the raised platform and, turning toward Sandy near the rear of the hall, slowly and tantalizingly began pulling down her thin, flimsy panties, writhing and undulating her firmly rounded young buttocks lewdly in time to the frug music. She could see Sandy standing there stunned, his mouth open like he had a lead weighted jaw and his eyes about to pop right out of his head, as she finally waved the panties high above her head and then carelessly threw them back over her shoulder. She spread her thighs and ground her golden-haired vagina forward and backward in time to the music in the mock motions of fucking.
    Sandy began staggering toward the lewdly writhing figure on the stage. Stark naked! Jesus Christ, that crazy young girl was stark naked! His prick was already painfully beating inside his pants. Goddamn her anyway! She was so crazy ... but by God she was his! Wouldn't get away from him, no sir. He passed Cole and Kate on the floor. They were wrapped up in each other like lovers. Guess they must have made up. Damn good piece of ass, that Kate. But Mela was a good piece and had a ranch too. Just had to tame her a little. Wild thing. Time he really branded her for good.
    Great peals of laughter were spilling from the young heiress's throat when her ranch foreman stumbled onto the stage with her, almost falling flat on his face. He bumped heavily against her and steadied himself by grabbing her madly undulating hips. While he stood there looking foolish and angrily undecided, she yanked at his shirt front and the pearl buttons popped, falling like broken teeth on the stage floor.
    "What're you doing, woman?" Sandy asked, trying very hard to sober up as he blinked down and watched the young girl pulling his trousers and underpants down over his naked buttocks.
    "Helping you, lover. Let's show the whole world what there really is to do in South Dakota."
    Sandy's anger abruptly evaporated as he felt her small, perspiration dampened hand close in on his thick penis. He kicked off his boots, stepped out of his pants and undershorts, and then smoothly slid his hand up between Mela's heatedly spread thighs.
    The girl began moaning and mewling into Sandy's mouth, reaching up on her tiptoes to get closer to his hotly throbbing cock burning against her hotly perspiring abdomen. His penis felt deliciously wonderful--as though it were a big felt-tipped drum stick wildly pounding against her kettle drum belly. But that wasn't where she wanted it ... it was inside her that she needed it ... deep up inside her hungrily aching cunt, which was pulsing and throbbing on its own hollowness until the warmly seeping pussy juice was almost flooding down the smooth insides of her hairless inner thighs. She could actually feel the slow trickle as the hot flowing rivulets oozed down toward her knees.
    "OHHH, God! Sandy, lover ... fuck meeee," she moaned loudly; and her words carried to the back of the hall, and Kate heard the lewd request even above the music and the pounding of her own heart covered by Cole's gently massaging hand.
    "Cole, darling ... please ... let's go home," Kate said, as she realized the young girl and her foreman were completely naked and heatedly stroking each other's vagina and penis.
    "Mmmmmmm ... mmmmmm ..." Cole answered, his hand still inside her ruffled dress, cupping the ripe warmth of her heavy breast.
    "Don't ... not here ... Sandy and that Meacham girl are still here." Kate made a halfhearted attempt to pry his hand loose and found her eyes being drawn repeatedly back to the salacious scene on the stage.
    "Who cares about them," Cole mumbled against the warmly swelling mound coming out the top of her dress. "You're my woman ... don't want anybody else ... trouble ... just trouble, that's all ... just want my Kate!" he mumbled thickly.
    Oh God! Now down there on the stage, the Meacham girl had placed both hands on the foreman's huge quivering penis and was wildly milking it back and forth. Suddenly there were responding vibrations in Kate's body. She remembered the velvety feeling of Sandy's and Eric's pricks heatedly pounding like living animals in her hand. She could almost feel them now! Cole's fingers were hungrily moving all over her naked breasts, and she had the insane urge to be freed of all clothes ... to be as free as Sandy and Mela.
    Vaguely aware that it really was the alcohol dissolving her inhibitions, Kate leaned down to hesitantly zip down Cole's pants and began worming her fingers through the opening of his shorts ... finding at once the madly throbbing hardness of his cock! She glanced up once, worrying about the other couple and wishing that the lights were out, but what she saw so stunned her that she stiffened.
    "What's matter?" Cole asked, his words muffled, speaking with his mouth full of one of his wife's nakedly quivering nipples and not really giving a damn about anything else except this wonderfully succulent mouthful and Kate's warm tingling fingers wrapped around his eagerly thumping prick.
    "Oh God, Cole! Look up there, darling!" she whispered in a heavy breath, feeling a wild excitement beginning to grow in her heated loins as her disbelieving eyes froze on one of the most salacious scenes she had ever seen in her life.
    "Goddamn Sam," Cole whispered in awe, then shook his head as if to clear it of alcoholic vapors. Up there on the stage the foreman and the young girl were doing a stand up sixty-nine, with Sandy rotating his torso around in time to the torrid rhythm of the music. The Sutherlands could see Mela dangling head down with her glistening red lips rapidly moving back and forth over the long wet length of Sandy's eagerly throbbing cock; her long blonde hair swirled down around the foreman's ankles. The big man easily held the slender figure upside down by the hips with her wildly thrashing thighs spread wide up and scissored outward over his shoulders; his bull neck was bent and they could see his curling red tongue voraciously licking the coral-hued pussy lips while his nose seemingly was attempting to push its way into her crinkled little anal opening. Their loud animal mewls of lewd pleasure could be heard floating sensuously above the music.
    Kate moaned, it was an involuntary sound reflecting her own suddenly craving desire; beneath her hand, Cole's rigidly pulsating prick jerked like a harnessed animal eager to begin its journey home.
    "I gotta fuck you, baby," Cole said. "Fuck you right now or I'll die!"
    "Yes ... yes, darling." Her eyelids fluttered and she tightly clenched her thighs, scraping them together and feeling the sensual delights of her own heated smooth flesh rubbing against heated smooth flesh all the way from trembling knees up to her feverishly moistened cuntal lips.
    Frantically the two Sutherlands stood and ripped their clothes off, throwing them haphazardly away from them, then groaning, nakedly sank back down again to the dance floor.
    There's nothing wrong with Cole's jaw now, Kate thought, as he caught her mouth in a deep kiss, his familiar tongue wetly sliding deep into her open mouth while his hands kneaded the fleshy fullness of her eagerly trembling buttocks. Her hand dropped and found his massively throbbing hardness again, and she began rapidly stroking it with tightly squeezing fingers that could not encompass its girth.
    Cole couldn't stand the torment any longer. Jesus, it was bad enough to watch Mela and her ranch foreman cannibalizing each other's cock and cunt that way, but here was his Kate acting like a completely new and different woman--about to go right out of her fucking mind, frantically tugging on his prick and moaning loud enough to wake the dead. He could feel his naked cock screaming silently in jerks and quiver, as he rolled over on his back and held up his hands for her. His woman was here and ready, and she'd do anything he wanted her to do now. "Ohhhh, baby," he crooned, "Come on here and sit down on big Daddy."
    Panting in eagerness, Kate immediately straddled him. She had never fucked in this position before and excitedly wondered if it would be good, then her mind reminded her that every way was good! She knew her vagina was sopping wet and had been even before Mela and her foreman had begun staging their lewd sixty-nine at the end of the room. Still, though, as she put her thumb and forefinger down to separate her hotly quivering pussy lips, not even she was prepared for the puddle of heated moisture between her legs. She shuddered deliciously as she felt her own fingers opening her hotly sensitive cuntal mouth, then she pushed her pelvis slightly forward and brought her hungry vagina into contact with the madly throbbing pole jutting from Cole's groin. When she took her fingers away seconds later, the whole wonderful head of his prick was just barely inside her. She flexed her buttocks causing her cunt lips to tighten and squeeze, and was thrilled when Cole groaned loudly and rolled his eyes in pleasure.
    Cole could feel the head of his cock softly enfolded by his wife's heatedly quivering cuntal lips. Jesus, nothing had ever felt so good before. It felt almost as if she had sucked it up in her mouth, and her pussy muscles played around his cockshead like a teasing, tormenting tongue. Although almost frantic with need, he decided to let her take the initiative, and put his hands behind his head in a phony act of nonchalance. Staring up at her above him, he saw the two mightily straining mounds of her tits hanging down like great golden pears and her hair swaying sensually back and forth across his chest as she wove her head from side to side in closed-eyed sensual wonderment. Her ass was moving in tight, voraciously growing little circles, circles that gradually became wider and wilder as she slowly and deliciously slid her cunt down the long throbbing length of the fleshy staff.
    Kate had worked about half of Cole's hotly jerking rod up into her when she finally could stand the waiting no longer. With a loud groan of expectant ecstasy she simply let go and permitted her excitedly quivering pussy to slide wetly down the wondrous shaft all the way until her vaginal lips were nibbling hungrily against the darkly curling pubic hair surrounding his testicles. She was filled completely and fully. Oh, God, it was so beautiful! Cole, her Cole was inside her again! The way it used to be! He would never leave her because she knew now that he was far more important than a child. Cole was her world, her real world. She'd do anything to keep him.
    Whimpering, Kate could feel all of the ridged flutings of his wonderful penis throughout all of her sensitive cuntal sheath. She squeezed down with her abdominal muscles and could tell that he found pleasure from that movement, then, straining heavily she pulled upward with her bladder muscles and heard him moan loudly.
    The feel of Kate's warmly familiar pussy squeezing and milking him so lovingly and excitedly made Cole feel as if he were truly home for the first time. Goddamn, he thought, this is Kate at her best--better, really, than she had ever been before! No one could match her, and that was because she was his woman--personally selected by him originally, just like he had picked the Limousin bull, and the only woman he had ever married ... or would probably ever marry! He sensed now that a lot of his discontent during their marriage had been his own fault. Hell, he should have laid down the law years ago. A woman needed to be trained; they could be taught to like anything. But now, no real training was necessary for he knew Kate would do it any way he wanted it. He knew it!
    And when the time came to test her, he was positive she would respond. Tonight was the first time she had ever fucked from the female-above position, and she was awkward in her movements. Well, that was easily enough solved.
    "Put your knees right up here under my arm-pits, baby," he commanded. When she did as he told her, he added, "Now see if that isn't better."
    Kate found that the new positioning enabled her to slide her vagina more easily up and down the heatedly pulsating length of his lust hardened cock, and soon established a natural rhythm that gradually increased in tempo until she was bucking on top of him crazily as if she was riding a steer or a Limousin bull. Oh God! It was so fantastically beautiful!
    Frantically working now, the rich creamy fullness of her ass rotated insanely above him, while her heavily straining tits lunged and danced as though they were trying to tear themselves off her chest.
    These frenzied lunges downward made Kate realize she was deliberately hammering her heated cervix against the blunted head of Cole's prick ... and each time her uterine opening slammed against his hammer-like cock it was as though a temple gong had been struck, and the sensuously powerful reverberations rippled throughout her entire body.
    Once in a moment of delirious joy, she screamed like a Banshee, and the cry of exaltation was heard by the still standing, still hungrily sucking big foreman on the stage who lifted his voraciously feasting mouth from Mela's insanely twitching pussy. He blinked in bewilderment several times, trying to focus his eyes, then said in amazement, "Jesus Christ! Look at 'em go!" He pulled at the upside down girl's hips, trying to yank his cock from her hotly sucking mouth, but she refused to relinquish it ... clinging to the warm shaft like an unweaned calf sucking on a life-giving teat. Sandy was finally forced to shove his knees together and lower her to the floor before her wetly compressed lips plopped loudly loose.
    "Oh God! Why did you stop?" Mela angrily demanded, as she felt her head touching the floor. God! Just as she was getting so close to cumming, this drunken jackass had to stop--leaving her dangling in midair. And he hadn't cum yet, either!
    Sandy kept lowering her until she was stretched out flat on her back on the stage floor. Mela, thinking he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her this way, eagerly spread her legs out wide and impatiently raised her knees to her chest. Sandy Gayman, however, was not even looking at her. Furious, the heiress turned to see what he found so interesting, then she blinked and scrambled to her feet to stand nakedly beside him.
    "Jesus," Sandy repeated wonderingly, "look at 'em fuck!"
    Mela realized she was holding her breath at the unexpectedness of the lewd spectacle. Wow! she thought, you expect to see things like this in some parts of Europe, but in South Dakota? Unbelievable!
    It was so unbelievable that she reached out and took hold of the foreman's hotly pulsating prick and, using it as a halter, led him down the steps and across the floor to where the Sutherlands writhed and moaned in tightly locked intercourse; it was as though they were the only people in the world, madly fucking to populate the planet.
    "Goddamn," Sandy breathed in awe, looking down at the rounded sensuousness of Kate Sutherland's nakedly pumping buttocks as she rode insanely up and down her husband's long wetly glistening cock. Goddamn, he thought, there was something about watching another couple do it that sent your own temperature soaring. Now old Cole was really pouring it to her now, his lust-hardened prick fired in and out of her hotly clasping cunt like a well-oiled piston in a machine ... a fucking machine! Hell, he must be drunker than he thought. That was the guy he'd slugged a few moments ago for feeling Mela up and now Sandy didn't wish him anything but a good fuck, which he was really getting!
    Mela was staring in equal fascination, watching the wetly shivering shaft of white flesh go in and out of Kate's pink mouthed pussy. Her little red tongue came out to lick her lips, and her hand tightened around Sandy's prick. The fires were in her like an inferno! Oh, God, there was a growing burning desire within her to join them in a real old-fashioned orgy. Quickly she relinquished her hold on Sandy's wildly throbbing penis and said softly, "Let's join them ... come on, baby ... let's really have a party."
    Cole looked up hazily as a soft insinuating voice said, "Mind if we join you ... looks like fun! The more the merrier, I always say!" His eyes met an opened golden hair fringed pussy, the lips swollen and slick and glistening, the pink folds parting, layer by moist layer right over his face. God! Drunk! He'd never been this drunk! He was even hallucinating! He had to be. Kate, his own wife, was right here riding his prick, and that just couldn't be another pussy slowly lowering over his face!
    Kate's hands dug into Cole's strong muscular forearms in order to get a better grip and ride his stabbing cock without losing her balance. As she looked up she saw Mela with her face toward her lowering wide-spread thighs around Cole's head! Oh dear God! It couldn't be! That hussy would do anything! Kate shook her head to try and clear it but the vision of the nakedly blonde cunt rapidly sinking down over Cole's face would not disappear. Well, I will feel better to Cole, Kate thought, I'll feel so good to him that he'll never forget it. Quickly, then, she began concentrating on doing the best job she could by flexing and unflexing muscles she never before knew existed.
    Mela groaned aloud, then shrieked in pleasure as she ground her splayed pussy straight into Cole's face and felt his tongue curl out to stab into the heated depths of her churning body, ramming a deliciously surging thrill of sensation to her raw nerve ends and setting her whole abdomen on fire! Ohhh, it was beautiful! The young heiress looked up to see Sandy standing where she'd left him, looking slightly puzzled. "Find a seat, lover ... join the fun," she taunted, then her voice gurgled off incoherently as Cole's teeth clamped down on her violently erect clitoris.
    The music had finally stopped now and, standing just outside, all Angel could hear was the deliriously moaning, nakedly fucking couple on the steps and the wildly stimulating sucking sounds coming from within the hall. Never before in his life had he seen or imagined anything as salacious and lust inciting as this. It was all too exciting, and his heated desire suddenly boiled over. Quickly he stripped off all of his clothes, then grabbed Eric's powerfully working shoulder. He had to shake the boy a couple of times before he got his attention. Gwen, her eyes dully glazed with an animal lust, stared at him dumbly and acted as if she were impatient with his interruption. "Come on," the Mexican boy demanded.
    "What'd you mean, 'come on'? I haven't cum in her yet!" the young blonde giant protested, continuing to thrust his throbbing shaft into the hotly clenching depths of the teacher's cunt.
    "Pick her up and let's go in and join the orgy!"
    That got their attention. Gwen's eyes widened in alarm, and Eric looked at him in shocked disbelief.
    "Come on," Angel insisted, tugging impatiently at the boy's arm. "Let's join them."
    Eric stood up effortlessly as Gwen, uncertain of what to do and not really wanting to go inside--yet unwilling to be deprived of that hotly pulsating staff which was bringing her so much delirious joy--wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and held on to his neck with her arms as the boy walked to the door. Her back was to the dance floor, and she didn't see the lewd spectacle until she heard Eric's sudden hiss of breath and his whispered, "Jesus Christ." When she turned, it took several seconds for the lewd scene to penetrate her consciousness. There was Cole Sutherland with his face buried in Mela Meacham's wildly undulating young vagina, while his wife, Kate Sutherland, writhed in total abandonment on his glistening thick penis. A naked Sandy Gayman stood there with a powerfully beating erection, looking puzzled ... drunk. At once the school teacher wanted to leave; she didn't want to be a part of that wickedly perverted scene. What they were doing wasn't right, it was dirty! But even as she was thinking this, the first powerful jolts of excitement were hitting her right in the middle of her still heatedly pulsating belly. Oh, God, it was so terrible and yet, in another more primitive way, so forbiddenly beautiful!
    Angel wasted no time in leading the young giant across the room; Eric continued to madly thrust into the young blonde teacher's wetly drenched vagina, and with every step he took it seemed as if he was going deeper, higher up into her taut little belly. The three of them were nakedly alongside the others before Mela spotted them. The Mexican boy saw the young heiress's eyes widen and then begin glowing with an even hotter excitement.
    "Well, welcome to the party," Mela breathed, sultrily, then said, "Lie down beside Cole, quick!"
    Obediently Eric did as he was instructed. Gwen, though, was so distracted and embarrassed that she almost lost her desire, but the loss was only momentary because Eric--with a solid floor beneath his back could finally get leverage in the upward thrusts of his now insanely pounding cock as it drove relentlessly into the little blonde teacher's heatedly milking cunt.
    Angel watched with a desirous and a growing need of his own as he watched the five writhing bodies, two wetly ramming penises slamming into two frantically clenching pussies, and one cunt being licked like it was the end of the world. He waited for an invitation to join--any invitation! He'd like to try out the Sutherland woman's asshole or the Meacham girl's mouth. Either way ... it didn't really make much difference.
    Beside him, shaking his head like a big shaggy dog, Sandy blinked his eyes and reached out a hand into the empty space around him to steady himself. Jesus! Christ! What was happening? Now there was another goddamned couple fucking on the floor beside Cole. It was that kid Eric and ... and ... he bent down, blearily peering into the face and then stepped back rapidly as he saw who it was. That little stuck-up snotty schoolteacher! Hot damn! There she was being fucked out of her mind, with her nicely rounded young ass cheeks rising and falling as she sought to grind down and cram the boy's heavily thickened cock all the way up her belly and out her throat. He could see the tiny puckering flower of her hairlessly flexing asshole, nicely browned and tightly clenched. Son of a bitch, he thought wonderingly well, son of a bitch! Unsteadily, he took a step forward pushing Eric's legs apart and then knelt between the boy's wide-spread thighs, holding his eagerly jerking cock in his hand as he leaned forward. Asshole was one thing he hadn't had in a long time. "Join the party," Mela had said, and by God he planned to do just that.
    Gwen felt the tip of something smooth and rubbery prodding hotly against her naked flesh from behind and she tried to straighten up and turn her head to see. The big foreman's drunkenly grinning face leered down at her as his hands came around and down over her back and caught her nakedly quivering breasts. He squeezed them hard, eliciting a yelp of fright and pain from her.
    "Hell of a party, Gwen, baby," he said. "It's time old Sandy joined the party. You got the sweetest little asshole I seen in a long time, and I'm aiming to have some."
    "Oh, noooooo," she wailed, remembering the excruciating pain of the first entry from the brutal sodomizing she had received the night before. "Angel, help me ... don't let him, please, Angel."
    "I'm sorry, my little whore, but he has paid me four dollars to cum up in your asshole." There was no mercy, no softness, in his mockingly glittering eyes. This was something he wanted to see and before it was over she would thank him.
    "Kate ... help me," Gwen cried out, beginning to wildly thrash against Eric's chest. She saw the Sutherland woman open her eyes and look over toward her; there was almost a drugged, dreamy expression on her face as she rose and fell ecstatically on her husband, Cole's wetly driving hardness.
    Abruptly Gwen felt her breasts being pushed down flat against Eric's chest again. Her violent struggles only succeeded in angering the big foreman who slapped her quivering buttocks a couple of times, then as if relishing her yelps of pain began striking both of his calloused palms against her tender fleshy globes, rapidly turning them a blushing pink.
    Kate abruptly became aware that Gwen was repeatedly calling her name. What did the stupid girl want? Couldn't she see that this was not a time for interruption? She blinked, trying to clear her eyes and looked over toward the pleading teacher. A sudden shock went through her as she saw Sandy reaching down and moistening his fingers on the huge fleshy rod burrowing up into the wildly writhing girl's cunt from below, then, slipping them higher in the violently trembling crevice between her buttocks he tensed them around the tiny puckered lips of her anus. Even so, it was not until she heard the big foreman tell Eric to hold the girl tightly that she realized with a sudden shock that he was lubricating her there and what he was planning to do to her. Oh God! He was going to sodomize the girl. Kate looked around for help, but the only non-involved person was the cruelly smirking Angel.
    Sandy grinned in obscene anticipation down at the naked young teacher cowering against the young giant's chest and slowly drew apart the soft white mounds of her buttocks. Gwen groaned loudly in fear and tried to tightly clench them together again, but the big foreman dug his fingers hard into the full fleshy cheeks and, rather than suffer the pain, she relaxed and let him do as he willed.
    Kate felt the birth of a new and even hotter excitement in her loins as she saw the tiny puckered ring of the small blonde's rectal mouth come into view. Sandy used the thumb and widespread fingers of his left hand to hold the trembling cheeks apart then tentatively pressed his fingertip at the little brown opening. Gwen, squealing loudly, tensed her buttocks together in a desperate, but futile, effort to escape this unnatural invasion. Then, with one relentless thrust, his thick worming finger popped through the tightly clenched opening and sank hotly up to the first knuckle.
    "Aaaaaaggghhhh," Gwen gasped, breathing heavily and in pain, as she flexed her ass cheeks together as tightly as possible trapping his hand between them.
    Sandy grinned even more lewdly, then pushed in with a greater pressure; the finger sank in to the second knuckle and, as the defeated girl began groaning in piteous submission, his thick finger was in all the way to the flat of his palm.
    Kate excitedly watched as the ranch foreman mercilessly ground his middle finger around in the helpless girl's tortured anus, widening the tiny hole in preparation, all the while energetically stroking his wildly throbbing prick with his other hand. A moment later, he spread her helplessly trembling buttocks wide again and placed the huge round bulbous head of his cock against the defensively puckering little anal opening. The thick full length of his penis pounded hotly into the crevice of her ass, with the tip resting against the tiny hole wet from her vaginal juices and stretched wide from his finger. Pushing his hands under her thighs, he stretched her wide apart then directed his lust hardened rock-like staff straight into the tightly clenched orifice of her ass.
    Kate simply could not believe what she saw happening. Gwen's tiny little anus could not take that monstrously large prick. It couldn't! After all, the girl was less than five feet tall, and she already had Eric's mammoth rod fucking into her vagina from below. Cole's wife waited with bated breath as she saw Sandy's hips slowly pressuring forward, and then she groaned loudly in sympathy as she saw the huge throbbing head suddenly pop through the tight restricting little ring of flesh.
    "Aaaaaagggghhhh," the shrill scream of pain caught Cole's attention and he used his hands to push Mela's still hungrily grinding pussy away from his face. He turned his head and then snorted as he heard Sandy Gayman say drunkenly, "Boy ... what a tight little, asshole." A second later, Gwen was howling again as the foreman's huge invading cock began hammering its way up into the warm rubbery depths of her rectum. Soon, Gwen's strengthless body simply collapsed down against Eric's chest and the heavy hardness wormed on in unimpeded, mercilessly hammering its way up, up, up, until it was all the way to the hilt.
    Once Sandy felt his balls touch the sides of widespread buttock cheeks there was no waiting. Within seconds the two giant pricks had established a punishing rhythm as they rammed in and out of the helplessly writhing girl's cunt and asshole. Cole heard his wife groan and flex her vaginal muscles with what he recognized as an even greater excitement, then saw the obviously painfully aroused Angel standing watching them with a defiant look on his face. What the hell, everyone else was having a go at it ... why not him? "Come on son, join the party. Take your choice ... anyone but me." He grinned to show it was a joke, then pulled Mela's sweetly clasping pussy down over his face again. His tongue shot out in one hot lick and he was rewarded with her shrill scream of rapture.
    Kate watched in open-mouth amazement as the petite schoolteacher began abruptly moving in eager cooperation with the two big men. She looked like a rag doll being buffeted between them, but there was no denying the intense pleasure she was receiving from them. Gwen had begun mewling loudly and seemed almost out of her mind with an implacable desire that drove her to frenzied abandoned motions that were so sensually exciting to watch that Kate began to feel incomplete herself. She had to have it just like Gwen was getting it. Nothing else would satisfy her but Angel ... she'd had every male here but him, and her own steaming desire made her cry out, "Angel ... fuck me from behind. Quick ... just like Sandy's doing to Gwen!"
    The Mexican boy needed no other encouragement, but he did take four steps away toward the deserted dining table and picked up a gob of half-melted butter which he spread all over his eagerly throbbing cock. Then he dug his hand in the butter plate and came back, fingers all golden, to smear it in and around Kate's expectantly raised little oval mouth. Even before he got his hotly hammering cock into Kate, Gwen was already screeching out an orgasm, a chant of fulfillment that was rapidly picked up by the madly thrashing Mela.
    Angel quickly knelt between Cole's wide-spread thighs and placed the throbbing, blood-filled head of his dark penis against his wife's hungrily quivering anal opening and then thrust forward with all his wiry young strength, driving in one stroke all the way in to the hilt, feeling his balls slap against the backs of her trembling thighs and against the top of Cole Sutherland's balls down below.
    "Ohhhh ... Jesus ..." Kate hissed through tightly clenched teeth. Oh God, that really hurt! And yet, as Angel immediately began grinding his desire-hardened cock in long heated strokes in and out of the warm, buttery slickened depths of his boss' wife's rectum, she could feel the deeper rectal and vaginal muscles beginning to move in harmony together, and she could feel her body rapidly soaring toward the long sought orgasm. Eric came with a loud cry of delight, Gwen continued to orgasm--furiously convulsing under the two male figures sandwiching her between them--and her frantic movements of release triggered Sandy's pent-up energy and the foreman came with a bellow that shook the hall. Then Angel was throbbing hotly up into the furthermost regions of Cole's wife's rectum filling the whole of her bowels with his lust-heated cum. That left only Cole and her. And he was about there too!
    Arching like a great bull, the whole formidable strength of his straining body behind the effort, Cole lifted from the floor as he drove the spike of his manhood deep into the heatedly pulsating vitals of his wife and the whole fucking world was taking off! He noted with some satisfaction that only he and Kate were still fucking, the others had thrown in the towel and shot their wads. Suddenly, he felt it give ... the entire tremendous volume of his dammed up cum streaming out in great hosings of sperm, shooting in hot spewings into Kate's arching, bucking body. Goddamn! Once he'd turned her on there was no one could match his Kate ... As Cole felt the gushing ecstasy go on and on, he remembered dimly the line of print on a page in a book Kate had left open on the corner of his desk ... what was it "MY LAST DUCHESS." By God, yes ... Kate would be his last duchess ... the only one he ever wanted ... the best ... and the first heifer out of that Limousin bull he'd call Duchess!
    Kate felt the streams of white hot cum pouring into her exhausted body and it was like the whole world was showering love into her as though she were the great earth mother of all time. Her tightly constricted belly expanded then into one blinding, searing, exultant flashing of sensation that seemed too immense for her brain to register in its glory, and she was bursting with the love she felt had been contained too long in her own selfishness. Oh God ... she was born and died and conceived and spent and destroyed and reborn again in those few brief seconds, and she was the mother of the whole world ... the whole hot breed that peopled the universe!


    Cole Sutherland wheeled the station wagon out of the Grange Hall side road and began driving back toward the ranch, shielding his eyes against the glare of the rising sun. Jesus, what a night! What an orgy! It hadn't been his first, and it definitely wasn't going to be his last, but it had been the first involving seven turned-on people. He shook his head in silent amazement. Man, oh man, alive! What a night--starting out as a mean drunken bash with everyone slashing at each other like steel-spurred fighting cocks and then turning into something that had changed everyone participating. Mela Meacham, that crazy bitch, had decided to marry Sandy Gayman in order to stick around and see what happened--because in her mind Paris wasn't the swinging scene--it was right here in South Dakota. That meant the Limousin bull partnership was settled. She had some good ideas, the restaurant in Denver, for one! Christ, they'd all be double-millionaires in ten years.
    Cole glanced over as the giant sleeping figure of Eric restlessly stirred beside him in the front seat of the station wagon. Good kid, that. A nice clean-cut kid. Kate had said he had no parents. Well, he had a couple now if he wanted them! He was a damned hard worker and likable; practically all the South Dakota people who had met him had liked him ... and it might be nice to have it known that Cole Sutherland's adopted son was going to get a piece of the action when he got out of school. He grinned wryly as his mind formed the phrase "a piece of action". Yeh! Really, yeh! Gwen had asked Kate if she could move into the Sutherland ranch for the rest of the summer. That meant first thing this morning after he woke up he'd have to order a helluva lot bigger bed. As a matter of fact, better shove two king-sized beds together.
    Cole glanced up in the rear view mirror. The only person awake was the Mexican kid who had Kate asleep on one shoulder, Gwen on the other. Cole caught the kid's eye and winked. The boy grinned back at him--a nice friendly grin with a little bit of something else in it. Hell! He would adopt him, too, but Cole didn't think the boy would be around much longer.
    In the back seat Angel Orellio pretended to close his eyes. It wouldn't be right for Mr. Sutherland to see him fighting back tears. The rancher had called him "son" during the orgy, and now winked at him as if they shared some secret, Oh, Jesus Christo! It was such a goddamn gringo cornball thing. Lousy, shitty, cornball! No one, absolutely no one, had ever called him "son" before in his life--and the word stuck in his throat and made his eyes burn. He felt Gwen tremble once as she slept beside him. He looked down at the top of her head, feeling a great wave of tenderness for her wash over him. He guessed the little white schoolteacher had taught him as much as he had taught her. He would miss her when he stole Mr. Sutherland's beautiful golden guitar and took off for California next week.
    That would be the last time he ever stole anything, though, the last time he ran away ... And he knew instinctively that this would be the first time he had ever run away toward something only vaguely seen in the future.
    Beside him, a soft wondering smile lit up Kate's face as she dreamed ... dreamed of the future and all the beautiful things to come ...

    The End

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  • 07/23/12--13:35: Evil John birth day
  • All charters are 18 years old.
    As the night began June a female cop was out driving around. Look for trouble. Edda the last demon girl was with her. Her Bose called over the radio. Hey June can u head over to the video store a teen male was shoplifting and we need to find him. Ok June said but it will be my last call tonight I on vacation next week. Ok the man said. When they turn down the ally mark a skinny looking nerd was walk down slowly hold a few DVDs in his hands. As the cop car past him by. Edda golden necklace had a small compass that point a small lazer light at the teen back.  June hit her brakes hard. Stop the cop car. Great said the teen boy. Edda look at the golden compass and said no way him. She look back at the nerdy boy. June pick up her radio and spoke. Sorry boss I don’t see anyone out tonight. Her boss got on o well look like the teen got some free porn tonight enjoy ur vacation June see u in two weeks. She got out and pointed her flash light. Hey who boy come here. Mark the young male who just turned 18 walk over to her. She grab the videos from him and flip threw them. Not a bad choice she saids but mine she flash her big tits at him. Mine are real. Mark fainted. Edda laugh out load. No fucking way. June just grin evil. She pick up her cell phone. Hey Cross we found the host. Really u found him at last after a million years of searching for the perfect male specimen June. See June said that was ur mistake did u look for a nerd she snap and sent her his picture. No way Cross said. I send my witch. Boom a orange fog appeared a second latter. Pumpkims a small teen girl was wearing a evil cat shirt and a blood stained skirt. With candy cane socks. And some flip flops. Her blonde and black laces hair was cut short as she skip over to them. She grab the phone and look at the compass. Yep Cross she said sucking on a sucker. It him alright. Cross spoke in firm manner. You know what to door. Yep pumpkims said she snap her fingers and a dark evil book appeared in her hand. Edda spoke it that the book of the demon world. Yep now let go over their in the old garage so not unwanted eyes can see the horror that about to happen. Fist we need a few things. The first is a sacrifice a hot female a hooker will do just fine. Second a offering that will be you she pointed at June. What me what kind of a offering relax it just sex the deal must be sealed with a orgasm an look to me u need a fuck ur so up tight. If I were u pumpkims I watch my mouth u little. Witch pumpkims wave her broom at her and laugh. The third Edda said. A good camera to film the hole thing for Cross. Fine I get the hook June walk out. Hello Wanda. Male or female officer June. the one female who rated to my boss on you. Wanda said yes I know the one I send her ur way. And June. Yes June said. Enjoy and thanks Wanda said. After 30 mins June returned with a white hooker named starlight a tall red head. She was wear a red dress that was veal crowed on. She walk in and saw an nerdy teen male tied on the hood of a police car. June was slipping on  a black robe. And a small orange hair girl was helping Edda set a video camera. She look a round the room. It bigger then it look from the outside and warmer too said the hooker.Now what ur delight tonight. A light came on an the evil book turned it self into a dark black bed. A hood nude mask black man was their standing in front of it his foot long cock swaying between his legs. His dark sun glasses covering his red glowing eyes. His body was rip like a body builder who won many awards. Starlight lick her lips and said to her self please let this slut let me fuck him tonight might have to do him for free. Ok girls so what need to be done her tonight. The man by the bed. See this teen boy like to watch. Let make him happy alright. Mark the 18 year old male jerk a little at her. Ok that will be 100 dollars for the boy. As for the stud over their what his wants tonight. Edda spoke again. Let see a blow job for starters, pussy no condom please, and kissing lot of kissing. Starlight was undressing her 36 c breast were making mark eye’s pop out of his head. Then her red pussy hairs made his cock hard. And her stockings made a tear come from the teen male eye’s . starlight spoke. Ok that’s, not wanting to lose the jog. 400 more. Fine June said counting her money. BUT that film she pointed at pumpkims will be 500 also. Fine pumpkims pulled out her billfold and hand her money and so did June. O said pumpkims it also master and slave and ur the slave. Fine said starlight bend over to kiss the small girl. That will be more. She pulled out all pumpkims money from her billfold. And put it in her handbag.She look at the camera any lines my dear. Yes hi this is starlight and welcome to evil sex I offer my self as a offering. After the red light goes on. Well honey starlight pointed at her purse. June said I got it. She threw a few more 100 dollar bills in it. Ready 1,2,3 go, the bed glowed red in color. And the black man stood ready. Hi and welcome to evil sex. I am starlight watch me sacrifice my pussy on this huge black cock for ur viewing pleasure tonight . She wink at June and walk over to the huge mask black man. He spoke  it a deep voice. ON UR KNEES SLAVE. Yes master starlight said. She got down on her knee’s. OPEN UR MOUTH AND SUCK ON MY HUGE DICK TO UR DOOM. Yes my master starlight said. Mmm so big she said sucking on his huge cock. God u my tight little pussy master. She deep throat his cock as far down her throat as she could. YES. Spoke the evil man pulling her up by her nipple’s. Ahh yes starlight climed on top of him. She grip his huge chest and took his huge cock and put it in her pussy. YES I LOVE UR BIG DICK. Ahh she moaned out. YES SO FUCKING BIG MASTER AHH. She stick her tongue in his mouth. He grab her ass and was ramming his huge cock hard in her pussy. Her sweat was drip of her. SO FUCKING HOT AHH. After 5 mins her body’s was steaming. FUCK I AM BURNING UP AHH. She was not able to stop her riding his cock a red light was coming off her  YES I CUMING MASTER I CUMING.Her orgasm was near as her breast flap way like a bouncing ball. THE EVIL BLACK MAN YELLED AS HE CUM DEEP IN THE GIRL. Her last Blood Curdling Scream was herd. As she bust into flames as the evil book closed. And green circle appeared. From golden necklace and door rose  from it on the floor.  as it open a dark mass was their look at the 18 year old male tied down the ball in his mouth fell out. As he screamed out and the demon entered in it. The rope rip off him as he struggle hold his throat. Soon he stop eyes wide open. Now it ur turn pumpkims pointing the camera at her. She saw the teen body changing in front of her first. He grew a full 4 ft now he is 10 feet tall. His chest was rip like champion body builder who never lost. His cock grew two feet long. Two horns grew from his head. 20 feet bat wing came from his back. His feet look like loins paws. And a 12 foot long tail came front his legs with a changing tip that was from penis to a 3 foot sword. She took of her robes. June was a 7 feet tall long black hair women who love evil tattoos she had s huge skull on her back with two cobras come from it eyes. Her pussy hair were in the shape of an evil face complete with an evil grin. She touch her huge 36 dds breast. She was rubing some baby oil on her pussy as she walk over to him. She took his cock deep in side her pussy. Shit so big. She was riding him on her hood. Yes fuck me. She look in her car pumpkims was their filming her threw the wind shield. Ahh u mother fuckers. U like me fucking his big coke just look at my huge flap breast se said I bet u wish u were here now boys she was nearly jumping on his cock. The beast grab her breast hard turning them purple. Ahh June yelled out as he kiss her. O GOD SHE SCREAM OUT AS SHE ORGASM.  Roar came from the teen. As he threw June on the floor. I am JOHN ROAR THE DEMON. He look at his gold pocket watch. Only 30 years is left till he has to go back to the demon hell.So who do I have to thanks he was going threw starlight purse. He pulled out her  cards an evil machine appeared. As spit of a nice pile of cash. That a told of 60,000. Not bad he look at Edda and gave her 30,000, get me a big jeep sister. She node at took off. Now he took the camera and pointed it pumpkims. Who was undressing her self. Her tight teen body was wet . As she crawled over. And was giving him a blow job. His evil tail change it tip to a steel 9 inch penis that spring in to action. It drive deep in her 18 year old pussy. Ahh she moaned a little as she suck his coke as his evil tail fuck her till she orgasm as a green light came off her. She was more power with her magic. Thanks my lord she said standing ageist the wall as he was rubbing her flat chest he pulled out 5000 dollar and told her to get a boob job. He smack her pussy with his hand. Easy john. Why he said as his snake tongue came out and  her nipple with two evil jackolantern piercings. He knelt down and kiss her pussy clit she yelled out ouch as he left his evil gold piercing on her pussy clit. Their now u bare my mark my little witch I will fuck u again soon now take June home. A few mins latter Edda pulled up john it time to go home.
    The end?

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  • 07/23/12--17:41: Evil john the gils next door
  • All charters are 18 years old 

    As Edda came back with his huge jeep. He got in hey what about me Edda said. Clean up the mess and I see back at this address. He drove off to his new home. When he got their he was meet by Wanda. Hey mark she said. Call me john he spoke. I off to get laid my stupid daughter is out back swimming in he skinny black swim suit if u want a peek before she masturbates again. She like u if u get my drift. u can park that jeep in my garage.  it’s a better view point. So I see u been working out see what happen when I been gone for a few months. She drove off. John smiled great timing. As he went in the back yard. Jill was rubing her pussy read a sexy novel. Her curly red hair was wet from a dip in her pool. Her nipple’s on her 40 e size breast was hard. As she rub her self. John grab her throat and was coking her a bit. I she look in his eye’s. john wiper in her ear. Please yell for help. But she just kiss him. That a good girl he said fingering  her pussy. That it she moaned out yes John o god it feel so good. That it he said pulling out his cock. He smack her face with it. Blow me he spoke. As she laid back in the lawn chair. She open wide and deep throat his cock as he bent over and eat her pussy. After 5 min of her giving him oral sex. He was ramming her pussy missionary style with his huge cock. Please john cum inside me I want ur baby. Yes JOHN YES AAH AHH SHE CRIED OUT AS HE FILLED HER PUSSY WITH HIS CUM.  He stood up look at her. What a slut. Look like I knock her up real good he smirk. Now he walk over to the birth day cake and slice a piece off it. Her sister Annie walk out looking at the nude guy laying next to her nude sister. Annie was a small teen girl just barley 5 ft tall her 34 c size breast was show threw her lace top she must have jerk her self off as he fuck her sister. Now it ur birth day john spoke. I hear ur a good dancer. Annie put on her mp3 player. And started poll dancing. She wave her ass and movie her body like a striper that had years of training. Annie slow undress her she and join john is the out side shower he sat under the shower head as she took his cock up her anal hole. She put on a slow track and took his cock slowly till she climax the first time. John lit his lighter. But was blowing out by Annie.What u wish for john spoke. I wish to have a baby like my sister. Well john said smacking his cock on her pussy. Let put on another track. He selected one with a faster beat. Then put his hand on her waist and help her complete her wish for tonight. As he shut the door to their rooms. Their cousin open their door. Both were blonde and had on cowgirl hats. Hi their john were from Texas.  Their 40 e breast made john mouth water. So ladies how can I. fuck us tonight said. Faiza said. Yes john spoke well that will be 5000 each. Well john said why so much. Were married and we need some diamonds I ease our sins away. Well her turned into his demon body. And laid on the bed. Both girl were talk when Faizah spoke. Hat will be 20 grand ur the devil. Well make it 30 grand I don’t use condoms. Soon both of them were riding his two evil cocks. Faiza was making out suck on his evil tongue with his hand on her ass as she fuck his fist cock. Faizah was riding reverse sucking his evil tail while she tit fuck it. Both girls never had sex this good. Soon a golden light came from the room. As john look back. Both were pass out on the bed. Opps I wonder what ur husbands will think when u tell them ur having my baby to he laugh out. As we walk out. Wanda walk up so how my girls tonight john. She smack is nude ass. Knock up all 4 off them. What the fuck I said fuck them not have an orgy boy. I hope u have a job. Relax he hand her a envelope. It was full of cash. Well she said this will do for now but I want more in a few months. She walk ur a great mom john spoke. She turn a she the very best but more will be need in the months a head. She wave the pile of cash at him. All right he node. I see them again this time in 10 months to orgy again.  just bring the money and I will bring their pussy. She shut the door as john made his way home.   

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  • 07/23/12--19:30: The Office



    My assistant, Trish and I were chatting about random subjects and I don't remember just how the subject of navel rings came up.  After a couple of minutes she asked "have you ever seen mine?"


    I of course had not seen it.  She smiled at me revealing a perfect row of white teeth when I laughed and said "not yet."  


    My office was rather small and the desks were placed against the adjacent walls.  Our backs were normally to each other when were working but now we were turned toward each other while talking.  Trish stood up and leaned back against her desk only a couple of feet away from me  She simultaneously pulled the bottom her blouse up while pushing down the waistband of her slacks.


    The hand holding her top was between her breasts and her slacks were pushed down to bikini level.  From my sitting position I had a direct view of the ruby stone framed by her flat belly.  It was obvious she was showing much more than was necessary.  I leaned closer and said "very nice."


    Her auburn hair hung brushed the top of her breasts as she looked down at me.  I could see a hint of nipple through her bra and white top.  The navel piercing was an elongated ruby that dangled from the top of her navel.  I lifted the stone with my finger.  She arched her back, pushing her belly toward me.  I took this as an invitation and lightly slid my finger up and down the muscle arc on the left side of her stomach.  She gave a little murmur that wasn't quite a moan but was enough encouragement for me to take it a step further.


    The zipper of her sacks was in the side along her left hip.  I traced a finger along the waistline until I reached it and managed to dig the pull out without too much fumbling.  She was looking down at me with a little smile and I watched her face while I slowly slid the zipper down.  Her hand was still pushing so as the pressure was released the waist of her slacks pushed further down.  Her thumb was hooked into her panties as well so as she pushed the top her mound came into view.  


    I leaned forward and kissed her just below the navel.  She placed her hand on the back of my head and curled her fingers into my hair.   I pushed her top and bra up exposing her breasts.  I squeezed them lightly and took one of her nipples into my mouth.  She gasped as her hand pulled my head in tighter.  I took her nipple between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue.  She moaned and leaned toward me. 


    Our office chats had strayed to sex on several occasions and from stories of escapades with her boyfriend I knew she like the man to take charge.  My impression was that Trish liked a man to be a little rough and forceful without actually hurting her.   I stood up and pushed her around so she was leaning across the desk.  Her round ass pushed up as she arched her back.  I pushed her slacks and panties down and and as I bent over I bit her ass cheek.  She gave little yelp and then giggled.


    I straightened up sliding my right hand between her legs, using my left to open my belt and trousers.  She shook one leg free from her slacks and panties so her legs could spread.  When I slid my finger between her pussy lips I felt immediate wetness.  She move her hips in response as I rubbed her juices over her clit.  I was standing right behind her and she reached back between her legs searching.  I move forward until she could grasp my cock and she pulled me forward.  I removed my hand from between her legs and she guided me to her soaking pussy.  


    I grabbed her hips and pushed in deep.  Her hips moved in a little circular motion while I held her ass tight against me.  I put one hand in the middle of her back and pushed her down on the desk.  With the other hand I smacked her on the ass.  She let out an appreciative moan so I knew I was on the right track.


    "You like that?" I asked.


    "Uh-uh," she answered.  "I've wanted this for a long time."


    Her breathing was faster and a bit erratic.  Her hip movements  had shifted to a more up and down motion and were becoming more urgent.  I slowed the pace and ran my hand over her lovely ass, every once in a while giving it a little slap.  


    I lowered myself back into the chair pulling her with me.  My trousers were down around my knees and hers were hanging from one foot.  She ground herself on my cock and I reached around with both hands to cup her breasts.  I pushed them together pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.  She moaned and leaned back against my chest.  I slid one hand down between her legs and used my middle finger to massage her clit.  She grabbed the arms of the chair and alternated pushing toward my finger and grinding back down on my cock.  Faster and faster until she let out a loud moan and I felt her body tense.  She collapsed forward catching herself on the desk and pulling my hand away from her pussy.


    I rubbed her back and she took deep breaths interspersed with low moans.  Then she leaned back against me with a sigh.  "Now it's your turn."


    She lifted off my cock and turned around, dropping to her knees.  She grasped the base of my cock with one hand as she ran her tongue around the head.  Then she slowly began stroking with her hand following it up and down with her mouth.  Her hand rotated slightly with each stroke and it wasn't long before I could feel the tingling lead in to an orgasm.  


    "I'm gonna cum" I said.  She continued without pausing and about a minute later I pushed down on the chair arms, raising my hips in the air, and exploded into her mouth.  She pushed her head down taking me in deep while sucking me dry.










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         Danielle was sitting in front of the computer screen, smiling. It was Friday, early afternoon, and her husband was due to arrive home very soon. Jake had been a great step-son, he had agreed to make himself scarce for rest of the day, and stay overnight at a friend's place, so that Danielle and his Dad could have some loud, passionate energetic homecoming fucking.

         As she worked, her mind drifted back to yesterday, it had been glorious....

         After lunch yesterday, Danielle had introduced Jake to the glory of a 69. Entwined in that well known number, Jake had gotten a full taste of Danielle, her juices had a tart flavor that Jake relished, and after the first tentative licks, he couldn't get enough. Danielle hot mouth was wrapped around Jake's cock, her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down Jake's throbbing pole. What Jake lacked in oral sex skill, he more than made up for in enthusiasm, eagerly licking at her, wanting every drop of her juices. Danielle decided to give him some help. She lifted up slightly, then positioned her stiff, hard clit, swollen with blood, a deep pink color, right over Jake's mouth.

         "Don't neglect my clit, Jake, lick your sexy step-Mommy right there, and let me cum of your face!"

         As Jake did as he was told, Danielle squealed with pleasure as she felt his mouth surround her, tongue starting to swipe at it. She returned her mouth to its previous task, sliding her lips down, swallowing Jake's cock right to the balls, she knew that her orgasm was very close, and she wanted Jake to fill her mouth as she came. Jake could feel his cock surging, Danielle's full, crimson lips milking at him, wildly sucking his cock. He concentrated on giving Danielle the best pussy licking he could, he wrapped his tongue around Danielle's hard, bulging clit, pulling at the stem with his tongue, and tugging gently on it, letting his tongue slide along the length of her straining clit. That gave Danielle the push she needed, and her orgasm roared at her.

         She lifted her head, cried out, "Fuck, oh fuck YES!" then plunged down his swollen cock again, as she felt the burst of her orgasm, the wonderful release, her pussy turning into a gushing stream, eagerly pumping out her churning juices over Jake's face. That did it, and Jake's cock started to pulse, he let out a growl, and his cock started spitting his load into Danielle's eager mouth, the streams coating her tongue, giving her orgasm an extra lust boost, as their bodies shook and shuddered together in shared climactic ecstasy.

         Her pussy was turning into a hot, wet furnace of heated lust, as she recalled what happened last night...

         Jake had gone to bed, he was unsure of whether Danielle wanted more, and he was afraid of asking her. She did want more, she slipped on a totally opaque negligee, and opened his bedroom door. He was in bed, she knew that he could see her body clearly through the negligee, and she saw his cock tent up. She quickly joined him, and soon she was lying back, her legs spread wide, ankles around Jake's waist as Jake pounded his rampant cock into his sexy step-Mom's churning heat.

         "Yeah, yeah, love it, give it to me good Jake, your step-Mommy's such a horny little bitch, and I need my step-Son to put out the fire of lust. Drive it in, and flood my horny cunt!"

         Jake was happy to do so, roaring like a bull as his prick went off, the explosion of cum gushing wildly, Danielle felt the heat of his load filling her, and she let out squeals of orgasm as her cunt dissolved in a wash of hot juices, her inner muscles milking at his prick, sucking out every drop.

         Danielle stayed that night in Jake's bed, and with him being a horny teen, it was easy to bring him back up after a short rest, and Danielle put herself on her hands and knees, and Jake eagerly plunged into her doggy style. Her pussy exploded again and again as Jake drove into her, working on building up another orgasm.

         They tumbled apart, and Danielle had Jake lay back, then she mounted his cock in reverse cowgirl style. Danielle gave Jake a wild midnight ride, her hips pumping up and down, eager to bring Jake off to a gushing conclusion.

         Jake was watching the symmetry of her naked back, sloping down to that wonderful ass, god, females asses were so damn sexy. Watching that sexy ass rising and falling as she rode him, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him again and again, he could feel the orgasm building, oh fuck, it felt incredible, her inner pussy muscles were again stroking and milking at him, fuck, her muscle control was nothing short of amazing. Danielle tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. Jake had never felt such exquisite tightness, her pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had.

         Danielle let out a shriek of pleasure, as she shuddered in climax above him, Jake felt a warm hand wrap around his balls, and start squeezing gently.

         "Give your horny step-Mommy every drop, shoot your thick creamy load baby, fill my burning fuck-hole, cum in me NOW!" Danielle growled huskily.

         Jake was happy to do so, with a wild groan of pure pleasure, he felt the sudden explosion of cum from his cock, squirting his load inside her hot tunnel. Her talented muscles greedily milked his cock, draining his balls of every drop.

         Jake's climax seemed to drain all the energy out of him, and Danielle fell, sweaty and very satisfied, into his arms as he quickly raced towards sleep. Just before sleep overtook him, he was conscious of the nubile body of his sexy step-Mom in his arms, his Dad's wife had fucked everything out of him, and she was going to spend the night in his bed with him.

         When Jake opened his eyes, he felt the hot, wet mouth of Danielle around his cock, eager to suck him up to full glory again. His cock quickly jumped to attention, Danielle's eyes flashed desire at him as she and told him what to do.

         "Lay back Jake, I want it to be just like the first time, your horny step-Mommy is going to ride your stiff cock, give my hungry cunt the filling I need, I'm such a horny slut, and I need it every day, I'm going to ram you deep inside me!"

         Jake quickly did so, his cock pointing skyward, Danielle swinging into position above him, her hands stoking and caressing his eager prick, she notched her creamy entrance above his cock head, and grinned at him.

         "Remember what it was like, as I move up over top of you?"

         As she started to push her hips down, Jake's morning stiff cock starting to slide into that hot, wet, tunnel of lust, Danielle, her eyes locked on his, continued, "I look into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Ummm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy?"

         With a final push, she drove down onto his prick, taking him in right to the balls. Both of them let out grunts of pleasure, Jake's cock was sizzling already from the heated tightness surrounding him, Danielle could feel the twinges of orgasm stirring already, she loved the feeling of being split open, her tight walls forced apart by a thick, hard cock, eagerly driving into her, fucking her again and again. Oh fuck, her orgasm was really building speed, she gently grabbed Jake's head.

         "Look at me again baby, can you feel the tight grip?" and she used her muscle control to really grab at Jake's cock, she enjoyed his growl of pleasure as she gripped so tightly at his surging cock, and she started to ride him, the pumping of her hips picking up speed, oh yeah, she was fast approaching the brink.

         She continued, her voice a husky growl, "I'm sliding my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast, I want it now! I want you to cum for your step Mommy, feel my tight pussy fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW! Fill me Jake, pump every drop deep inside step Mommy's cunt, yes, oh fuck yes, I'm cumming, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, FFUUUCCKKK!"

         She let out a blissful shriek of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm, her pussy walls became the ultimate in pleasure sucking tightness, and Jake growled as she felt the sudden explosion, their cries of orgasm mingling as Jake grabbed Danielle's hips, pulled her down tightly against his groin, and started pumping rapidly, his cock spewing crazily, pumping thick streams of cum deep inside her, Danielle's wildly quivering heat eagerly milking and sucking every drop out of her step-son's hard cock.

         After a while of just laying back, and enjoying the afterglow, Danielle pulled Jake to his feet, and took him into the shower. Danielle's hands, lips and mouth worked him over, and being 16, he quickly recovered, and back in his bed, she lay back, spread eagled for him, and Jake quickly notched his cock against her, and drove in his renewed hard on, he was back into a hard on fever, powerfucking his sexy step-Mom's cunt, Danielle's cries of pleasure, and her urgings to fill his step-Mommy's cunt, to blow his load deep into her burning fuck-hole, took him to the edge, he saw Danielle's wicked smile as her muscles again clamped at him, and with Danielle drawn out wail of pleasure, he let himself go, the jetting streams pouring into her, the tight grip again milking every drop out of him.

         Danielle smiled at the remembrance, she could still feel a hot trickle of Jake's cum deep inside her, as she got the program ready. She stripped down, went to her dresser and took out her "come-fuck-me" racy undies that she had bought for Don's return today. She put on a flame red tanga style panty, that had a sheer, see-thru tanga style bottom that didn't even cover half her ass. The waistband was merely a fine ribbon of red, that laced at the side, undo the bows, and it would just fall away. Her pussy would be just barely covered by a thin panel of see-thru red fabric. Danielle had also got the matching flame red garter belt, matching bra, that was in a demi-cup style, leaving the tops of her breasts, down to her nipples, uncovered, and a pair of jet black stockings. She looked at her reflection, she pulled out the pins from her hair, and let it tumble to her shoulders. Right at that moment, she heard the key in the front door lock. She hurried to the top of the stairs, as soon as her came in, he would look up and see her, her body displayed for his pleasure, ready and eager for more heated fucking.

         Don entered, looked up, and she could see the heated lust cross his face, knowing what she looked like in her racy undies, seeing the heat she was feeling reflected in his eyes, made her pussy creamy slick with her juices. He dashed up the stairs, grabbed her and their lips were together, kissing wildly, urgently, she could feel his stiff cock pressing against her.

         "It worked baby, come see what Jake's step-Mommy has been up to!"

         In their bedroom, she had him face the computer monitor, and started the program going. The screen filled with an image of Jake's bedroom, Danielle started to slowly strip her husband. Don watched as Danielle entered Jake's bedroom, murmuring "Oh my god" as he watched her sexy young wife drop her robe, she was wearing a black garter belt, long black stockings hugged her legs, a set of sheer black, see-thru crotch-less panties, and a demi-cup bra that just cradled her breasts from below, leaving the top 3/4 of those luscious melons naked to Jake's eyes.
         Danielle was smiling, Don grabbed her, pulled her on top of him, and growled "Do me like my son!"

         She did indeed, letting out a low growl of pleasure as she notched his eager cock against her, and pushed down, impaling herself in one smooth stroke. Both of them were watching the action on the screen, as Danielle started to ride Don's cock, she saw herself, riding her step-son, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him, she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.
         Danielle heard her voice whisper huskily from the speakers, "Look at me Jake, I'm looking into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Ummm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, again and again, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy?"

         Danielle could feel the rise, her orgasm was getting ready to let go.
         Danielle's voice growled from the speakers, "I'm sliding my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast Jake, I want it now! I want you to cum for your step Mommy, feel my tight pussy fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW! Fill me Jake, pump every drop deep inside step Mommy's cunt, do it, do it, do it, yes, yes, YEEESSS!"

         As Danielle's heard her low pitched wail from yesterday, she heard Don roar like a lion, he grabbed her hips and pulled her tightly against him, the spasms of her orgasm started to quiver, and as Don's cock exploded, his load pouring hotly into her, it shoved her into her own climax, and she let out a shriek of joy as she felt the glorious burst deep inside, her pleasure rippling through her, her talented inner muscles clamping at her, eager to suck out every drop of Don's sperm. She flopped down next to him, feeling the hot, sexy trickle of his load deep inside her, it always made her feel so damn sexy to have a lover's thick juicy load of cum deep inside her.
         They had been sharing fantasies just a few weeks earlier, and Don admitted that he thought how hot it would be if Danielle introduced Jake to the ways of sexual pleasure. She had felt a zing, and she told Don about how she had stroked, and sucked, and then fucked her brother back when she was still a horny teen girl living at home. That had driven Don wild, and he had fucked her wildly while she told him about going from stroking, to sucking, to then having her own brother's cock deep inside her. Remembering, and telling her horny hubby what it was like, the ripping away as he pierced her virgin barrier, the small zings of pain quickly fading, and the explosion of pleasure she had felt as she got into the rhythm, it made her lust go crazy, she was humping her hips up madly at his cock, both back then, and in real life, Don's rampant cock had reached the limit, and Danielle felt the hard jetting thrusts, just like her brother's throbbing cock had filled her that first time, it propelled her into her own climax, and she screamed with pleasure as her overheated cunt burst apart, the pleasure filling her entire being, Don's cock pumping an absolute flood deep inside her. Don had come up with the idea of planting a small camera in Jake's room, that would save the action to their computer.
         Danielle had turned her husband into a randy man, watching his sexy wife stroking Jake's cock, then sucking him, then full on fucking her step-son. After a few minutes rest, and her hands and mouth bringing him back, Danielle arranged herself on hands and knees, and started the program again.

         "Fuck me from behind Jake. I love it, getting fucked doggy style, it's so fucking hot, fuck your step Mommy just like a dog would!" her voice came out from the speakers.

         Watching herself get penetrated by Jake's cock just as Don slid into her doggy style, just made it doubly good, the feeling was massive pleasure, watching Jake do her just as Don was riding her in the same way. She could feel her orgasm racing back at her, she was right on the edge.

         "Yeah, let it go, Jake, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood your step Mommy's horny cunt with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, cum in me, cum in me NOW!" she heard her voice gasp from the speakers.

         That did it, and she tumbled into climax, her cunt roaring, her voice shrieking, my god, it felt like she was going to explode from the pleasure. Don roared, his cock starting to pulse, gushing another volley of thick spunk into her needy, greedy fuck-hole.

         They tumbled together in a well satisfied heap, Danielle was smiling, she knew that there was more sexy scenes for her husband to see, and later tonight, after they'd both had some time to recharge their sexual batteries, Don would be watching her in action while fucking her wildly again. There was nothing like watching his sexy wife fuck his son that got Don's cock harder than ever for his wife's eager fuck-hole.

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